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Tink, Tink, Boom!

Written by lfan :: [Monday, 02 February 2015 21:37] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 03 February 2015 22:35]

Present Day – Neverland

Tears welled up in Periwinkle’s eyes as she reached over to touch her twin sister’s torn and badly battered wings. Tinkerbell moaned softly, never opening her eyes, as she writhed in pain from the critical injuries she suffered only an hour ago. Periwinkle stroked Tink’s hand gently trying to comfort her, knowing Tink’s injuries were bad. Very bad. Suddenly, Peri’s eyes darted upwards as the door to the chamber burst open.

“Oh, Zarina! Thank heavens!” Periwinkle solemnly spoke as she hugged her friend tightly.

“Peri, tell me what happened.”

“Oh, Zarina, it was awful! We tried to fight, but there were too many of them! It was a slaughter!”

“Hook?” Zarina asked furrowing her brow.

Periwinkle simply nodded, choking back the tears as she spoke. “He’s banded with the other pirates. Four ships now instead of just one. He was waiting for all of us, and Peter stupidly walked right into his trap!”

“Arrogant boy!” Zarina snapped as she rolled her eyes. “What about him and the other Lost Boys?”

Periwinkle shrugged her shoulders. “Dead or captured … I think. Tink and I barely made it out alive when Peter finally gave the order to retreat. She and I flew as fast as we could but cannon fire was like nothing we had ever seen! We managed to dodge most but a chain shot caught Tink and nearly sliced her wings clean off.”

Zarina looked down and examined Tink’s damaged wings as Peri continued. “She started falling, but I grabbed her and flew here as fast as I could. There HAS to be something you can do, Zarina. PLEASE!”

Zarina, the former Pirate Fairy, was not just one of the bravest warriors in the fairy kingdom and a close friend to Tinkerbell and Periwinkle. She was also the resident fairy dust alchemist, experimenting with the properties of fairy dust to create new and sometimes more powerful strains of pixie dust. Green, Orange, Pink, and Purple fairy dust were all creations from Zarina’s alchemy experiments were known to grant or augment new and existing fairy talents like control over light or water.

Zarina looked down on her mortally-injured friend as Tink moaned softly again, her golden aura flickering and dimming slightly. Zarina knew there wasn’t much time and immediately grabbed a handful of colorful jars as well as a lead-lined box that she had hidden behind a shelf of books.

“Quick, Peri! Grab me that mortar and pestle!” Zarina said hurriedly as Tink’s golden aura continued to fade.

“What are you concocting? Are those all different fairy dusts?” Periwinkle asked as Zarina became a whirlwind of activity, dumping the contents of the jars into the mixing bowl and stirring them together vigorously.

“Yes … It’s something … that I’ve been working on!” said Zarina, her tone failing to disguise her uncertainty as she slowly opened the lead-lined box and pulled out a bright red stone that emitted a faint reddish glow.

“Red Moonstone?” Peri queried, thinking of the magical blue stone that was responsible for feeding and sustaining the pixie dust tree in Pixie Hollow.

“No, we don’t have time to find a moonstone!” replied a frenetic Zarina as she began crushing the red stone to powder in one of the bowls with the pestle. “This is something I found last month in the forest.”

“Do you even KNOW what it is?!?!” said a concerned Peri as Zarina began heating the crushed up shards of the former stone into a molten liquid.

“No, but I know it has strong magical properties! I can FEEL it! And we need something strong if Tink is gonna recover from this.”

Despite her concern, Peri knew they had no other recourse. “Fine! Just do something quick, Zarina, she’s fading fast!”

Zarina had no idea of what she was doing, or if it was even going to work, but she knew she only had moments to try something. Normally, Zarina has used one or two drops of blue pixie dust in her experiments, but Zarina threw caution to the wind and dumped the entire contents of the mysterious red molten liquid into the bowl containing all of the different types of pixie dust. Zarina and Peri stared at the bowl waiting for some type of reaction but as the seconds passed, there was nothing, only a stagnant, dark, blood-red soupy mixture that stared back at them from the bowl.

“NOTHING?!?!?” Periwinkle screamed at the bowl as if expecting it to talk back to her. Seeing that Zarina’s concoction was inert, Peri began to sob as she looked over at Tink’s almost lifeless body. Grabbing Zarina, she shook her shoulders “There’s got to be something else! There’s got to be something that you ---”

Peri was interrupted by a faint hissing sound emanating from the bowl that began to get louder and louder with each passing second. Peri and Zarina both slowly turned and peered over the wooden bowl and marveled at the chemical reaction they were witnessing.

