And now for something completely different...

13 Dec 2005 04:11 #3797 by Ordo Cabaal Templarus
And now for something completely different... was created by Ordo Cabaal Templarus
I got these things for the Storm Terrans of my mythos that are akin to Disciplines of the White Wolf games, and got plenty of anime inspired godzilla battles, energy to matter conversions, and others planned (assuming I ever get around to writing the fragging thing...). The Storm Terrans however, are unique in that they don't rely on genetic enhancement or peusdo-psychic abilities that seem so standard in AU/DC comic freindly stories...



Potence: Aside from supernatural strength that would knock around just about any SAUBSG (Standard Alternate Universe Based Super-Girl), those who master this power well enough are able to project a arc of cobalt lightning that would shatter the durasteel hulls of Star Destroyers, just at the level of achieving such focus. War-Kings, Masters of the Honour Legions, are known to route entire armies in a lightning storm

Warp Scrying: Merely by looking into an object, place (in a broad view), or person, the individual is able to gain a increasingly detailed insight into whatever they are looking at. It is also a very powerful form of Post-Cognition, both in the real and the unreal, past and present.

Body Disengaging: A ability that often has the practitioner exiled for coming so close to the Great Enemy, those with this ability are nigh invincible in combat. Casting aside the laws of physics so utterly that they become formless monsters, those with this ability become virtual tornados of black, vicious death that can consume as well as it can kill it foes.

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