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The Slave's Rescue and Re-rescue Song

Written by supergirls sex slave :: [Wednesday, 04 January 2006 11:46] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 12 February 2013 11:47]

The Slave's Rescue and Re-rescue Song

by Supergirlssexslave


After I was captured
And publicly paraded
All hope of a free life
So rapidly had faded.

We were taken as slaves,
Picked up and tossed one-handed
Commodities for use,
Our bodies thusly branded.

So beautiful, so powerful
Those unarmed, naked supergirls
They enslaved us entirely -
Each alone could conquer worlds!

I was assigned to a girl
Branded as her property
I became just one more sex slave
(There are hundreds more beside me.)

My specialist task is licking
And I do it very well
For I know I'd surely be killed
If ever my standards fell.

Our quarters are quite spartan
Used for rest and recuperation
That's when we aren't being used
For our mistress' stimulation.

She clicks her fingers
And we all rush to comply.
Any man that is too slow
Is certainly to die.

Naked we line up before her
She summons us by number
Those that she selects
Must run into her chamber.

She always gets in there before us
(She is faster than the eye can measure)
She orders us into her chosen positions
And plays with us for her sexual pleasure.

Many are hurt in her violent games
She tosses them aside like broken toys
Death is instant if you fail to please her
Or scream or shout - so don't make noise!

When she is done she waves you away
You must sprint at once from her sight
She bores so quickly of her sex slaves
You may not live to serve another night.

I used to dream of a rescue
(I knew we slaves needed assistance -
Five hundred men is no kind of match
For a girl with our mistress' potence.)

And then, one day, it happened -
Our mistress was away somewhere
We slaves were awaiting her return
We heard a boom that shook the air.

We thought at first the sound was her
Announcing her arrival
But the walls caved in, we jumped
And saw the faintest hope of survival.

There, in her palace,
The male resistance army!
We thought that they had come
To finally set us all free.

They led us away
And we followed so happily
To their underground hideout
The last refuge of male dignity.

But when we arrived
They called us all traitors
Said we were a disgrace,
Willing tools of our conquerors.

We pleaded our innocence:
You see, we had no choice:
Live as mere sex-slaves
Or die if we raised our voice.

"Cowards! You sould have died!
Dignity went to the grave
When you accepted to
Live as some girl's slave!"

"You are not fit to join us
You have betrayed the male sex.
We find you all guilty
Of treason in all its aspects!

For your crimes against your gender
We sentence you to death.
Your hanging is an example
In public you'll take your last breath."

As they led us to the gallows
We wept in silence
They put the noose around my neck
I felt my chest becoming tense.

And then, as the trapdoor below
Prepared to open my path to hell
Someone cried "Watch out! She's here!"
A blur, a wind was all I could tell.

In an instant, the resistance army
Was massacred, cut down and blown apart
Men disappeared, exploded, flew upwards
The sound of female laughter chilled my heart.

The battle lasted seconds
She moved to quick to be seen
Her hands destroyed dozens,
Leaving blood where men had been.

Suddenly, all was calm again.
The girl stopped still in front of me.
She smiled as she wiped the gore
From her perfect, invulnerble body.

"You are my sex slaves." She informed us all
"You shall not die by the hands of others.
You are mine and mine alone.
Your deaths will come serving as my lovers."

She gathered us all up like strays,
And dragged us painfully back to her palace.
That night she killed two with her passion
Their screams met by a smile on her face.

They had been rescued from the gallows
Saved from execution in the morning
Merely to die as cruelly-used sex-slaves
At the hands of girl who was laughing.

And so I live and die to service my goddess
My existence is purely for her amusement
No hope of escape, rescue or reprieve
No end to the girl and her inescapable torment.

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