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In a Town outside a City

Written by Doug :: [Thursday, 12 October 2023 04:52] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 31 October 2023 08:50]

Long time reader and first time submitter. I’ve enjoyed everyone's work over the years and it has inspired me to write my own stories every now and again. This is the latest one. Enjoy.

On a Thursday afternoon in September in a bedroom of a house in a suburb town outside a major city two best friends are playing a video game. Doug Martin, an 18 year old high school senior is owning the lobby of a first person shooter game with the help of Kara Danvers, also an 18 year old high school senior. Doug has lived in the same house all his life while Kara and her mother Eliza moved into the house next to Doug about five years ago. Doug and his family were welcoming to Kara and Eliza, who had lost her husband to cancer a few months prior to moving in next door. Doug and Kara hit it off right away and have been best friends since.

Doug is your typical 18 year old young man, standing at a little over 6 feet he has brown hair that matches his eyes. Clean shaven face and a smile that has made him attractive to many of the young women at his school, Kara included. He has an athletic build from years of playing a variety of sports. But for his senior year he wanted to focus on baseball as that sport would give him the best chance at getting a full scholarship to college. He’s keeping a secret from Kara, one that he struggles with on a daily basis, that he wants to be more than just friends but is worried she wouldn’t return the feelings and cost him a friendship that means a great deal to him.

The match the two besties were playing had just ended with the pair coming in first place. Kara made the last kill for the team after Doug was able to flush the last player out from their position behind cover with a well placed grenade. Doug smiled at Kara relishing another victory and raised his fist up to be bumped. Kara smiled back enjoying the time she was spending with Doug before bumping her fist with his. Once fists connected the pair in unison opened their fists while making an explosion sound, followed by a hardy chuckle.

Kara, having recently turned 18 years old stands at about 5 foot 9 inches. The soft curled ends of her golden blonde hair is tied back and held in place by a royal blue bow. The bow compliments her vibrant blue eyes that are protected by a pair of thin black framed eyeglasses. Her body is slim, athletic, and toned while her firm bust is a modest C cup. You wouldn’t be able to tell the fitness of her body from looking at her because she tends to wear clothes that are loose. She too is keeping secrets from her friend Doug. She too would like her friendship with her best friend to be something more than what they have but she too is afraid of losing a friend but also for the other secrets she is keeping from him. One of the other secrets is that she isn’t from Earth but from a planet that once existed very far away, and that she is also the world renowned superheroine Supergirl.

With a smile on his face and eagerness in his voice he looked to Kara and asked, “What to go again!?” Kara, putting her controller down on the floor in front of her, grinned and shook her head, “We're supposed to be studying for the history test tomorrow.” Doug retorted with, “We did. And we took a break to let the information sink in.” Kara just chuckled, “We studied for like a total of ten minutes, while we just finished a match that took like 30.” Kara then took the controller from Doug’s hands, knowing she was right he let her with no resistance.

Picking up his notebook he started looking through the notes Kara had provided for him, “Thanks for the notes. You're always looking out for me.” “Somebody has to” she said with a grin and gentle punch to his shoulder. “Now come on, let's go over the notes again.” The two sat side by side leaning against Doug’s bed as they went over the notes for the class once more.

Meanwhile, across town…

In a detached garage a young man of 16 years is typing away at a keyboard as he writes code for a program is creating. The computer he is entering the code into is attached by cords at least 10 feet in length to a large robotic machine. The program is an operating system for the robot that the young man, named Tomas Erikson, is needed to be able to operate the robot. In Tomas’ mind once he is completed, he will be able to seek revenge on the man responsible for the death of his father, Superman.

Tomas’ father died while on his way to work and while making his way across the concourse of a vital train station in the major city nearby, the ceiling of the train station came down on top of him. The disaster not only killed Tomas’ father but also many others. The ceiling collapse was the result of an ongoing battle that Superman was engaged in with the villain known as Bizarro. Since that day Tomas has blamed Superman for the death of his father.

As he typed away, he schemed, “once I am done with this line of code my creation will be complete! Then all I will need is a power source. If my contact comes through for me, I’ll be able to test my death robot this weekend. Then Superman will get what’s coming to him and I’ll have my vengeance!”

Just then the door to the side of the garage opened and a middle aged dark haired woman stood in the doorway. “Tomas sweety it's dinner time. Come in and eat something.” Annoyed but the sudden intrusion he snarky responded, “Mom! Can’t you see I am working here!” Tomas’ mother sighed, “Even mad scientists need to eat. Don’t be too long, otherwise your food will get cold.” Turning back to his screen, “Yes mother.” As she left, she closed the door behind her before retreating back into the house.

Tomas was almost done with the line of code when he lamented, “Damn it mother, can’t you see I am doing this for both of us! Superman not only took away my father but he also took away your husband! I wonder what she made tonight? Hmmm.” As he finished the line of code, he remembered something, “I have a history test tomorrow. Bah, this school is beneath me.” Getting up from his workstation he ran his hand through his jet black hair as he breathed deeply knowing he was close to having his revenge. Shutting everything down for the night he exited the garage and headed into his house to eat his dinner.

Tomas is a 16 year old senior at the local high school. He would have graduated high school at 15 but when his father was killed, he devoted more time to his plan for vengeance than to his schoolwork. His head is covered by short length black hair. His dark cold eyes, genetically inherited from his father, are protected by a pair of thick rimmed black eyeglasses. Tomas stands at only 5 foot 2 inches, and weights at around 90 pounds. He is considered short and skinny for his age. These facts have made him a target for bullying for most of his life. Considered a social outcast he doesn’t have any human friends, instead he finds his sense of belonging among his machines.

