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On the back page of Time Magazine's November 24 issue (and probably online somewhere, but I'm old and I still read paper things), the New Girl star is the subject of their "10 Questions" feature. One of the questions was whether she would like to play a superhero. "Yeah! I'm not against it at all," she said. "I like those movies. I think it has to be the right type -- it has to have a sense of humor."

Gentlemen...we have our Squirrel Girl.

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19 Nov 2014 04:18 #39054 by castor
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Ahh not terrible but not perfect either.

Zoey Deschannel is an actress with a finely developed sense of humor.

Squirrel Girl doesn't have a sense of humor. But well a little bit but not much. She is both the butt of and a cosmic joke- and she can't laugh at it. Becuse if she every was truly comprend it her reality would crumple. Zoey Deschnallel is both a little to weak and a little to strong to play that. She maybe a manic Pixie Dreamgirl(copyright Nathan Raban) but theres a bit somewhere in her of edge. Her best roles where shes not the silly one but has a silly one to play off of.

Deschannel would be great as for example She Hulk(well jennifer Walters as You would probabbly do her in CGI) Someone who you would belive is both kind of goofy and strong at the same time. She would have made a good Black Widdow. She would make a good Power Girl-no, well not that one ,but the point stands.

As for Squirel Girl. Someone Like Anna Kendrick would be perfect. Someone Like Alison Brie. Someone who can play something a little more egoless.

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