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Back to College!

Written by Robo :: [Saturday, 14 October 2023 09:51] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 31 October 2023 08:52]

The girl floated above the college, the light breeze gently playing with her long blonde hair. She wasn’t exactly sure why she was here on this first day of the new school year. Perhaps it was because she had always been told to finish college, find a good job, and start a career. You know, the usual. Or perhaps she had returned because of the memories of this place. And of her past self.

The past few months had been… interesting to say the least. Ever since she had entered the hot spring shortly after their summer break had started, she had been different. She still didn’t know exactly what, and how it happened, but going into that hot water had transformed her, and improved her in every way possible.

She was nothing short of a goddess now.

Absentmindedly staring at the people entering the university down below she thought back about what she had used to be. A shy, mousy, nerdy brunette. Utterly unremarkable to the world, ignored or mocked by everyone around her. A very mundane girl with very few redeeming or exceptional qualities to speak of. How different it was now. Shortly after her transformation she found herself in the public’s spotlight. After these past few months everyone knew about her: the mysterious gorgeous girl that saved millions, frozen erupting volcanoes with her breath alone, ripped mountains from the ground with ease, subdued entire militaries effortlessly, destroyed approaching asteroids with her eyes alone: she was an unstoppable power.

So then why was she, in all her exceptionality, looking down upon the college where had spent the last three grueling years? She obviously didn’t need college for success. She was the very embodiment of success and accomplishment, with her newfound fame eclipsing that of any movie star, model or politician. So perhaps it was the normality of it all that appealed to her: a throwback to her previous self, a way to fix mistakes and perhaps even prove to herself that she had moved past it all.

With this in mind she floated towards the entrance.

There were gasps of shock and admiration as the people walking around spotted her. She used to hate people staring at her, always thinking that every look and glance was made in silent judgement or even disgust. But not anymore. Nowadays she understood and appreciated the simple fact that it was hard for people not to stare at her. Sexy, impossibly long legs led to sensually shaped hips and heart shaped behind, covered by jean shorts that only emphasized its perfect, sensual shape. An impossibly tight stomach, showing ever so slight definition of abdominal muscles. Two large, perky, gravity defying breasts, each of them bigger than her head, adorned her upper body, which completed an awe-inspiring hourglass figure. Her white top desperately tried to contain their bouncing as she stopped her descent. She didn’t actually bother to land despite wearing heels, instead opting to hover just a few inches above the ground. Ever since she had ascended her feet had barely touched the ground.

But all of this pale in comparison to her most striking feature. Her face: a sharp chin, strong cheekbones and bright blue eyes gave her an sensual yet intimidating look. It was funny how every person she laid eyes on almost seemed to stop breathing in admiration. Looking around the square and entrance to the college she recognized many of them, yet none suspected that this idol of startling perfection was once Lucie: the misfit of Willow Park college. She heard the slight whispers from the crowd with ease:

“Ooh my god! It’s her”
“What is she doing here?”
“Are we in danger?”
“She’s gorgeous!”

She felt little need to explain her sudden appearance here. Instead she just floated through the door and ignoring the gasps and admiring sighs of the people spotting her she glided towards the administration office. She approached the desk where a woman was handing out class schedules, people stepping out of her way in amazed respect. The woman looked up at her with a slack jaw, having to tilt her head upwards quite far despite standing. Even if Lucie wasn’t floating she’d still tower nearly a feet over this woman. It remained silent for a solid 20 seconds as she patiently smiled at the women trying to make sense of the perfect visage that had appeared in front of her. Lucie had gotten rather used to this, here mere presence was often enough to take people’s breath away. But she knew that in time they’d process it. Eventually the woman gasped as her breathing had stopped in admiration the moment Lucie appeared and in an awkward voice asked: “C-can I help you? “.

“Can I have the schedule for Lucie Webb please?“. It took the woman another 20 seconds to shake herself from her stupor and suddenly turn around with a jerk, presenting her schedule to her in a near venerating way. Lucie’s eyes quickly scanned over the paper, seeing her first class was chemistry starting in just a few minutes. It was at this point that she heard a meek voice break the adoring silence behind her.

“L-Lucie? Is that you?”

She turned around to instantly feel a stab of anger. She knew the girl who uttered the words very, very well. Already wearing her cheerleader outfit and flanked on one side by one of her bitchy friends, and on the other side by some jock from the football team, this was unmistakably Macey. One of the prime reasons of these past three years being so grueling. The memories of her flooded Lucie’s mind, the snarky remarks, the constant bullying and even physical abuse. Lucie barely held back the desire to simply grab the girl and rip her in half without the slightest effort.