The previously deep crimson liquid first began to bubble slowly which escalated quickly into a full boil even though Zarina had not applied any form of heat to the bowl. As the mixture continued to rage inside the bowl, Peri and Zarina watched in fascination as the liquid’s dark red color rapidly began to change colors before their eyes. Swirls of red, pink and orange began to magically rise out of the bowl into a tiny vortex of swirling color, spinning faster and faster. These were followed quickly by ribbons of blue, green, indigo, and yellow comprising all of the colors of fairy dust that Zarina had used.

“Oooooh …” Peri and Zarina said in unison as the streams of color seemed to dance with each other, weaving in and out as the spun around. Suddenly, new colors appeared and leapt from the bowl: silver, aubergine, teal, turquoise, lavender, garnet, gold, butterscotch, and chartreuse bands quickly intermingled with the others inside the spinning vortex. Faster and faster the color bands spun, quickly becoming faint smears of color before turning completely white.

The young fairies ducked down as the vortex spun even faster and began to glow brightly as sparks of colored electricity began to arbitrarily shoot out of the mini tornado. Despite the apparent danger, Peri and Zarina couldn’t help but peer from behind the table and marvel at the mesmerizing site. It was so beautiful, and – judging by the sparks and glow – apparently somewhat potent!

Suddenly without warning, there was a huge explosion of sparks – like a makeshift roman candle – accompanied by a loud BOOM that knocked an unsuspecting Peri and Zarina to the floor. Picking themselves up, the gingerly approached the table which was bathed in a bright multicolored light emanating from the bowl. As the young fairies got closer, they shielded their eyes from the light and saw that their experiment had created some sort of “rainbow” fairy dust. Just as surprising was the fact that all the ingredients combined by Zarina had yielded only 2-3 grams of dust.

“Hmm …must be potent!” Zarina said as she squinted and picked up the bowl and walked with Peri over to where Tinkerbell lay. Tink was barely breathing as her normally sparkling golden aura was now a murky yellow color and still fading. Zarina took a deep breath and looked one final time at a teary-eyed Peri. “This HAS to work …” whispered Zarina as she slowly tipped the bowl over Tink’s head, letting the rainbow fairy dust cascade and wash over her injured body.

“What now?”

“Now we ---”

Zarina never finished her sentence as Tinkerbell’s faint groaning was almost immediately replaced with a soft, pleasurable moan escaping from Tinkerbell’s lips as the rainbow fairy dust surprisingly took effect almost immediately. Tink’s dull goldenrod aura seemed to immediately be energized as the rainbow dust swirled around the young fairy. Her trademarked yellow glow quickly became a wild spectrum of swirling colors before morphing into a radiant white light. Peri and Zarina covered their eyes from the glare as Tinkerbell’s lithe little body bathed the room in a blinding white light. “Ohhhh … Oooooh!” was all Tinkerball could muster from her lips as her young eyes opened to witness the her transformative new sparkle, as she began to feel the rainbow pixie dust work its magic. As her white aura dimmed slightly – almost as if from Tink’s command – the two young fairies stared excitedly at Tink’s body as it started to undergo a wonderous transformation.

Tink’s wings were the first to be affected. They had nearly been ripped off her body by the chainshot cannon, leaving a noticeable tear in both wings. Typically, a serious “wing displacement” like this would take months of bedrest for a normal fairy, but Tink’s body worked diligently to repair and fortify itself via the rainbow pixie dust. Mystical bright orange streams of light illuminated Tink’s battered wings like a christmas tree, pulsing brighter and brighter with every passing second. Peri and Zarina watched with glee as they saw Tinkerbell’s wings repair themselves like new! Unbeknownst to the two onlookers though, Tink’s new wings were FAR from new. The rainbow pixie dust had not only repaired her wings, but it had also made its own improvements, rearranging the molecular density of Tink’s wings, strengthening them a thousand fold! While they looked like your run-of-the-mill, transparent fairy wings, they were much more – and Tink knew it! Tink smiled and experimentally flapped them twice as a sudden breeze rustled an unsuspecting Peri and Zarina’s hair.

