Sex-Crazed Superheroine?

22 Nov 2006 16:20 #7389 by lfan
Sex-Crazed Superheroine? was created by lfan
Well, looks like Jessilyn Gilreg (I'm prob butchering her name), the former foul-mouthed, sex-addict on Nip/Tuck who slept with Christian is coming to guest star on Heroes in a 3-4 part mini-arc.

Word has it that she will have "powers unlike any you've seen on the show so far". My speculation is that she'll be a firestarter / flamethrowing heroine from the rumors I've seen......


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27 Nov 2006 19:14 #7431 by Random321
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Once they are done with this first major arc they are going to have to be careful not to venture into the SmallVille format. It has its place and I know some of you like it ~ but I can't handle the "enemy/villain/flavor" of the week style.

I’m not saying they need to be like 24 or Lost ~ I’m just saying one week shows with clean wrap ups in the last ten minutes are tired….

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