Instead she floated towards her and extending her hand firmly grabbed Macey’s chin, lifting her up and bringing her level with her face. The admiration in Macey’s face was mixed with an ever so slight bit of fear now, as the memories of the torture she had inflicted on Lucie came back to her. Lucie looked deep into her eyes. She was amazed at how little resistance Macey gave as she explored every corner of her mind.

What she found was so amazingly ironic that she couldn’t help but chuckle a little. Macey adored her. Or well, she adored the mysterious goddess that had appeared just a few months back. Lucie was not just Macey’s biggest source of inspiration, she was her desire, her hope, her everything. Lucie’s eyes flickered towards Macey’s house, her vision penetrating every wall, hill and obstacle between here and Macey’s room. Posters of Lucie adorned her walls, a figurine of her placed in an almost adoring way on her desk. Her diary spoke of how amazing Lucie was, her laptop filled with pictures of her, her phone crammed with erotic fan fiction of her.

“Ooh, is that how it is?”. Macey looked at her in slight confusion. Lucie drank in the moment. The girl that had tormented her for years now was one of her biggest fans, and she didn’t even know it was her! She moved Macey’s face closer to hers, she could hear her heart racing as she locked her eyes into hers with a look of desire. “What do you want most Macey?”. Each word was dripping with honey, she could feel Macey quiver. She gasped, trying to answer several times through the thick fog of yearning that filled her brain, before finally uttering “Y-you..”.

“And what’s my name Macey?” Lucie could feel her tense up, she felt how embarrassed she was, how vulnerable, how utterly naked to her. But she also felt her lust, which was far stronger than the former. “Lucie..”. Lucie brought her lips to hers, giving her a long, sensual kiss. Mayce’s mind was stripped away as her body jerked with orgasmic pleasure. There was only endless pleasure as this visage of perfection brought her to her peak again and again with a simple kiss. Eventually her body spasmed in one final, excruciating orgasm, to then fall unconscious.

Lucie had known many partners ever since she had transformed, she had played out every sexual fantasy she could imagine with whoever she pleased. Porn stars, models, sometimes even just random hot men or women she saw on the street. Very few people were capable, let alone even willing to resist her impossible beauty. But never did she have this much satisfaction from a girl. She had utterly stripped away any shame, doubts or inhibition from Macey’s mind. She had made an impression on her that changed her very being. She was nothing anymore except for her devoted lover. All with a single kiss.

It felt amazing.

She looked around the silent lobby to find eyes filled with cravings focused on her, revering her. Nearly everyone was on the edge of orgasmic eruption even though none of them were the subject of her attention. Lucie had no wish to give them any consideration though, she wasn’t here to play around with some horny college students. They weren’t even remotely worthy of it. She broke the silence with a cheerful voice: “Well let’s not be late for class!”. She could feel the disappointment spread like a wave through her yearning admirers. Then proceeded to glide past them towards the classroom.

It had taken Mr. Barker, the chemistry teacher, several tries to start his lesson for today as his eyes were constantly drawn to the near angelic girl sitting in the back row of the classroom. Every time they did so his voice and mind faltered, leaving him confused as to where he was in his story. He was also painfully aware that none in the classroom were paying attention to him, with everyone captivated by her otherworldly beauty instead. Though the girl hardly seemed aware of this, instead she was closely inspecting her nails with utter indifference to his attempts to teach a class.She had raised her hand when Lucie was called on the “present” list though Mr. Barker was quite confused as to how she was the same girl as the most lackluster and boring student this college had ever known.

Lucie on the other hand had gotten quite bored after the second attempt of Mr. Barker to start his lesson, and now satisfied that her nails -like any part of her- were perfect, she started scanning through the books in the library one floor below. Reading through each of them with incredible speed and understanding. They were boring books though, and honestly she felt like the three seconds she spent on reading the entire several thousand book collection were rather wasted. Though when she focused her attention back on Mr. Barker she realized he still had not gotten over her. She could almost see his heart skipped as she locked eyes with him.

Lucie realized Mr. Barker was so captivated by her that there was no way he’d start his class, so she raised her hand with a slight smile on her face. Mr. Barker was suddenly feeling very awkward. It seemed absurd that he -or anyone- would need to give permission for her to speak. She dominated the room by mere presence and it felt that she was only indulging him with the illusion that he had any sort of control or authority in the matter of whether she’d speak or not. When no response came she did indeed speak: “Mr. Barker, what are some of the strongest materials out there?”. Mr. Barker’s doubts were a little assuaged by the fact that it did sound like a sincere question, and in his answer he could rely on decades of experience in teaching chemistry, making it almost automatic.

