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Written by lfan :: [Thursday, 17 February 2011 07:36] Last updated by :: [Friday, 09 June 2023 20:19]

In case you were still wondering about the happenings here and what some of our policies were, here is a little set of 10 Frequently Asked Questions that might help you along you way:

1.    What is up with this site?  Superwoman?!?!  What is the big deal?

Great question!  Why do you ogle those sites from Maxim and Chickapedia (among others)?  Cause they got sexy, hot women, right?  Now imagine that same girl in the bikini lifting a freight train with bullets bouncing off her body.  See what I mean??  Well, if not then probably you need to go HERE and look elsewhere.

2.    What kind of 'content' do you offer here?

Nothing of the over-sexual or nude nature, if that's what you are asking.  We try to make sure all our content has its clothes on and contains a superpowerful and/or sexy woman as the focal feature!  This site celebrates superwomen and the 'Girl Power' associated with them.  Superheroines being beaten/stripped/degraded need not apply!

As for the types of content, we primarily have images/photos submitted by our 'content providers' as well as a huge library of superwoman/ubergirl fiction.  In addition, our forum is a vast resource for all types of content in the form of news, links, pics, etc.  Other forms of content (databases, videos, comics) may appear later as well.

3.    What about Giantesses? 

While we don't ban GTS material, its not our focus and respectfully ask people to keep the GTS talk to a minimum.  There are TONS of GTS sites and forums out there with a lot more material than us.  But there often is some overlap to the two genres, so we have some GTS content as it relates to 'superwoman'.

4.    How do I signup to see the content? 

Some of the site is open to all, but to 'join' you merely have to register for a free account on the Home Page left rail.  That's it!!

 5.    How do I submit stories to the site?

Stories can be submitted via the form under the Library menu.  Stories are often subject to approval and proof reading, especially from new authors.

6.    How do I submit images to the site?

Image uploads currently are restricted to select members in good standing.  This is to help conserve disk space but to also not turn the site into a free-for-all for posting artwork and images you probably don't have permission to post anyways.  We might open this up for later, but at this time, if you want this privilege, please email us and we'll talk.

7.    Any rules for stories or images we wanna submit?

Yep!!  As we mentioned before, this isn't a hardcore porn site, so no artwork of sex scenes and stuff like that.  Topless is ok for the sake of the art, but don't submit 8 topless pics.  Let's try and keep the gallery NC-17, not rated X.

As for stories, the rule is the story has to predominantly feature an 'ubergirl' in it.  Sex scenes in prose are ok within the course of the story, but not AS the entire story,  We're not gonna post a story called the 'Humiliation of Supergirl' so don't even submit it.  In terms of violence, a lot of people are turned off by it, but it's not normally censored as long as it's 'good, clean violence' :P

8.    What about comics?

Comics are most people's first exposure to this genre, so it is a welcome media form for this stuff and actually a popular topic(s) in the forums.  However, we don't have a repository of online 'ubergirl' storylines from recent mainstream comics, sorry!  We do have a few online issues of some older 'silver age' ubergirl classics in Ace's Gallery so check those out, but if you're looking for the most recent issue of Power Girl, you'll have to look somewhere else (or better yet, visit your local comic shop and drop the requisite $2.99).

There are some great original ubergirl creations out there however, and we are talking with several artists about featuring their creations here on SWM.  Stay tuned for that feature!  And if you are an artst with an female character that can toss a tank into orbit, look us up! :) 

9.    Any forum rules?

Yep!  Foremost is be respectful and courteous to your fellow members.  It amazes me how many douche bags lurk behind IP addresses.  Just be fucking nice, people!  Anyone being a total a-hole will be warned and then subsequently banned.  Don't mind good discourse and conversation, but keep it civil!

Also, being a very 'specialized niche', there isn't so much content out there.  In our space, there are a handful of pay-content providers like the Steeles and ProjectSuperwoman (see links section), that help to fill that void buy producing content for purchase.  Please do not cannibalize their content by reposting it here without their permission.  Support them or don't support them, but at least respect them!

10.    Anything that will get me banned?

 Yep!!  Being a dickhead on the forums will probably get you banned at sometime.  Spamming will too.  Pissing off the admins is also not a great idea either.

Finally, while we support pay content, we're not naive enough to believe that people don't file share.  I'd hope that we support our pay-site providers, but there are instances that people share vids.  OK, fine!   One thing we abhor (look it up) though are the little sycophants (look it up) that publicly post their purchased content on YouTube and other forums for nothing more than 'karma points'.  Same goes for people who ask publicly for the content to be posted.  Not cool, folks!   As one of the producers behind a few former pay ventures ( and The Awakening), I know what it takes to produce that stuff and I have a pretty good gauge on how much profit is made.  Believe me, it's probably a lot less than you think.  Cannibalizing their profits by posting their content for free only hurts us all in the long run when they decide to no longer do it.  So please think twice and don't be a jerk!

Oh yeah, in searching for content and features regularly, we troll almost every board and site at some time so we know who is doing it and will ban them from SWM according, no questions asked.


Thank you,

The Management



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