Uber Girls in anime and manga.

29 May 2015 02:58 #42456 by jimbob
Replied by jimbob on topic Uber Girls in anime and manga.
So I brought up Fairy Tail before, and while there are some super powerful girls of course, they've recently added a new one. Or rather she's been in the anime/manga since the start but as of the recent timeskip the main girl, Lucy, previously one of the weaker girls in the series who was limited to summoning creatures to fight for her, gained the ability to use the creatures power for herself, one of which is super strength.

She's only used it once so far, and she has to don a rather silly looking outfit to use it, but here's her shattering the ground with a whip strike and grabbing a random dude and smashing him into a bunch of his pals like bowling pins.

Since another of her creatures has super speed, she probably has a form that can use that too, but she's yet to use that one.

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