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The Chosen One

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Author's Note: This story is kinda of a "MarkNew's Super One Meets NBC's Chuck" and an homage (note the title) to MarkNew's Super One. Special thanks to MarkNew for the inspiration as well as some keen editting and idea exchanging during the drafting of this. Also to note that this story is written for the Supervillainess Workshop (1.12) and, as such, gets a little nastier than my normal stories. You've been warned!

8:46am May 1st, 2007

"You are Dark Phoenix! A prime example of emotional extremes: Passion and fury incarnate."

Hannah smiled as she read the results of her "What Supervillainess Are You?" quiz on Facebook seemingly content with the results as well as the fact that she had been at work now for 43 mins and had not done actually anything that could be interpreted at work.

"Hannah, the water guy is here…" a meek voice said, followed by the sight of a young woman peeking through Hannah's cracked office door.

Janine Sanders was the newest receptionist at the gym – the fifth in as many months. It was apparent that 'short, mousy and quiet' was the ideal formula for the position that Hannah seemed to always be trying to fill. Each of Janine's four predecessors had lasted no longer than 6 weeks – Beatrice D'Atly surviving only till her first lunch break – before buckling to what could only be described as Hannah's tyrannical treatment of them. Janine, now entering week number three, had just begun to show signs of cracks in her foundation which were now being tested even more.

"Janine, do you know how it works?" Hannah asked the young woman.

"The water dispenser? On yeah, the guy brings the bottl—"

"Knocking!!" interrupted Hannah in a stern tone which invoked a confused, quizzical look from Janine. "Knocking! Do you know how it works? Because I really think you have it backwards! See? You knock first… " Hannah sarcastically chided the young woman as she rapped on her desk with her knuckles. "Then when I say, 'Yes?' then you open the door and ask the question. Not the other way around!! Got it?!?"

Janine felt her face go flush as she struggled to hold back tears amidst her squeaky response. "Yes, Miss Repus!"

"Good! Now go tell the water guy to bill us – like always – and then go get me the number of the temp agency!" the young office manager said in a sing-song voice.

"Yes, Ma'am!"

As the door closed slowly, a smile crept over Hannah's face as she sadistically reveled in the bullying of her young receptionist. She sighed aloud and spun her chair around to get back to her Facebook page musing that she had a fun start already to a boring morning, and it was only gonna get better in a short while!


9:56am May 1st, 2007

Hannah smiled wryly as she looked up from her Facebook page to peek through the blinds at the unmistakable sound of squealing tires. A sexy, silver Audi TT pulled into a parking spot adjacent from the front door of PowerGirls, Inc. abruptly coming to a halt. Moments later, the sound of a slamming car door cut through the still, morning air as the chestnut haired beauty behind the steering wheel emerged from the vehicle obviously harried.

"SHIT!" the woman screamed as she was jerked back by her purse strap that had inadvertently been caught in the car door. Opening the car door once again, the statuesque woman took care to keep her purse free from the jamb as she slammed the door harder the second time and began to fume as she paced rapidly across the parking lot into the lobby of PowerGirls, Inc. Hannah could only snicker to herself as she pulled her fingers back, the cheap metal blinds clanking shut once again.

"Morning, Ash!" smiled Janine Anderson, the front-desk clerk, as Ashley Nicholson entered through the glass door.

"Where is she?"

"Who are you talking about?" Janine asked with a smile, genuinely not knowing why Ashley was so pissed or who she was referring to.

"WHERE… IS… SHE?!?!" Ashley responded, emphatically smashing her hand down on the counter, a wrinkled light manila envelope in her clasped hand.

Janine looked at the envelope, and her expression became sullen as she stared up at Ashley and rolled her eyes, pointing her thumb in a hitchhiker-type motion as she mouthed "back office" to her.

"Thanks!" Ashley said as she clutched the envelope, the cellophane front crinkling as she clutched it tightly and pulled the glass door open to the main gym area.

All eyes in the gym turned to watch Ashley as she stormed purposefully across the carpeted floor towards the back office. Ashley Nicholson was quite accustomed to having people – both men and women – stare at her. In her mid-20's, Ashley was often described as 'flawless' and was the most popular personal trainer at PowerGirls and an aspiring figure competitor who had recently placed as high as 2nd in the qualifying regionals. With All-American good looks and a figure that had been spotlighted in a recent Oxygen Magazine pictorial, it was easy to see why Ashley's spinning and circuits classes were always packed with other women who aspired to have a fraction of what she had. But perhaps more impressive than her physical gifts, Ashley was renowned for her graciousness and kindness. She was always more than willing to inspire and relished helping other transform their lives and bodies. It was when she was wronged that she had an entirely different demeanor about her…

"BAM!" The door to the back office flew open and smacked solidly against the doorstop as the irate fitness instructor stood in the doorway, her blood almost boiling. As she stared across the room to the desk opposite her, the woman behind it sat back with hands behind her back, a wry smirk on her face.

"Oh hi, Ashley, I didn't hear you come in!" Hannah chirped, trying to suppress a giggle.

"Where do you get off stiffing me for THREE CLASSES this pay period?" Ashley said as she walked over to the desk and slammed her paycheck down in front of her office manager.


"Get off your high horse, I was less than 2 minutes late maybe once! Did anyone complain????"

"It's not that they did complain. It is GROUNDS for a complaint! And you know, we cannot have that here at Powergirls, Inc!" Hannah said, almost condescendingly, wagging her finger back and forth. "And besides, I have my log here… April Fourth Butts and Guts start time of 9:03… April Sixth Cycle and Circuits start of 10:02… and April ninth's Rear View class started at 9 o'clock… and 34 seconds!"

"You're friggin' nuts! 34 seconds?!?!?!"

Reaching down, Hannah grabbed another piece of paper and began reading, "Paragraph three point four. All instructors shall conduct class and training work at the scheduled times. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of commissions/instructors fees and/or dismissal" Hannah looked up with an innocent smile, "Ashley, that's YOUR signature isn't it?"

"Whatever! We'll see what's what when I talk to Mitch! He knows how much I bring in here, rather than you -- an out-of-shape, over-the-hill, petty tyrant masquerading as a failed business owner-slash-office manager!"


Hannah turned her back to the slammed office door and turned her attentions by to her daily ritual of maintaining her Facebook page. Life in cyberspace seemed so much more exciting to her of late, and with that thought, she had begun to immerse herself more and more into her online world as a sense of escape from the harsh reality of a life gone bad.

A product of the local town of Dublin, OH, Hannah Repus blossomed and matured into a beautiful young woman at an early age and parlayed those looks into a successful modeling career. Always requiring to be in top shape for her swimsuit shoots, Hannah began working out zealously, pleasantly pleased with the way her body quickly responded to the weight training. At the behest of a personal trainer at the gym where she worked out, Hannah decided to try her hand at a local fitness competition where she placed first. After that, she was hooked and realized she had found her calling.

As Hannah began to stack up local fitness and figure titles like firewood, Hannah decided to leverage her experience in the fitness world by opening up her own gym. Not having the capital needed to fund such a venture, Hannah was hooked up with Mitchell Brewmeister, a local businessman and avid weightlifter himself, by a mutual friend. The two instantly hit it off and agreed on a partnership to open a local gym called PowerGirls, Inc. – a name chosen by Hannah after seeing a comic book with the title character featured quite prominently on the front cover. Hannah would be the operating owner and Mitch would be the silent partner.

Initially, it was a resounding success as Hannah's drive and determination – as well as her meteoric rise in the fitness industry -- helped put PowerGirls, Inc. and Dublin, OH on the fitness map. However, the success of the gym became rather short-lived as a knee injury as a result of a skiing accident in Jackson Hole, Wyoming led to Hannah not being able to fulfill her duties at the gym. Without her marquee presence, the gym clientele began to tickle off initially and then leave in droves.

Faced with bankruptcy, Mitch invoked an obscure clause in the original Letters of Incorporation that let him seize control – and ownership – outright from Hannah via a tiered buyout. Despite her objections, Hannah could not legally object and was forced to accept the deal, crushing her hopes of turning PowerGirls, Inc. into a successful franchise.

