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A Witchy Halloween

Written by shadar :: [Friday, 29 October 2021 18:16] Last updated by :: [Friday, 29 October 2021 22:55]

A Witchy Halloween

By Shadar

Finish time: 29th of October, 2021, 17:04 Zulu (10:04 PST)

Written for the 2021 SWM Halloween Workshop


Halloween Eve in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

It was late afternoon when Jeremy opened the doors to the barn where he kept his grandpa’s old pickup truck. It was a 1947 Chevy that his grandpa had bought new, and which had been lovingly restored by his father before being passed down to him. As the first completely new pickup truck design following WWII, back when American industry was working to convert a war economy back to a civilian one, the ’47 Chevy 3100 was an instant classic.

But while the truck might be perfectly preserved, he wasn’t. His ego was tender, shattered from the sudden break-up with his long-term girlfriend a few weeks earlier. So despite it being Halloween, he didn’t feel like going to any of the usual parties. Instead, he decided to enjoy the unusually nice weather by cruising around in his truck, checking out the party decorations in town.

The youngest trick-or-treaters were already out, with watchful parents and grandparents hovering nearby, the older of whom smiled and waved to him as he drove his cherry-red Chevy slowly down the street. The original straight-six engine was still running perfectly, and it gave off a purring sound with a burble of exhaust and the antique smell of unburned hydrocarbons that brought back memories of simpler days. Likely there wasn’t another Millennial in Flagstaff who could appreciate this old truck the way he did.

His grandfather had proudly claimed he’d paid $1078.23 for it new, but it was now worth more than $60,000 given its better than new condition. Jeremy’s plan was to sell it for tuition so he could attend MIT to study electronic engineering.

Yet the thought of losing this old truck and its family history and all the memories it carried was almost more than he could bear. He’d lost his grandfather ten years ago and his father only last year, and this truck was his connection to both of them. But before he died, his dad had insisted he sell it for tuition, and after letting a year go by, it was now or never. Tomorrow he’d call that broker to get things rolling.

Which meant tonight was going to be the end of his love affair with this old Chevy. He planned to drive until the wee hours of morning to enjoy it as long as he could.

Chapter One

An hour later, he was mindlessly driving through the University Heights area, drowning himself in the twin miseries of losing not only the love of his life but now his truck, when a blonde girl stepped from the sidewalk to wave him down. She stood directly in front of him as he braked sharply to a stop, tires chirping a bit as her hand slammed into the hood just as he came to a stop. She stared through the windshield at him, tilting her head curiously as if she was studying him.

He was about to stick his head out the window and yell at her for nearly getting herself killed – but of course, he wasn’t really a Boomer despite the ride – so instead he just watched as she began to circle his truck, studying it carefully before pausing at his side window.

“That is the most buffed ’47 Chevy I’ve ever seen,” she gushed. “I figured at first it had to be some grandpa driving it, but then I saw you, and I knew we had to meet.”

Jeremy stared back at her, too gobsmacked to reply at first. She was extremely attractive, with widely-spaced gray-blue eyes and long, naturally blonde hair. Standing tall and slender, and wearing a simple black t-shirt and a pair of tight, red shorts, without a shred of jewelry or makeup, she was so naturally stunning that his heart hurt just looking at her.


“Well, now I’m doubly impressed,” he said, trying his best to sound cool. “Let me guess? Your grandpa had one too?”

She smiled, her cheeks dimpling cutely to light up her face, almost as if a private sunbeam had found her. “Yup. My gramps taught me to drive a truck just like this, except it wasn’t nearly as nice. Crappy clutch, no synchros and dodgy brakes, torn seats. I could go on. But my first love was that damned truck!”

“Really…?” Jeremy said doubtfully, even as his heart leaped with the faint hope that she wasn’t just bullshitting him. Girls this hot weren’t into greasy old trucks which required nearly constant tinkering and fixing.

“You don’t believe me? Here, I’ll prove it to you. Slide over and let me drive.” She reached up to open his door.

Jeremy had never let anyone else drive his truck. Between its straight-cut gearbox, required double-clutching skill, with steering and brakes that felt like a tractor compared to a modern car, it was a rare person these days who could drive it. But he was so taken with her that instead of his usual refusal, he shifted into neutral, stepped on the ratcheting parking brake and slid across the bench seat. The girl lithely leaped up into the warm driver’s seat, where she gave the interior a quick once over.

“Wow,” she exclaimed, looking around. “No seat belts, original gauges, showroom fresh except for this glove-like leather, which is way nice. An old tube AM radio too. Very, very cool.”

She proved she knew what she was doing by stepping on the clutch and deftly slipping the long floor shifter into first before pulling the release on the parking brake. He was prepared to get jerked around by the grabby clutch, but she managed to drive smoothy away on her first try.

Jeremy didn’t know what impressed him more. The expert way she drove his old Chevy, or the vision of her long, beautiful legs working the pedals barefooted.

“By the way, my name is Laura. And yeah, your truck drives way better than gramp’s old truck. Is it restored to new condition mechanically from top to bottom?”

“I’m Jeremy. And yeah, you could put this side-by-side with a showroom fresh ’47 Chevy if you had some kind of time warp, and the leather seat is the only thing they’d say was different. I have this recurring dream of walking into a dealer and buying this truck new, just like my grandpa did. Takes me back to a time before my father was born.”

She smiled. “Yeah. Kind of like you are both living then and now. I sometimes feel that way too.”

“My mom once said I had an old soul,” Jeremy offered. “I didn’t understand at first, but sometimes things I’ve never experienced just feel so familiar. Like I’m not what I appear to be.”

She nodded. “I know exactly what you’re talking about… people look at me and think one thing, but inside, I’m not as advertised. Almost like I’m in the wrong body. I’d much rather be under some truck fixing the tranny than doing the usual girly things. Well, mostly.”

“And what would ‘mostly’ be?” Jeremy asked, feeling both disarmed and on a roll.

