How bout to this friggin forum???

08 Nov 2005 19:04 #3428 by Risatara
Replied by Risatara on topic Re: How bout to this friggin forum???

OK, Im not sure if that would bring any stuff, but some fun at least :D Waht about some Award, like a Icon somebody could post on his/her site or signature, for winning a contest here. It could be something like a cup, in different styles for the different contests, and with the contest above it, and the winner and the title of the story below.

That sounds like a pretty good idea.

So let me make sure I understand. The winner of some contest would recieve a special icon or avatar. Then, whenever or wherever they post, all the other members would see it and, if they don't know what it was for, either ask someone or search for the story that won it for them.

Thanks for the suggestion!!

Your Idea is not bad, but I meant something like a Icon you can post where you want, esspecially in your Signature if you want. But somebody could put the Awards in the Author-Part... if thats possible for the Admin...

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