Acting quickly, Mitch hired a new set of trainers and kept Hannah on as office manager, which she reluctantly accepted. However, over the next year as PowerGirls, Inc. began to flourish again with new locations popping up in Columbus, Akron, and Cleveland, Hannah became embittered, watching HER dreams of success be realized by someone else. And with that, she became more bitter and petty with each passing day, finding enjoyment only in the misery she could inflict on others. Or her Facebook page.


12:54pm May 1st, 2007

Hannah Repus pulled open the doors to PowerGirls and walked inside, slurping the remains of her Diet Coke as she walked past Janine's receptionist desk without so much as a glance.

Janine smiled coyly with her head down as Hannah, opened her office door to see a large, brawny man in her desk chair, arms folded behind his head. Ashley Nicholson, sitting in a chair with her back to the door, turned her head away from Mitch at Hannah as she entered the room and flashed a bright disingenuous smile before turning back around. A chair beside Ashley sat vacant.

"Hannah, have a seat, please!" Mitch said quietly, pointing to the chair as Hannah, for the first time began to feel uneasy.

Mitch was a burly man whose impressive physical attributes belied his keen business sense honed via an Ivy League education. Mitch knew that with his stature – he was 6'4", 255 lbs of solid muscle – came intimidation, often using it to his advantage in business dealings. His soft-spoken command for Hannah to sit was very uncharacteristic for him, and Hannah picked up on it right away. Slowly, she oozed into the chair, taking care not to look over at Ashley.

Mitch breathed a deep sigh and shook his head like a disappointed parent. "Hannah, I cannot deal with this anymore! I'm sorry, I just can't!"

"Mitch, you do not understand! I dunno what this little bimbette is telling you but—"

Slamming his hand on the desk for emphasis, Mitch quickly interrupted her.

"See? Bimbette? My God, Hannah! Do you even listen to the way you talk to others?"

Ashley sat silent, trying hard to maintain her composure and not laugh aloud. This was going all too well for the young blonde.

"But, Mitch… "

"Hannah, it's not just with Ashley here! I hear complaints all the time. My god, we've been through FIVE receptionists in FIVE months! All because of you!"

"C'mon, you can't really count Beatrice, Mitch!" Hannah protested, not realizing she was hanging herself with her own rope every passing second.

"Hannah, just stop it! When I took control of 'PGI', I kept you on staff cause I thought you'd be a good person to run things and I felt sor—"

Leaping up in her chair, Hannah's demeanor quickly changed as she saw the writing on the wall. "Don't you dare! Don't you DARE feel sorry for me! I built this gym from nothing! PowerGirls, Inc. is because of ME!"

Mitch raised his hand trying to calm Hannah down, "Hannah, PGI is—"

"Oh GOD! Will you stop fucking calling it P.G.I. ?!?! It's not just some stupid corporation!"

"It is a corporation, Hannah! When will you learn, it's a business. And like any business, people get fired. Get out, Hannah! I'm sorry!"

"Fuck you, Mitch! Fuck you, Ashley! And fuck everyone here!" screamed a sobbing Hannah as she grabbed her bag and ran out of the office and out the front door of PowerGirls, Inc.

A moment of awkward silence swept over the room for a few seconds before Ashley Nicholson crossed her legs and leaned forward smiling. "So, is her parking space up for grabs, Mitch?"

"Ashley, just gimme a break, please!" said Mitch annoyingly as he stood up and walked to the door, looking across the gym floor for any sign of Hannah. There wasn't any. She was gone.


12:34am May 3rd, 2007

Hannah's black Camry pulled it quietly behind the gym as she turned her lights off, taking care to look in both directions to see if anyone was around. No one was. Opening her door and getting out, Hannah quietly walked around the side of the building, taking care to move quietly and draw attention from anyone who might be around at this late hour.

As she walked around the front of the building, she put her hands in her sweatsuit pockets and stood silently the deserted parking lot staring up at the dimly flickering marquee sign of PowerGirls, Inc. For a moment she should entranced staring at the faded white backlight that illuminated the logo of PowerGirls, Inc., a silhouetted figure of an incredibly fit girl with her hands on her hips. Hannah smiled, remembering proudly that the silhouette was in fact her figure when she was an aspiring, up & coming fitness model. "Ahhh… happier times!" mused Hannah.

Back then, Hannah seemed to have it all – looks, money, fame, happiness!

However, a seemingly endless streak of bad luck seemed to extinguish her hopes and dreams before she could really savor the moment.

A horrific knee-injury while skiing…

Her boyfriend cheating on her…

A conniving business partner…

Hannah's fond thoughts quickly turned sour as she clenched her fist in anger. This was HER gym, not theirs! She built it, and no one was gonna reap the windfalls of her success!

Her blood practically at a simmer, Hannah looked down and spied a large rock. Reaching down and scooped it up and cocked her arm back, aiming for the dimly lit marquee.

"Now that would be a shame to damage such a lovely piece of signage!"

The voice appeared from nowhere in the deserted parking lot as Hannah whirled around to see a gaunt-looking figure walking towards her, emerging from the shadows from seemingly out of midair. Hannah watched as the man approach, his elderly features becoming more and more apparent as he crept into the light, and sighed to herself a sigh of relief. He was definitely NOT a cop! With that thought, Hannah became a bit more bold.

"Lovely piece of signage? Who friggin' talks like that? Besides, that's a picture of me! It's my sign. I own this gym!" she said matter-of-factly, her voice not giving even the slight indication of a lie.

"Hehe!" the man cackled, almost creepily expecting that answer as he nodded and looked up at the flicking sign. "Yes, yes! I can definitely see the resemblance! Definitely 'your sign'! But not your gym, Hannah. It hasn't been in years!"

Hannah's brow furrowed nervously as she was caught off-guard by his mention of her name. "Waitaminute! How do you know my name? What are you some kind of fucking stalker?"

"Stalker? No, no, no… I'm more of an observer. It is my job! And I'm VERY good at my job. I have a special talent for finding and spotting… well… TALENT!"


"Yes, you, Hannah! Our little group has been conducting a global search to find a person just like yourself"

"OK, this is too weird. I'm out of here!"

"There's something in it for you, Hannah! Something quite wonderous!"

"OK, I'll play along… why do you want to know so much about me? What makes me so special?"

"I want to know about LOTS of people, Hannah! You're not special in that regard at all! Sorry to imply that I was merely – how did you put it? – 'stalking' just you! As present count, I am stalking 234,791,203 people via our computerized observation database."

"Two hundred thirty-four million people? What database?" Hannah annoyingly asked.

"The database of subjects for our program"

"Program? What the hell are you talking about?"

"The program to find our girl, dear! YOU!" the stranger said matter-of-factly, with an undertone of creepiness.

"I'm so lost… " Hannah said, looking down and shaking her head. She was definitely not in the mood for solving a puzzle. "I still don't have any clue what the hell you are talking about! What kind of program has over 200 million test subjects. And when did I become part of this program? I didn't sign-up for—"

"Oh yes you did!" the man gleefully interrupted. "You ALL did! You signed up for example on June 3rd, 2008!"

Hannah scanned the recesses of her short-term memory to no avail for any clue to what this lunatic was talking about "What the fuck are you talking about? Signed up for what?"

"The Female Amplifcation via Cornealosmotic Experimentation Program!"

"The Female… Amplificated… Cornholio .. .What?"

"Female. Amplification. via. Cornealosmotic. Experimentation." the man repeated slowly, taking care to enunciate each word properly.

"I definitely did NOT sign up for anything like that!" Hannah retorted as she turned to walk away, trying to get as far away from this guy as possible.

"Tsk, Tsk… you really SHOULD read the Terms and Conditions and not just check that stupid checkbox. But then again, everyone does you know!"

Hannah stopped in her tracks and turned around slowly. "What terms and conditions? You mean online… on the internet?" she asked curiously.