“Sex. My brain and body may not be on the same page, but I like the way guys look at me, and I love, love, love getting physical. I think girls can enjoy sex way more than a guy can, at least if you do it right. And I’m very good at everything I do. What about you?”

Jeremy’s chin hit his chest as he just stared at her, having no idea what to say to that.

She saw his shocked expression and laughed as she turned the truck onto a road that headed out of town. “Don’t try to figure me out, Jeremy. Nobody can. Just go with the flow. Ok?”

“Ah… hell yes!”

“Good, because we are going to a party near Marshall Lake. You got a costume or anything?”

“Nope. Just what I’m wearing. And Marshall Lake is at the end of a bad road. It also like twenty miles from here.”

“Is that a problem?”

“No way. But it doesn’t look like you’ve got a costume either.

“Just a bit of one that I made myself. But I’ll get one there. Not a fake one, but the real thing.”

He smiled. “Costumes and real don’t belong in the same sentence.”

“Reality isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, Jeremy. You’ll see.”

He laughed. “So is this is how you pick up guys? Stepping out in front of their truck to stop them?”

“It worked. But I have to warn you, this party is only for witches like me. Could be scary around all those strong women, even dangerous.”

He chuckled. It was Halloween after all. “So, if you’re a witch, where’s your pointy hat? Or black cat and broom. You aren’t even dressed like a Wiccan except for maybe the black shirt.”

“So you think you know something about witches?”

“Nothing that doesn’t come out of a comic book or some movie.”

“Which is mostly BS. We modern witches aren’t into potions or flying around on brooms or any of that really stupid stuff. Although I really like cats. Instead, a modern witch is someone who can see into someone’s soul. Who can sense it, touch it, maybe even change it a little. We have a stronger connection to the Earth and to spirituality and the way people’s and animal’s minds work than most. And we use our power to sometimes talk to the souls of the departed, at least until they get recycled. Think you can handle that?”

“You also have a super power. Blocking my truck with your body so you can hop in and drive it.”

“Sorry. I like to be in control, and I often just do what feels right. I felt this incredible connection when I saw your truck coming down the street… I don’t even know how to describe it.”

“So, you’re impetuous and impulsive and incredibly… you know, open?” Jeremy added.

“Yeah, all that.”

“Well, I was fully prepared for a boring evening before you hijacked my truck.”

She laughed. “And now you’re staring at my legs and wondering if you’re going to get laid? But your heart is broken and you don’t trust your emotions now. Plus you’re worried about partying in the dark woods with a bunch of so-called witches, which you don’t even believe in.”

His jaw fell again as he stared at her. “How could you…? I didn’t say anything about any of that.”

“Didn’t have to. I can read guys.”

“Like… you know, a mind-reader?”

“No. I can’t see details, but I can read body language and feel emotions and sense how someone’s soul works. Can’t do it with everyone, but you’re like an open book – one you desperately want someone to read.”

“Ok, now I’m really feeling depressed. Am I that transparent?”

“To other people: probably not so much. But to me: yes. Told you I’m weird. And don’t knock transparency. It’s a wonderful trait. Imagine the world if everyone was like you?”

“Yeah. Really, really boring.”

“So what was her name?”

“I didn’t tell you there was a girl.”

“Didn’t have to. I can feel her all over you.”

He took a deep breath, and then sighed. It was just so easy to talk to Laura. “Tillie. We were together for three years. All through high school. I thought she was the one. The only one. Thought she felt the same way. We loved talking about how we’d always be together. Even about the kids we were going to have.”

He stopped talking to stare down at the floor.


He took a big breath… and let it out. “Turns out Tillie had been two-timing me with this other guy for a while, who she now claims she wants to marry. He’s a little older. Has family money. A lot of it.” He sighed, long and heartfelt. “I knew some girls could be like that, but not my Tillie.”

She shrugged. “Most people change over time. Not me. I’ve been crazy and weird since I was born. My dad used to say I was born to rule the world – and that was back when I was still in grade school.” She paused, and then sniffed. “Damn, I miss him. A lot.”

“What happened?”

“He and mom died in a plane crash. Which was strange given Dad was a hot-shot fighter pilot, combat and everything, even a test pilot for a while. Never got a scratch during all of that. He was the epitome of courage and skill. But they were flying their Bonanza over the Rockies when they ran into severe icing conditions that weren’t forecasted. According to the NTSB, their carb froze up killing the engine, wings iced up too, windshield froze over to blind them, and they went down fast.”

“I’m so sorry. When was this?”

“Little over a year ago. That’s when I figured I’d quit fucking around and embrace this whole witch thing and join a bunch of sisters who manage a portal.”

“A portal?”

“Pathway to other versions of Earth. Very rare and dangerous given there are infinite versions of Earth, each in its own dimension. Easy to get lost. Some of those Earths are dangerous hells. Some are heavens. Plus you have to leave your soul behind if you travel from one to the other. That’s what pulls you home. But dying when you’re in a different dimension than your own is the ultimate suck. Your soul doesn’t move on to get recycled. We all used to be somebody else.”

“Uh, huh…” Jeremy said politely, not believing a word of it.

She laughed. “Skeptical is good. Shows intelligence. But as I’m sure you know, modern string theory predicts multiple dimensions. Trick is to get there. And back. But witches have known how to use portals for millennia.”

“Portals between alternate Earths… seriously?”

“As I said, you’ll see. What’s your story?”

“My dad died a year ago as well. Cancer. My mom a few years before him. I’m planning on selling this truck to pay for tuition at MIT. Tomorrow, in fact. I want to be an electronics engineer, and that’s the best university on the planet for engineers.”

She looked shocked. “Sell this beautiful truck? No fucking way. If you don’t want it, I’ll buy it.”

“You got 60 grand? Truck is worth absolutely top dollar, and I need every penny for MIT.”

“Ouch! Not now. But after tonight, I can get it.”

“Now I’m really confused. How does a Halloween party make you rich?”

“Not rich. Empowered. Then I can steal illicit drug money, or whatever else from the wicked. Turn dirty money into clean.”