Later that night…

Kara was asleep in her bed when she was awoken by her cell phone vibrating. Opening her eyes she looked at her nightstand clock, it read 3am. Rubbing her eyes she picked up her phone from the same nightstand to see it was a message from the Justice League. Her help was needed on the other side of the world. She hoped that it wouldn't take too long, she didn’t want to be late for school in a few hours.

Sitting up in bed she stretched her arms out before sighing slightly. Using her super speed, she quickly changed into her costume. Standing in front of her mirror she looked herself over. She ran her hands through her golden blond hair as the gentle curls settled around her shoulders and fell onto her back. She ran her hand over her visible toned midsection as the royal blue colored leotard style top hugged her body like a second skin. Moving her hand up she cupped her breast as no support was needed for her gravity defying bust. Moving to her iconic crimson and gold S she traced the letter with her finger remembering what the emblem on her chest means to her, her family and earth.

She adjusted the belt that held the short crimson red skirt in place, a skirt that ended a little higher the midthigh. Her toned and athletic legs seemed to go on forever. Her feet and legs just below her knees were protected by a pair of red boots with two inch heels and a thin golden trim at the the top. The red cape draped over her back stopped at knee level while it too had a thin golden trim along the edges. The cape was adored with a golden S like on her chest at her upper back between her shoulder blades.

An immense amount of pride washed over her as she looked herself over in the mirror. The adventures she's been on and the lives she’s saved, those memories keep her grounded. She wished she had the courage to show her best friend, the most important person in her world, who she really is. What would he say, what would he do are the questions that keep her from letting Doug know her completely.

Opening her bedroom window, she exited her room out into the chilly September night. Her bedroom window faced Doug’s bedroom window, as she floated between the two houses, she used her x-ray vision to look in on her friend. She remembered all the times they would hang out their windows and talk, and even the times when she purposely got dressed in front of the window, hoping he would see her. Seeing him sound asleep in his bed she longed to be held by him, to be enveloped by his strong arms, to feel the love of his kisses on her neck and bask in the warmth of his body.

Before flying off she whispered to herself, “I love you, Douglas.” As she headed off to the other side of the world, she thought to herself that she was one of the most powerful women in the world, having gone toe to toe with creatures four times the size of her and bravely take them on without batting an eye, but when it came to the one person, she cared the most about in the world she was afraid.

A few hours later…

After getting out of the shower Doug got ready for another day of school. Every morning he gets up early and hits the gym in the basement of his house, to keep in shape mostly for sports but he really does it for Kara. This morning like a few other times when he looked out his window towards Kara’s room, he saw that her window was open. He didn’t think anything of it, he always figured she liked the cold air at night. This led him to wonder if she sleeps under a big blanket, just to feel the warmth. She wouldn’t need such a big blanket if he was with her.

He wondered what it would be like to hold her as they fell asleep, breathing in her sweet smelling hair. Feeling her body close to his as he held her tight against his. The feel of her butt up against his crotch while he cupped her breast in his hand. Giving it a squeeze and playing with her nipple every now and again. He wondered what her moan sounds like, was it a higher pitched or something more lower and breathy. He also wondered what she wore to bed if anything. Breaking himself away from such thoughts, for the time being, he needed to get ready for school.

As he bent down to pick up his backpack he heard a whooshing like sound coming from outside. Straightening up he looked out his window towards Kara’s room and noticed the window was closed now. Not thinking much about it he slung his backpack over his shoulder and headed down to the kitchen to grab something to eat.

Kara had spent too much time on assignment. She had to break the sound barrier just to get home in time before Doug comes by to pick her up like he does every morning. Since Doug had gotten his driver’s license the year before she hadn’t taken the bus to school because he had always driven her, unless he got sick and didn’t go to school, then she would have to take the bus. Taking a quick shower, she quickly got ready.

Pulling her hair back into a ponytail, she pulled on a blue lace bra, though it wasn’t needed, she adjusted her girls before putting on a tight plain blue t-shirt. She then slipped on a pair of blue thong panties, something that made her feel sexy though no one will ever see her in them. Next came a pair of loose fitting blue jeans. Putting on a pair of red ankle socks she then slipped into a pair of sneakers. Looking at herself in the mirror she liked how the shirt clung to her skin and showed off her body. She then took a moment and flexed her biceps in the mirror before finding her favorite sweatshirt and slipping it on. Donning her glasses she picked up her backpack and headed downstairs.

Kara said goodbye to her mother as she left the house, just as Doug pulled up in his pickup truck that he inherited from his grandfather. Hoping in she greeted Doug with a smile and a bubbly tone, “Good morning, Doug!” Shifting the truck into reverse he smiled to her, “Morning Kara. Ready for another wonderful day of school!” His tone while jovial was clearly sarcastic. Kara buckled in, “At least it's Friday.” After pulling out of the driveway he shifted the truck into drive, “This is true.” As he increased pressure on the gas pedal the truck began to move forward transporting the two to school.

After arriving at school, the two went off and started their day. They meet up later in the morning for history class to take the test they had studied for yesterday. Kara breezed through the test, thanks in small part to her enhanced mental capacity and cognitive functions. Doug struggled in some areas of the questioning but overall, he felt he aced it. With class over, the two exited the room and talked about the test in the hallway.

