Wonder Woman (2017) - First Look

26 Jan 2016 20:19 #46232 by jay_manus
Replied by jay_manus on topic Wonder Woman (2017) - First Look
I'm with you, Woodclaw. The acting is key. Have you noticed how Melissa Benoist's entire personality and demeanor changes when she wears her uniform? I can (almost) forget that she has no chest :-).

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27 Jan 2016 02:20 #46235 by castor
Replied by castor on topic Wonder Woman (2017) - First Look
When i first saw Man of Steel i didn't like it very much.. Its overly long, the Krypton stuff is visually intrestintresting but ruins the plot, it builds up to a climax that is hard to follow..

.but as i go back to it, both in discussions online and with a second and third viewing-i think i have come around. i find myself defending it more then i should. As compared to the MCU its a movie about ideas-not always well defined ones but intresting ones about an indvduals space in the universe, the consiquence of actions and how people should live with what they have. the Central Rommance has bueaty to it, as does the gorgious cinemtography,. The special effects are neat. And yeah the final scene with Zod i do think at least aknwoldges and makes a moment out of Death. All of this may not be the right thing, but with Marvel movies increasingly feeling like there going through the motions-its *something*

In short its a movie that i kinda changed my mind about which is generally rare in movies.

For that sence i am intrested in seing the sequal, and what the minds behind it could come across. Yeah i think people are right-Gadot maybe terrible, and a lot is riding on that-but it something, and i am looking forward to that.

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27 Jan 2016 03:56 #46237 by TwiceOnThursdays
Replied by TwiceOnThursdays on topic Wonder Woman (2017) - First Look
I don't think we can read too much into not seeing too much of Godot in the trailers. It's not the Wonder Woman movie, it's Batman vs. Superman.

I think Man of Steel was an incredibly well made movie: great acting, great special effects, and a lot of care on the background and plot. I just don't like it.

I've also said that BvS could adjust how I think of the movie. Just like in the end, I say similar things about the Dark Knight Rises. I end out .. loving Catwoman in the film. I enjoyed watching it. Nolan is a master ... but after I saw it, i'm not sure it's really all that great. And by how it wrapped up the story Nolan was telling, it made me think less of the other two movies. THIS is what he was after? I probably need to watch all of them in quick succession. I'll probably like Dark Knight Rises much better when I see it again. (Maybe.)

(An aside: Intersteller was a great movie, but holy shit was it so predictable.)

I do think that often people don't like something, and then they come up with reasons after the fact. I've seen it often in others, and in myself. So I try to be careful about MoS because I know exactly why I think the Kent death is so amazingly stupid, and it knocked me out of the movie (it's a strong emotional reaction). And it is strong enough that I just don't like the movie, and then, once I'm there, it's quite easy to manufacture a list of reasons to justify it, when really, all I need to say is that I don't like it. Not every movie is for everyone, and if others like something you don't, well, their tastes just differ. I happen to really enjoy watching Hudson Hawk. Few others do.

I do think BvS could do the opposite for me and make me think better of Man of Steel. _possibly_. We'll see. I'm keeping an open mind about it. And really right now the only determination we need to make is: are we going to go see the movie? If the answer is "yes", well, stop over analyzing every little thing (unless it's enjoyable for you to do so.) And instead, just go to the movie and let go and experience it for what it is. THEN, you can decide.

A corollary of manufacturing reasons why you don't like something, is that some people convince themselves that something will be horrible before seeing it, and it can become a self-fufilling prophecy.

I think this is why I go see these movies on the opening Thursday: I haven't heard what anyone else has said yet. I'm generally putting myself in a mood to go have fun, which means I'll likely have a better time at the movie. If I don't like a movie under those conditions, likely I won't ever like the movie. Plus the others there are likely all jazzed too, and that is infectious.

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27 Jan 2016 19:26 #46244 by shadar
Replied by shadar on topic Wonder Woman (2017) - First Look
I just don't pay attention anyone else's opinion on movies. I really like some movies that most people hate, and vice versa.

My gripe is with teasers and trailers, most of which I try to avoid seeing as I find they take me into the movie with expectations. I like to be surprised.

And I fully expect that I might not like a movie very much on first viewing, but that it an grow on me. So I don't write anything off until I've seen it at least twice.

The new Star Wars was that way. If not for going with my 7 year grandson (who is a Star Wars nut) I might not have enjoyed it. Once it's available on Bluray, then I'll watch it for myself. I expect it will grow on me.

I also don't watch movies with high visual appeal on satellite, cable or streaming media, even though its all supposedly in "HD". The reduction in quality is extreme as compared to Bluray. AppleTV streaming is the best I've seen, especially as compared to Netflix or DirectTV. But nothing beats a Bluray.

Until streaming HD goes to 4K, then its like listening to MP3 music. Fine for background, but not for critical listening/viewing.

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