"You DO know what I'm talking about about!" The man excitedly responded, trying in vain to stifle his apparent enthusiasm.

Hannah paused and thought for a moment. Still, nothing rang a bell in her head. "No, not in the least! What 'experiment' did I sign up for? I only use the internet to send email… and maybe buy something every now and then and maybe update my Facebook pa – Waitaminute! Did you say Female Amplification via Cornealosmotic Experimentation? F-A-C-E… FACEBOOK?!?!?!"

"See? High deductive and problem-solving capabilities! Just like I surmised!" said the stranger proudly, folding his arms to his thin, gaunt chest.

Hannah laughed aloud. "Facebook? Your big scientific experiment is Facebook? What do you work for Google or Microsoft or something? You're just a fucking creepy computer nerd. And I'm outta here!" With that, Hannah turned around again, walking away purposefully at a faster gait.

"Miss, Repus! How would you like to possess enough power to get back at those who wronged you in this lifetime? Enough power to do basically whatever you'd like. Before you answer, I must confess it is a rhetorical question. I know your answer. In fact, I know much more than that! MUCH MORE!"

Hannah once again stopped in her tracks, now more than a little puzzled and slightly intrigued. The man still seemed to be a raving lunatic, but the man's statement of her having the 'power to do whatever she'd like', as he put it, seemed to ring like a chime in Hannah's raven-haired head. Common logic told her that this guy was mentally unstable. A quack. But Hannah surprisingly did not find herself running away. "And you know this from Facebook?"

"Silly girl! Silly Humans!" the man chuckled. "You all think that Facebook is fun and games! 'Oh, how is Sally doing? I haven't seen her since 4th grade!' You people have no idea what went into developing the most advanced data collection system ever seen in the universe?" said the man zealously.

"Umm… most advanced data system? Have you ever USED Facebook?" Hannah chortled and she shook her head.

"My dear… I WROTE Facebook! Well, at least the first few versions till I moved up to start compiling the data collected in search of our Chosen One!"

"Chosen One… me? You're kidding, right? You picked ME from looking at my Facebook page and the photos I post!" said Hannah, now teetering back to skepticism.

"Hannah, Facebook is the culmination of centuries of alien psychological and sociological data from civilizations across the galaxy. To you guys, everything on Facebook is fun… cute… interesting… stupid! But behind the scene, everything scrap of data entered is analyzed and read, whether you think it trivial or not! Every picture you post, every message you write, every person you gun down in Mafia Wars, every drink you pass, every piece of flair you give, every—"

"OK, I get it! You collect data and I apparently am Miss Facebook 2009! But c'mon… alien civilizations?"

"Hannah, you have no idea what you've won do you?" the man asked, oblivious to her previous remark.

"The lottery?" she smirked.

"Oh, this is MUCH better! You have been chosen to be the initial test subject for the Female Amplification via Cornealosmotic Experiment!"

Hannah, ever the smart-ass, rolled her eyes still not convinced of anything. "And what is the Female Amplifica – FACE! project? You gonna gimme bigger boobs or something?"

"Well, there are cosmetic advantages, yes! But that is the tip of the iceberg! And it is a VERY big iceberg!"

"OK, tell me this then!" retorted Hannah. "Female Amplification? Why just females? Or is talking to Mr. Facebook 2009 next on your priority list?"

The man paused, intrigued by her question. "No, Hannah. No men. You see, women here are thought of as the weaker sex, but that is hardly the case in reality. You are the breeders. You have a much higher tolerance of pain, exhibited by your child bearing responsibilities. And I think we can agree that it's practically a scientific fact that women are far more rational thinkers and not prone to wild mood swings like the males of your species! No, we want a female for this. We NEED a female for this."

Hannah stood there, staring at this guy, trying to figure out if he was joking or not. Common logic would dictate that he was full of crap, yet there was SOMETHING about his whole pitch. Something full of such promise. The promise of this 'power' intrigued her. After a noticeably awkward moment of silence, Hannah finally spoke up "And that's all you're gonna tell me?"

"There is a leap of faith involved, my dear! But based on your testing, I have 100% confidence you'll make the right choice!"

"So what do we do now?"

The man smiled. "Now? Nothing. But soon, very soon!"

Hannah looked down at herself, disgusted at the way her body now looked in relation to her former self. She was not grossly obese, but was nevertheless a puffy shell of the rising fitness superstar she once was. But possibly this would change. "He DID mention cosmetic changes along with this power, right?" Hannah thought to herself as she extended a scantily toned leg out front.

"So, what kind of pow—" Hannah asked the man as she put her foot down and looked up into the deserted parking lot. He was gone.


12:00am July 7th, 2007

For the next eight weeks, Hannah Repus became a recluse, choosing to leave her cramped apartment when only necessary, sitting and waiting like one does for one of those call-in radio contests. She checked her Facebook page repeatedly, her email, she even called the phone company four times over the span of the last few weeks to make sure her phone line was working properly. Each time it was. And each time, Hannah became more frustrated and started to wonder if her ridiculous hope of… SOMETHING was just a dream or some hoax.

But a desire inside of her, gave her hope. Hope that she would have this power to get back at everyone and everything who ever wronged her. She even spent the last eight weeks compile a list – her 'Burn List' as she called it – of people who had wronged her. Over an eight week span, Hannah's list was now up to 15 pages in her spiral notebook. Everyone from Mitch Brewmeister to the James Frankel, the boy who cut off her pigtails in first grade, was included on the list which crossed the line from vindication to pettiness after the middle of page one.

After entering her neighbor Lori Pettigrew's name one night in the book at the end of page 15 – for not holding the front door open for her the other day – Hannah yawned deeply and decided to check her Facebook page to update her "What's on your mind" profile.

Upon setting Facebook from her list of favorites, Hannah watched the familiar tiny hourglass tumble on itself 3 times before her Facebook homepage loaded. Looking at the top of her browser she could read "Facebook | Home – Windows Internet Explorer" as was customary but this was definitely NOT her normal homepage. Everything was gone… all her contacts, newsfeeds, updates, groups, everything completely had vanished from her homepage! As Hannah began to become exasperated – and more than a little angry – that some computer virus or hacker had deleted her homepage, something on the right rail caught her eye – a tiny 110x200 icon of an eye with the words:

The Chosen One Join This Group

Hannah's demeanor quickly morphed from anger to pure excitement, she could actually feel her heartbeat. "Could this be it?" she thought to herself as her hand shakily moved the mouse over the icon and clicked it.

To Hannah's surprise, a "Chosen One" group page came up – just like all the other group pages she'd ever seen. However, the first thing that caught her eye, was the caption that read "There are currently 0 people in this group".

"Hmm, I've definitely never seen THAT before!" Hannah said aloud as she started to read the group description and quickly realized this was definitely NOT a typical Facebook group:

"Welcome, Hannah Repus! You have been selected from a list of 234,801,211 Facebook subscribers to be The Chosen One. By joining this group, you agree to the terms of the Female Amplification via Osmoticcorneal Experiment in which we, hereby known as "The Company", will subject you, hereby known as "The Chosen One (TCO)", to a one-time experimental amplification treatment via our osmotic cornea interface. As a result of this experiment, it is envisioned that TCO will immediately acquire a multitude of powers, talents, and abilities, seven hundred seventy-seven in total. Powers acquired will include, but not be limited to:

Superstrength Superspeed Invulnerability Flight X-Ray Vision Telekinesis Invisibility Photographic Memory Super Hearing Telescopic Vision Energy Projection Heat Vision

If you choose to accept this agreement, please check the box below and hit 'Choose Me'. This is a one-time offer to join this group and will not be repeated again. Have a nice Day."

Hannah could not believe her eyes as she read and reread the Group Description, believing it must be a hoax. It was too good to be true!

"How could I not take the chance?" she thought to herself. If it was a hoax, the worse she would endure was a little personal embarrassment for being so gullible. "Besides, what if it was true? " she asked inside her head. Her body tingled with just the remote THOUGHT of being able to fly through the air, shrug off bullets, and lift a bulldozer over her head with the greatest of ease!