Tomas had just passed the two when a small group of football players turned their attention to him. They surrounded him impeding his progress down the hall and started to shove him around the small circle of jocks. Tomas had been carrying a few books until one of the jocks slapped the books out of his hands. This caused the group to laugh.

Kara upon seeing this felt the need to do something, help Tomas from the bullying he is enduring. Breaking away from her conversation with Doug, she approached the circle of jocks. In a raised tone she told them, “Leave him alone!” One of the jocks turned towards Kara. He was the star wide receiver for the football team, standing at 6 foot 6 inches he towered over Kara. This didn’t faze her one bit as she stared up at him defiantly, her fists instinctively went to her hips entering a power pose that her alter ego is known for.

The football player smiled down at her, “Oh, why isn’t it the quiet girl. Why don’t you stay out of this. This little nerd and I are having a conversation.” Undeterred, she stood her ground, “I don’t hear any talking, I only see a lot of pushing him around.” The football player was about to retort when Doug stepped in, “Mike, leave the kid alone.” The football player known as Mike turned to Doug, “Doug! Why isn’t it the third best receiver on the team. Oh, sorry, was the third best receiver on the team until you quit!” Doug moved and got in between Kara and Mike, “I have my reasons for leaving the team.” Mike, “Yeah, I bet you do. Truth is you couldn’t cut it. My freshmen brother was going to take your spot on the team. That would have been really embarrassing for you. A freshman taking a senior’s spot on the varsity team.” Mike finished his taunt with a loader laugh that the rest of his group quickly joined in on.

Doug’s blood began to boil. Kara could hear his heartbeat getting faster. Balling his hand up into a fist he was seriously considering striking Mike. But Kara grabbed hold of his hand just as some of Doug’s baseball team teammates came up. Doug looked down at Kara’s hand holding his and then up to her face where he saw her expression pleading him not to do it, that it wasn’t worth it. Looking into Kara’s eyes always had a way of calming him and putting him at ease.

The altercation had drawn the attention of the other students in the hallway as everyone’s attention was squarely on the group. Before anything could escalate any further a teacher came up and broke up the gathering. As the crowd started to disperse the first bell rang, telling the students to get to their next class. Tomas gathered his books up, Kara had let go of Doug and was about to help him when he snapped at her, “I can do this myself! Leave me alone!” Kara should be shocked at his response after she stuck her neck out for him, but she had rescued people like him before. Save them from certain death but never got a thank you in return.

Kara went back to Doug. A small smile appeared on her face. Looking towards her Doug returned the smile. Kara then said, “Come on. Walk me to my next class.” She then hooked her left arm with his right arm. The two walked down the hall arm in arm to Kara’s next class.

Shortly after noon the pair meet up in the cafeteria for their shared lunch period. After getting a tray of what the school considers food the two friends found their usual spot and settled down at the table. As the two talked about their classes so far for the day and potential plans for the weekend, a fellow senior on the baseball team named Kelley approached the two. He addressed Doug, “Doug! Hey, check it. My parents are gone for the weekend, so I am throwing a party at my place. My brother is coming back from college and bringing a shit ton of beer!! You comin’ right? Of course, you are! See ya tonight man!” He moved off before Doug could say anything.

Kara looked up from her plate to say, “Well that was weird. I guess we’re not playing tonight.” Doug looked at Kara confused, “What’ca ya talkin’ bout?” Kara continued, “You’re going to that party, right?” Doug thought about it for a second, “I am thinking about it.” Kara in a low disappointed tone, “Well you have fun then.” Doug reached across the table to touch Kara’s hand, “Hey, why don’t you come with me?” Kara was surprised by the sudden invitation, “I don’t know…You were the one invited…” Doug smiled to Kara, “I am inviting you. Please go with me.” He finished almost pleading. Kara was nervous as this party would be the first social gathering she'd go to in all the years she’s been on Earth. Doug could see she was going back and forth just by her facial expression. Doug, “Please Kara. I want to spend time with you outside our usual routine.” Kara was excited but scared when she said, “Sure. What time will you pick me up?” Doug took out his phone, thinking for a moment as he tried to remember where Kelley lived. Loading a map up on his phone he was able to see how long it would take to get to Kelley’s house from Kara’s. Doug replied, “Ahh, let’s say 7:30?” Kara smiled as she still felt scared and excited at the same time, “I’ll be ready by then.” Doug, “Then it’s a date!” Kara thought ‘A date? He didn’t actually mean a date, date? Stop, your over thinking things Kara.’ Kara and Doug just went back to finishing their meals before heading off to class to finish out the day.

The rest of the school day passed quickly and the two found themselves getting ready for the party in their respective rooms. Doug wrestled between casual, a t-shirt and jeans, to something a little more formal like khakis and a polo. It wasn’t a date he was going on with Kara, they were just going to a party, together as a couple. Sure sounds like a date to him he thought, maybe that was why he was so indecisive about what to wear, deep down he wanted to look good for Kara. Settling with the khakis and polo he went and brushed his teeth. While brushing his teeth he looked at himself in the mirror before picking up a comb in his free hand. As he fixed himself up his heart started racing. “Why are you so nervous? '' he asked himself via internal monologue as he looked into the mirror, “It’s only Kara. Your best friend. The most beautiful woman you know. Shit dude. Okay, you got this, cool as ice. Get your shit together.” After finishing his internal pep talk, he finished brushing his teeth before leaving the bathroom to grab his coat.

