CBS/CW Supergirl: Location Guide

Use the left-hand controls to dynamically filter which episodes the page displays. Click the map pins to get details of the shooting location. If locations appear in more than one episode (for example, establishing shots of CatCo), they are listed under their first episode appearance.

Location types are as follows — public: locations not specifically designed for filming; stage: sets/lots not owned by Warner Bros; studio: sets/lots on or near Warner Bros' Burbank studio complex.

Don't forget to use the Google Maps StreetView icon to see the location from the ground, as it would have appeared on screen.

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Help needed
  • 1x01: Pilot
    • CatCo interior? For 1x02 onwards this was a studio set, but was it a real location (like Kara's apartment) for the pilot?
  • 1x02: Stronger Together
    • The chemical plant. (Either Tesoro or Exxon Mobil oil refinery, perhaps?) Clues: #1 #2 #3
    • Building used for Astra's fight. Clues: #1 #2 #3
  • 1x03: Fight or Flight
    • Location of the first Reactron fight. Clues: #1
  • 1x04: How Does She Do It?
    • Maxwel Lord's train station. Clues: #1
  • 1x08: Hostile Takeover
    • Location of Lord Tech building. Clues: #1 #2 #3 #4
  • 1x09: Blood Bonds
    • Bomb trap, with Hank as bait. Clues: #1 #2
    • Trade between Astra and Hank. Clues: #1
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