Tracy Jordan - Star Spangled Girl

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Tracy Jordan - Star Spangled Girl was created by brad328
Another clip of interest for the forum:

An Interview with Star Spangled Girl
You get a visit from Tracy Jordan in your office. She heard that your assistant has recently left the company and she would like to fill the position. You give her a spontaneous interview where she lists her business skills and becomes flirtatious, hinting that she has other "assets" you will enjoy. She is so eager to work for you that she agrees to reveal her secret identity to you. She stands up, twirls around and turns into Star Spangled Girl! You are so amazed you don't believe it's real. To prove to you she is the real super heroine, Tracy demonstrates her super strength by bending a steel crowbar. She then models and poses for you in her sexy costume and shows off her lasso and gauntlets. You happily give her the job and agree to keep her secret! Tracy changes back into her business clothes and flirts with you a little more before leaving. #POV #GLASSES #BRUNETTE #INTERVIEW #FLIRTING #SUPERHEROINE #STAR SPANGLED GIRL (WONDER WOMAN) #SUPER STRENGTH #MODELING/POSING IN COSTUME #LASSO #GAUNLETS #SECRET IDENTITY
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