Meanwhile, Kara was looking through her closet of clothes, not sure what she wanted to wear. She had just finished doing her hair and applied some makeup to your face. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to do a tank top and jeans or a skirt and blouse or wear the little black dress she bought a few months ago on a whim when she and her mother spent some time together shopping at the mall. She wanted to look great for Doug, but if she wore the black dress would it make him see her as someone who could be more than just a friend, maybe even a girlfriend? Tired of waiting for him to make the move she was going to force his hand. Taking the little black dress off the hanger she slipped right into it.

Walking over to the mirror she played with her hair, the soft blonde curls of her hair draped down her back to her shoulders. The hem of the dress came down to her knees. Turning a few times, before settling on looking at the left side. She liked how the dress made her butt look, cupping it she gave her backside a squeeze feeling the firmness and enjoying the feeling of the black thong felt before turning the other way. She reached up and cupped and squeezed her breasts enjoying the feeling of the lace black bra on her skin and tried to imagine what Doug’s hands would feel like on her body. She finished her outfit by slipping on a pair of black two inch heels.

Her eyes caught the reflection of her clock in the mirror, she only had a few minutes before Doug was to pick her up. As much as she wanted to take a night off from being Supergirl she had to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice, grabbing a small empty backpack she quickly stuffed your costume into before closing it. Carrying it in her left hand she headed downstairs just as Doug knocked on the front door.

Opening the door Kara smiled at Doug as she stepped out onto the front stoop. Seeing Kara for the first time in a dress made his heart skip a beat and his eyes almost popped out of his head before his jaw dropped open. Kara blushed and smiled as Doug looked her up and down, checking her out. Starting at her heel encased feet he traveled up her bare yet toned legs. The dress hugged her body like a second skin as he saw for the first time that his best friend had curves. Kara couldn’t help but blush, biting her lower lip and looking down and away for a moment letting Doug take her in. As he moved up her body he could see the faint lines of her muscular tummy as the dress pressed against her skin. Moving up still he got an eye full of cleavage that her dress had put on full display and the fact he didn’t know she had such beautiful breasts.

Kara reached forward with her free hand and gently lifted on Doug’s jaw to close it before smiling to him as her hand moved up to his cheek to lovingly cup and hold it. “My eyes are up here.” She said with a giggle. In her mind she thought her mission was accomplished, Doug finally saw her as the woman she is and not his plain girl friend who happens to live next door. Turning back into the house Kara said, “Mom, Doug and I are leaving.” From somewhere on the other side of the house, “Okay sweety. Love you. Have fun. I’ll be gone by the time you get back. So I trust you won’t stay out too late.” Before closing the door Kara replied, “We won’t, love you too. Bye.” By this time Doug was able to compose himself.

With a tint of nervousness in his voice, “You…you look great tonight, Kara.” Blushing slightly, she replied, “Thanks, you're pretty handsome yourself.” As they made their way to his truck he moved ahead of her and opened the door to his truck for her. She thanked him before hopping in. Closing the door, he made his way around and got in on the other side. After starting up his truck and shifting it into reverse he noticed the backpack, “What’s with the bag?” Looking down then up to him, “A girl has to be prepared for anything.” Doug nodded, “As long as it’s not schoolwork…” The truck then drifted backwards into the street. Shifting into drive Doug drove them to Kelley’s house.

Kelley’s house was back in the woods, away from the small town. The house was bigger than Doug’s and Kara’s combined. As Doug pulled up to the house, they saw that the party was in full swing. There were at least two dozen vehicles littered the front of the property. Doug parked his truck aways from the house, he didn’t want to get boxed in if he or Kara wanted to leave. Once out of the truck he came around and opened the door for Kara. Getting another chance to admire her bare legs he offered up a hand to help her out of the truck. Taking it she hopped out of the truck before he closed the door.

The initial excitement of going out with Doug had quickly faded away when Kara saw the crowd of people having a good time, drinking, and dancing to the loud music playing. Fear and nervousness took over her body. Doug had started for the house when he realized she wasn’t with him. Moving to her side he asked with concern in his voice, “Kara? Hey, we don’t have to go inside if you don’t want to.” Taking a few deep breaths before looking at him, she smiled at him, “I’ll be okay. I want to do this, I need to do this.” Returning the smile Doug said, “Okay. But if you change your mind, we can go.” She looked to the house full of partygoers before looking back at Doug and smiled. She reached out and took his hand in hers. Enjoying the feeling of holding her hand he adjusted the grip by moving his fingers in between hers creating a stronger hold. The couple slowly then made their way to the party.

Once inside the massive house it was quite chaotic. Loud music filled their ears, while random bouts of cheering could be heard from deeper in the house. Still holding hands Doug guided Kara through the house. She looked around the oversized rooms as the guys they passed by checked her out. Finding an opened spot in the kitchen the two stopped and looked around. Seeing as this was her first time at a social gathering like this she leaned into Doug and asked, “So, what do we do now?” Looking around at the crowd he said, “Hang out and drink. You want something to drink?” Knowing Earth alcohol does nothing to her, she nodded her head. Doug looked both ways, shrugged his shoulders before heading off to his left in search of drinks.

