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Dwight Decker's The Secret Citadel, now available at Amazon, is the first part of a two=part epic that does a science fictional take on Superman and the whole DC mythology. Matt Dawson, a scientist from our world, is transported by a freak accident into the world of Astroman, where  there are equivalents of all the DC characters, but where he discovers that he himself has super powers. Only Astroman himself has gone missing, and the counterpart of Lex Luthor has not only devised a weapon against supermen but is taking over the country. It turns out that Astroman has been killed, and that the only hope for the world is for Dawson to partner with Astrogirl – that should appeal to people here. But the appeal of the story is how Deckerr uses sf tropes to rationalize how super powers can exist in this alternate reality, why the superheroes look so human, why their world exploded, etc. He even deals with matters like how supers can shave. But there's plenty of action, both exciting and witty. Check it out!
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