REVIEW THREAD: Batman/Superman: Apocalypse

06 Oct 2010 20:43 #20525 by lfan
Warning! There be SPOILERS ahead!!

Would like to hear what people thought of the SB:A video, now out on DVD. Since I started this, I guess I'll go first and say that I thought this DVD to be the best one I have seen (disclaimer: have not seen them all) from DC without a doubt.

The story is basically taken pretty much from Michael Turner's "Supergirl from Krypton" so if you are familiar and liked that reimagining of Kara you won't be disappointed. From her arrival to Batman's distrust of her to WW's 'kidnapping' of her to her corruption by Darkseid, I thought it was a fair representation and a pretty good story to boot. The animators manage to keep a good pace to the story and still have the cutesy DC moments such as Clark taking teenaged Kara shopping for the day and Barda trying to maintain a low profile in a suburban cul-de-sac.

The action/animation was incredible, I must say. The fight scenes on Apocalypse, Paradise Island and at the Kent Farm were...well, you just have to see -- especailly the latter. Same goes for the abduction of Kara in the park (though I have a hard time thinking Kara would have been so helpless in the lasso). The best fight scenes, IMO, both involved Kara -- her vs Superman on Apocalypse and her and Superman vs Darkseid later. The latter one had some great 'moves' and the way the animators did Darkseid's Omega Beams I thought were very cool. Kara's amazon training really was illustrated well in that fight.

Voice wise, I thought everythign was spot-on -- almost. The trinity (Supes, BM, WW) were voiced by their mainstays Daly, Conroy, and Eisenberg who I think do the best job, especially Conroy as Batman. Summer Glau (voice of Supergirl) did a good job as well, though I liked the JLU's Nicole Tom better. Ed Asner as Granny Goodness...perfection! My only knock would be the choice of Andre Braugher as Darkseid. His voice doesn't sound EVIL in my mind. He sounds more like an eloquent dictator (think Frasier Crane only less pretentious) which isn't how I would picture Darkside. In Death of Superman, I think Darkseid was played by Michael Ironside who just sounds nasty and like a bad ass with every syllable. Braugher wasn't bad, but I couldn't get the image of bespectacled Tommy, the P.I. from "Primal Fear" out of my head every time he spoke (keep waiting for the word "allegedly" :P)

Oh, and in terms of 'Girl Power' this one is pretty good (though a lot of the JLU scenes showed uberness better) but a lot of it is punching and fighting. But there are still good moments with all three female 'bricks', Supergirl, WW, and Big Barda.

Overall Rating: A
Uberness: B+

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09 Oct 2010 16:00 #20562 by demethon
Replied by demethon on topic Re: REVIEW THREAD: Batman/Superman: Apocalypse
Yeah. What lfan said :)

Very enjoyable film. Top notch animation. Well worth the purchase.


The shopping scene was pretty funny. I got a chuckle out of Clark giving the two teen boys the stink eye for ogling his cousin's butt. Not sure how Kara was able to pierce her ear for that earring though. Maybe it was a clip-on :) Or perhaps she used a Kryptonite needle?

There were a couple minor reality check moments. When Kara accidentally triggers the Bat Boat's engines, Batman receives the signal underwater through one of his many tech gizmos. You'd think he'd just have a button or security code he could enter to shut off the engines, rather than being forced to shoot a grappling hook and go body surfing.

Although I can understand WW's motives for wanting to bring Kara to Themyscira for training, attempting to kidnap her in front of Clark was probably not the smartest of choices.

Also, I'm not sure why Superman felt he had to rush in and restrain Artemis as she raised her sword to strike Kara after defeating her in battle. You think he'd realize the blade would just bounce off of her, but he was all like "Don't you hurt my cousin!"

But overall, they did a fine job. I especially liked the final scene where Superman and Supergirl take flight, and Kara is showing off doing all these spins and loops -- just being a teenager and reveling in the joy of flying.

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04 Nov 2010 02:40 #20801 by Random321
Replied by Random321 on topic Re: REVIEW THREAD: Batman/Superman: Apocalypse
This really was a great movie. It was more packed with ubergirl action than I ever expected! Wow. No less than five definitive superwoman action scenes.

The only thing I did not like was the punching sounds as Superman hit fire blasts from the Apocalypse tanks - that was very weird to me.

I also am a big dark but smart batman fan – so I was thrilled about his character behavior in this also.

Would have liked a bit more Kara as SG of course – but well worth the price for the DVD – very happy.

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