Kara smiled and chuckled slightly at Doug’s mannerisms as she watched him walk off into the crowd. This was the first time she was by yourself, she felt exposed and vulnerable. It wasn’t like her to dress the way she was as it brought a lot of attention to her, something she wasn’t used to in her ‘Kara form’. She folded her arm under her bust before she studied the people around her and planned a route out of the house just in case she was needed elsewhere. After adjusting her glasses, a clearly drunk boy approached Kara. He leaned on the counter next to her before speaking, “Hey there beautiful.” “Hey.” She replied. “I haven’t seen you around here before, you from around here.” He asked between sips of the drink in his hand. Wanting to mess with him Kara replied, “No. I am actually from outer space.” He just nodded, “Nice…Say you want a drink?” She shook her head, “No, I am okay. My frie…boyfriend is getting one for me.” Disappointed, “Boyfriend? Bummer man.”

Doug reappeared with a drink in each hand. He handed Kara one before asking, “Want to go outside?” She smiled and nodded. Kara followed Doug out onto the back deck leaving the drunk guy who was trying to hit on her in the kitchen. The cool night air felt great on their skins, as the house was getting pretty hot, even smoky from people vaping and from others smoking weed. Doug leaned on the deck railing overlooking a large lake. Kara pulled up next to him and bumped his shoulder with her bare shoulder before she too started leaning on the deck railing.

As Doug sipped his drink he looked up at the sky, “It’s a really pretty night.” Kara did the same, sip at her drink as she looked to the stars, “It sure is.” Looking down before turning towards Kara he said, “Not as pretty as you thought.” She looked down at her drink, smiled and blushed slightly before turning towards Doug, “You think so?” Doug looked at his drink, his hands were shaking a little as he thought about what he wanted to do and say next, nervous as to what she would do or how she would react, but he pushed that fear aside. If he wanted more from his relationship with Kara, he had to show her. Turning towards Kara he gently pulled her close to him, leaning in he softly kissed her on the lips.

When he didn’t feel any response, he pulled away quickly. Her eyes were wide open with surprise at how bold Doug had just been, kissing her. He looked at her eyes only for a moment before looking away, “I am so sorry Kara. I shouldn’t have…” Before he could finish his sentence, Kara had put her drink down on the railing. She then took Doug’s head gently in her hands and pulled him in for her own kiss. Doug was momentarily stunned and quickly recovered and returned her kiss, opening his mouth slightly to allow their tongues to wrestle each other. Once Doug returned her kiss, she released his face and wrapped her arms around his neck while Doug wrapped his arms around lower back. As their passion grew Doug pulled Kara tighter into his body causing her soft but firm supple breasts to crush against his chest. When she felt this delightful new feeling, she moaned softly into their kiss. With her finding pleasure in his embrace, he slipped his hands down and cupped her firm butt while continuing to pull her into his body.

They continued to embrace and kiss each other for a few long minutes, that felt like hours to the new romantic couple, before breaking off to catch their breath. They might have stopped kissing, but they continued to hold each other though not as tightly. While Doug was smiling ear to ear Kara’s face was flush with arousal and shared the smile as Doug. They rested their heads on each other’s forehead before Kara in a desire filled tone, “Wow. We should have done this sooner.” “Agreed.” Responded Doug happily. “I was afraid you wouldn’t want to do something like that with me.” Kara said softly remembering the times she wrestled with ideas and feelings of being something more to Doug and the fear of being rejected saddened her as a tear started to roll down her cheek. “Kara, look at me.” Doug told her in a low calm tone. Kara looked up and smiled sweetly before Doug continued, “I was afraid too. I was afraid of losing you if you didn’t want more from our relationship like I do.” Kara smiled widened before softly chuckling at the realization that he shared the same feelings, “I’ve wanted this for a long time. I too was afraid of losing you if I tried to take us to this level.”

Doug then moved his hands off Kara’s butt and up to her lower back. Kara looked over her shoulder and down. Doug, seeing this, asked, “What’s wrong?” Kara turned back to Doug and smiled before moving her hands to behind her back, grabbing a gentle hold of Doug’s wrists and moving his hands back down to her butt. Kara smiled and sweetly said, “These belong here from now on.” Doug smiled and chuckled slightly. After a few more moments of the two new lovers holding each other, Doug asked, “Do you…want to get out of here?” Kara liked the idea a lot, “Yes. My mom is visiting my aunt this weekend. So we have the house to ourselves.” Doug’s pants were tight in the front from all the making out but now his penis was practically bursting through at the thought of the possibilities. Kara felt this as his penis pressed against her most intimate area smiled before sultry whispering into Doug’s ear, “I see someone is liking the idea. Don’t worry I’ll take care of that when we get back to my house.” Pulling away she then said, “But first I need to use the bathroom.” Doug collected himself, “Right. I’ll go start the truck up. She might need to warm up a little. Though I don’t.” Kara smiled, shook her head slightly and chuckled before giving him a kiss on the cheek before retreating into the house.

Doug headed for the truck with a purpose, going around the house instead of through, mostly due to the tenting of his pants and partly because he didn’t want to lose the moment or momentum the two new love birds had. When he got to the truck he quickly jumped in and tried to start it, but it wouldn’t turn over. Seeing the prospects of getting laid tonight fading with every unsuccessful turn of the key he gave up and popped the hood. Taking his phone out of his pocket he gave it a shake and the flashlight came on before he stuck his head into the engine area to start to figure out what was wrong with the old truck. As Doug tried to fix his truck Kara found a bathroom and got in line. There were only two girls in front of her so it could take a while. Taking out her phone she passed the time by looking through the many photos she and Doug had taken with each other over the years they’ve known one another, looking back at the memories brought a smile to her face. Her stomach filled with butterflies thinking how much she loved the young man she shared her life with on Earth to this point and the prospects of giving their bodies to each other fully and completely, something she’s wanted for a long time now.