Tinkerbell snickered to herself as Peri and Zarina looked confusedly at one another. “They’re probably wondering who left a window open!” Tink thought to herself, as she glanced back and stared at her wings, so beautifully elegant – and apparently so powerful! Tink’s thoughts of her wings though were cut short as she closed her eyes and began to feel the effects of the pixie dust rapidly spread throughout her entire body.

The transformation did not take too long. In the course of a few seconds, Tink’s entire body began to tone and tighten as a warm glow quickly engulfed her body. Her tiny fairy arms rippled with sexy bulges of muscle as Tink flexed her arm, a tiny little flesh-colored cannonball rising from her bicep. Tink could hardly suppress a giggle as waves of subtle-but-ultra-potent muscles combined with new magnificent female curves washed over her as her entire figure, turning her body into a living piece of art.. Tinkerbell’s familiar green dress was now stretched sexily to its limits as it struggled to contain her newfound body.

Zarina and Peri could only look on in utter amazement at Tink’s startling metamorphosis. Her new physique was so mesmerizing that Zarina’s thoughts of the new and improved Tink began to creep from scientific curiosity to lustful admiration. She was so damn beautiful! Zarina wondered to herself how someone could look so strong and sexy at the same time. However, despite how strong Tink now LOOKED, it paled in comparison to how she now felt. Thanks to Zarina’s efforts, Tink, for the first time in her life, had the power to turn the tables on Hook and his crew!

“Geez, how strong am I?” Tink mused to herself as she clenched her fists, feeling the incredible power coursing through her body.

“H-H-How do you feel, sis?” asked Peri as Tink leapt up from the table.

“I feel wonder- … no, better than that! I feel … UNSTOPPABLE!” Tink said as she hovered four inches off the floor and glowed brightly, reveling in the feeling of power. Suddenly, Tink blinked as she returned to the ground, quickly recalling the previous battle that had left her injured as if she had awken from a nightmare.

“Peter! Peri, what happened to Peter?” Tink asked her sister.

“Oh, Tink … I think he was captured along with a number of the Lost Boys …at least the ones that survived!” Peri said trying to choke back tears.

“Well, then I’m going to rescue them!”

“Tink, you can’t! You need to recover some more. Besides, you can’t go by yourself. It will be a slaughter!”

Tink paused and looked at Peri, a wry smile creeping over her face. Scanning the room, she looked around and picked up the granite mortar that Zarina had mixed the rainbow dust in. Holding it up for Peri and Zarina to see, Tink battled her eyelashes playfully and clenched her hand. Instantly, Tink’s tiny hand pulverized the solid granite bowl, sending chunks of rock flying in all directions. Closing her fist even tighter, Zarina and Peri heard a crunching sound as Tink crushed the remaining fragments in her hand to utter dust. Opening her hand, Tink theatrically let the granite dust fall to the floor before dusting her hands confidently.

“Slaughter? You bet!” Tinkerbell said impetuously as she shot upward and crashed through the ceiling like a tiny projectile and soared into the sky to intercept Hook’s fleet.


Normally for a fairy, it was about a 30 minute flight from Fairyland to Skull Rock, but with her new supercharged wings, it took Tink about 2 minutes to cover the distance. As Tink approached Skull Rock, she saw four pirate ships moored in the lagoon. Tink’s body tingled at the thought of cutting loose and unleashing her new strength on the ships right away, but she knew she had to learn of Peter’s whereabouts first. Besides, there was plenty of time to play with ‘toys’ afterwards she thought.

It was rather easy to discern Hook’s ship by its markings, as Tink flew down to the bridge where she spied Hook standing with Mr. Smee and three other crew members. Descending gracefully, Tink landed atop an old cannon, folding her arms confidently as two crew members drew their cutlasses. Immediately, however, Hook raised his hand to the two men as the re-sheathed their weapons. Hook curled his mustache with his free hand and smiled evilly down at the young fairy.

“Well, my dear … what brings you back to my neighborhood?” Hook asked menacingly.

“You know good and well, Hook! What have you done with Peter and the Lost Boys?”

“Peter …Peter …” Captain Hook sarcastically mused aloud as he tapped his chin with his hook, amidst the laughter from Smee and the other men. “Oh yes, little fellow …dressed like a snow pea?”

“Listen, Hook! I’m gonna make this really easy for you.” Tink said boldly as she sat down on the cannon, straddling it. “Tell me where I can find Peter, and I won’t have to kick your arse in front of your own crew!”

