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Kylie's Kalamity

Written by lfan :: [Monday, 13 November 2006 22:21] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 01 December 2012 05:11]

Kylie's Kalamity


by Lfan









Kylie soared like an eagle, her perfect body knifing through the night air at supersonic speed as she reveled in the feeling of it all.


It had been only a few days since she had touched the meteor that had given these incredible powers, but she was quick to assume the mantle of Cypress Bay’s Favorite Superheroine as she had fashioned herself a costume and did her best to aid police in apprehending petty thieves and criminals in her first days on the job as a superheroine.


Kylie felt the night wind whip against her invulnerable skin as she soared over the city on her patrol that she had adopted as part of her superheroic responsibilities. Her gorgeous green eyes scanned back and forth in sweeping arcs with her super telescopic vision on the lookout for any suspicious activity.


As she sailed across the river, she saw a fiery inferno blazing at the Ajax Chemical plant, the flames rising 30 ft into the air as it illuminated the night sky. Kylie knew she had to help.


As Kylie flew above the carnage, she counted 8 firetrucks futilely trying to control the blaze as it refused to succumb to the mere water hoses of the brave firemen.


Kylie hovered in midair as she felt the indescribable heat that was coming from the chemical plant. Kylie knew that if she did not act soon, the fire would spread rapidly to other surround businesses and buildings.


Being new to the superheroine business, Kylie did not know immediately the best course of action but she recalled that Superman had once doused the flames of a raging fire in one of the movies she had seen as a kid. Since acquiring her powers that one fateful night, Kylie had seemingly gained powers similar to those of Superman: superspeed, superstrength, flight, invulnerability, super vision.


“I bet I probably have superbreath too!” mused Kylie to herself as she beamed at the thought of blowing out the chemical fire like a candle on a birthday cake.


“This is gonna be so cool” said Kylie to herself as she hovered herself into position and put her hands confidently on her hips.


“So, just blow real hard, Kylie! Easy!” she thought as she steadied herself and began to inhale deeply.


A deafening whistling sound could be heard as a superhuman vacuum formed around Kylie’s nostrils, sucking in a seamlessly endless stream of air. It defied all laws of physics as there seemed to be no limit to the amount of air that Kylie lungs could take in.


Kylie’s blue spandex costume tightened across her chest as her breasts rose ever so slightly with every cubic inch of air that she inhaled. Her back arched awkwardly as her already prodigious chest seemed to expand to porn star proportions, as she smiled confidently knowing she would quell the blaze as easily as blowing out a match.


After an inhalation of over 30 seconds, Kylie decided to let loose! She wet her lips with her tongue as her gorgeous lips formed into a perfect “O” as she began to exhale, concentrating her blast at the fire below.


The sound of rushing wind was faint at the beginning but quickly built to a crescendo as more and more air was forced through Kylie’s luscious lips with unbelievable force.


45mph …? 60mph …? 70 mph …? 80mph …


The flames shuddered against Kylie’s onslaught but refused to die, being fueled by an almost limitless supply of incendiary material and chemicals.


Kylie saw the flames stubbornly resist her efforts so she merely doubled and redoubled her efforts.


100mph …? 130mph …? 180mph …? 200mph …


Faster and faster the winds propelled from the young heroine’s mouth with the equivalent strength of multiple Category 5 hurricanes. Her refusal to let the flames resist her caused her to exhale with mind-blowingly destructive force.


As the flames quickly succumbed to her superhuman gust, so did various architectural components of the factory as well as the surrounding neighborhood.


Metal roofing was peeled off warehouses like aluminum foil as Kylie’s makeshift hurricane swept over the landscape. Building walls were obliterated as uncontrollable 200+ mph winds vaporized solid concrete and rebar as if it was nothing.


The eight firetrucks were swept up in the gusts as if picked up and tossed by a giant invisible fist, becoming deadly projectiles as the flew threw the air like giant red and white paper airplanes, crashing into nearby buildings.


Kylie quickly realized her miscalculation of her incredible powers and ceased her exhalation but it was too late. In a mere matter of seconds, she had extinguished the factory blaze but in the process had leveled the entire block: a 500 yard stretch of concrete and steel rubble being the only evidence that a block of buildings existed her only 30 seconds earlier.


Recognizing her terrible miscalculation, Kylie rocketed down to the scene in a matter of milliseconds, tossing tons of rubble aside like Styrofoam to find any survivors she could. As she lifted a 2 ton slab of concrete, Kylie’s eyes welled up at the sight of a dead firefighter that had been swept up by her smug show of power. How could she have been so careless… so stupid!


In the next 20 minutes, moving at almost superspeed, Kylie managed to find 121 people buried under the former remains of the buildings that once stood. She had been responsible for the deaths of 121 people!


As sirens wailed in the background signaling the arrival of more police and ambulances, Kylie knew that she was going to be held responsible for the deaths of all those people and made public enemy number one. Knowing that no jail or prison could even hope to hold her or keep her incarcerated with her incredible powers did little to comfort Kylie.


All she wanted to do was help people, but in the brief span of thirty seconds, she went from Kylie Young, superheroine to Kylie Young, super fugitive.

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