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02 Jun 2016 05:46 #48178 by castor
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This may or may not be on topic but. Was in a conversatio with my regular Facebook friends about Brie Larson as captian Marvel, and the point was brought up "Hey i still like Emily Blunt" to which i replied "Well shes in Mary Poppins its not like disney is going to have her do two big tentpoles"

And the response was "Well by the time there done i bet Mary Poppin is going to be a superheroine movie"

And it struck me....they may not be wrong.

Disney has over the last 5 years Live action remake a large number of there properties-Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Snow White, Jungle noticable feature of these is..almost none of them have been straight remakes. There almost always kinda twist it into something a bit more traditional narritive. Even something Like JungleBook is much more focused on the Shar Khan stuff then the original movie or book.

This is most noticble with the Alice in wonderland franchise which really set it off...which is a movie series that you can say "Well the book was more or less in the same room as the screenplay"-very little of the story or the motivations are there from anything.

This is in part becuse-Wonderland in most versions including the books doesn't have a lot of plot. Alice Meets people or creatures until its time to go home. Thats about it. Sometimes she really wants to go home, sometime she doesn't care. Its just there.

And Mary Poppins has some of that. The books are almost totally plotless-just a collection of short stories. The Movie does have a couple of plotlines but i would have a hard time beliving in 2016 you could really make a 100 million dollar movie around just a story of a guy who shouldn't be to stuffy-maybe but...well so much of the actual movie has nothing to do with him.

Mary Poppins is a supernatural being-what kind is mysterious but part of the fun, She incredibly powerful able to do dozens of werid crazy things, that exist in only a kind of dream like logic to her. She isn't really a superhero becuse heroism isn't her strong suit-whimsy to a degree is and using her powers to make better people. Which is kinda fine. i like that idea.

That said i could imagine those kind of elements being added. A traditional Villian, maybe an actual character arc for her-something like that.i could imagine that easily being in a modern Disney movie.

And here is the question to the group-is this a good thing or not, or something you guys would like to see?

Becuse i am not sure.

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02 Jun 2016 09:15 #48182 by Woodclaw
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I believe that the main issue here is that P.L. Travers died in 1996 and her heirs still have the rights over her creations and, given that she was very unsatisfied with the work Walt Disney did on her character and denied Disney any possibility to make a sequel, this is rather unlikely.

Still there are some interesting ideas that this fanmade trailer can give you.

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