“You and what army, my dear Tinkerbell?” Hook said as he and his men burst into laughter over the tiny pixie’s threat. Tink knew how ridiculous it sounded and merely smiled at their reaction as she reached over and grabbed of of the old cannonballs stacked next to the cannon. At only six inches in height, the 10 lb cannonball was nearly the same size as the young fairy. However, Tink plucked the heavy metal orb off the stack as if she was picking a daisy.

“I’m all the army I need now!” the young super fairy said as the crew’s laughter quickly dissipated into stunned silence. At this point, Tink was supremely brimming with confidence as she hoisted the 10 pound cannonball easily over head in her left hand and flexed with her other. Her bright yellow aura began to shine even brighter as her flexed her left arm tightly. Her right bicep exploded like a bundle of dynamite as her muscles became bigger and denser before their very eyes. The crew murmured in amazement, obviously impressed but still oblivious to the torrent of superstrength now swirling underneath the surface of Tink's tiny yet impossibly firm bicep.

“Last warning, Hook!” Tink barked as it took all her reserve to suppress a giggle as she continued to bear down on her flex as glowing sparkles magically danced around her superpowerful body. “I'm … soooooo … stronnnnngggggg!," she mused to herself as she glanced up at the 10 pound cannonball which was almost the same size as her but felt no more heavy to her now then a sunflower petal. She could just feel the power just oozing inside her lithe little body. Inside every pore. Every cell. Every atom. It was almost unbearable – the desire to simply release it and demonstrate her newfound power in one incredible showing – but Tink suppressed the urge deep down inside her. No, this was something she was going to have fun with and relish!

“… if you don't surrender and release Peter, you'll be sorry …” Tink said boldly as she straightened her beautiful toned legs around the sides of the cannon. Tink's beautiful little legs rippled as sexy bulges of superpowerful muscles rolled to the surface of her skin. The pirate crew once again began guffawing at the threats of a tiny pixie, but Tink didn’t care. Her tiny little quads, hamstrings and calves sparkled brightly as Tink closed her eyes and cooed in delight as she spoke.

“… really …”


“… really …”


“… REALLY sorry!”


Tinkerbell was deliberate as she compressed her legs together, savoring the feeling of her unstoppable strength that she was demonstrating. By doing it so slowly, the groans of the protesting metal cannon barrel were drowned out by the laughter of the pirates, Hook included, who mocked Tink's apparent idle threat. Tink should have been annoyed, but she didn't care. Rather, she was lost in ecstasy as she felt the hardened steel slowly collapse like wet clay between her superpowerful legs. It was SO easy for her! The fact that the pirates couldn't see or notice what was happening didn't matter to her. They soon would discover it themselves.

The pirates laughter at the absurd little fairy's threat finally subsided as Hook slowly took two steps forward, his boot heels clicking ominously across the wooden floorboards.



“Now … is that so, my dear?” Hook queried mockingly as he peered down at the tiny fairy, still failing to notice how the cannon barrel had folded inward around Tink's outstretched legs. Still holding the 8 pound cannonball aloft, Hook knew it must have been taking her considerable effort to do this (Author's Note: he was wrong) and so, without warning, he chose the opportunity to strike. With speed and dexterity remarkable for a man of his age, Hook's right arm shot to his left hip as he brandished his sabre, and – in one swift motion – swiped it towards Tinkerbell. Hook had a satisfactory sneer as he swung, knowing he had the element of surprise and would easily bisect that annoying little firefly. The razor-sharp bladed whistled through the air as it continued its collision course with the tiny pixie and then …just continued to sweep through empty air.

Truth be told, Tink wasn’t even paying attention much to Hook. She was still reveling in the sensation of being able to crush and deform solid steel with the slightest whim. Blinking momentarily, Tink’s eyes were quickly diverted to the sight of Hook pulling his sword at a laughable pace. “My reactions and reflexes must be super too! Can this get any better?” Tink thought to herself as she giggled and watched Hook looking ridiculous as he moved in super slow motion. After assessing a myriad of possible responses toward his feeble attack, Tink finally decided to simply avoid her inevitable conflict with Hook – for now! She had the strong desire to really stretch her superpowerful muscles and show Hook what she could do now! No, he wasn’t going anywhere …


The cannonball Tink was holding aloft, fell to the ground with a loud clunk. Hook nearly lost his balance as he swung his sword in a completed arc, expecting to strike the young fairy down but instead, swiping nothing but empty air. It was if she merely vanished!

