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Suprema Begins

Written by Gincognifo :: [Saturday, 29 October 2022 23:45] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 30 October 2022 22:51]

Suprema Begins

by Gincognifo

Written for the SWM Autumn 2022 Story Workshop

Content warning: contains explicit sexual situations and violence.


Hyperion, the most powerful superhero in Bay City was yelling at me. This wasn’t how the day had been supposed to go.

It had started innocently enough when I found my late mother’s journal: a faded notebook with a pop-art illustration of a sassy witch on the cover. In between overwrought musings on motherhood and cookie recipes were what appeared to be a number of magic spells, including a love spell. Just the thing to make Dillon Reese pay attention to me instead of that idiot Anna Kemp, I thought.

Dillon was a sophomore at Bay City State University where I was a freshman. We shared two intro-level classes but I might as well have been invisible for all the attention he paid me. He was tall, good-looking, and smart enough not to be boring but not smarter than me. Perfect for a college fling.

I knew he wasn’t gay by the way he was eye-banging Anna whenever the opportunity presented itself. Objectively speaking, I was way hotter than Anna but she had a “Pick Me” attitude that guys responded to for whatever reason. Neither of us dressed like we were going to the opera, if you know what I mean, but her shorts and skirts were somehow shorter and tighter than mine, and her top always showed just a little more cleavage.

I wasn’t really expecting the spell to work. It’s not that I don’t believe in magic — there are enough magically-empowered superheroes in the world for the ship of magical skepticism to have long since sailed. But there’s a big leap from knowing that supernatural forces exist in the world to believing that my suburban, minivan-driving mom knew how to harness them.

I perhaps wasn’t as careful with the phrasing of the occult syllables as I should have been. I may have substituted oregano for mugwort, not knowing a suitable source for the latter. My arcane gestures were stiff and unpracticed.

The good news was that when the spell was concluded, Dillon Reese was head over heels in love with me. Unfortunately, so was every other sophomore — male and female — at Bay City State.

Nobody died in the ensuing riot, so I’ve got that going for me. The only people who knew I was responsible were Hyperion and his sorcerous team-mate Hex. The two of them tracked me down and forced me to cast the counter-incantation to release my lovestruck thralls from their enchantment. They didn’t even allow me to keep Dillon as my toy, which wouldn’t have inconvenienced anyone in the slightest.

“Do you have any idea how irresponsible that was, you little idiot?” shouted Hyperion.

We were in one of the study rooms in the library building, where I’d barricaded myself to avoid the attentions of my increasingly unhinged admirers.

“Not to mention invasive and wrong!” he continued. He had the same tone my Dad did when he claimed not to be angry but rather disappointed in me.

Hyperion was less impressive in person than he was on TV. Don’t get me wrong, he was still a stone-cold hunk poured into blue and white skintight spandex, but close-up he just seemed like a human being, albeit a very attractive and well-toned one. Looking at him, you wouldn’t know he could bench-press a skyscraper. I wondered who he was behind that mask and cowl. Still, he was more than imposing enough to shame me with his disapproval and anger.

“What’s wrong with wanting love?” I asked.

“Don’t be facetious,” he said. “You know very well there’s a difference between wanting love and controlling minds to make people desire you. You’re lucky Hex detected your magic before that mob of lust-crazed fools tore you apart.”

I pouted. “They wouldn’t have hurt me, surely?”

“You always hurt the ones you love,” said Hyperion. “We’ll be keeping an eye on you. Meddling with these kinds of forces can lead a person down a very dark path. Don’t make the mistake of becoming our enemy.”

With those ominous words, he stormed out.

Hex glared at me. “Foolish girl,” she said.

She was as tall as Hyperion, but thin and willowy. Where her team-mate’s costume was tight and revealing, hers flowed around her like a waterfall of black and gold fabric. Even though she looked like a stiff breeze could have blown her away, she was somehow more intimidating than Hyperion.

I opened my mouth to protest but Hex sneered and vanished into thin air before I could say anything. My cheeks were red with embarrassment and my stomach churned with anxiety.

That night, I went back to mom’s journal. Somewhere in there was a spell that would allow me to avenge my humiliation at the hands of the city’s so-called heroes. Nobody had been hurt by my stupid love spell. Nobody important, at least. Their supercilious attitude had been completely out of line and I wanted to put them in their place.

Two weeks later I sat cross-legged on the floor of my dorm room, in the center of a mystical mandala drawn in chalk and the ash of a cremated squirrel. I was naked apart from a few drops of magically-infused oil dabbed between my breasts. This time, I spoke the words of my spell with care and precision, having practiced them over and over. My ingredients were correct and fresh — no clumsy herbal substitutions or rotted animal parts. I moved with the grace of a dancer as I traced a web of power in the air with my hands.