“That’s called money laundering. It’s a crime.”

“I’m a witch, Jeremy.”

He didn’t say anything for a few minutes after that, contemplating her outrageous claims. “Should I, you know, be afraid tonight?”

“Yeah, a little. But most of my sisters will see you as I do, so you’ll be fine with them. But there are some man-haters there, and they’re the oldest and most powerful witches. Black hearts. I’ll try to hook you up with someone who will keep you safe before I get busy with my stuff. I really need you alive tomorrow because I’m going to need your help.”

“Help? How? I mean, I don’t believe any of this.”

“But you will. Oh, you will. Tonight is when everything in my life changes. Yours too if you let it.”

“Yet… I’m just here because of my truck?”

She nodded. “Yeah. Funny how that works, huh? The universe is a strange place. Free-will is a fantasy, a myth everyone wants to believe. Clearly our meeting was pre-ordained, so don’t fight it. If you try to deny your fate, it only ensures disaster. But go all in, and you’ve got a chance to be something more than merely human.”

“Now that is the most witchy thing I’ve ever heard,” he grinned. “But I don’t buy any of it. I pride myself on being rational and objective. There’s luck, good and bad, but mostly we make our own fate. I don’t buy the spiritual stuff.”

“Perfect. You’ve got the right mindset to maybe see what is really happening. You’re not a believer in the supernatural, so you can form your own opinions. The real trick is to recognize truth when you find it, even if the shape is different than what you expected. I sense you can do that. Most people can’t. They get wrapped up in trying to control their destiny, lost in their own shit, full of themselves. Or even worse, they fall into conspiracy theories.”

“And you have it? Free-will.”

She shook her head, blonde hair flying. “Not completely, but I’ve kind of figured out how to pull most of my own strings, which says I’ve got more free-will than most people use. It’s our main witchy thing, at the core anyway.”

They rode in silence for a while after that, with Jeremy trying to figure out how a gorgeous, vivacious blonde like this was also a witch. He’d always assumed that if there were real witches, they’d be dark and evil, mysterious and scary. But he felt a connection to Laura like he’d never felt before. Not even with Tillie.

“I swear I’m getting this weird vibe about you, Laura,” he finally said, breaking the silence. “I mean, I don’t know anything about witches, or you, but I think you’re an old soul too.”

“Yeah. I figure we were lovers once, long ago in other lives. Which means we’ll be really good once we reconnect. Our souls have a lot of experience together.”

Jeremy was too surprised to find words once again. He was not used to a girl coming on this way, least of all one so beautiful and so vibrantly alive. Moving so fast.

She laughed again at the look on his face. “Don’t act so surprised. The world isn’t as most people imagine it. Nor am I. Tonight you’ll meet other women who think like I do. None of them are blinded by the limits people create for themselves. They are operating at a higher level of consciousness, and mostly that’s good.”


“As I said, there are evil witches who use their powers the wrong way. Hurting people. Me, I don’t care much about controlling minds and so forth. I want physical power so I can fix things nobody else can.”

“Physical? Like muscles?”

“Yeah, fantastically strong muscles. But not big ones. I like the way I look. But given my DNA is going to be way different after tonight, I’m hoping for the best. I’ve seen something like this done before during one of our portal ceremonies, except not exactly to gain the kind of power I want.”

Jeremy exhaled, shaking his head. “I am not following this at all.”

“That’s Ok. It’ll make sense by the morning. For now, just file it away until I can connect the dots.”

“So… to follow your gist, what are you going to fix with your newfound power?”

“That’s easy,” she said, her voice growing passionate. “Our Earth’s inevitable path is toward nuclear annihilation. Every Earth that has developed nukes has wound up using them eventually, poisoning their worlds and in some cases blasting themselves back to primitives. That is not going to happen on our Earth if I can help it.”

“Fuck…” Jeremy said as he turned to look out his window.


“Doesn’t matter…” he mumbled.

“Seriously? You’re tuning me out?”

He sighed deeply. “I was starting to go with the role-play thing, Laura. But I gotta be honest, that’s the craziest scenario I’ve ever heard. Least of all that you alone are going to stop it. You’re basically describing my very worst fear. The one that wakes me up at night. All those nukes are still out there, cocked and aimed and aging, with who knows who controlling them. A disaster is inevitable someday.”

She smiled. “Ah ha, then we really are on the same page. I should have waited until tomorrow to tell you a lot of this when you’ll actually believe me, but I figured I’d test you a little. And you passed. Based on everything a rational, scientifically-minded person should believe, you are right. I’m talking crazy. But we share exactly the same fear.”

“Yet tomorrow I’ll somehow believe that you can do something about it?” he asked incredulously.

“Absolutely. But for the moment, Jeremy, try to accept both of those things. One, that I’m talking crazy. And two, that by tomorrow, you’ll believe it all. For tonight, just handle it as a Halloween game if that makes you more comfortable.”

“I don’t know about…” he started to say.

“Try. At least as a mental exercise. Accepting two things that cannot both be true, at least based on everything you or any scientist knows. If you can do that, just for tonight, then you’re going to have a lot of fun. And tomorrow, you will know things that no other man on Earth knows.”

“Well… it is Halloween…” he said with a shrug. “Does this involve costumes?”

She laughed again. “Absolutely. You ever heard that ‘clothes make the man’. Well, ‘the costume makes the girl’ might be a good one for we witches.”

He let that sink in for a bit. “So, if I go with this, then you’re going to rid the Earth of nuclear weapons. Yet every country with nukes will defend them with all their power. Hell, to their last soldier. Even use their nukes against you if they have to. It will take superhuman raw power to tear them from underground bunkers, from bombers, from subs and so on. That would be the only way to get them.”

She nodded wildly. “Yup. My plan entirely.”

“But… but you’d have to actually be a Kryptonian or whatever to do that.”

“Agreed. Yes. Absolutely.” She was beaming now.

“And that’s completely impossible.”

“By any science you know? Yes, very much impossible,” she nodded.

