Supergirl needs to earn money. What should she do?

29 May 2008 18:04 #12454 by ultragirl
Been busy with life.

I'd help you out, but I don't want to mess up any time lines. At least that's my excuse.

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29 May 2008 23:59 #12458 by Sarge395
Argonaut, too funny :P

Yes, by all means use anything I discuss for anything you want. It is all freely written here. I really don't write anything. Just post a bit and try to stir the dying coals now and again or add some fuel to the fires.

Ultragirl, good to see you here again. Wonder where the hell Conceptfan is. Hope he is well and just busy. Hope he 'unbusies' himself soon. Gawd I miss his updates. Miss the Transformatrix stories too.

Back to the topic: Supergirl would be great at disposing of nuclear waste. One way shot to the sun. Or store it on the moon if there is any possibility of it being usable again in the future. Would be a great boon to the nuke movement. One of the best alternatives we have going as long as they aren't crappily built like in Russia. Most modern countries have enough fail safes and triple checks to keep them from ever melting down.

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