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” a voice echoed loudly from above, as Hook looked skyward and saw a bright yellow sparkling trail shoot skyward, eventually disappearing from sight into the fluffy clouds above.

“Stupid little insect!” Hook murmured to himself arrogantly as he sheathed his sword once again.

“Hey! That’s not nice!” bellowed a voice from the clouds accompanied by silly laughter.

A confused Hook looked up at the clouds but saw nothing – only that incessant laughter! “C’mon, Mr. Smee! We have work to do!” barked Hook at his bo’sun as he stormed away, pushing his crew aside.

Smee’s fingers rubbed over the hard metal of the cannon that Tink has previously straddled. He felt the indentations on either side of the barrel almost exactly where she was sitting on it. Like everyone else, he was somewhat surprised how someone so tiny could lift a cannonball over her head. She would have to have gotten very strong somehow Smee thought. Smee extended a finger and stuck it in one of the new makeshift metal grooves of the cannon, almost as if to simulate a tiny fairy’s leg. It snuggled inside the groove as he wiggled it against the unyielding steel, proving to himself that the barrel was solid metal. “There’s no way she could have done that …” Smee whispered to himself.

“Don’t be so sure, Mr. Smee!” came a response back from the clouds above followed by the all-too-familiar giggle.

Smee quickly looked and scanned the clouds and saw nothing. All he could do was gulp nervously to himself as he scurried to find his captain.

Tink meanwhile was soaring hundreds of feet above through the clouds via a series of playful loops and barrel rolls without a care in the world, relishing in the pure, unadulterated power now at her disposal. Flying was certainly not new to Tinkerbell – or any fairy for that matter – but now it was different. Her newly super-fortified wings hummed sexily as they propelled Tink at unimaginable speed with unparallelled maneuverability and nimbleness as she zoomed in and out of the clouds laughing at the sensation of flying so fast!

While she was flying, Tink could not help but notice that despite her incredible speed, she could now easily see and recognize the smallest of details even hundreds of feet below her. She panned her beautiful blue eyes from side to side as she soared high above spying the head of every nail head in the floorboards of the ships, every piece of hair on every pirates head, and even every thread in the ships’ sails. Even more remarkable was the notion that her brain was now somehow processing and memorizing this information – no matter how trivial – and searing it into her memory. Being a tinker, she had always been somewhat analytical and rather clever, but the rainbow fairy dust had now given her apparently a super intellect to go along with her super body!

As Tink’s eyes scanned from object to object, she quickly realized that her super blue eyes could not only see things clearly from a great distance, but also could see THROUGH objects. Tink giggled in delight as she quickly learned how to control this new ability, simply making opaque layers in her line of sight “disappear” so she could see under them. Tink smiled at the notion of how super eyes could so easily penetrate the murky water below, revealing all its wonders as if she was looking in a fish tank sitting right next to her. She marvelled at the beauty of all the colorful fish and sea creatures that danced underneath the surface amidst the rainbow of the coral landscape. Suddenly, Tink got a mischievous grin as her eyes spotted something in the water that reminded her that she still has business to deal with. With barely a thought, Tink accelerated to nearly 200 miles per hour as she swooped down like a sexy little missile and impacted the water, making a tiny splash that was completely undetected by the five ships moored in the lagoon.

Tink found that swimming in the depths below the surface was almost as easy as soaring in the clouds above. Her sexy little body shined brightly as she swam, illuminating the water around her as she experimentally – and effortlessly – performed the same types of aerial maneuvers she had performed only moments before, only this time underwater. Finally, Tink’s circuitous path led her to the base of the object that caught her eye from above.

Tink’s super brain quickly calculated her depth at 13.83 fathoms – 83 feet to be exact – as she stared up at the giant metal links that led back up to the ship above. Tink quickly realized that each successive link in the anchor line were literally as tall as she was. Gingerly, she stretched out her tiny hand and grabbed ahold of one of the cold metal links. Tink paused for a moment and again peered up, marvelling at the sheer size and weight of the anchor line as a glimmer of doubt began to creep into her mind. Was she really THAT strong?