Jeremy’s heart was racing. This was all crazy, but it was starting to be fun to think about in a Halloween kind-of-way. “So let me guess. You’re wearing a skintight blue tunic beneath that shirt, with an “S” stitched into it.”

She turned to look at him quizzically? “You sure you don’t have X-ray vision yourself?”

“I’m right?!” Jeremy said in surprise. “Damn. I was just fantasizing.”

“I’m telling you, our brains really are connected somehow. We know each other very well, even if we don’t remember how or when or where.” She paused for a long moment. “It’s even possible we share twin souls. Which means we could be the same person, at some level anyway.”

“Now that’s really getting crazy. But I have to say, I’m really looking forward to meeting the other you. The one in red and blue. I can’t imagine a girl who would look more natural in that costume than you”

“See, you’re already starting to believe.”

“For tonight, maybe I want to. I’m assuming you aren’t wearing some cheap costume-shop thing?”

“Oh, hell no. Made it myself. But a friend is helping me get the real thing tonight. And more.”

“So… your witchy friend is into comic books?”

“Nope. Portal travel. Gerta was the most sober and believable and rational person I’ve ever met. Anyone who has walked on multiple Earth’s has to be. She told me to ‘find him and save the world’. Her last words, unfortunately.”

“Ah… who’s the ‘him’?”

“Don’t know. Maybe you?”

Jeremy stared at her, stunned again, his heart racing excitedly. He liked where this game was gong. “So, in some dimension, some version of Earth, there really are Kryptonians? And you’re about to become one?”

“Think about it, Jeremy. If there really are an infinite number of Earths, then everything that anyone can imagine has to exist somewhere. Gerta found an Earth with Kryptonian visitors. She wanted to bring one of them back here, but unfortunately the girl died before Gerta could convince her to leave. Her Earth was very dangerous, even for her. So Wanda, as she calls herself, another friend, is going to form a portal link to wind the clock of time back time a bit and grab her just before she’s killed. Given souls can’t move from one dimension to another, I’ll substitute mine for hers once her body comes here.”

Jeremy was still stuck on her first point. That was a game he could play. “So you’re going to get a costume that a real-life Supergirl once wore on some other Earth?” He smiled. “Now that’s a really cool Halloween fantasy.”

“Except it’s all real. And more than the costume. I’ll really be a Kryptonian.”

“Right,” Jeremy smiled, really starting to enjoy where this was going. A very cool fantasy, especially with a girl who looked as hot as Laura, although he was a little confused by her messing with the fourth wall. Claiming it was a game tonight and then reality tomorrow. But to hell with the doubts, he wanted to see Laura in her red and blues, and one thing was for sure – he’d never done in-person role-play with a hot blonde who bragged about how good she was in bed. Or claimed to both be a witch and soon to be Supergirl.

Feeling a little more centered now that he understood the game, he leaned up against the passenger door to study her, no longer afraid to stare. “You really are beautiful, you know that? Stunning. You’ll look incredible in those red and blues.”

“Thanks, but the looks are none of my doing. Just my grandma’s Dutch-Frisian genes. Besides, looks are just looks… doesn’t mean anything by itself. One’s skills and goals and aspirations and intelligence are the important stuff.”

He chuckled. “Seriously, Laura? Try to tell some plain-looking girl that your kind of stunning looks don’t mean anything. For some people, that would be everything.”

“Which would be miserable for anyone with intelligence. To only be what you look like?”

“So…” he said, trying to get the game back on track, “you see yourself as Supergirl? Who can do more or less anything.”

“Yup. Ever since I was a little girl. I love the idea of being really, really, REALLY strong. Crush steel in my bare hands kind of strong. Just the thought of having that strength makes me tingly. To be stronger than anyone else, maybe in the whole universe!”

“Not to mention unhurtable…” Jeremy added.

“Oh yeah. No matter how hard someone tried, no matter what weapon, it would just tickle me. Or maybe turn me on. I think it would do that.”

“Maybe even having air sex or whatever, in the clouds.”

“Oh, yeah. Totally.” She started to squirm a bit in her seat as she grinned at him, the truck wandering a bit in its lane. “Are you trying to get me hot?”

Jeremy couldn’t resist committing to the game now. “I have this vision of you descending toward this military complex, Laura. Toward a massively armored entrance to an underground weapons bunker. You see soldiers around, but you don’t care as you land so hard on the reinforced concrete that your feet crush it, sending cracks outward in all directions. But the soldiers are ready for you, arranged in a semi-circle with machine guns, rocket launchers, hell, even a fucking tank. They begin firing at your back as you walk toward the bunker, bullets bouncing from your skin, sending your long hair and skirt flying, yet making only tiny dimples before pinging off in all directions. Far from hurting, they tickle pleasantly, making you laugh, especially when a rotary-barreled 20mm Gatling gun focuses its massive firepower on you.”

She was bouncing in her seat now as she drove, eyes wide. “Oh, yeah….!”

“It gets to be too much, so you turn to face them, the wall of bullets now pinging from your hard nipples as the soldiers instinctively aim at the “S”. Each impact feels so exciting that you can hardly stand it, especially as the soldier with that Gatling gun keeps firing. You float off the ground, dropping his aim point to your waist and below, the bullets REALLY turning you on now. You feel naked given you aren’t wearing any panties, not that they would make a difference, but you daringly open your legs to invite them to do their worst. All those streams of death are making love to you now, pinging against you hundreds of times a second, the soldiers all shooting lower now, sending you into a series of wild orgas… YIKES!”

He shouted in alarm and held on as Laura slammed on the brakes, the truck fishtailing as its primitive brakes locked up to send the truck skidding off the road and into the trees, barely missing several of them before shuddering to a stop. Jeremy was still hanging on for dear life as she slipped from behind the steering wheel to slide across the wide bench seat while unsnapping her shorts and sliding them down her long legs. Her nipples stood up like small thumbs under her tight top now as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, the most amazing kiss he’d ever shared – electric and wild in a way that filled his entire body with desire. Her fingers tore at his pants, undoing his belt, unzipping him, taking him out as he in turn grabbed her ass to remove her panties, only to find she wasn’t wearing any.