"Then I would show them!" she said as her thoughts turned back to her Burn Book. Every person in there now having to face her and be accountable for everything they ever did to her.

Hannah's hand trembled with anticipation as she maneuvered the mouse over the checkbox and clicked "I agree" and then hovered over the light blue button that read "Choose Me". Hannah pushed down with her index finger as her mouse made a faint click and then took a deep breath as she released her finger from the mouse.


As Hannah's index finger released the mouse button, her computer screen wiped clean leaving a black background with the words "Thank you, Hannah! Just sit back and relax!"

Hannah smiled momentarily, her heart beating faster in anticipation of the event to come, not really know 'what' was coming. Still, her hands clutched the arms of her chair as she took a deep breath.

Without warning the black screen in front of her began to flicker with random images displaying at an unbelievable refresh rate, faster than the human eye could decipher. Hannah's eyes stayed hypnotically transfixed at the screen before her, staring blankly at the images flashing in front of her.

To anyone observing her, she appeared to be catatonic, as her body remained rigid throughout the entire process. But with every passing second, her facial expression changed slightly as a slight grin began to creep over her face. It was almost as if she could somehow detect that something was happening to her. Something incredible!

Though she could not move, Hannah felt everything that was happening to her, every minute sensation her body was experiencing. Each image displayed brought with it a stream of alien energy in the form of light waves being emitted into Hannah via her eyes.

To Hannah, it was like every cell in her body was awoken at once by a stream of supercharged energy that was sweeping throughout her body. It felt so good. So powerful! She could feel her body changing with every second as rivers of alien energy coursed through her bloodstream, melting layers of fat and cellulite off her body and reconstituting her body with taut, firm, superpowered feminine muscle.

Faster and faster the images flickered, as Hannah felt like she never thought possible. Like anyone ever thought possible. Unbridal power continued to flow into the young woman like a raging river making her now superpowerful body even more powerful, doubling her strength practically every passing second.

If Hannah could scream in ecstasy, she would have, as her body morphed into that of a veritable goddess. Strong, supple feminine muscle became denser and denser, packing more and more strength and power into her as the images kept coming. It was more power than she could hope for. And then it was more. And then it even more!


As quickly as it began, the screen before Hannah turned black once again, with only the words "Thank you, Chosen One! Have a Nice Day!"

Hannah, now released from her catatonic trance, stared motionless staring at the black screen in front of her, blinking her eyes a few times. Looking down at her hands, Hannah smiled as she saw the arm rests of her steel office chair sadly misshapen, the hardened steel handles barely recognizable as anything but a mangled mass of metal. Hannah held her hands up in front of her, turning them over, marveling at how her perfectly manicured pink fingernails looked against her perfect complexion. There were no signs of wrinkles or imperfections in her hands. They were perfect!

"And oh so STRONG!" Hannah thought as she looked back at the mangled arm rests.

An evil smile crept over Hannah's face as she knew, without even looking, that the rest of her was as perfect as her hands. She knew everything now, including what she was capable of! She was unstoppable! A goddess!

"A vengeful goddess!" she mused as she stared at her Burn Book on the floor, reducing it to a pile of ashes instantly. "Yeah, this is gonna be fun!" said Hannah as her alien-enhanced memory instantly recalled the contents of the first page.


6:08am July 7th, 2007

Hannah smiled as she extended her index finger and watched in delight as her fingernail sank into the lock mechanism like a hot knife through butter. As she turned her finger sideways, her perfectly manicured nail mangled the Schlage locking mechanism as if it were aluminum foil, shearing the deadbolt contained inside with a muffled 'CHINK' sound.

"Too cool!" the newly anointed superwoman thought as she pushed the glass door open to PowerGirls, Inc. and walked into the dimly lit foyer. It was a little after 6:00am in the morning, approximately one hour before the gym actually opened, but Hannah knew the gym was not vacant.

As Hannah walked inside, she closed her eyes, letting her newfound sensory powers reveal themselves. She smelled the pungent odor of the disinfectant that the night crew used each night on the vinyl padding in the gym area. She could hear the faint whistling of the air compressor on the roof working hard to cool the 16,032 sq foot facility. Looking up, her eyes narrowed and focused at startling magnification allowing her to actually see the particles of dust and debris seeping from the ventilation slats above her. She could see, smell and hear it all!

Loudest of all was the counting Hannah's super-sensitive hearing detected coming from the gym.

"8… 9… 10!"

Mitch Brewmeister grunted as he pushed up his 10th rep of 315lbs and racked the barbell with a heavy clang. As was his normal routine, Mitch was doing his early morning workout prior to the gym opening to the public. He enjoyed the pump it gave him throughout the day and relished in the quiet solitude of an empty gym so early in the morning.

As Hannah walked in, she never felt more alive in her life. Every cell in her body oozed with energy – with more power than she ever dreamed! Power that was hers to command and use as she wanted!

"Very impressive, Mitch!" commended Hannah as she strode effortlessly, almost floating, across the floor clapping with applause in a slow and deliberate mocking fashion.

Mitch looked over with a surprised glance, quickly grabbing his towel to rub his eyes. Never in his life had he seen a woman so breathtakingly beautiful. The woman LOOKED exactly like Hannah, but not the way he remembered her. Not even back in her prime. This woman was flawless!


"Uh huh!" said Hannah, biting her lower lip as she stood before Mitch, her 44" legs planted firmly as she placed her left hand on her cocked hip.

"Wh-wh-What are you doing here?" Mitch stammered, trying to seize control of the conversation while not obviously ogling at her.

"I came for here for some closure, Mitch!" the young woman said as she walked slowly over to the Smith Machine Mitch was using, tracing her finger teasingly over top of the 45lb plates on one side.

"Listen, Hannah! We've gone our separate ways, and I'm sorry it had to be that way."

"No, I don't think you're sorry at all, Mitch. I think this is how you wanted it all along!" Hannah interrupted, her confident tone catching Mitch somewhat by surprise.

"That isn't true, Hannah! I never want—"

"Mitch, how much is this?" Hannah interrupted once again out of the blue, pointing to the loaded barbell, though knowing exactly how much it weighed.

"This? Three fifteen." Mitch said with an evident sense of pride in his voice, though slightly annoyed at Hannah's apparent lack of focus to their conversation. "Hannah, listen here. If you want to—"

"You think you're hot shit, don't you? With all your money, and your nice cars… being so strong and all!"

"Excuse me?" Mitch said, standing up with his chest puffed, obviously trying to intimidate Hannah.

Hannah smiled, pushing out her spectacular chest and refusing to back down an inch, her confidence now at superhuman levels along with the rest of her. She felt more powerful than she ever imagined. She was beautiful. Strong. Unstoppable. The thought of how much power she now possessed was mind-boggling. And the fact that Mitch had no clue made it so much sweeter!

Walking to the center of the rack, Hannah slowly wrapped her two small hands around the barbell and stared deeply into Mitch's eyes. "You know… you're not as tough as you think you are!" With that, Hannah gently rolled her wrists forward, unlocking the safeties, and let the weight plummet till her supple feminine arms were fully extended downward, holding the entire weight of the 315lbs around her thighs.

Mitch's eyes widened as the young woman before him tilted her wrists and unracked the 315lbs, letting it fall downward, but stopping it before it fell to the ground. Mitch thought for a second that Hannah's shoulder ligaments must have been ripped from their sockets by the stress of the weight on the young woman, but he was amazed to see her standing with her arms extended in front of

her, apparently supporting the entire barbell – an impressive feat for someone like Hannah who couldn't weigh more than 140lbs.

Mitch stared at Hannah. For some strange reason, she didn't look like she was having any difficulty supporting the monstrous weight in front of her. In fact, it almost seemed to look effortless to her. After 10 seconds, she showed no signs of fatigue. NO trembling of her arms or legs. Just the coy little Mona Lisa smile on her face, as she stared back at Mitch, obviously waiting for some kind of reaction.

"Hannah, color me impressed!" Mitch said nodding as he crossed his arms in front of him.

