SuperKlenk: my "White Whale" (Fonzie, you listeni

14 Sep 2005 14:09 #2433 by lfan
OK, since there seems to be a rejuvenation of SH TV talk, thought I'd throw out my obligatory challenge. My "white whale" of superheroine television-dom:


This is a Phillipino based superheroine series that ran for one season on GMA I believe back in 2001 (?). Fonz, since you seem to have the lowdown on everything "pinoy", know more details of this. I can only find one PICTURE of the entire series which starred the lovely Ara Mina.

Anyone with any info, or dare I say, clips or episodes??


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14 Sep 2005 20:00 #2445 by mercblue22
Replied by mercblue22 on topic Superklenk, aha!
Hello lfan,
Yes, I do remember hearing about this one from my good friend Shehulk_Fan, and wanting to see it as well. Sadly, with all my knowledge about superheroines abroad, this is one of the few I haven't been able to get my hands or much info on. I do know that Klenk is a schoolteacher -In Britain' who teaches class bny day, fighting crimes as Superklenk by later day (lol!) The one pic you found was probably the same pic I seen too. But, there was another show from Japan called SuperB -the TF was halarious, anyone heard of it? -and I'll see if I can find anything on SKlenk- :)


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