She jerked his pants down his legs to tear them off as she shifted upward to straddle him, her blonde head banging into the roof of the cab before she lowered herself over him, wet and ready, taking him deep in a single wild plunge as her cry of pleasure filled the cab. She started rocking back and forth as they fucked, moving faster and faster, her long hair flying around like a golden cloud as she went crazy on him, stiffening and screaming moments later when she came – and then collapsed over him.

Laura gasped for air for only a few seconds before sitting back up to straddle him again as she got back in rhythm again, her body gyrating even more wildly now as she bounced harder on him, faster, burying his back in the old, soft seat. He tried to roll her over, but a second screaming climax found her first, so violent this time that she threw him off the seat. Climbing back up as she rolled onto her back, he put his weight and strength to work taking her so hard that her head was hitting the door on every thrust, which seemed to excite her and make her come wildly yet again, nearly bucking him off again as she slammed his head into the ceiling whenever she lifted him with her hips, her perfect abs flexing like rippled steel. Her climaxes grew stronger and came faster the longer they fucked, shocking Jeremy with her ever increasing passion.

He did his best to keep up, but she had control of him now as she rolled him back over and fell into a berserker wildness on top of him, crying louder as she took him faster and harder, the entire truck bouncing so hard on its springs that the wheels nearly came off the ground. He lost track of how many times she came, holding him tightly each time, yet never stopping. He tried to hold himself off, wanting to please her, but it was soon too much, and he lost it, the two of them sharing a final moment of screaming, grunting passion in unison before they collapsed in each other’s arms, gasping for air, soaked with sweat.

The cab windows were now totally fogged, locking them in their own little private world.

Jeremy’s heart was racing as she lay limply on top of him. He was astonished. Sex had never ANYTHING like this with Tillie – definitely not as physical and certainly not wild and athletic. Tillie’s single orgasm always came soundlessly and without histrionics, just a little tensing as she sighed happily and then collapsed to just snuggle.

Instead, Laura was using him to feed her pleasures, almost violently. He could seriously get used to that!

After catching his breath, he lifted her limp body while wrapping his arms around her as he managed to sit back up against the door with her in his lap. Her long, blonde hair covered them both as he held her tightly, feeling her heart racing wildly. Yet she was sound asleep. Or more likely, passed out.

He was worried about the latter. Falling asleep after sex was one thing, but passing out? That wasn’t right.

He was almost starting to believe her story about becoming a Kryptonian when she stirred in his arms, slowly waking up. One blue eye opened to look into his, erasing any other thoughts in his head.

“Hope it I didn’t wreck your truck?” she gasped, trying to wet her dry lips. “Or you. I get carried away in my witchy way.”

He chuckled as he reached up to open the old glove compartment and get a bottle of water for her, watching in fascination as she brushed the golden hair from her face before drinking the entire bottle in one long draught.

“Nope, I’m just fine, Laura. Truck… I’m not so sure. At least you didn’t hit anything while coming to a stop, near as I can tell anyway, which is a miracle. But mechanically, I’m not so sure about the springs given the way you were going crazy on me.”

She smiled, the cute dimples in her cheeks tearing at his heart strings. He’d never seen a smile so beautiful. “See…told you I’m really good at sex. Sorry if that was too rough. I’ve been working on some spells lately – for sexual vitality.”

“Well, I’ll just leave it officially at WOW! You have absolutely nothing to apologize for, but next time, let’s park the truck first.”

“Next time I really will be Supergirl. Not just a witch in a fake costume.”

“I’m beginning to think that ‘just a witch’ is a very powerful thing.”

“Told you that. And as far as the driving, which I was loving, how about you take over now. I just wanna sleep a bit. Oh… and thanks for that little fantasy story that got me going. Which after tomorrow won’t be one.”

“Won’t be a story?”

“No. Won’t be a fantasy. I can totally see myself having that kind of invulnerability, and using it in a sexual way.”

Jeremy had no idea what to say to that. It had just been a crazy fantasy, and a little embarrassing now as he thought about it. Caught up in the moment and all.

He eased himself out the passenger-side door, zipping himself up before grabbing a couple of towels from the survival box in the truck bed on his way around. He could hardly believe his good fortune in meeting Laura. He’d just had the best sex of his life and they hadn’t even gotten to the party yet.

Once back inside the cab, he handled one towel to her and used the other to wipe the fog from the windows. Laura snuggled warmly against him, her blonde hair spilling across his lap as she surprised him by falling back asleep.

Starting the truck, he struggled to focus on driving as he slowly backed from between trees. Once free, he carefully drove back onto the road to continue their journey, heading deeper into the thickening woods.

Chapter Two

Laura was still sleeping as he drove down the bumpy, rutted dirt road toward Marshall Lake. He eventually saw a bunch of tents and a group of women in costumes running around, and figured that was their party. Driving past several women dressed in amazing costumes, he got some strange looks, even angry ones, which gave him the distinct impression that he wasn’t welcome.

Nudging Laura, he finally managed to wake her up.

“Stop the truck,” she shouted when she realized where they were. He stepped on the brake as she opened the door and swung out on the running board to step off while still moving. She began eagerly embracing everyone she met.

The angry looks he’d been getting turned curious, and one very tall, powerful-looking woman dressed in a chainmail bikini with long, red hair strode over to his door to open it. He shut off the engine as he realized she had a very authentic-looking sword fastened to her chainmail bikini. Weapons at a party?

He stepped from the truck to find she was so tall that he was staring at the level of her boobs, which sat large and unnaturally round and high on her powerful chest, her chainmail top covering little more than her nipples. She had the kind of body that only a comic-book artist could draw.

She grabbed the front of his shirt, painfully catching both chest hair and fabric as she lifted him from the ground to hold him at her height, her arm straight, her green eyes boring into his. Her strength was incredible as he hung there, feeling like a stuffed animal in her grip.