Smiling, Hannah cocked her head to the side and slowly raised her arms. Biceps fueled with nearly unlimited alien power rose and hardened into a sexy bulge as Hannah began curling the 315 pounds slowly upward. Mitch Brewmeister stood mouth agape as he watch in disbelief as his former business partner curled over two times her body weight with seemingly ridiculous ease.

"2… 3… 4… 5!" Hannah grunted as she stared down at her taut, little biceps – biceps teaming with untold superhuman strength, just like the Facebook page said! As she watched her arms pump like two superpowerful pistons, Hannah began to get more excited, realizing now that she WAS the Chosen One. She could do ANYTHING! At the end of ten reps, Hannah released her left hand and stuck it on her hip, continuing to pump the bar up and down with comical ease. It literally felt like a sheet of paper to her, even less than a sheet of paper. Faster and faster, her right arm pumped up and down with no signs of strain or fatigue to Hannah. In fact, she never felt so wonderful!

His mind reeling from what he was witnessing, Mitch blinked his eyes multiple times, thinking he must be seeing things. But each time, his eyes opened and refocused, he saw the same incredible image of a young woman in denim cutoffs and orange t-shirt somehow curling 315lbs! With one hand!

After 72 reps, Hannah suddenly stopped, letting the weight again come to rest at her mid-thigh, her small right hand still wrapped around the cold steel bar. She looked at Mitch as her tongue flicked against the bottom of her top row of perfect teeth. As she slowly and deliberately curled the weight up again, watching as she squeezed her beautiful bicep to its peak, marveling for a moment at its perfect size and symmetry, She knew how much it was capable of lifting… a car… a cement truck… a submarine… an aircraft carrier… an entire mountain – and it excited her to no end! She felt her lower regions tingle with the thought of unearthing an entire mountain in the middle of the Rockies.

"Hannah! My god! H-How can you do that? That's impossible!" Mitch muttered, staring hypnotically at her glistening bicep.

"Impossible, Mitch? I don't know the meaning of the word now!" Hannah said matter-of-factly as she jerked and curled the bar towards her with a slight tug, tearing the steel barbell through the hardened steel frame as if it were wet tissue paper.

"Holy shit!" were the only words Mitchell Brewmeister could muster as he watched Hannah somehow rip the entire weighted barbell from the Smith Machine rack and now hold it in front of her easily.

Hannah paused for a moment before releasing her fingers, letting the entire 315 lbs be supported by her lone middle finger. She giggled like a little girl as she bounced the massive weight up and down in front of her on her single digit with unearthly control and balance. Finally, she stopped and curled her ring and index fingers forward so that they were on top of the bar with her middle finger still under the bar supporting its weight.

"Mitch, I know you think this is unbelievable, but do you REALLY know how strong I am? How unstoppable I am now? Hmm?" For emphasis, Hannah tensed her fingers slightly, the metal, caught between her superhuman fingers, groaning as the entire barbell bent downward like wet pasta. She let it dangle from her middle finger like a sweater for a few seconds before finally releasing it and letting it fall to the matted floor with a loud THUD! Slowly, she walked towards Mitch.

Mitch began slowly backing away, now fearing for his life from this crazy and obviously superpowerful woman. "Listen, Hannah… I didn't want to fire you! You didn't give me any choice!"

Hannah stopped suddenly in her tracks.

"Mitch, you think I'm mad about you firing me? Don't be silly! If you hadn't fired me, I wouldn't be able to do THIS!"

Raising her hand, Hannah pointed over to a stack of unloaded barbells in the corner and motioned her finger towards Mitch. In the blink of an eye, two empty barbells levitated and zoomed over towards Mitch, compliments of Hannah's telekinetic gifts.

Hannah found it easy to move things with her mind – as if she had done it her whole life! There was no thinking about how to do it, just the knowledge and belief that she could! With barely a thought, Hannah's mind warped the solid steel bars, wrapping the hardened steel bars around Mitch's torso, trapping his arms in place. Hannah watched with glee as she proved to herself that her mind was as strong as her muscles now, wrapping and bending the metal bar around Mitch as if they were made of silly string.

Holding her hand palm up with her fingers extended towards Mitch, she slowly began to curl her fingers inward. As her fingers curled, the metal bars constricted tighter and tighter around the man's torso painfully. Mitch gasped to breathe as he spoke, still not understanding what was happening.

"H-H-H-Hannah… H-H-How??" were the only words that Mitch could muster as his face began to darken to a bluish hue.

Hannah cocked her head pausing for a moment, her fingers of her one hand still extended in front of her. "Awww, Mitch… you know the saying: when one door closes, another one opens up! And I went inside it! Bye, Mitch!" Hannah closed her fingers into a fist, the bars pulling in on themselves like taffy, turning his innards into hamburgers and crushing Mitch's ribcage like straw with a sickening crunch. His lifeless body fell to the floor in a heap.

Hannah looked around and breathed deeply. Though she had just killed a man, she felt no remorse. She only felt the feeling of this intoxicating power that was now hers to control and use. She knew what she was now capable of. And she knew what she wanted to do next. Looking towards the ceiling, Hannah crouched down slightly and push off through her heels, her tight, little superhuman body rocketing like a sexy missile through the ceiling. Plaster, concrete, and steel rebar provided as much resistance to her superpowerful hardbody as rice paper as her body shot into the morning sky.


8:01am July 7th, 2007

Hannah's instant mastery of flight came to her seamlessly as she soared effortlessly through the sky at hundreds of miles per hour. Hannah giggled and marveled how easy flying – how easy EVERYTHING – was to her now as she rolled and banked for a few minutes with complete control over every movement, all the while reveling in the awesome power she now possessed.

As her body knifed through sky with incomprehensible speed, the ground below became almost a blur of earth tones as she soared over the patchwork landscapes below. Still, despite her incredible velocity, Hannah's senses allowed her to see with superhuman clarity and incomprehensible accuracy.

Flying at over 400 mph, she could see and actually count the number of tractors for miles. Same with the cattle mulling about. And people…



Blades of grass…

Grains of sand…

The numbers just came to her with barely a thought, barely an effort. Everything was so clear to her now! So possible! So effortless!

As Hannah's mind quickly reverted to the task ahead, she smiled a mischievous grin, tightening her buttocks as she rapidly accelerated to well over the speed of sound. Hannah laughed menacingly as she left a sonic boom in her wake, tearing across the remainder of the Heartland in mere seconds.

The young goddess banked across the Front Range and without warning – and with incomprehensible control – her lithe body came to an abrupt halt instantly. Hannah smiled, licking her lips as she hovered motionless in mid-air at 1000 feet, hands on her hips as she peered down upon the Copper Basin Ski Resort.

As she bobbed slightly up and down completely stationary just above the clouds, Hannah's eyes closed slowly, her superhuman memory allowing her thoughts to replay back to the events of February 12th, 1998. Back then, Hannah was an aspiring fitness model, having placed 3rd in the Mid-Atlantic Championships in her first major show the week prior. Contracts for a major nutrition company spokesperson and a cover model shoot followed immediately afterward, setting her on her hard fought goal to stardom.

For a celebratory respite, she and her boyfriend decided to fly to Colorado to snowboard while the attorneys reviewed the contracts. What was to be a quick weekend full of boarding and partying, turned into a nightmare for Hannah as she got into a horrendous collision with another boarder who plowed into Hannah, breaking her right femur and shredding her ACL and MCL in her left knee. It was a horrific accident that would have her in a wheelchair for over 3 months and in rehab for close to two years! Her promising fitness career was no more as the companies quickly voided their contracts, electing not to take a chance on 'damaged goods', as they crassly put it.

After that, things quickly spiraled downward as medical bills began to pile up like a stack of firewood. Any hopes of compensation from the resort were dashed as the jury found them 'not guilty' despite the fact that the person that hit her was later discovered to be a ski instructor at the resort! 'Not Guilty'…

The term resonated in Hannah's head as she opened her eyes to peer down at the tranquil resort, the taste of revenge literally exploding in her mouth as she moistened her smiling lips with a gentle waggle of the tip of her tongue. With these awesome powers at her disposal, Hannah could deliver her own verdict now, a suitable punishment to the same establishment that she felt destroyed her life causing her irreparable damage.