“Well when we’re talking tensile strength, that’d be tungsten. But it’s hard to answer without knowing the application it is needed for. The hardest would be diamond for example but there are stronger materials like..”

Mr. Barker’s voice faltered as he saw how Lucie threw him a look that conveyed utter boredom. Though as he fell silent her smile returned.

“Do you have those?”.

Mr. Barker quickly produced a industrial diamond and a steel ball he often used to give his students an idea of how the materials felt from his bag. When he turned around to place them on his desk he found that Lucie had floated towards him. She grabbed the diamond out of his hand, holding it between pointer finger and thumb, inspecting it carefully by holding it close to her eyes. “Wow, is this a real diamond?”. “Well.. an industrial one, so not natural” Mr. Barker stuttered. Lucie held the diamond out in front of her with outstretched arm, a few inches from Mr. Barker’s face. Without her smile changing she squeezed ever so slightly, the diamond instantly shattering into dust and shards, raining down on the ground.

“Hmm, doesn’t seem that strong!”. Mr. Barker realized she was just playing with him. She didn’t care for chemistry or anything of the sort. She was just toying with him, showing off her strength. He felt a little insulted by it, but he couldn’t deny it was incredibly exciting to see someone so powerful, so beautiful.

Lucie smiled as she grabbed the steel ball, it fitted comfortably in her palm. She looked at Mr. Barker’s shocked face as she started squeezing. The screeching noise of metal deforming caused everyone to cover up their ears, though as she squeezed harder and harder the metal became hotter and hotter, eventually streaming from her hand in its molten state. Mr. Barker’s face was a joy to behold as the liquid metal flowed out of her hand. Lucie flicked the last few droplets of molten metal off her hand. They sizzled and burned a hole into the desk.

“Well, that’s a little disappointing Mr. Barker! Do you think there’s anything stronger that I could have some fun with?”

Mr. Barker eyed her gorgeous face. The smile had turned slightly mocking, which pissed him off ever so slightly. Why was she doing this? Did she just want to ruin his class? He looked around his classroom, to find everyone still entranced by Lucie. Perhaps against better judgement he was suddenly feeling a little insulted again. And he blurted the words out before careful consideration: “What, just so you can break that as well?”

“Hmm..?”. Lucie raised her eyebrows. She could see the realization of what Mr. Barker just said hit. A mask of fear spreading over his face. It had actually been a genuine question, as she was truly curious if there was anything that could challenge her strength. Though she admitted it might’ve come out slightly arrogant. “You have a problem with me breaking stuff Mr. Barker?”. He considered what she had just done to a industrial grade diamond, and tried to imagine what she could do to him. He shook the idea from his head and answered meekly: “N-no.. that’s not what I meant..”.

Lucie suddenly remembered how Mr. Barker had failed her on some stupid question on the exam last year. She realized he had been right, she did mess up those questions. But she felt some humility might suit him very well. She suddenly grabbed his arm, lifting him off the ground and squeezing ever so slightly. He cried out in shock and surprise as he dangled in the air. “Really, so you’re fine with me breaking this?” she squeezed slightly harder, a yelp of pain escaping his throat. Mr. Barker tried to grab her hand and pull it away from his arm, only to realize that which he already knew: he couldn’t move her arm a millimeter even if he were a million times stronger. “N-no.. please”.

“So you’re not fine with me breaking stuff? This is very confusing Mr. Barker.”. Mr. Barker looked into her mocking eyes hopelessly. He felt as if any answer would be wrong. Desperately searching for words. But before he could answer she posed him a different question: “Do you feel as if you can decide what I can and can’t break Mr. Barker?”. “N-no” he answered with fear in his mind. “And why can’t you do that Mr. Barker?”. The mocking tone revealed all she wanted, and Mr. Barker was happy to yield to her considering his current predicament. “Cause you’re stronger than me.. than anyone!”. Lucie suddenly threw him to the ground, placing her heeled foot on his head, pushing ever so slightly, though to Mr. Barker it felt as if his head was about to explode. “And what does that make me Mr. Barker?”. She wanted to break him, to get him to admit he was nothing to her. She didn’t even know why exactly. Just the sight of her old teacher brought back so many memories of this place. She wanted to know that they had no hold on her anymore. “Our goddess..” groaned Mr. Barker.

