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Late Supper

Written by ace191 :: [Wednesday, 19 October 2005 23:26] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 15 May 2014 12:01]

Late Supper

by Ace191


The chateaubriand was delightful. It melted in his mouth without being chewed. The double stuffed cheese with garlic potatoes were great.

He sinfully dipped his steamed broccoli in the Béarnaise sauce and licked most of it off before chomping down on the perfectly prepared vegetable.

But where was she? Why was she missing this fabulous meal? Was it his attire? No, she had never cared much about that. Perhaps it was a poor beverage selection. He reached for the bottle containing the maroon colored fruit of the vine and read the label. Welch’s Grape Juice, best if used before 12/05. No it couldn’t be that, still 6 weeks of freshness to go. No, it had to be the ambiance. A 6 by 8 foot green steel cage done in early cheap industrial deco just was not very appealing. But when you make the “Master Criminal List” for killing two law officers while being video taped along with assisting in terminating with extreme prejudice a well connected drug lord, justice comes swiftly.

He looked at the clock. Less than an hour to go before he would be led to the gas chamber. He ponders what the best strategy will be. Should he try to hold his breath to live an extra two minutes, or should he hyperventilate to get it over quicker?

His mind wanders back to the night that put him where he is now. It was the greatest night of his life. He had never had as much excitement and adventure in so few hours and that was not even counting the Super Sex afterward. What she could do to and for him with her powers and that incredible body!

He closed his eyes and went back to that special night. There he was flying in her arms going back to her place. Her hair flowing in waves brushed back by the wind. Her beautiful face partial hidden by her domino mask. The stone in her tiara imparting a purple glow to her entire body.

Her perfect firm gravity defying left breast lay against his chest just inches from his mouth. His manhood was harder that it had ever been, but he had not seen anything yet. They arrived at her luxury high rise condo and she lands on the balcony. She takes his hand and leads him to her bedroom. She tells him to get undressed and “make the bed” with himself in it. She excuses herself and returns shortly, dressed only in her boots, gloves, tiara and mask. She floats up over him just out of reach. He is memorized by her awesome incredible breasts which taper to her tiny waist and expand again into her voluptuous hips which give way to long tapering legs. He comes out of his momentary trance as he tries to take in her incredible body when purple energy from her groin strikes his.

“You’ll need that before this night is through.” Carol says.

Truer words were never spoken he recalls.

She floats down and kisses him passionately on his lips. Her every touch stimulates him more and more until he almost can’t stand it. He tries to pull her pelvis down but she is not ready yet and continues to tease and arouse him. Then finally, she raises up and slowly starts to float down on him.

His memories are interrupted by a tremendous explosion. He can hear men screaming and the sounds of brick crumbling to the floor. He hears the sounds of automatic rifle fire and the main facility alarm start to blare. A tear gas grenade goes off and he catches a whiff in his nostrils. The sounds are growing closer now as the alarm is suddenly silenced. Two last bursts of gunfire are followed by two agonizing screams.

It is quiet now save for the sounds of high heels clicking along the concrete floor. Very close now he hears the tortured sounds of metal twisting and yielding to a superior force and then, a vision of loveliness appears at his cell door.

“You’re late”

“If now is a bad time for you, I can always come back later.”

“Oh no, it just that your food has gotten cold.”

He watches as the purple aurora comes out of her gloves as she effortlessly bends the bars and steps through. Purple beams come out of her fingers warming her food. She tastes the steak and the broccoli, but not the potatoes.

“Try the potatoes, they are excellent” he says.

“I am not much of a garlic fan” she says.

“Well, I already had some and you know, I thought it might be a good idea for later”

“Keep dreaming Ace.”

“Kind of stuffy in here” she says.

“I will take it up with the Maitre’D right away” he says.

“I think a skylight would look great, right about here.” Carol fires a beam from her R hand and the ceiling just vaporizes revealing the beautiful night sky. “There, that’s much better, don’t you think?”

“The sky is pretty, but not exactly what I would choose to look at in my last few remaining minutes.”

“And what would you like to look at?”

“How about a large hot fudge sundae? I know a place that makes the best ones on the planet.”

“But if you leave now, won’t that upset the people who put you here”

“What are they going to do, kill me?”

Carol smiled and lifted him effortlessly in her arms and rose up through the opening she had created earlier. “Say I have an idea. Why don’t we get our ice cream to go and take it back to my place.”

Why not.” Yes, this would be the best late supper ever, right “down” to the dessert!

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