I was attempting something far more complex and subtle than the mere enslavement of the human heart. In truth, I was over-reaching. My mother, who I now knew had been a practicing witch for most of her life, would have thought more than twice before attempting such a potent enchantment. But I was flush with the arrogance of youth and burned with anger from my humiliating confrontation with Hyperion and Hex.

In the hands of an inexperienced sorceress such as myself, the magics I was wielding should have backfired and splattered my brains across the walls of my dorm room. Instead, I got lucky.

At the apex of the ritual I made a beckoning gesture with one finger. A tendril of golden energy appeared before me and circled around the fingertip. Contained within this tiny fragment was Hyperion’s essence. His soul. Everything that gave him the power of a god in the form of a man.

With a simple gesture, it was mine. I swallowed the golden energy and consumed it. It infused my body, mind, and soul. It dissolved into my muscles, neurons, and memories. I made a cage with my own essence and trapped Hyperion’s within it.

“Where am I? What have you done to me?” The voice came from within, but was muted. It belonged to Hyperion, but a very different one than the man who had berated me in the study room two weeks before. This time his anger was tempered by fear.

“Be quiet!” I commanded. “You belong to me now.”

“You don’t understand what you’re doing,” he said. “My powers are not to be trifled with.”

“Speaking of powers,” I said, “let’s see if this spell is as advertised.”

I stood and walked over to my desk. I placed a single outstretched finger under the heavy piece of furniture and lifted it with ease. The weight was like nothing — less than featherweight. It wasn’t exactly a skyscraper but as a show of strength it was far more than I had been capable of before.

I concentrated for a moment and rose into the air, putting several inches between the tips of my naked toes and the floor. I swirled around the small room, making several circuits, reveling in my newfound ability to fly.

“Let me out!” said Hyperion inside my mind.

“I told you to be quiet,” I said. “I can make your captivity as unpleasant as I want, you know.”

“What do you mean?”

I launched a thought at him, one of pure anger and pain. I imagined him in a box lined with long, acid-tipped spikes. I pressed the lid tight, impaling him on dozens of razor-sharp, burning daggers. He screamed as his immaterial form was wracked with agony like nothing a merely physical being could have endured. I let him writhe for a minute before I showed him mercy.

“That was the least of what I can do to you,” I said. “Shut up and get used to your new home.”

“The Guardians will find a way to release me,” he said. “Stop what you’re doing before you make things worse.”

He was right. If his team-mates in the Guardians of Justice discovered I had imprisoned him within my mind and taken his abilities, they would do whatever was in their power to get Hyperion back.

“I suppose I’ll just have to kill them first,” I said.

I wasn’t going to kill anyone naked, however. If I was going to use my newly-stolen powers, I needed a costume.

“Where did you get your outfit?” I asked.

Hyperion ignored my question so I imagined white hot knives shoved under his fingernails and left them there until he deigned to reply.

“It’s part of my powers,” he said, his voice weak and defeated. “Imagine it however you want.”

I stood in front of the mirror. For a moment, I admired my naked form. Was it my imagination, or was I even hotter now I had the powers of a goddess? I was more toned, my breasts were firmer, rounder, and sat higher on my chest as if gravity was no longer a concern. I arched my back and ran my hands down my smooth, muscular thighs.

I imagined a feminine version of Hyperion’s blue and white costume. In an instant, I was clothed in figure-hugging spandex. I was a knockout, but I wanted more sexual impact. I swapped out the spandex and calf-high boots for latex and a pair of thigh-high boots. The thin, slightly translucent material covered me but left little to the imagination. It clung to every delicious curve of my super-powerful body. The bulge of my nipples was tantalizingly visible, as was the slight cleft of my sex. I was becoming wet looking at my reflection in the mirror. I reached down and stroked myself.

“You’re a textbook narcissist,” said Hyperion. “You do realize that, don’t you?”

I imagined thrusting an arrowhead down his urethra and slowly pulling it out. His screams turned me on even more and I fingered myself to orgasm through the thin material of my costume. His agony formed a delicious background to my ecstasy.

It was time to introduce the world to its newest, most powerful superwoman. What would I call myself? There was a stylized ‘H’ emblazoned across the buckle of my belt that stood for Hyperion. I wanted nothing to do with his name. I willed it to become an ‘S’. I was Suprema: the supremely powerful. I would impose my will on Bay City and nobody would be able to stop me.

I pulled the blinds up and opened the window as a prelude to launching myself into the night sky.

The entire front of my dorm room exploded inward, sending me flying into and through the opposite wall. Through the jagged hole, I saw Hex floating in mid-air, her black and gold robes fluttering in the breeze. Her eyes and hands were wreathed in red flames.

