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On Monday starts this Serie, on Sky tv, good chances of super strength feats...

Super human teen girl, super strong and unbreakable, with very bad attitude :)
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08 Apr 2021 16:08 #70920 by HikerAngel
Replied by HikerAngel on topic The Nevers
Thanks for the heads up. This show looks great! :)

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08 Apr 2021 21:19 #70932 by kikass2014
Replied by kikass2014 on topic The Nevers
I'll just state what I said back in Feb -

Buffragetes Assemble! 


Will be checking it out for sure :)

Will probably be woke garbage, but sexy superwomen with sexy English accents?  Count me in lol :D



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09 Apr 2021 03:01 - 09 Apr 2021 03:02 #70940 by Helstar
Replied by Helstar on topic The Nevers
Well, it's from Whedon (Buffy, Dollhouse, etc.)

Lately he has been exposed as being opposite of woke tbh :D !

I still regret not having more Firefly seasons :/
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09 Apr 2021 07:49 #70943 by willow
Replied by willow on topic The Nevers
I am taking a wait and see approach to the series.

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09 Apr 2021 18:24 #70950 by slim36
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13 Apr 2021 03:09 #70997 by steelknight3000
Replied by steelknight3000 on topic The Nevers
This review has SPOILERS for the First Episode!

So Joss Whedon makes a show about people with extraordinary abilities in turn of century London. Most of whom happen to be women. Sounds pretty awesome for fans of this website? Well maybe yes and no.
A mysterious event in the sky in 1896 causes a random assortment of people, mostly lower class and female, to gain some sort of power or "turn"(don't call them Quirks!). These people become know as the Touched (don't call them mutants!) and the show stars two of these women Amalia True and Penance Adair (True/Adair, thanks Joss)
Amalia sadly does NOT have superstrength but the power to see short glimpses of the future. She does kick a lot of ass through the powers of Hollywood Fight Choreography. I think Whedon watched The Raid a bunch and thought, what if one of the ladies from Downton Abbey did that! It's not quite clear at this point how she learned how to fight like an Agent of SHIELD in an era where men fought like Rock Em Sock Em Robots in slow motion.
Penance meanwhile wields the power of Steampunk or Invent Anything Because I Can See Electricity or Something, deploying gadgets such as drone flashbombs and automatic horse carriages faster than you can shout "anachronism".
The two women work at an orphanage for the Touched financed by a wealthy lady of society as a safe haven but Evil Things are afoot. A secret society of Dastardly White Men is very upset at the whole situation aghast at the thought that women and the oppressed are going ask for *gasp* rights! (One of whom discusses a girl at his factory who got her arm crushed by a 3 ton press and pulled it out as if it was nothing, so some super girl potential there)
There's an evil Murder Lady Touched on the lose killing folks. And Amalia and Penance are confronted by a gang of Halloween men with shotguns while investigating a Touched girl who talks a like a broken Google Translate app.
It turns out a whole bunch of people have gone missing and these guys might be kidnapping Touched for some nefarious scheme. True/Adair are invited to the opera where Amalia gets a vision of Something Bad happening, and sure enough Evil Murder Lady appears slicing up one of the actors. Flanked by Fireball Lady and Cyborg Man with a Barrett Machine Gun, she starts ranting and raving and the gang opens fire on the crowd before one of the actors reveals her Magical Song Power which seems to make Touched people glow (revealing several members of the crowd as Touched). The villains grab Magical Girl and beat while Amalia gives chase, uses her dress as a parachute, but eventually gets her ass kicked by Murder Lady who has the power of Red Eyes, but maybe she can be strong? We'll see.
Eventually it is revealed that a Mad Scientist is running some experiments in Unnecessary Surgery Land and these powers?
Giant Fish Alien Ship (or potentially Fish Shaped Giant Alien that flies)! It sprinkled magic dust over London before disappearing (crashing?) and somehow erasing all memory of it's appearance. But the Evil Murder Lady remembers it!

Overall fairly entertaining first episode despite lackluster initial reviews, I'm definitely interested in what happens next, what that Giant Fish Alien is, and hoping the season ends with Penance building a steam-powered Mech.

So anyway, no super strength yet just inhuman fighting skills, but potential is there. Oh and there's also a Very Tall Girl who is definitely not Alice in Wonderland if you're into that sort of thing.
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