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While I was "working" ;) today came across this one that I'd not heard of before: Utsuro-bune

According to legend , an attractive young woman aged 18-20 years old, arrived on a local
beach aboard the "hollow ship" on February 22, 1803. Fishermen brought
her inland to investigate further, but the woman was unable to
communicate in Japanese . She was very different than anyone there. The fishermen then returned her and her vessel to the sea, where it drifted away.

I thought it was quite interesting and there are obvious ways it could be imagined based on the interests of the forum.

Any other lesser-known myths etc around?  Although I guess I  mean more obscure to a brit really.

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28 Nov 2018 21:16 #62182 by Woodclaw
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Not a myth per-se, but the character of  Caterina Sforza  has a certian mythological dimension. Her ferocious personality and shred military mind earned her nicknames such as "the Tiger" or "the Amazon of Forlì". During her long regency as Countess of Forlì, she twarted the army of France and the Venetian Navy. In the end she was captured by Cesare Borgia after stopping his advance for a week in a fortress that Niccolò Machiavelli described as "poorly built and shoodily defended" (Machiavelli admitedly was a great admirer of Caterina).
According her confessor her final words were "If I could write everything that happened, I would shock the world", which are quite the fertile ground.

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