Tomas was inserting the power source for his robot into place. His contact came through for him earlier in the evening. Giddy with excitement he connected the cables and harness to the power source. Hopping down from the step ladder he was on he quickly moved to his computer that was connected to the robot.

Entering in a few commands he waited with bated breath after he hit the enter key. The computer sent a command to the robot and to his excitement his robot started to come to life and power up. He jumped in the air and pumped his fists in the air. Elated, “YES! I shall have my revenge on Superman! HAHAHA!” Turning his attention back to his computer he started to enter in a few commands for the system to run a diagnostic of the robot and the systems to make sure everything was working correctly. As the system checked the robot Tomas contemplated his next move.

Looking over the various images he had hung on the wall of the man of steel, all of which were defaced in some manner, he thought about what he was going to do to the man once his robot was ready. “I will have my revenge man of steel. But first a test is needed. Yes, a test. And if it draws you out all the better. But what shall I test the mechanism of your demise?” He pondered for a few moments until he could hear the faint sound of music in the distance but nearby. It was then that he realized, “Kelley’s party! My ignorant classmates were talking about it during class today. Yes, drunken teenagers. I perfect test if I do say so myself.” His attention was drawn to his computer when it dinged. Looking over the results of the diagnostics Tomas’s smiled from ear to ear. “It is time!”

Disconnecting his computer from the robot he quickly made his way to the rear of the robot. After opening a small hatch and pressing the button inside, a bigger hatch opened before him. Closing the small hatch, he moved the step ladder so that he could enter the robot. Once he was settled in, he turned and pulled the big hatch closed behind him. Moving a latch, he secured it closed. Grabbing hold of two joysticks he tested his robot. After a few failed attempts he got the hang of the controls and busted through the garage door, squealing in amusement and delight he controlled his robot, directing it to the party happening next door at Kelley’s house.

The party had spilled out of the house to other parts of the property. Party goers were in small groups out front of the house when Doug finally was able to get his truck started. Closing the hood, he looked towards the house for any sign of Kara. Not seeing her he thought there must have been a line at the bathroom. He would give her a few minutes and then try to find her. But he didn’t want to shut the truck down just in case he has a hard time restarting it later. So, in the meantime Doug found a rag behind his seat and started to clean up his hands as he sat in the cab of the truck.

What Doug didn’t notice was a giant metal robot charging at a high rate of speed for its size, right for him in his truck. Looking to his left he saw light flicker off the metal skin of the robot just before it collided with the drive side of the truck causing the truck with Doug inside to flip a few times before the truck landed on its roof. Doug on the inside of the truck had dove down to the floor of the truck, his head landing on Kara’s backpack, when the robot made impact with the side of his truck. As the truck flipped Doug bounced around on the inside, his legs hitting the steering wheel while the back of his head hit the bottom of his dashboard where the glove compartment is. Once the truck landed on its roof Doug was knocked unconscious.

The party goers outside in the front yard saw the robot and the truck flip in the air, once those events processed, they screamed and started to scatter in different directions away from the robot. People on the inside of the house started to panic once word spread of what was going on outside and left the house out the back.

Kara was washing her hands in the bathroom she had been waiting to use when she heard the screams. Drying her hands, she exited to see droves of people running pass her heading for the rear of the house. While everyone ran from danger, she made her way to the front of the house and onto the front porch. She saw the front yard empty of people with the exception of a giant metal robot flipping cars. Needing to change into her costume she looked for Doug’s truck.

Her eyes fell upon Doug's truck that was upside down resting on its roof. Taking her glasses off she used her x-ray vision to look inside the truck to find Doug’s body inside the wreckage. “NO!” she screamed before using her speed to get to the truck in less than a blink of an eye. She grabbed hold of the passage side door and pulled it clear of the truck with little effort and resistance. Getting on her knees she made sure Doug wasn’t trapped by anything before pulling him from the truck. Pulling him up she cradled him with his head resting on her breasts as she started to cry. “No please, no!” she said through tears. Looking down at his body she checked his heart, was still beating, his lungs, still working.

She leaned down and kissed his forehead before laying him down on the ground gently. Pulling her backpack from the truck she pulled her costume out before using it as a pillow for Doug’s head. While clenching her costume in one hand she placed the other gently on Doug’s chest, “Rest here Doug. I’ll be right back.” Turning her attention to the robot, the clear culprit for Doug’s injuries, her eyes started to glow bright red.

Tomas had moved on from Doug’s truck and was causing havoc elsewhere nearby. He had destroyed more vehicles, much to his enjoyment, as he made his way to the front of the house. As he raised the left foot of the robot to step onto the porch, he felt a violent jerk as he was thrown away from the house into the air. Inside the robot the control systems were warning him, with beeping and red lights flashing, as the machine had taken damage from the attack once it landed back to Earth some ways from the house in an open field. While on his back Tomas tried to assess the situation, “What happened!?” Before he could get his bearings, an unknown force pulled him from the same left leg and lifted him off the ground. He gained altitude for a few moments before the unknown force spun him and flung him in an unknown direction. After a few moments of air, he crashed to the ground on his front this time.