“As if a goddess needs a worshipper like you..”. Her cold voice terrified Mr. Barker, though the foot was lifted from his head. “You have fun with your lesson Mr. Barker, I feel there’s very little you can teach me these days!”. With these words Lucie flew out of the classroom.

Lucie did feel a little bad of what she had done, as she was hovering in the air on the sports field. It seems this college was definitely bringing out some darker impulses. She thought back on all the good she did over these past few months. The admiration and gratitude that people gave her. But she was painfully aware that she had never experienced those feelings before she had transformed. Thinking back about how she used to be just filled her with shame and anger! She had never stood up for herself, never showed any strength, hell she wasn’t even good at anything in college despite being seen as a nerdy girl! It was such a world of difference with what she was now, it was almost incomprehensible even for her!

She heard the bell ring as students filled the hallways on their way to their next classes. She had gym class next. Once again the memories flooded over her. She hated gym class. It was sweaty, tiring, and she had never been any good at it. She had always felt terribly self-conscious about the fact she was always picked last or ended in last place.

Ooh how different it’d be now though! Lucie floated towards the field where her classmates were gathering. She saw Mr. Dakie’s shocked faced as she joined the row of students. He was by any definition a gym teacher: pudgy, whistle around his neck, balding and with the stamina of a pensioner. It took him some time to collect himself. And even as he finally managed to stop staring at her she could easily see that whenever she turned her eyes away he would gawk at her with lustful desire.

He then blew his whistle -god how she hated that whistle- to get everyone’s attention. He shuffled awkwardly on his feet as no one gave him this attention, Lucie still being the center of attention instead. She was fully aware it was hard for people to ignore her and she generally had no trouble being the focus of everyone around her. But she did grew a little weary of nothing happening so spoke with a rather commanding voice: “How about we get this class started?”. Everyone cringed away a little, shifting their attention to the teacher.

Soon all students were lined up ready for the warmup which would be running a lap around the track. Lucie thought back about how she used to hate this, she could rarely keep up with her classmates and was drenched in sweat by the time she had completed the 2400 meter lap. But it felt so different this time. Her muscles tensed as she heard Mr. Dakie shout: “Ready? Go!”.

Lucie instantly shot away at unimaginable speed. There would have been a massive dust cloud behind her, but by the time even the first few dust particles left the ground they were pressed back down by Lucie passing by again, and again, and again. Lucie had run over a hundred laps when she realized that none of the other students had even started moving. She stopped and watched carefully: she was moving so fast that she had ran over 240 kilometers in the time it took her fellow students to register that Mr. Dakie had shot his starting gun. Lucie had honestly never really bothered to check how fast she was ever since she was transformed. She always got everywhere in time, seemingly hitting the right speeds that were required for her heroics without issue. But it now dawned on her just how much faster she was than any normal human.

It was mind boggling.

The world seemed almost frozen. It took even her considerable effort to see the miniscule movement of the students, the trees and the animals. She launched herself into space, circling the earth several times at impossible speed only to find time had barely progressed as she returned. She focused on the gun Mr. Dakie was holding. Despite incessant threats from the school board that he would be fired he still used rubber bullets in his signal gun. It was just one of those things that made him feel tough. The bullet had moved mere millimeters at best. Lucie relaxed a bit and slowly saw the bullet speed up and movement return to the world around her. She could follow the bullet with her eyes easily, and when it had left the barrel she focused again, seeing the world come to an absolute standstill once more.

She wondered, if the world was absolutely still right now, could it go even slower than this? As in.. backwards? She focused on the bullet, willing it back into the barrel with all her power. She felt a tremendous strain on her body and mind. Sweat was starting to bead on her forehead and she breathed heavily. She had never felt this much resistance ever since she transformed. It was just a simple bullet! Why was this so hard? She pushed even harder, gasping for air, exhaustion spreading through her body. And then, ever so slowly, the bullet started moving backwards the way it came. Lucie felt her strength draining as her mind raced to figure out why this was so hard. Her eyes flickered, searching for an explanation.

And then it hit her. She wasn’t just forcing the bullet back in time, she was forcing everything back in time. Not just the students, the dust particles and the trees, literally everything. She was forcing hundreds of billions of galaxies to turn in the other direction, she was forcing untold billions of black holes to spew out the matter they had just claimed. She forced a trillion planets and stars to fly back the way they came. It was an unimaginable feat of power that challenged her to her very limit. The force of the entire universe working against her will bested her in the end as she fell to her knees. Time returned to its regular flow as she took in big gasps of air, her body sore and drained.

