Data Analysis: the future of superheroine movies

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Both numbers of males and females change in the same direction. Both lines move upward before 2010, reaching their peaks in 2011, and moved
downward since then. The number of actors is decreasing in general. It
might indicate a downfall in the film industry. The gap between the two
is showing a tendency of closing in general, yet the space between 2011
and 2015 has widened. Which said, There is disposition towards equality
in numbers of female and male actors even though gender disparity is
entrenched in the film industry.

In contrast, both lines move upward since 2012, and there is a steep increase between 2012 and 2013. Heroic movies were getting popular
during the phase of economic recovery. Female actors show an instant
increase comparing with the numbers before 2012. And there is a trend of
increasing female roles present in the Marvels. It may speak to the
fact that the film industry’s attempt to boost the box office during the
economic recovery by introducing more female actors into the superhero
series. The move did work in a place like the United States where people
fancy about superheroes and are proud of their identity of freedom,
democracy, and power.

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