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The Project – Part 16 (Finale)

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The Project – Finale



Aleesha loved her dramatically bustier and toned form. The other woman was a distant thought and so was the American 10th division. Her mouth was half open and her chin pressed down at her collar, as she attempted to view her impressive curves over the tops of her bigger breasts. Her hands moved firmly up her body, her fingertips making a deep impression in her skin as they traced the outline of her body all the way up to her chest. The electric feeling her fingers made pressing against her silky smooth skin gave her goosebumps and made her hard nipples even harder. The palms of her hands pressed deeply into either side of her firm breasts. The ‘S’ symbol on her oversized chest warped more and more, as she squeezed with more and more pressure. Her boots left the ground as her bliss put her into an accidental state of flight.

Aleesha’s eyes closed as she absorbed the sensation of absolute power and then she opened them and looked upon the battle ground. Of the thousands that laid upon it she saw only one moving. Her lips curled upward to a smile.

Oddly enough, the redhead was still more of a threat to her than the entire American divisions that laid in wait. She looked forward to testing her increased power on the redhead.

Aleesha appeared in front of Kate in a flash. Her hands were pressed firmly on her hips and her chest was pushed out in dramatic fashion. Her chin was raised high as she looked over the top of her massive breasts at the redhead who had once defied her.

Kate stood up to her, “I’m not afraid of you.”

Aleesha laughed, “We’ll see if you feel the same way in just a moment.”

Kate brought her arm back and swung it with enough force to blast through solid steel. Her fist shot into Aleesha’s belly. The sudden sent a shockwave down her hand and into her elbow. She opened her fist slowly, wondering at first if she was even able to do that.

Aleesha retained her exact pose and observed Kate’s reaction.

Kate was looking at her fist in shock.

Aleesha’s hand reached out and grabbed Kate’s wrist, “Aww … did that hurt? Looks like it’s going to swell, let me kiss it and make it better.”

Aleesha grabbed Kate’s hand and pulled it up to her puckered lips. A sharp whistle bellowed from Aleesha’s pursed lips as her cheeks flared. Kate’s hand became cold as the frost that began to form quickly entombed it in ice.

Kate looked at her hand, her expression was that of shock – which was met with laughter from Aleesha. She brought the same fist backwards and smashed it into Aleesha’s face. The ice broke over Aleesha’s face and managed to turn her head, but other then that, the effect was minimal.

“Is that the best you can do?” Aleesha asked as she crossed her arms under her bosom.

Kate was no match for Aleesha. Her powers were so vastly superior that Kate did not have even the slightest chance of victory. She needed to think. How was she going to survive the next few minutes let alone turn the tide? Her only hope would be to try to trick Aleesha into making a mistake. She stared intently at Aleesha’s breasts and played her last card. Two sharp beams of energy fired into those massive mounds.

Aleesha gasped, then smiled, as she looked down at the spot where the beams were making contact. She moved her chest more to one side so that one of the beams was perfectly in line with her erect nipple, “Mmmm That’s the spot, more! MORE!”

The beams soon dissipated.

“MMMmm Fuck! That feels so good!” Aleesha sucked on her finger and then traced the same finger along the hottest part of her breast with a sizzle, “But, I wonder, would feel just as good for you if I returned the favor?”

Aleesha’s eyes began to sparkle and, before the inevitable blast of energy fired, Kate wondered if she would survive the full fury of Aleesha’s heat vision. The blast was intense and Kate’s breasts instantly turned white hot.

“No, please stop! I will do anything.” she pleaded, hoping that Aleesha would continue.

Sensing that victory was within her grasp, Aleesha focused all of her power into her heat vision. The intensified beams crashed into Kate and blasted her backwards across the battlefield.



Kate careened off into a wrecked tank and skidded along the dried grass. A trail of fire marked her course. Her body smoldered in the blazing grass and there she laid. Her breasts were slightly larger and, although she felt burnt and sore, she could feel the power swelling within her as her confidence increased noticeably.

Aleesha approached Kate and immediately realized what she had done.

Kate stood up defiantly, “Is that the best you can do?”

Aleesha wasn’t going to be sucked into transferring any more of her power into the redhead. Instead she walked up to Kate and punched her in the face. The shock wave reverberated across the fields and Kate was launched high into the air. She landed hundreds of yards away.

Kate was down on all fours and in noticeable pain. Blood started trickling from her nose and she watched as every drop burned and burrowed itself deep into the earth.

“Actually, that was the best I could do. How did it feel?” Aleesha asked then giggled.

Kate was hurt, the ground was spinning. She had to snap out of it, there was no telling what the world’s fate might be if she lost. Catching a surge of adrenalin, Kate quickly got to her feet and cracked Aleesha across her face. With super speed she blasted another powerful shot across the other side of Aleesha’s face and, finally, another punch directly centered into Aleesha’s chest.

Aleesha’s face turned on both punches but, other then that, the hits did little else. She looked down at her own breasts as Kate’s fist rebounded off of them. She smiled as her breasts dramatically flattened from Kates super punch.