“You can’t have him Sonja,” Laura shouted. “He’s mine.”

The tall Hrykanian warrior shrugged and dropped him, leaving Jeremy feeling more than a little intimidated. He’d never felt strength like that before. He was backing away from the chainmail redhead when she pulled her sword from her scabbard. He feared the worst until she spun around to march over to a dead Ponderosa Pine that was easily a foot thick – and promptly sliced the trunk in half with a single mighty swing of her blade. The fifty-foot tall tree tilted slowly and then fell with a great crash. It would have taken a large chainsaw some time to cut through that trunk, but she was chopping it up like a carrot on a cutting board. His mouth hung open as he realized he was seeing something completely impossible. No sword could cut like that. And no one was strong enough to wield one that way.

Laura suddenly appeared at his side to hook her arm through his to drag him further away. “You don’t want to get too close to Sonja. Her relationships with men are rather… troubled. Her idea of flirting is to fight, with the man’s choice of weapons. If he betters her, then she’s all his. Unfortunately, any man too stupid to run away usually gets split in two, top to bottom, which is a terrible way to have sex. No wonder she’s always horny.”

“She kills people?” Jeremy gasped. “And that tree… there’s no fucking way anyone human can hack a tree up like that.”

“Human is a matter of debate. Hyrkanians are more Neanderthal than anything else.”

“Neanderthals were gorgeous like her? No way. And Hyrkanians are just a comic-book myth.”

Laura laughed. “Does she look like a myth? If you were a witch and could change your shape and augment your powers, surely you’d make yourself beautiful and strong as opposed to ugly and weak? So why not be Red Sonja?”

Jeremy turned to look at Laura, his eyes wide as he tried to absorb that. “It’s a spell?”

She laughed as she quickly led him away. “Yup. I told you these are all modern witches.”

“But she’s like a barbarian goddess queen. That’s not my idea of a witch.” He shook his head slowly in amazement. “So, is this your idea of a costume party? Actually becoming the characters? Skills and powers and all?”

“We call it ‘becoming the costume’. Most witches can appear however they want to, even gaining some special powers, at least for a little while. But it starts with putting on a costume.”

“That is completely bizarre…” he started to say as they walked around a curve in the trail to suddenly find themselves facing Wanda the Scarlet Witch. Her skin color was perfectly pink, her hair red, as was her costume. Yet a shiver ran through Jeremy as she turned to look at him. The intensity of her gaze was terrifying. “Now THAT’S a fucking witch,” he whispered to Laura.

“Yeah. But don’t try to talk to her. She’ll turn you into something unnatural if you piss her off. And trust me, she can. She’s a big part of my ceremony tonight.” Laura quickly pulled him past Wanda while bowing her head slightly as a sign of respect for the more powerful witch.

They hurried down the tree-lined lane now, with nobody else in sight.

“So, do you do that too? Change your shape? Do you only look this way when you wear the costume?”

Laura shook her head. “This is the natural me. Takes a long time to perfect shape-changing spells. Maybe I’ll have it figured out in 20 years when I really need it. The one time I tried to tweak myself – stupidly trying to make my boobs bigger – I wound up growing a third boob, like some kind of alien chick. Took me all night to erase it and get back to the real me.”

Jeremy let go of her hand to stop and stare at her back in amazement. She paused after a few more steps to turn back to look questioningly at him. “What?”

“You know, Laura, I just fully realized that I’ve lost all context about where your role-play versus reality boundary even is.”

“That’s because there is no boundary. I only mentioned role-play earlier to make it easier for you to accept. But I think you’re there now.”

“If I only knew where ‘there’ is,” Jeremy mused. “But this is absolutely definitely the coolest costume party ever.”

She laughed. “You haven’t seen anything yet. Come on.”

She surged ahead, pulling Jeremy along as he struggled to keep up, running nearly flat out for a couple hundred yards before they burst into a clearing. Jeremy skidded to a halt again as he found himself staring at a tall woman dressed in what looked like an old-fashioned military uniform, her black hair tied up and wearing an oversized pair of black-rimmed glasses. A strange realization started to come over him, and then he saw the name tag on her uniform: Prince. His jaw fell as he realized how brilliant it was for WW to come to a costume party in her disguise. Not only in disguise, but she looked exactly like a young Lynda Carter.

As impressed as that was, his eyes opened wide in amazement as the woman named Prince spread her arms wide and began that iconic spin from the 70’s TV show. She’d barely made it around once when a flash of light enveloped her, so bright that it dazzled him. By the time he blinked away the glare, Wonder Woman was standing there in all her finery, dressed exactly like in that old TV show his Dad has turned him onto years ago. His mouth was hanging open as she turned to wink at him. She was so beautiful in that costume that it made his heart hurt.

“How did she…?” Jeremy gasped, staring at her iconic swimsuit-like costume. “How can she...?” There was no sign of her military uniform now.

“I already told you that most witches can shift their form.”

“But her clothing too? That’s an incredible costume. And a young Lynda Carter? Nobody else looks like her.”

“There are spells for that.”

They both stared as WW grabbed a boulder the size of a small car and hoisted it from the ground, dirt falling from beneath it, her fingers giving off a loud crunch as she dug them into the solid rock.

“Now that is one hell of a Halloween skit!” Jeremy exclaimed, overwhelmed now. First Sonja, then Wanda, and now Diana/Lynda as WW.

“So, are you glad you came now?” Laura laughed.

“How… but I don’t understand any of this. It would take really good CGI to do this. DeepFake and all. Yet this is real. Live. It’s right in front of me!”

“Trust me, this is only the beginning. They are all here to help me in my transformation.”

She pulled hard on Jeremy’s arm to get him moving again, tearing his eyes from the woman Laura knew as Agatha, a very old and powerful witch.

She dragged him along at a run as they headed toward where the tents and pavilions had been set up.

Chapter Three

Marshall Lake

Their path ended at the edge of a large clearing that bordered the lake. Stopping there, Jeremy’s eyes bugged out of his head again as he saw Chiana from Farscape, Seven of Nine from Enterprise and a silver-haired Elf Maiden who just had to be Galadriel, right out of the pages of Tolkien.