Irrepairable damage…

"Hmm, I kinda like the sound of that…" Hannah whispered to herself. In that instant, the fate of the resort had been sealed under the whims of the young superwoman. They just didn't know it yet.

As she 'stood' in mid-air, Hannah effortlessly descended to about 200 feet coming to rest with the lodge and main ski area just below her. Being summer season now, there was no snow on the ground, no chill in the air, no whipping wind. Until now…

Calling on yet another incredible power, Hannah began to breath in – slowly at first – through her nostrils. There was a shrill, whistling sound to anyone that might have been able to hear it as hundreds of pounds on air rushed into Hannah's nostrils. Unsurprisingly to Hannah, she just continued to breathe in with no sign of stopping, her superhuman lungs enabling the hundreds of pounds of air to supercompress inside her fantastic body.

Hannah folded her arms and began breathing in deeper and faster, the sound of rushing air now sounding like a torrent as Hannah plucked more and more air from the atmosphere. The most effort for Hannah was trying to stay focused as she witnessed firsthand another prime example of these amazing powers. It excited her and only caused her to double and redouble her efforts.

Tree branches began to sway and dust bowls began to swirl on the ground below as Hannah continued breathing in deeper, her lungs impossibly taking in hundreds of pounds of air.

Thousands. Millions.

After about 50 seconds, Hannah stopped breathing in and everything become silent and serene once again. People on the ground momentarily looked up, aimlessly wondering where the sudden gusts had mysteriously come from and how they had so quickly disappeared. With nary a thought, the groundlings went about their business seemingly content with the notion that the sudden gusts were gone. It was calm. The calm before the storm…

Placing her hands on her hips, Hannah hooked her thumbs in the belt loops of her jean shorts barely able to suppress her excitement. As she gazed down at the main lodge, Hannah arched her back slightly, bending forward at the waist, and began to blow gently as if she was cooling a bowl of soup. In an instant, she was reward with the sound of rushing wind as her lungs began to slowly exhale the millions of pounds of air supercompressed in her lungs.

The splotchy cloud covering below Hannah disintegrated as her superbreath punctured them like a pin prick against a balloon. Leaves began to swirl around on the ground and trees began to sway again – this time in the other direction – under the whimsical assault of the young superwoman. Two hundred feet above it all, Hannah hovered smiling, amazed that such a small gesture – breathing – was capable of such power! And she had barely even started. Hannah now oozed with power!

As she continued to blow her mind began to race with kodachrome images of her rehab from the accident -- the pain and anguish of trying to walk again. With the thoughts of how the accident had destroyed her career and basically her life, Hannah blew harder.

Faster and faster the winds began to pick up on the ground as trees began to sag and bend more drastically as people ran to cover amidst their screams. Hannah only smiled, not sensing any remorse whatsoever – only revenge. Arching her back more and sticking our her chest, her breasts pressed tightly against her orange t-shirt as she blew harder still, the winds emitting from her gorgeous lips at nearly 100 mph now – and she wasn't even trying yet!

Her grin now morphed into a contemptuous smile, Hannah's cheeks flared slightly as she exhaled harder. Hurricane force Winds now easily exceeding Category 5 strength rushed effortlessly from Hannah's puckered lips for close to 20 seconds, a seemingly endless supply of air at the young woman's disposal.

Chaos ensued on the ground as cars were flung in mid-air like toys from a disagreeing toddler. Trees uprooted and became massive flying javelins, spearing car windows or an occasional – and very unlucky – pedestrian trying to seek shelter. The ski lift cables danced and swayed angrily, some abruptly snapping under the torrential gusts from Hannah.

Still she blew harder. Hannah felt her nipples press against her top as she thrust her chest out further, obviously intoxicated – and more than a little turned on – by this new power of hers.

People screamed in terror and tried to desperately seek cover as the windows on the lodge blew in, unable to withstand the assault of 170 mph winds. Patches of hardwood trees which has stood for hundreds of years were ripped up in mere seconds. Public mailboxes which were bolted to the pavement were uprooted and became flying missiles to anything unfortunate to stand in their destructive path.

After 20 more seconds of the destructive winds, Hannah's puckered lips closed as she briefly assessed the damage. Her eyes remained wide as she saw her awesome power at work. She didn't even raise a finger and yet she had leveled almost everything for 5 square miles. Almost everything.

A sneer on her face, Hannah's eyes remained transfixed on the main lodge, a stone and brick behemouth built to withstand the test of time – and obviously hurricane force winds. The lodge was damaged and was hardly as majestic as it stood only 90 secs ago. Windows were shattered, roof tiles gone, landscaping destroyed. It stood as a pale shell of its former self, but it still stood. But for only a moment more…

While Hannah's previous assault had been a steady superstrong torrent of air, this one was different. With one fleeting thought, Hannah abruptly puffed her cheeks and blew one ultrapowerfully single puff of compressed air, expelling the remaining air in her lungs at once. There was a thunderous WHOOSH of air as the superhuman gust flew from Hannah's mouth and struck the lodge below.

Even Hannah was surprised at the destructive power as the lodge didn't waiver or shake for a second – it was vaporized! In an incredible scene, the blast of air leveled the main building like an atom bomb literally vaporizing it as the concussion from the blast rolled over the landscape, leveling and clearing trees and anything in its path as it radiated outward from the center of the


Hannah's hand covered her mouth in shock as she surveyed the destruction below her. Everything dead and disintegrated for a radius of three and a half miles!

"Holy SHIT!" Hannah giggled, not the smallest hint of sorrow or remorse for the millions of dollars in damage or the 1,203 people killed by her superhuman tantrum. She had no time for remorse. She had a few more scores to settle before embarking on her newfound destiny of ruler of the world!


8:34am July 7th, 2007


The rap on the apartment door was light and deliberate as Hannah used an infinitesimal fraction of her newfound strength, standing outside waiting patiently for answer. In her mind, the events of her past two encounters resurfaced in her computer-like brain – the sweetness of revenge at the gym

and at the ski resort. But that was pale in comparison to the satisfaction she was gonna get now. And she wanted to savor every last drop!

"Hannah?!? Is that YOU?!?!" said the apparently startled man as his eyes gazed upon the other worldly beauty that Hannah now possessed in addition to her seemingly unlimited arsenal of powers.

"Hi, Danny! Been a while, huh?" Hannah said coyly, playing the part to perfection. With just a thought, Hannah flooded the room and hallway with her scent – a vaporless, odorless cloud of pheromones that caused the Danny's libido to be jumpstarted on the spot. As a plan formed in her head, Hannah knew she had him under her control for as long – or as briefly – as she wanted to

keep him alive. A feeling of supreme power washed over her body as she stood silently, letting Danny's eyes scan up and down the majestic curves she now possessed.

"It HAS been a while!" he said trying to keep his composure as he peered down the both ends of the hallway looking for signs of someone else. "You here by yourself?"

"Uh, huh!" she muttered playfully as she over-exaggerated her flirtatiousness by twirling a lock of her jet black hair.

Danny opened the door wider and was about to invite Hannah in as she confidently strolled without a word into his disheveled apartment. Danny quickly and quietly closed the door, smiling like the cat that ate the canary as he clicked the deadbolt in place.

Daniel Desario was in his late 20's and in supreme shape for his age or even any man ten years younger than he. A by-product of a healthy diet, a dedicated workout routine, and just plain good old Southern Mediterranean genetics, Danny was definitely man candy to any girl lucky enough to have him! This point was not lost on the young man as well as he also had the reputation of dating only 11's on the scale of one to ten. Eight years ago, Hannah was an 11, and she and Danny had dated exclusively for close to two years, breaking up shortly after her accident. It was a devastating breakup for Hannah who was convinced – but could never prove – that he had been seeing other girls behind her back for months. Despite her pathetically desperate attempts to gain back his affection, Danny moved on, going as far as to change his number and email address until she finally relented. That was nearly four years ago…

Hannah moved gracefully and without speaking as she sauntered into the open living room, her super acute senses detecting every disgusting smell in his dingy apartment. Hannah scrunched her nose momentarily and then proved her complete mastery of her new powers by selectively blocking the stench, her scowl suddenly turning to a radiant smile as she stood in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips staring right at Danny.