Tink’s tiny fingers clenched slowly, sinking into the cold metal like a hot knife through butter. The tiny dynamo smiled as she was quickly reminded of the power of the Zarina’s rainbow dust as she squeezed her hand completely shut, tearing off a chunk of hardened steel from the huge link. Her confidence again rising, Tink reached up with both hands and grabbed one of the links and began to pull and shake the anchor line in hopes of maybe jostling the huge pirate above.

Nearly ninety feet above the surface, the crew of the “Sanguine Seas” was going about their business when suddenly the entire vessel – all 70 feet of it – lurched spontaneously throwing the unsuspecting crew in every direction. “All hands to their stations!” barked the captain of the ship as he quickly surmised that the must have run aground although that seemed highly unlikely, considering that they weren’t even moving! “What in the bloody hell?” he exclaimed again as he was again thrown to the floor as the front end of the ship again mysteriously just lurched forward.

Any reservations Tink had moments before were now completely gone from her mind as the tiny little juggernaut tugged again on the link – this time with only one hand – and felt the attached ship once again sucumb to her whim. “It’s like I’m tugging on a balloon” giggled Tink as she pulled again on the link, rocking the “Sanguine Seas” even harder. Looking up, Tink couldn’t help but laugh as she saw the crew of the vessel being tossed about by her incredible strength.

As Tink’s super eyes peeled back layer after layer of water and wood, she spied four burly deck hands around the capstan trying desperately to pull up the anchor line. Tink smiled with pride as the full strength of the four muscular men was completely useless against Tink’s tiny hand which held the anchorline in place. She could barely register their attempt as the thought of overpowering these men without even trying sent chills throughout her body. Tink furrowed her brow as she quickly saw that the men had abandoned their fruitless efforts and were now trying to cut the anchorline loose using various tools.

“I don’t think so, boys!” Tink said to no one in particular as she suddenly reached up with her other hand to link immediately above and began pulling downward link after link. While the ship was previously at the whim of her casual, incredible strength, it was now at the complete mercy of her determined, unfathomable strength. A vengeful Tink gritted her teeth and began to pull and pull, rivers of superstrength blood flowed like lava inside her tiny, toned arms as the crew of the “Sanguine Seas” was the first unknowingly witness the full scope of Tinkerbell new power.

As the front of the ship ploughed headfirst into the water from Tink’s efforts, she quickly began to realize how unstoppable she was now. And this only fueled her resolve more and she continued to tug at the line, literally pulling the pirate ship into the ocean by its bow. The sound of wood planks cracking like cannon fire could be heard above water as the crew confusedly screamed and leapt overboard to avoid being scuttled with the doomed ship.

With one final pull, Tink pulled half of the ship underwater as the stress on the wood frame became too much. With a two sharp reports the outer hull of the “Sanguine Seas” cracked open like an eggshell. Tink pulled the front end completely to the bottom with minimal effort as the remaining piece of the hull quickly filled with water and slowly submerged to its watery grave.

Tink dropped the link in her hands as she watched her half of the ship impact the ocean floor and settle. She held her hands out in front of her and looked at them, still so tiny, but oh-so mind-blowingly strong. She now knew with unwavering confidence that her little 6” self could take apart this entire fleet without breaking a sweat. It was just a matter of “how” to do it. As she looked up to the surface to see bottoms of the remaining four ship – including Hook’s flagship – she was distracted by a another large object about 600 feet away from her. “Yes, I think that will work nicely!” Tink thought as she quickly swam towards it.

Mr Smee and Hook looked at each other incredulously, trying to fathom what they had just witnessed as pieces of the flotsam and jetsam from the “Sanguine Seas” began to bubble up and bob on the surface as a solemn reminder that the vessel was now at the bottom of the ocean. Despite being on the bridge of their ship, neither Smee nor Hook had seen much, only that the once proud ship seemed to nosedive impossibly into the water at its anchor line as if being pulled down by something of incredible strength and power.

“But, Captain … how could it … I mean … what possibly could have … you don’t think SHE had something to do ---”

“Smithers! Get ahold of yourself!” commanded Hook. “There is no possible way a fairy no bigger than six inches could have done that! I’ll admit she seemed to be more muscular – and stronger and faster – than I remember, but do you know how strong she’d have to be? She’d have to be strong as a---”


Hook and Smee immediately reacted to the call of the sentry in the crow’s nest as their eyes diverted across the water to see a dark blue behemoth begin to rise to the surface.