“Holly shit…” he gasped, his thoughts racing as he again realized these weren’t just costumes. The wearers had shape-shifted to get their face and hair and everything else exactly right.

Laura quickly pulled him down behind some bushes, leaving a hole in the leaves that Jeremy could peek through.

His thoughts were racing out-of-control in a kaleidoscope of images now, starting with Sonja at the entrance, who was obviously making sure they weren’t disturbed (and likely hoping that some assholes would try). Now he was staring at a completely convincing Chiana, Galadrial and Seven of Nine. Not to mention that incredible Lynda Carter WW clone who’d blown his mind, her muscles working well beyond human limits… clearly his earlier dismissal of witchcraft was way, WAY short-sighted. Yet these women weren’t behaving like any kind of witches he’d heard about.

“I need to check on some preparations with Wanda,” Laura said. “It’s almost time. Please remain right here at the edge of the clearing and undercover. Stay as quiet as you can, and if anyone challenges you, just walk the other way. You might live.”

“Might?” he asked, swallowing hard. “Why can’t I come with you?”

“Because Wanda is the most dangerous of all. You’re squarely in the midst of a Coven, Jeremy, and here we make our own rules. The laws of men don’t apply here.”

“None of them?”

Laura shook her head as she turned to run back along the trail, moving fast, her blonde hair trailing behind her in the fading light, her long, bare legs pumping at sprinting speed.

He suddenly felt terribly alone as the full realization of the danger around him started to sink in. He prayed the gathering dark would keep him hidden.

Looking back up at the tower from behind his bush, he saw Galadriel standing on top now, her silvery gown glowing reddish in the last rays of sunlight. She was holding a large bell that she rang five times, very loud, the clear sound echoing through the woods. Then, to his astonishment, she jumped from the platform to drop more than 50 feet to the ground, her long legs smoothly absorbing an impact that should have killed her. Yet she just straightened up and walked off like she’d just stepped from a curb.

Gasping for air, Jeremy really started to believe, which excited him even more given that Laura had declared she was going to become Supergirl – for real?! After what he’d already seen, he was totally turned on by that thought, so much that his enthusiasm pushed back the mortal fear he should be feeling. Standing taller for a better view, he watched as the witches began entering the clearing to spread out and form a circle around the base of the tower. At least two dozen of them were soon sitting with arms linked as they began to sing, low and sonorous. It sounded like a dirge.

The singing grew louder and then began rising higher in pitch as the witches began to lean left and right and back in perfect unison, holding onto each other’s arms, their song echoing deeply among the trees. The sound grew magical and beautiful but so alien and unnaturally loud that it made his head buzz strangely, his ears hurting as the rhythm and melody seemed to lift him off the ground. It was like nothing he’d ever heard before.

Overhead, the clear sky began to fill with the blackest of clouds, oppressive and dangerous, blotting out the last glow of sunset, taking with it the emerging stars. The clouds billowed and rolled as a flash of lightning seemed to come out of the ground to race up to meet them. By the time the flash faded from his eyes and he recovered from a blast of thunder so powerful it flattened his clothing to his skin, Laura appeared, standing on the very top of the tower. Jeremy gawked up at her as the witch named Wanda stood next to her, walking around Laura with her hand raised, sparkles showering Laura to form a brilliant circle in the sky just over her head. A circle that seemed to be made of spinning stars with an ultra black interior.

The sharp smell of ozone filled the air as the clouds began to sparkle from inside, and cloud-to-cloud lightning split the sky. The thunder was deafening and continuous now as a hundred separate bolts converged on the spinning circle, making it blaze blindingly bright.

He was suddenly startled as a softly beautiful voice suddenly came from close behind him. “Wanda says you need to get up there with Laura, Jeremy.”

He turned to see Diana standing behind him, smiling in her perfect imitation of Lynda Carter. His jaw fell as he tried not to stare at all that bare skin, those amazing boobs, her piercing blue eyes, that incredibly beautiful face which was softened by her friendly smile.

“I’m… I’m supposed to climb that thing in a fucking thunderstorm?” he gasped.

“No. I’ll fly you there.” She stepped closer to wrap her arm around him, hugging him to her side, her warm skin and incredibly curvaceous body feeling supernaturally firm.

The next thing he knew, they were lifting off the ground as if they’d become lighter than air, floating rapidly upward to the top of the tower where Diana set him down to face Laura.

“Sorry, I hadn’t planned on this part,” Laura said. “But Wanda insists. Becoming a Kryptonian is too dangerous for a single soul. Please come with me.”

To his astonishment, she started undressing, peeling out of her tight shorts and t-shirt, revealing a homemade Supergirl tunic that barely came down to the base of her ribs. Jeremy’s body came alive at her beauty, so much so that he was barely aware of Diana removing his clothing, tearing his shirt and even his jeans as if they were made of tissue paper. Moments later, the two of them stood mostly naked with those black clouds swirling around them and that spinning circle of stars overhead. Laura jumped up to wrap her long legs around him, her warm, blonde hair covering him as her kisses found his. He instinctively grabbed her ass to hold her tightly.

“Everything powerful that we witches do is related to ecstasy,” she whispered in his ear. “And sex is the most powerful form of that. When we share our passions the next time, our worlds will truly change.”

He had no idea what she was saying, nor did he care that he was standing naked on top of a tower in a lightning storm with everyone staring at him. Instead, he just wanted Laura more than he’d ever wanted anyone before. They slowly started to make love while standing, only to have a wonderfully pleasant yet almost painful buzzing come over him as Diana wrapped her golden lasso around them both, binding them together as they focused on each other, their passions rising higher and higher as the electricity in the air grew.

Below them, the circle of witches were chanting and swaying violently now as continuous bolts of lightning joined the star-like sparkles to coalesce into a single super-powerful bolt that circled the spinning black void as it began to descend over Laura and Jeremy.

