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I actually think it looks pretty awesome, at least going by the superhero action. But now that you mention it, I'm not seeing a whole lot of comedy. Maybe that reflects what's in the movie. Maybe not. It would be a shame if they don't make it funny. I mean,, that's part of the fun!

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10 Jan 2019 06:07 #62561 by TwiceOnThursdays
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The Highlander wrote:

Woodclaw wrote: The trailer looks pretty good although it seem like Carol's power would be "standard-issue Kree", rather than being something unique.
I hope that the cat scene is the silliest moment in the entire movie, because if the wacky humor worked great in Guardians of the Galaxy I don't think that every other production should have it.

I highly doubt Carol's power will be anything like astandard Kree. The first half of Agents of Shield Season 5 had loads of Kree
(including warriors) in it and while they did have super strength it was more
at the Captain America level rather than Superman. I know the movies don't have
much link with the TV shows but they wouldn't deviate much on something so

One of the caveats in the comics is that the kree are "evolutionarially locked".  So a few have some power (like Ronan the Accuser) but most don't and it's hard for them to get them.  (Other than their natively enhanced strength.)

But mix in human DNA and things change, as evidence by the inhumans.  (True both on Agents of SHIELD and the comics.)

In the comics it was just revealed that Carol's mom was kree all along, and she was always half-kree, I'm suspecting that this was done to bring her into alignment with the movie .... 

As a half-human hybrid  she's  more likely to get extra-powers than any Kree.  And when you add in purposeful experimentation to bring them out  (which seemed to be in the first trailer) ....

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