“Hyperion told you it would be a mistake to become our enemy,” she said. “I’m going to show you just how big a mistake it was.”

“You’re hosed now,” said Hyperion.

It was inevitable that Hex would track me down through the signature of my spell but I’d hoped to have a little more time to perfect command of my powers before the confrontation.

I quickly ran through what I knew of Hyperion’s powers which were now mine: super-strength, invulnerability, flight, and laser vision. There were rumors of more esoteric and subtle abilities, but nothing he had ever confirmed. I delved into Hyperion’s mind, which was an open book to me. I now knew everything he could do and was a little shocked by the extent of the powers now available to me. My senses were acute enough to hear a pin drop from the other side of the globe. I could see through walls.

On a whim, I looked through Hex’s flowing robes to see her naked body. Part of what she concealed from the world with her outfit was that she was a stone-cold fox. However, I wasn’t here to ogle my enemy.

From my prone position, I glared at Hex and willed my laser vision to burn her to ash. Twin beams of livid blue light erupted from my eyes and raced towards her. She must have anticipated my move. A disk of red light interposed itself between my laser vision and her. The power of my attack was spent against the magical shield.

She retaliated with a bolt of red flame shaped like a harpoon. It caught me between my breasts and exploded. The floor gave way beneath me and I fell through the ceiling of the corridor below. Somebody tripped the fire alarm and women began to stream out of their dorm rooms to evacuate.

Hex wouldn’t want to attack too fiercely while there were innocent students around, so the evacuation gave me a moment to collect myself. Hex floated through the hole in the ceiling and hovered in mid-air before me as I got to my feet and dusted debris and dust from my latex costume.

“You can’t hope to defeat me,” said Hex. “I know Hyperion’s powers inside and out. Give up now and I’ll go easy on you.”

“They’re not Hyperion’s powers any more,” I said. “They’re mine. I stole them like taking delicious candy from a helpless, stupid baby.”

“You little thief!” snarled Hex, her cheeks flushed red.

Her anger got the better of her. As she marshaled her magic to strike me down, she dropped her guard. With one fluid motion, I crossed the distance between us and punched hard into and through her chest. Blood and viscera erupted from the back of her shattered spine. Her lifeless body slumped over my arm. I shook the corpse and tossed it aside. Her death was of no concern to me except as a step in securing my position as the most powerful being on Earth.

Hyperion and Hex had been the strongest of the Guardians and I’d neutralized them with ease. The others would fall before me in time. But first, I wanted to take what I had been denied.

Dillon Reese lived off-campus in an apartment he shared with three other sophomores.

I used my laser vision to burn through the latches of the living room window, opened it, and flew in. In the connected kitchen area, a man in plaid boxer shorts and a Pink Floyd tee-shirt stood in front of the refrigerator with the door open, drinking straight from a carton of orange juice. Before he could turn around, I dashed across the room, grabbed his head and twisted it until his neck snapped. It took no effort at all on my part to snuff his life out. I felt the warmth of arousal rise inside of me.

“You’re sick,” said Hyperion, imprisoned somewhere deep inside my mind.

“You’re telling me that using your powers didn’t get you off? You’re a liar.”

“I never killed people.”

“You have no idea what you’ve been missing.”

Three of the four bedroom doors were closed. I assumed the open one belonged to the midnight orange juice drinker. I floated six inches above the floor, and silently made my way to the first closed bedroom. The door was locked but it gave with my gentlest shove.

The occupant was a light sleeper — he woke at the sound of the door being forced open. It wasn’t Dillon, so I sliced his skull in half with twin beams of laser light and floated back the way I had come. The apartment was redolent with the smell of burned flesh and brain matter, which was more pleasant than I would have imagined.

The next bedroom was unlocked and the sleeping occupant did not awake. This was also not Dillon’s room. I floated over to the bed. I placed one hand over the mouth and nostrils of the sleeper, cutting off his air supply. As he began to gasp for breath, he awoke in a panic. In the dim light cast by his alarm clock, he would have been able to make out my figure looming over him, but little more. He struggled to get away. I put my other hand on this chest and pinned him to the bed. I had the strength of a goddess and he was merely a man; there was no contest.

Over the next couple of minutes, I watched him succumb to the lack of oxygen and expire. He stopped struggling after a while but I kept my firm grip on his airways until my super-sensitive ears no longer heard the sound of his pathetic heart beating.

Finally, I opened the door to Dillon’s room. To my surprise and disgust, Dillon was not alone. Jammed into his narrow bed next to him was the sleeping form of Anna Kemp. A quick death was too good for her, but I didn’t want to wake Dillon with all of the tortures I wanted to inflict on her. I satisfied myself with firing a surgical blast of laser vision through her upper spine, paralyzing her from the neck down. I could see clear as day in the darkened room, so I didn’t miss a moment of her panicked waking and realization of her inability to move. She began to scream.