“See, man! It was a whale! It must have gotten caught in the anchor line somehow and pulled the ship down! All hands on deck!” Hook barked confidently as the crew became a flurry of activity, running to their stations and grabbing their harpoons.

Mr. Smee looked out as the blue whale rose out of the water, spewing water from its blow hole majestically, and breathed almost a sigh of relief. A whale of this size was no trivial matter and they were still in serious danger, but somehow he felt safer than having to deal with some revenge-filled, super fairy! Still, as the whale rose from the water, Smee knew this was no ordinary whale. It was big …really big! As the tail rose slowly from the water, he quickly estimated it at over 90 feet long. The pirate mused to himself that a fish like that would be incredibly powerful and strong, probably even strong enough to pull a ship underwater. Not to mention this one could …fly?!?!?

There was an audible gasp from the entire crew as everyone – including Hook and Smee – stood wide-eyed as the great fish began to levitate out of the water, water cascading and pouring off his dark blue skin as he steadily rose 2 feet above the ocean surface slowly. Two feet became three and then became five and then became ten feet as the whale rose higher and higher.

Hook reached for his spyglass and quickly zoomed in on the leviathan as it rose from the sea steadily, continuing to climb higher and higher. A somewhat confused and concerned Hook panned his spyglass back and forth until he finally saw it. A tiny glowing figure almost completely obscured by the shadow of the beast as she hid underneath it. Tinkerbell!

Turning to Smee, Hook made the most logical assumption that crept immediately into his head. “The girl has sprinkled that cursed fairy dust on it and now it can fly!” Hook explained. It seemed somewhat plausible since after all, Hook had seen this application of the golden fairy dust before when Zarina, the Pirate Fairy, had used it to make a pirate ship fly. Yes, that had to be it!

“B-b-but, Captain … how come it isn’t glowing?” questioned a concerned Smee as he continued to watch the whale ascend 30 feet high … 40 feet …

Hook paused momentarily, not wanting to openly concede to Smee’s deduction, but quickly realizing he was right. If the whale has been sprinkled with enough fairy dust to make it fly, it should have been glowing like a shooting star. Quickly, Hook once again grabbed his telescope and zoomed in more closely at Tinkerbell who had both hands pressed against the underbelly of the beast almost as if she was … lifting it?!?! Hook zoomed in a little closer and saw Tink’s biceps exploding like two little cannonballs as they pressed against the whale as they rose higher and higher. And panning to her face, the young fairy didn’t seem to be even taxed by the strain. No, she looked almost … happy!

Happy was a gross understatement, as Tink was in sheer ecstasy at the thought of her 6 inch, 5 lb self now holding nearly 100 tons over her head nearly 80 feet in the air. Tinkerbell snickered at the thought of how she was always so weak and helpless before. She was now a one-girl wrecking crew with the strength of hundreds … no, THOUSANDS! “I can do anything!” Tink declared super-confidently as she removed one hand, still maintaining to easily hold the 100 ton mammal aloft in her lone left hand.

“Impossible …” Hook murmured aloud as he saw Tink remove one hand and watch in horror as the whale’s fuselage moved and shifted from the change in her grip, clearly illustrating she WAS lifting it by herself. Spying on the young girl, Hook began to turn ashen as he saw Tink look directly at him and wink, blow him a kiss. Strangely, as she did, a gust of wind seemed to leap up and blow Hook’s hat from his head. Turning around to pick it up, all Hook could hear was the sound of impish girl laughter coming from the whale high above.

Tink was having so much fun right now but knew that her rather large friend above her could not survive forever in the sky. Flapping her superstrong wings, she sailed leisurely through the air, carrying the 200,000 lb beast above her on one hand as if it weighed no more than a pine nut.

The crew of the “Cry of the Tide” looked on incredulously, almost paralyzed in amazement, as they watched that 90 foot whale levitate out of the water, ascend to 80 feet and then seemingly fly over to stop right above them. Due to the sheer size of the animal, the vessel below it was almost completely bathed in the shadow it cast against the afternoon sun. The crew watched motionless as the great fish seemed to just hover as if held some some magical, invisible string.

Unfortunately for the captain and crew of the “Cry of the Tide”, the “string” was abruptly cut as Tink playfully shouted “Dinner Time!” and simply dropped the behemoth from the sky like a 100 ton bomb. A few screams of panic were heard ahead of the cacophonous boom that was heard as the 100 tons of balaenoptera musculus impacted with 70 feet of pirate craftsmanship and engineering. It was no contest!