Red lights and beeping were going off inside the robot as Tomas pushed off the ground to right the machine. Once on his feet he looked over his systems to see his robot did receive more damage from the impact with the ground. “Alright, whoever you are, face me!” Not seeing anyone in front of him he turned around.

Before him some ten feet away a figure floating some ten feet off the ground. With the moon light to her back the light from the moon reflected off her golden blonde hairs as it danced in the breeze that swept across her. A red cape danced as well, ever so often revealing a silhouette of a fit woman dressed in blue with a short red skirt. Her fists balled up holding firm out from her sides and her eyes glowed a bright menacing red.

A smile appeared on his face as he realized who had caught him off guard, “Oh. Why isn’t the girl of steel, Supergirl.” With her fists on her hips and eyes glowing red she demanded, “Stand down! Or I am going to make you!” Anger and hatred coursed throughout her body, whomever was in the robot before her had hurt her best friend, the one person who meant the most to her and now she was looking for payback. Her anger turned to shock when she took a peek inside the robot, “Tomas?”

Tomas responded in a confident tone, “I don’t intend on standing down Supergirl.” A little part of her was glad he wasn’t going to comply, she only plans to rough him up, a little payback for hurting Doug. She landed gently and walked with a purpose towards Tomas. The wind caught her hair and cape as she walked making both flutter slightly. When she had closed the gap to about six feet Tomas pressed a button and a hatch fell open on the side facing Kara.

Overcome with pain Kara stopped in her tracks. Holding her stomach, she retreated and fell backwards onto her butt. She had closed her eyes when the pain hit her but when she opened them again and looked to Tomas and the source of her pain, immediately recognized the glowing rock of green Kryptonite. Tomas revealed in the pain he was causing Kara, “What’s the matter, Supergirl? Not feeling so well?” She was still holding her midsection with one hand and protesting his advancement with the other. “Don’t want me to come closer? Too bad.” He took two steps forward and swung his large fisted right hand striking Kara across the face. Followed quickly by an upper cut from his left fist.

The first strike stunned her but the second completely rocked her as it sent her flying back some 20 feet with her landing on her back before sliding another five feet. As she tried to get to her feet Tomas made his advance on her. “Time to test the big gun!” Tomas exclaimed as he entered in a few commands into the small console in front of him inside the robot. He squared himself up pointing the green Kryptonite towards Kara. By this time, she had gotten to one knee and was about to stand up.

The chest of the robot started to hum as it started to charge a weapon. Using a sight inside the robot Tomas lined the crosshairs up with Kara. After a few moments the system chimed telling Tomas the charge was ready. “Tell me Supergirl, how does this feel!” he exclaimed with glee as he triggered the release of the built up energy in his chest. Out of the robot’s chest shot a large thick beam of green energy, striking Kara square in the chest. The blast sent her flying back some 50 or so feet into the forest tree line behind her. She would have gone further if it weren’t for the trees slowing her down as she was knocked through several on her way to the ground.

Kara was still alive and still conscious, at least for now. That would most certainly change if she were to be hit again by another blast of the green Kryptonite beam. Tomas was over the moon with elation at how well his robot had worked and how easy it was to take down the girl of steel. As he walked towards the injured heroine, he charged his Kryptonite beam once more, intending to fire a kill shot to end Kara once and for all.

As he approached the tree line something in the robot went wrong. The systems inside the robot started to spout alerts and flashed red lights. The charge containment system had failed, and the system didn’t have a fail safe to discharge to prevent damage to the robot. Inside Tomas started to panic, “No, no! I am so close to victory, don’t you fail me!” No amount of threats or begging was stopping the robot’s systems from overloading. In his panic he turned and started back for his garage, distancing himself from Kara. As he moved away Kara started to recover, though slowly.

As systems in the robot began to fail,causing him to lose his balance and the robot fell forward. When the robot’s systems couldn’t hold the charge anymore a moment later it exploded out the front causing the robot with Tomas still inside to flip end over end several times before landing on its front side. Tomas was nearly knocked out by the detonation but luckily for him he had built up the inside area where he controls the robot to take a beating in case of a situation like this occurred. He only suffered a few facial contusions while his hearing was unavailable as all he could hear was a consistent ringing.

Kara’s strength and other abilities were returning when she made it to her feet only after Tomas had crashed back to earth. Making her way to the robot she found the hatch where Tomas had gotten into the machine. Digging her hands into the metal she pulled. It resisted at first, but she applied more strength and pulled it clear off the robot. It took more strength than it should have, telling her that she wasn’t up to full power and might not be for a while seeing there wasn’t much in the way of sunlight currently available to recharge her Kryptonian cells. Reaching into the robot she pulled Tomas up and out of the machine.

Holding him by the collar of his shirt, Tomas was still dazed from the explosion and offered no resistance, she then floated up slightly before grabbing hold of the robot and floated up higher into the air. Flying slowly, mostly to conserve what energy she had left, she made her way back to Kelley’s house. As she got closer, she could see flashing lights and several emergency response vehicles at the front of the house assessing the situation and helping those who were traumatized or hurt by Tomas and his robot.