I place a hand over her mouth. “Shut it, bitch, or I’ll suffocate you. Stay nice and quiet while I make time with your boyfriend.”

“What’s going on?” asked Dillon, groggy and half-awake.

I pulled him out of the bed and stood him in the middle of the room. He wore long pajama pants and a faded tee-shirt. I burned his clothes from him with a low-level burst of laser vision. The room was illuminated for several seconds as I did so. Dillon looked around. He saw Anna, terrified and unable to move on the bed. He saw me, divine in my latex body suit and thigh-high boots. Despite the situation, he responded to me as any red-blooded, heterosexual man would. His cock began to stir.

In the dark, I reached out and grabbed his member and quickly stroked him to hardness.

“What’s going on?” he asked. “Who are you? What’s wrong with Anna?”

“Anna is no longer relevant except as a helpless observer,” I said.

I pressed my latex-clad body against him, rubbing his now-hard cock against my most intimate area, separated from him by the thinnest covering of sheer latex.

“I don’t want this,” he said. “Leave us alone.”

“No,” I said.

He pushed away and his arousal began to subside. Was it possible the boy had it in him to resist my divine presence?

Luckily, I had access to all of Hyperion’s unknown powers. I could see why he never told anyone that he had the ability to emit super-pheromones capable of eliciting lust in anyone who inhaled them. As far as I knew, he had never used this power on anyone. He probably thought it would be “invasive” and “wrong.” I had no qualms about using it, though. I flooded the room with super-pheromones and watched with delight as Dillon’s expression of fear and disgust changed to one of naked desire for me. He threw himself at me and kissed me, eagerly. I kissed him back with equal vigor. I explored his mouth with my tongue. Unfortunately for Dillon, my tongue was as powerful as the rest of me. I knocked an entire row of his teeth out, tearing them from their sockets with casual flicks of my tongue, before I realized what I was doing.

He spat his broken teeth out and tried to kiss me again but I was repelled by the blood oozing from between his eager lips. As shallow as it might seem, I was less attracted to him with only three quarters of his teeth intact.

I grabbed his wrist and moved his hand to my sex. He understood what I wanted and began to finger me through the latex. Aroused by the death of his roommates and my easy victory over Anna, I quickly responded to his touch. I wrapped my legs around him and pushed myself against his now rock-hard cock. A moment’s thought was all it took to form a gap in my costume so that he could enter me.

I looked over at Anna. My pheromones had affected her as well and the look on her face was a mixture of fear and lust. She could do nothing to stop me from taking her boyfriend and worse than that, I wouldn’t let her join in the fun.

Dillon almost came the moment he was inside me. I squeezed his cock with my super-strong vagina, with enough power to prevent him from cumming but not quite enough to reduce his manhood to a sticky paste. I rode him hard and fast. I imagined my ass was a blur as I pistoned him in and out of me like a fucking machine.

When I came, I lost control of my legs. They were crossed behind the small of his back and I squeezed as I climaxed. His pelvis shattered. His torso separated from the rest of him as I scissored cleanly through him with my super-powerful limbs.

“Is it my turn now?” asked Anna, plaintively. “I can eat you out if you’d like. Please let me eat your pussy.”

Hyperion screamed. “Stop! Stop this awful thing at once.”

“You have no power over me,” I said.

I imagined him on fire, burning and in agony but never consumed, never given the sweet release of death. I ignored his screams as Dillon’s bisected corpse flopped to the ground and I turned my attention to Anna.

Part of me regretted having paralyzed her so thoroughly. Still, she felt it when I knelt over her and pressed her face tight between my thighs.

“Make me cum,” I commanded.

She was far better at cunnilingus than I had expected. Still warmed up from my fatal fucking of Dillon, I came hard and fast beneath the firm ministrations of Anna’s skilled and oh-so eager tongue. As I screamed in ecstasy, I tightened my grip on her skull and crushed it between my steely thighs.

I laid next to Anna’s corpse and masturbated energetically. Hyperion’s cries of despair helped bring me to another massive climax. I was disappointed that my time with Dillon had been so brief but now I saw how far beneath me he really was. I wondered if there was any man capable of truly pleasing me now that I was a goddess.

Perhaps instead of killing the Guardians of Justice, I should enslave them. It was time to go back to my mother’s journals and find another spell, one that would make my victims do more than merely love me. They would prostrate themselves before me and obey my every whim. The most powerful men in the world would worship me or they would burn.

I was Suprema now. Nothing and nobody was beyond my grasp. I was going to make the world my bitch.

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