She could hardly believe what she had just done herself. She felt her strength return to as she picked herself up and casually jogged past her classmates, completing several dozen leisurely laps around the track before the rest of them had finished. By this time it had fully dawned on her. She was incomparable to well.. anything! To see herself in a human framework was useless! Humanity had no way to describe her power.

She had never expected her return to her college to be so revealing. She had thoroughly enjoyed these past three months, saving people, being admired, testing her newfound strength a bit and experiencing (and giving) lots and lots of pleasure. But the extent of her powers had only now truly started dawning on her. She wasn’t that Lucie from the past anymore: that boring, ugly, nerdy brunette that wasn’t even a fleck of dust compared to what she was now.

The next part of the class was baseball. She enjoyed herself a bit by carefully studying every individual muscle fiber tensing and relaxing in the student’s bodies as they hit and threw and ran. She knew her eyesight was amazing, but honestly had never paused yet to really appreciate just in how much detail she could see everything. If she focused she could even see the individual atoms that made up everything and how they interacted. It was a rather entrancing sight, and she was a little surprised when she felt a tap on her arm, signifying she was up for batting.

As she stood ready with the bat in her hands memories once again flooded over her. How she had cried when she had missed the ball and fell over, taunted and laughed at by the entire class, even Mr. Dakie. It made her so angry! She wasn’t that weak girl anymore! That Lucie didn’t exist anymore! She was a goddess now, with power beyond what they could possibly imagine! So why did those stupid memories keep swirling around her brain?

She saw the ball being thrown, following it with her eyes with ease. She swung her bat backwards, and in her anger from those memories struck far, far harder than she had intended. Striking would even be the wrong word. The metal bat had molten into a liquid jet of hissing metal that dropped to the ground before it even reached the ball, starting some small fires in the grass. The shockwave that followed however was enough to utterly disintegrate the ball. And as it traveled further and further over the field everything in its path was swept away. The students flew through the air as the shockwave hit the tree line and city across the field. Carving a path of destruction through dozens of buildings, utterly shattering everything and everyone in its way. The ground rumbled and the distant beeping of car alarms were overwhelmed by the sound of breaking concrete and the thunderous collapsing of entire high rise buildings.

Lucie dropped what little remained of the bat to the ground as she stared with open mouth at the destruction she had wrought. She could hear the distant screams now of people stuck beneath rubble, their confused wailing at what had just happened. She turned around and was met with terrified faces looking at her in horror. She looked down to the licking flames that were spreading from the hot metal of what previously had been a bat. What had she done..

But was it really her that had done this? It wasn’t her anger that had caused this, it was that of old Lucie, the one from before this last summer holiday. The one who had a reason to be angry at the abuse she suffered for years on end. And this anger was caused by the students of this college, who had tortured and bullied her! Lucie flew up into the air. She knew what had to be done. The Lucie that she used to be no longer existed. She had to be reduced to a fleeting memory of a dark past, one that had no hold over her anymore. One that could no longer bring her to do something so terrible. But all these people knew that Lucie. They were a living reminder of her existence.

And so they had to be erased.

Her eyes glowed brightly as she looked out over the college and the city. Two roaring red beams of pure energy erupted from them, scorching and burning the land and everything on it. The people there had little time to cry out as they were instantly disintegrated by lasers hotter than the sun. Lucie flew over the college and city, burning down everything in a terrifying display of destructive power. When she had was finally sure that there was nothing and nobody left in the hellscape that she had created she turned away from it, and flew off into the distance.

Mayce’s body jerked in ecstatic pleasure again and again. Lucie shoved her fingers into her wet, warm slit at incredible speed while pressing her lips tightly to Mayce’s. Mayce cried out in euphoric screaming as the orgasms she had were unyielding and unstoppable. Lucie pulled away, leaving the girl to twitch in exquisite afterglow. She looked at Macey’s spent body, taking in the little gasps of pleasure that were still forced out of her. She grabbed her head, guiding it towards her own loins. The moment she got close she started licking and sucking automatically. Sending shivers of satisfaction down Lucie’s spine. It had been a fun little project to turn Mayce into her perfect lover, a process she had eagerly embraced. And perhaps it was a bit ironic that specifically this girl was the last link to her past. Though Mayce wasn’t what she was back than anymore. She was now nothing but her faithful toy of pleasure. A slight pang of guilt shot through Lucie’s heart as she thought back to what she had done to those people from her past..

But then again, that guilt belonged to a girl that no longer existed..

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