Dropping the robot nearby, it made a large crash when it struck the Earth. She then floated down near a few local police officers and placed Tomas on the ground gently before landing herself, “This man and his robot over there are the cause of all this officers.” She told the police as she looked down on Tomas with her fists on her hips. “Thank you Supergirl. Some of the young people who stuck around told us about a big metal robot, but didn't think it was true to be honest.” Said the officer looking over at Tomas before getting one of his fellow officers to pick Tomas up off the ground. Tomas mumbled something incoherently as he was picked up, “I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for that damn Supergirl.” The officers dragged him off to first get checked out by EMS before bringing him to the local police station.

Kara looked around before finding Doug’s truck. She looked but didn’t see Doug laying on the ground where she had left him. Asking the officer out of curiosity and concern, “Excuse me officer, did anyone get seriously hurt?” Turning back to Kara the officer answered, “Yeah, we sent them to St. Mary’s Hospital.” Nodding her thanks, she stepped away. Looking around at the destruction done by Tomas she would usually stick around to help clean up, but she really wanted to see Doug to make sure he was okay.

Going by Doug’s truck she bent down and picked up her backpack that was used as a pillow. Looking around she saw no one was paying her any attention. Lifting off the ground she gained altitude before heading for the hospital. Taking out her cell phone she called Doug’s parents to let them know about what happened at the party and that Doug was at the hospital. His parents were heading out the door when she hung up with them. After flying for a short while she landed in an area out of the way and prying eyes and quickly changed back into her dress, stashing away her costume in the backpack, tying her hair back and fixing her glasses. She had packed a light coat as well, slipping it on as she entered the hospital.

Walking up to the counter she found where Doug was being roomed at and headed there. Getting to his room a short time later she waited at the door as a nurse was checking on Doug. Laying in the bed with lines coming out of his arms she couldn’t help but feel guilty and sad. She questioned her abilities, her choices. What if she didn’t go to the bathroom, she would have been able to stop Tomas from attacking Doug in the first place, at the cost of her secret identity but Doug was worth it in her eyes, in her mind, and most importantly in her heart. She couldn’t help but cry as the man she loves was hurting and she was powerless to help him. At this point she could only comfort him.

Her trance was broken when the nurse checking up on Doug came up to Kara and asked her a question. Kara was lost in her thoughts and emotions to hear, “I am sorry?” The nurse repeated her question, “I am sorry only family can see him right now. Are you his sister?” Kara started to shake her head no when a voice behind the nurse said, “No, she’s my girlfriend. Please let her in.” Kara wiped the tears from her eyes as she blushed at the thought that she was his girlfriend, a title she greatly wanted. The nurse exited the room and Kara stepped in and slowly walked up to Doug.

Doug’s head was wrapped in a bandage along with parts of his legs. He smiled wide and up to Kara as he raised his hand. Smiling faintly down at him trying to hold back more tears from falling she took hold of his hand. Bringing their hands up to his face he gently kissed her hand before placing his other hand overtop of it. “Did I tell you, you look beautiful tonight?” Doug asked with a smile. Smiling and giggling slightly, “Yes. Yes, you did.” Seeing a chair nearby Kara reached over and pulled it close. As Kara looked to sit down next to the bed Doug asked, “Before you sit, could you…kiss me?” That was a request she very much would absolutely fulfill. While gently cupping his face she bent down and kissed him gently and fully on his lips. Bringing his hand up to the back of her head he didn’t let Kara pull away until he was satisfied, which was fine by her as she would gladly kiss him for as long as he wanted.

After several long moments the two love birds broke off their kiss. Doug and Kara stared lovely into each other’s eyes as she settled down into the chair she had pulled up for herself. From the doorway a deep voice said, “Well it’s about time you two got together.” Doug and Kara turned to the doorway to see Doug’s parents standing there giving the two a moment to each other. Doug’s father held his mother while she had her hand on his chest both smiling towards the couple. They then entered the room and came up to the other side of the bed. Doug’s mother asked how he was feeling, and his father asked if he could get him anything.

Doug took hold of Kara’s hand again before reassuring his parents he was okay, all things considered. He then went into detail what happened up to the point where he could remember, he left out the part where he and Kara made out on the deck and their plans for when they got to her house. Turning to Kara, Doug wondered and asked, “Kara, if you didn’t ride in the ambulance with me, how did you get here?” Smiling to him, she said, “I’ll explain it to you later. I am here now, and I am not leaving anytime soon.” That made Doug’s heart soar as he lovingly squeezed her hand.


We find Tomas sitting in a police holding cell. He has a bandage or two on his forehead from the cuts sustained when his robot exploded causing it to fly in the air before crashing into the ground after his conformation with the girl of steel. He sat there with his chin in his hand thinking about what could have gone wrong that caused the overload and about upgrades he was going to make to his second robot if he gets a chance to, that is. Lost in thought Tomas didn’t see a figure approach the cell.

A well dressed man whose face was obscured by shadow stood at the entrance to the cell holding Tomas. He addressed the defeated young man, “That was quite the impressive machine you’ve constructed young man.” Tomas looked up to the voice but couldn’t make out a face thanks to the shadow, “Yeah well, what’s it to you?” The man reached into his jacket and pulled out a business card, “I could use a young mind like yours in my organization. When you get out of here in a few hours, give me a call. I think the opportunity I can give you will be to your liking.” He then extended his hand offering up the card.

Tomas reached up and took the card. As he pulled it in close to read it the man turned and left. Looking up Tomas saw the man leave before looking down at the card. Reading it out loud he said, “Lex Luthor. LexCorp.” Looking up from the card to see if the man had come back but he was gone. Tomas sat back against the brick wall as a smile appeared on his face.

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