Wonder Woman sneak peak soon

02 Jan 2016 12:53 #45894 by Markiehoe
Wonder Woman sneak peak soon was created by Markiehoe
The CW network in the US is airing a superhero special hosted by Kevin Smith on Jan. 19th.
We should be seeing previews of all the Warner Bros. products including a sneak peak at the Wonder Woman movie filming right now.
I have no idea besides behind the scenes stuff they could show us considering the movie just started filming.

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02 Jan 2016 15:58 #45897 by castor
Replied by castor on topic Wonder Woman sneak peak soon
It looks like they have been shooting for about a month...

Keep in mind i would say most movies take about a month to shoot-not big action movies but the same principal. By the middle of January probabbly at least half of its done. A lot of action movies go for around 100 day shoots these days.

I am also going to guess most of the movie isn't going to have any Digital special effects(or at at least a good bit of it. ) Scenes in offices, outside etc.. Which can often be most of the movie. You will be suprised sometime how little Digital effects are in superhero movies

There could be a decent chunk maybe a scene or two, i am going to guess in costume, possibly like a fight or something.

Or they could leave it out. Either way i could see it.


PS Curious if they have anything from Gotham in it

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