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06 Aug 2007 08:05 #9991 by Spulo
Slater for Smallville was created by Spulo
Just thought it was worth a mention...

Ex-Supergirl Visiting Smallville

Former Supergirl star Helen Slater will appear in an episode of The CW's Smallville next season, Variety reported. Slater is set to guest star in the sixth episode of the season as the aunt of the show's Supergirl, played by Laura Vandervoort.

Smallville has a history of bringing in actors associated with other adaptations of the Superman comic. Dean Cain, who starred in the television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, will also appear as a villain in the fourth episode of the season.

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06 Aug 2007 16:56 #9996 by shadar
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Slater will play Kal El's mother. As the story goes, the teenage Kara was friends with Kal El's mother at the time Kal El was born.

Kara then went on to live on Argo City (a mining colony) and then, later, Krypton blew up, with Kal El (as a baby) the only survivor. Presumably those events are only a year two apart.

Argo City was also destroyed, but later, giving time for Kara to be stuffed into a space ship and sent to Earth to intercept and then raise Kal El as a Kryptonian on Earth. Her mission.

She got caught in a time warp and Kal El was raised as a human by the Kents. This wasn't what Jor El wanted at all.

Now she breaks out of the warp, still looking and thinking like a teenage Kryptonian girl, and runs into 6'3" Kal El, along with a lot of cultural challenges.

Now what is she supposed to do? I mean, there aren't any superheroes running around in costume saving the world at that point in time. They are all 'meteor freaks' and either living underground or in labs or prisons.

Anyway, that's the premise of the series and the starting point for the writers.

Presumably the scene with Slater is going to be a flashback to Krypton and the days before the explosion, with Kal El as a baby.

It will be fun to see life on Krypton through Kara's eyes.


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21 Aug 2007 17:48 #10093 by Random321
Replied by Random321 on topic Re: Slater for Smallville
Just read a story that Slater and a friend are pitching a story line to DC for Supergirl to make her "more than just a female superman" ~ which she attributed to the failure of the original Supergirl and "the two planned sequels" that I had no idea about.

Not sure if it was a comic book story line ~ or TV ~ but it was a funny slip.

Also curious how much she used to distance herself from the SG character ~ and now she's hip deep and is acting happy about it.

Change of heart? Out of $$$? Honest feelings about the character coming out?

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