The whale landed across the deck almost perpendicular to the bow and stern, breaking the hull into two sections and immediately squashing any crew member unfortunate enough to be underneath it. Waves of over 20 feet shot out in all directions from the impact as pieces of ship shattered on impact and flew in all directions. The exposed bow and stern sections of the “Cry of the Tide” were spared the brunt force of impact but quickly sank into the water as water rushed into their exposed framework.

“Two down! Two to go!” Tink said as she dusted her hands and put her hands on her hips, surveying the carnage below. Tink shuddered excitedly with the knowledge that she alone had sunk two pirate ships in less than five minutes using nothing other than her bare hands! “Well, my bare hands and a 100 ton whale!” Tink chortled to herself as she once again flexed her mighty arms.


Tink’s attention suddenly was diverted as she looked down to see the remaining two ships begin to take the offensive. “About time!” Tink remarked smugly as her super vision tracked a cannon ball fired from one of the remaining ships below. To her super senses, the cannonball traveled at a laughable speed. She could have easily avoided it had she wanted to, in fact, it wasn’t even going to hit her! But Tink zipped to her right and extended her tiny hand, “catching” the cannonball in mid-flight by literally sinking her fingers into the solid steel cannonball and halting its momentum instantly.

Tink looked down and could see with crystal clarity the captain of the “Bearded Knave” staring at her through his telescope, trying to fathom how she could have plucked his cannonball out of the air so easily. Ever the showgirl, Tink playfully tossed the 10 lb shot up in down in her hands and then tossed it up, spinning it on her tiny forefinger with otherworldly strength and dexterity. Tink simply smiled and waved to the captain who was still looking at her, only now with his mouth completely agape. A lump formed in the captain’s throat as he saw Tink point at him and then giggle as she made a slashing gesture across her throat.

Tink let the cannonball simply fall and splash into the ocean below as she revved her wings loudly. Normally, a fairy’s wings made a gentle buzz as they flapped, but Tinkerbell’s superpowered wings roared wildly, glowing brightly as she sped towards the water like a bullet.

Tink revelled in the sensation of going so fast as she rocketed straight down to the ocean surface at nearly 200 miles per hour, pulling up impossibly at the last second. Soaring above the ocean, Tink looked up and grinned as she made a bee line for the “Bearded Knave”, stretching her tiny superpowerful arms in front of her.

As Tink made impact with the solid wood hull, her invulnerable body shot through the side of the ship completely unabated as if she was flying through a thin sheet of tissue paper. Two loud successive cracks were heard as the young fairy broke through the wooden planks on either side of the hull in a fraction of a second, emerging on the other side completely unfazed. As Tink stopped and turned around, she was a little disappointed that despite her incredible power and velocity, the ship had still stayed afloat. In fact, the only damage to the ship was a visible hole in the side of the vessel in the silhouetted shape of the young fairy.

“Hmmph … we’ll see about that!” Tink huffed as she quickly sped back towards the ship like a vengeful missile over the ocean waves, bobbing in, out, and through the water like some sort of super water bug, not slowing her velocity in the least. Much like a water bug, Tink’s collision course was rather circuitous – as was the impact. As Tink struck the ship’s hull again at hundreds of miles per hour, she suddenly redirected her path – almost impossibly – given her current rate of speed. Subsequently, every time she impacted the side or bottom of the vessel, she would simply change or redirect her course and continue. The result was a series of hundreds of curves, backflips, loops, and barrel rolls each leaving a jagged hole in the wooden frame of the ship. In less than a minute, the hull “Bearded Knave” looked more like a honeycomb than a pirate ship.

While one silhouetted hole couldn’t account for a lot of damage, two hundred and forty-seven holes certainly did. Sea water gushed into the vessel from multiple ports as the crew frantically tried in vain to plug them. Tink admired her superpowered handiwork and crossed her arms in satisfaction as she watched the formerly mighty ship go down at the stern and quickly get swallowed up by the ocean.

Tink looked over her shoulder and spied Hook’s flagship 100 yards away, the only remaining vessel in his once proud fleet. Tink cracked her knuckles loudly, the sound like cannon fire erupting from his tiny hands, as she practically licked her lips in anticipation of taking Hook’s ship apart piece by piece. “This one is gonna be fun!” she thought to herself as she flew skyward in anticipation of the lopsided battle.

To be continued …

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