Lost in their shared passion, they suddenly cried out together, completing each other just as the spinning circle of lightning flashed downward around them, traveling down the wooden tower, vaporizing it.

The incredible blast of thunder flattened all the witches onto their backs. And all traces of the tower, along with Laura and Jeremy, had completely vanished.

Chapter Four

Jeremy struggled to awake as he had many times before, his mind seeking consciousness while his body remained in sleep paralysis. It was uncomfortable to be mostly awake but unable to move, so like usual, he struggled to open an eye, move a leg, a foot, a toe. Any movement or sensation that would wake him up.

This time it was his eyes that opened first, but what he saw made no sense. Stars, so bright and clear, almost like he could reach out and touch them. And then, like an old-time SciFi movie, his view shifted slowly downward, gradually revealing the blue expanse of the Earth far below.

He felt like he was falling, butterflies filling his stomach as he stared a hundred miles straight downward. “Holy shiiittt…!” he cried in his head, lacking the air to make a sound in the hard vacuum.

kara in space

<“Impressive isn’t it.”>

<“Laura…? What the hell?”> He swore he was talking to her, but in his head?

<“We did it. We merged with the Kryptonian, replacing her missing soul with ours. This is going to be so cool. My dream since I was a little girl.”>

<“But why am I… here?”> 

<“Sorry about that. Well, actually not. I knew from the moment I met you that we are mostly the same. But I didn’t know what Wanda had in mind for you. Figured you’d be my sidekick or whatever afterward, boyfriend maybe. But not sharing the same body. Which is beyond spectacular, by the way.”>

He felt a sense of panic rising. <“So… what happened to our bodies?”>

<“Gone. Vaporized. A forced portal transfer like that is very energetic.”>

<“So… I’m dead?”>

<“Do you feel dead?”>

<“No… I feel… Jesus, I feel wonderful!”>

She laughed inside their mind. <“Yeah, ain’t that a kick. Kryptonians are amazing. But it’s sort of like in Cameron’s AVATAR. We’re now her drivers.”>

He looked down himself to stare between a startlingly pert pair of breasts at an iconic blue costume and a pair of very long and slender legs and a tiny red skirt. Blonde hair floated around him in zero-G. The view was breathtaking, not only in her obvious perfection, but the idea that he was not only living inside an alien species now, but in a female body. <“We’re drivers of… Supergirl!”>

<“Yup. Except she looks younger than I expected, but very cute except for kind of a big nose and muscles that are totally amazing. An inch or so shorter than I was, maybe 5’8. No idea how old she is, so let’s just call it 18. I don’t remember how Kryptonian and Terran years differ. Not that it matters. We are what we are.”>

<“How come I’ve still got all my memories and none of hers?”> Jeremy asked.

<“Same here,”> Laura shrugged. <“Maybe some of hers will return. She didn’t exactly come with a User Manual. I do seem to have her muscle memory and reflexes though… although it took me a few hours to figure out how to let go and let them work. Flying was kind of a disaster until then, so you might leave that to me for the moment.”>

He lifted his hand to examine it, finding it was feminine but very strong looking, with perfectly manicured nails — with red nail polish. For some reason, the last seemed shocking. 

<“Ah… this might be easy for you, Laura, but it’s going to take some serious getting used to for me.”>

<“All the more reason to remain a backseat driver for the time being. Took you all day to wake up, although I could feel you in my mind from the start. Which is a comforting feeling.”>

<“Wouldn’t you know. Right after I discovered the best sex ever — you and me in the front seat of my Chevy.”>

<“Who says that has to stop? We might share a body, but that doesn’t mean the sex is solo.”>

<“It kind of does…”> he mused, amazed to find that he was taking this in stride somehow.

<“There are aspects of being Kryptonian beyond the obvious that might be fun to explore. But right now, I’m horny to grab the first bunch of nukes. Let’s start with North Korea. Last into the club, first one out. That’ll be a kick in the hornets nest as they try to figure out why someone who only exists in the comics just stole all their nukes. By the way, you thought any more about how to do this?”>

<“It was just an outrageous fantasy until now, so no, not a whole lot. Other than figuring you’d dump them on the Moon until we figured out how to throw them into the sun. Nobody has the tech to retrieve them from there at the moment, so that buys us time.”>

<“See… figured you’d been thinking about it.”>

<“But why don’t we both think about this a bit more? The world will likely survive a few more days as is.”>

<“No. You have no idea how well this body works, Jeremy. How powerful we are. I’m sure we have limits, but I haven’t found them yet. I want to kick some serious shit.”> 

Before he could reply, she extended her arms and aimed herself downward while tensing her calves and then her butt as she shot forward. That and some muscles in her pelvis that were new to him but rather pleasant. In seconds, they were entering the atmosphere, and a white-hot cone of plasma began streaming backward from her clenched fists as she aerobraked. In less than a minute, the coast line of the Korean Peninsula began passing under them. 

<“I did some Googling and I think I know where one of their weapons places is. I’m going to knock on the door.”>

Jeremy was astonished as she searched ahead with eyes that seemed to see forever. He saw a tunnel and a huge concrete door and a phenomenal number of military vehicles and troops standing guard, everyone armed to the teeth. 

<“Gonna be a lot of big-time shooting. You sure we’re bulletproof?”>

<“Oh, yeah. I relieved this hunter of his .44 Magnum today and tested it on myself. Not only didn’t it hurt, but any place I shot myself just felt tingly and good. Especially the sensitive spots. Like… wickedly nice.”>

<“Oh, shit… is that how this is going to go down, Laura?”>

A flush of arousal ran through their body from an intense memory that wasn’t even his, the tingling both familiar yet so very strange at the same time. Almost alien, but very nice. How much of that was just being female, and how much was being Kryptonian, he had no idea.

She laughed. <“I sure hope so. So hang on… we’re gonna save the world and have fun doing it. And by the way, Happy Witchy Halloween.”>


End of Part One and my workshop entry. Next, the battle in the Hermit Kingdom begins… in Part Two coming soon.

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