Danny thought if Hannah was an '11' back then, she was a friggin' '111' now! He could not believe the changes in his ex-girlfriend as he gazed on the young goddess standing in his living room.

"So… umm… you get a boob job?" Danny stammered crassly, illustrating that diplomacy and tact was not part of the standard 'Southern Mediterranean genetics' package.

Hannah rolled her eyes in disgust and shook her head as she spoke. "Same old Danny! Nice to know some things haven't changed!"

"Thanks, Babe!" Danny said sincerely while subtlety flexing his forearm muscles, his obtuseness causing Hannah to chuckle.

"That wasn't a… nevermind! Listen, Danny, as you can probably tell I've gone through some changes recently."

"I'll say! He's gotta be the best boob man around!"

"Jesus! Will you shut the fu—" Hannah angrily snapped before pausing. Her voice suddenly taking a different tone as she smiled and slowly pulled up her shirt. "Say… you wanna feel 'em?"

"Sure!" said Danny to her breasts, obviously caught in an imaginary tractor beam that seem to emanate from the two perfect spheres that sat perched high on Hannah's chest. Danny, still overcome with the super pheromones placed his hand roughly on Hannah's left breast and began kneading it as if it was modeling clay.

Hannah again rolled her eyes, kicking herself mentally for EVER liking this guy. Reaching down with her index finger, she placed it under Danny's chin and directed his eyes towards hers as she spoke. "Hey, up here Big Guy! Like I was saying, Danny, I've gone through some changes recently. So, in the spirit of starting over, I just wanted to ask you to come clean and admit that you were cheating on me while we were dating?"

"So, what other kind of changes? A tummy tuck?" Danny retorted, obviously trying to change the subject and refusing to cooperate.

Hannah smiled, placing her hand atop Danny's hand still absent-mindedly massaging her left breast. "Oh, a bunch of changes! Good and bad! Good for me. In fact quite amazing for me! But quite bad for you! Very… VERY… BAD!"

As Hannah spoke, she began pressing Danny's hand harder against her flawless breast as it dimpled momentarily and then remained solid.

Very solid…

Solid as stone…

Solid as steel…

More solid than ANYTHING…

Certainly more solid than a human hand.

Danny began to wince as he felt his hand become trapped between Hannah's feminine paw and her left boob. The young man tried to pull it out but it remained trapped as Hannah slowly and deliberately began to apply miniscule amounts of added pressure, pressing down harder with more force each passing fraction of a second.

"Oww… Hannah! What the fuck?!? Oh god!!"

Danny became more and more frantic, trying to use his other hand to pry Hannah's dainty right hand from atop his, but it was to no avail. Hannah smiled non-nonchalantly, choosing to remain silent, as she continued to press. Looking at his hand, she gazed upon it with her X-ray vision, watching in morbid delight and utter fascination as she could see the atoms in Danny's bones begin to deteriorate at the subatomic level.

"Hmm… let's see if we can speed things along… " thought Hannah to herself as she doubled her paltry effort amidst Danny's screams. Almost immediately, she was greeted with the muffled crackle of Danny's index and middle finger's of his left hand snapping crudely.

"Ahhhhh! Oh god, oh god! No!" Danny whimpered, obviously in excruciating pain as Hannah relented and let his mangled hand go.

"You fuckin bitch! You broke my fingers!" yelled Danny as he clutched his left hand, cradling it like a newborn infant.

"Whatever! Now you gonna answer my question or not!"


In took less than two seconds, but with Hannah's hypersonic speed and senses, it seemed to take forever for Danny's sucker punch to get there. As she saw him cock and fire his right arm toward her flawless face, Hannah momentarily thought whether to evade it laughably at the last possible moment or just let it hit its mark. She opted for the latter.

Danny's right arm lurched forward amidst his rage, making direct contact with Hannah's nose squarely in front. Danny expected one sharp crack of Hannah's septum shattering in a shower of blood, but all he got was the resonating crack of his four knuckles and then his wrist as he fist made contact with Hannah's nose cartilage – unbeknownst to Danny as probably one of the hardest and strongest substances in the universe now.

"FUCK! Oh god! What the Hell are you?" the young man whimpered, dropping to one knee in pain.

Despite all of the myriad of powers that Hannah possessed, patience was left off that list. Faster than the blink of an eye, Hannah reached down, grabbing Danny by the throat and hoisting him effortlessly in the air. Smiling, Hannah cocked her head to the left and raised an eyebrow, resting her free hand on her hip.

"Surprised, loverboy? Well, I'm FULL of surprises today!" Hannah whispered as she drove home the point by levitating a foot off the ground with Danny in tow, rising enough to knock Danny's head against the popcorn ceiling. Giggling, Hannah adjusted her grip, releasing her throat hold as she held him aloft now with only two fingers, choosing to 'sit' with her legs criss-crossed hovering in mid-air in the middle of Danny's apartment.

"H-h-h-how can you do all th-th-this? What are you?"

"I was CHOSEN, Danny! Kind of ironic, huh? I mean… since you 'unchose' me?"

"But w-w-why you? Why are you s-s-so sp-sp-special?"

"I AM SPECIAL, Danny Desario!!" Hannah shouted angrily as her eyes flashed an incandescent orange color and two microbeams of heat flashed from her eyes, striking Danny in the shoulder, causing him to scream in excruciating pain.

"Did that hurt? When I severed those live nerves in your shoulder, I thought it might!" Hannah snapped as she again lifted Danny against the ceiling, nearly knocking him unconscious. "I'm losing patience, Danny! Believe me, you don't wanna see an all-powerful girl like me in a bad mod! WHO WERE YOU CHEATING WITH?!?!!" The pictures and bookshelves rattled at the near-deafening sound of Hannah's voice.

"S-S-Sarah! It was Sarah, okay? I'm sorry!" Danny said meekly amidst his whispered sobbing.

Hannah floated expression-less for a moment as she looked Danny over with a furrowed brow. "You know besides being really strong and being able to fly – and the huge boobs – and everything else, I'm like super smart too!"

Danny looked at her quizzically.

"For example, did you know the average heart rate for a 28 year old male with no smoking history in excellent physical condition is 68.312 beats per minute? And did you know the average human has 2.6 million sweat glands on their body? Oh! And did you know that the femur is the longest and strongest bone in the body?"

"Umm… no?"

"So, I'm sure then you would have no clue WHY your heart rate is 95.55 beats per minute right now. You also would have any idea then also why the 2,712,231 sweat glands are your body are secreting 213.12% more sweat right now then normal, would you?

"Huh?" said Danny as he again flashed a look of confusion and surprise.

"I can also see and hear pretty good now too!" Hannah said smugly as she reached forward, grabbing Danny's muscle-filled with her right hand, resting her thumb against the front of his leg. "Nice legs!" said Hannah, looking up at Danny as she pressed her thumb against and squeezed.


Danny's femur snapped like dry kindling as Hannah's superhuman thumb pressed into quadriceps as if they were jello.

Danny screamed loudly as Hannah released her two fingers, letting him fall to the floor, his weight partially bore by his broken leg before it collapsed underneath him, his body hitting the wood floor with a thud. Hannah floated down and stood over him straddling him, hands on her hips and she bent at the waist to look down on him in disgust.

"You're unbelievable! I could squash you like a gnat, Danny, and STILL you're lying to me. You can NEVER lie to me anymore, Danny? You can never hurt me anymore! NOTHING can EVER hurt me anymore! I'm friggin' superhuman!" Hannah shouted, emphasizing her point by extending her arms to either side and firing purpleish beams of pure energy from her hands which blasted clean through the entire 4th floor of Danny's apartment building, leaving two symmetrical holes leading to the outside 5 feet in diameter.

Hannah's eyes had a demonic dim purple glow as she peered down evilly, extending her hands in front of her, arcs of pure energy dancing from one palm to other as the burnt smell of ozone permeated the air. She spoke in a dark, raspy tone as she stared into his soul.

"Who… the… fuck… was… she?"

If Danny had any saliva left is his mouth, he would have nervously swallowed it before answering. "That girl you worked with – Ashley!"

Hannah stood transfixed, looking at Danny with a blank expression, her eyes morphing from the dim purple to their natural blue color as the name of 'Ashley' began to reverberate in her head like a church bell.

Clenching her fists, Hannah's persona was overcome with pure rage – superhuman rage – as she thought of how she was gonna make Ashley pay dearly! As her fists clenched, her eyes suddenly turned crimson and then a bright shade of orange as Hannah elevated her body temperature hundreds of degrees in a matter of seconds.

"Ashley! Ashley?!?!" Hannah murmured as she continued to heat up her superhard body, containing the immeasurable heat still inside her. Imaginary images of Ashley and Danny holding hands, making love while she was in the hospital, and laughing behind her back filled the young superwoman's head as it fueled her rage to an unspeakable level.

"Ashley… you are SO gonna rue the day you ever crossed me" spoke Hannah matter-of-factly before looking skyward and causing her body to go supernova, exploding in a superhuman fireball that enveloped Danny – and everyone else within two city blocks.

As the light faded, Hannah stood in the epicenter of the charred blast, completely unscathed and as powerful as ever. Smiling an contemptuous grin, she flexed her superhuman legs and soared skywards to pay her friend Ashley a visit she would soon regret!


8:45am July 7th, 2007

Hannah's heart raced as she bolted through the sky, her body a flesh-colored blur as she landed deftly on the front stoop of Ashley Nicholson's duplex. Walking up to the door, her first inclination was to rip it from its hinges prior to ripping apart its occupant. But Hannah opted for a more 'civilized' approach. A slow revelation of her superiority to that blonde bimbo in the form of a slow and painful death that Hannah could savor!


The door opened a crack as the woman behind peered out to see the much-improved Hannah standing with her arms folded in front of her. As Ashley opened the door slightly wider, Hannah pushed the door open abruptly to Ashley's surprise and proceeded to walk in uninvited without saying a single word.

"Umm… someone invite you in?" snorted Ashley as she rolled her eyes stood beside the open door apparently waiting for Hannah to turn around and leave. She did not.

Hannah walked slowly around the living room, walking over to the fireplace mantle, wiping her finger against its mahogany finish and examining it. "Charming!" snapped Hannah as she gently blew the dust from her fingertips.

Seeing that Hannah was obviously not leaving, Ashley quietly shut the door and turned to face Hannah, not realizing the superhuman trouble she was about to encounter. As Hannah watched her turn around, her super hearing detected the news upstairs – an update regarding a mysterious weather phenomenon that apparently had destroyed a ski resort outside of Denver. Hannah's lips curled into a sinister grin as she thought of her newfound power and how she was going to exact revenge on the woman standing in front of her. The woman who not only had gotten her fired a week prior but had also slept with her ex-boyfriend behind her back. Hannah licked her lips like a hungry tigress at the thought of Ashley begging at her knees for mercy!

"So… uh… what do you want?"

Hannah smiled and stood confidently steadfast, her ultra-sensitive hearing detecting an elevation in Ashley's heartbeat. Nervousness? Fear? Either one or both. It didn't matter to Hannah, but she enjoyed the concept all the more.

"I know about you and Danny, skank!"

Ashley's jaw dropped and her eyes widened as her obvious facial expressions

betrayed any chance of denying the accusation. Hannah stood silent, raising one

eyebrow, somewhat surprised at the ease of confirming this revelation.

Surprising even more was that Ashley's face suddenly took on a more somber and

confident expression.

Turning around, Ashley walked purposefully back to the door and opened it. "Ok, so you know! Time to go!" Ashley said as she gestured for Hannah to leave out the door she came in.

Hannah sighed loudly and could only smile and shake her head at Ashley's arrogance and unmitigated gall. "If she only knew!" Hannah whispered to herself as she remained defiant, refusing to leave.

"Is that ALL you're gonna say? Trust me! You might wanna think your answer out long and hard on this one!" Hannah stated matter-of-factly as she uncrossed her arms and cracked her knuckles with a loud POP!

Ashley pushed the door hard with a single finger as it slammed shut, turning to face Hannah. "Is that supposed to scare me?"

"No… I can think of a LOT of ways to scare you, believe me!" answered Hannah, trying to suppress her laughter regarding Ashley's fatal cluelessness.

"Listen! I've been polite as I can be up to this point! But you're gonna leave now! If you're looking for an apology for getting you fired, you can forget it! And if you are looking for an apology regarding Danny, you can DEFINITELY forget it!"

"Is that right?" said Hannah, becoming more agitated by the second, her fists clenched tightly now to her sides.

"Yeah, that's right!" boldly shouted Ashley. "I don't regret it at all! It was McHot AND McSteamy. And I'm sure Danny will tell you the same thing! "

Hannah's internal body temperature began to spike, and she began to feel her blood boil like hot lava as Ashley continued her arrogant and sarcastic tirade.

"And you know what? If you ask really nicely, he might tell you some other things too! Like how bad and boring you were in bed! Oh, don't look so angry or surprised, Hannah! Face it, kiddo, you suck in the sack!!

"Suck on THIS!" Hannah shouted as her as clenched her fist tightly, her eyes glowing a celestial white as she called on the combined power of every atom of her being to strike down the blonde fitness instructor. She had originally envisioned a long and painful death for the little bimbo, but she could not control herself.

Hannah's right arm became a supersonic blur and exploded forward in the same instant. Fueled by her rage, every ounce of her superhuman strength – the combined strength of millions, perhaps billions – became packed into one superpowerful, cathartic punch.


Seismographs across the globe registered the superpowerful tremor created from Hannah's overhand right. In less than a picosecond, every atom within a 5 mile radius was disintegrated by the destructive power of the shockwave that followed. Buildings crumbled… Cars imploded… Concrete and steel vaporized…

It was eerily silent except for the sound of deep breaths as Hannah stood panting in a charred crater measuring close to 400 feet wide and nearly 50 feet deep, her hair tangled and wind-blown in front of her face, hiding her widening and disbelieving eyes. Shaking her head, her hair parted like a curtain to reveal her arm – still extended – being held in place by Ashley who caught her fist.

Ashley raised her brow and smiled innocently. "Surprised?" Hannah stood in disbelief, intelligible words somehow failing to be processed by the young girl's superhuman brain.

"What… how?"

Ashley giggled, releasing Hannah's fist and making a show of dusting her hands before placing them on her shapely hips.

"Well, they DID tell me there would be another I'd have to find and defeat, but I had no idea who. Hmm… lucky me!"

Hannah grabbed her right wrist and twirled it, loosening it up. "Who told you? The Facebook people gave you powers too?"

"You think FACEBOOK did THIS? As if!" laughed Ashley as she pointed her thumb back at herself. "I've got the power of a multi-billion dollar worldwide mega-enterprise behind me, Biatch! You are looking at the poster girl for MYocellular Super Powered Augmentation via Clinicopathological Experimentation. You think you have powers?" She snickered as she held up her pinkie. "There's more power in this little finger than a trillion of you. You can hear a whisper from 100 miles away but I can hear every conversation on a continent an ocean away!" Ashley said proudly before looking at Hannah and raising her eyebrows. "By the way, Hannah… rue the day? I mean… C'Mon! Who friggin' talks like that!" Ashley laughed and flipped her blonde hair so quickly that the force of the wind sent Hannah hurtling into the air.

The young goddess lifted herself on her toes and stretched her supple arms outward contentedly, letting out a contented sigh as she continued to watch Hannah tumble head over heels into the upper atmosphere.

"Yep… MySpace fucking ROCKS!"

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