Kate was breathing heavily. All that her efforts managed to do was discourage her further. She pulled her fist back one last time and threw it with everything she had.

Aleesha caught her fist with ease and began squeezing.

Kate screamed in pain.

Aleesha applied continued pressure and Kate fell to her knees. Aleesha reached out with her other arm and her fingers wrapped around Kate’s neck and then she hoisted the redhead into the air.

“It is unfortunate that you’re going to miss out on what I have in store for the world … I have such wonderful plans for your precious America.”

Aleesha’s grip tightened as now both hands solidified their grip on Kate’s petite neck. Aleesha was putting all her might into breaking Kate’s neck. Her toned muscles strained and she exhibited more force than anything measurable by human standards.

Kate’s face went red and, for the first time since acquiring her powers, she felt as if she needed air.

After a full minute, Aleesha eased up on Kate.

“Why won’t you die?” Aleesha yelled in frustration.

She threw Kate as hard as she was able and Kate rocketed backwards. Her body flew into the city and careened through a building. As Kate exited through backside of the building, Aleesha knocked her from the other side. Kate smashed violently into the road. Her limbs dangled loosely from the crater she had created.

Aleesha casually floated down beside her and then lined Kate up as if she was attempting a field goal kick. She kicked Kate as hard as she could and Kate grinded across the asphalt for miles.

“What do I have to do to kill you?” Aleesha screamed, almost tempted to once again pour on the heat vision.

Kate was bruised and bleeding. She was just as surprised as Aleesha was that she was not dead. She pulled her body out of the concrete and was hit once again, this time by a car that Aleesha had picked up as easily as she would have a baseball bat.

Aleesha hoisted the now flattened car and tossed it aside. Kate was clearly still alive. Aleesha kicked Kate again sending her high into the air.

Kate landed back on the battlefield. She didn’t want to open her eyes, all she wanted to do was fall unconscious and, maybe, would be spared the pain from the relentless beating. Her eyes reluctantly opened and there, just in front of her, was the unique shiny silver rifle. She had no doubt that it would fail in bringing down Aleesha, but she couldn’t help but think that it might just be her last remaining hope. Kate grabbed the rifle and quickly aimed it at Aleesha.

Aleesha rolled her eyes as she landed 10 meters from Kate, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

The rifle boomed but, before the violent sound reached Aleesha, the bullet was well in front of it.

Aleesha’s senses were vastly improved since stealing some of Kate’s power but, even still, she barely could register the thought to move out of the way before the bullet cracked her in the skull.

Kate wasted no time and fired the weapon again.

Aleesha’s thoughts were too disorganized. She was dizzy and didn’t even notice the next bullet as it blasted toward her head and, once again, careened off it. She tried to steady herself, but the concussive force of the hits proved to be too much and she fell to her knees.

Kate moved angrily toward Aleesha and then placed the barrel of the weapon on Aleesha’s temple and fired another shot. At point blank range, the bullet was able to enter Aleesha’s skull and she fell to the ground seemingly dead.

Kate looked at Aleesha and hoped she was dead. Panic began to set in, as she could see Aleesha’s body repairing itself at an incredible rate. Remembering the last thing she had seen before she had lost much of her power, Kate’s fingers reached inside the tight blue fabric of Aleesha’s top. With far more difficulty than she had anticipated, she managed to remove the super-top off Aleesha. She prayed that her plan would work as she placed her breasts closer to Aleesha’s. Nothing happened … She massaged the sides of Aleesha’s breasts and placed her hard nipples directly onto Aleesha’s.

“Oh God, Please work” she whispered.

She was rewarded. A spark fired from Aleesha’s breasts into hers. Her initial reaction was to back away from Aleesha but, after the initial shock, it felt good. Kate squeezed Aleesha’s bigger breasts harder and another spark fired into her chest and then another. Kate gasped as more and more energy blasted into her erect nipples.

Kate’s chest was quickly dispersing the energies to the rest of her body. Her breasts were now getting larger and firmer. Bigger than Aleesha’s now, as the sparks turned into a dazzling bolt of electric energy. The magnificent energy threatened to push Kate away and so Kate’s hands reached around Aleesha’s back and she squeezed Aleesha’s body into hers. Her chest were now flattening Aleesha’s breasts as she increasingly squeezed harder.

Aleesha was losing power at a substantial rate, but her body had finally repaired the damage to her brain. Her eyes opened and a feeling of panic took hold of her, as Kate’s dramatic bust filled her vision.

“No!” she screamed as she desperately tried to pull Kate off of her.

Kate had absorbed far too much power for Aleesha to successfully pull her off with her own strength. Kate got off of Aleesha of her own free will, picked up the Supergirl top and pulled it over her dramatically larger bust. She crossed her arms across her chest and looked down at Aleesha.

Aleesha was still bold. Having no idea how vast the power exchange was, she stood defiantly against Kate.

Aleesha’s fists were a blur as they struck Kate wildly. Kate’s confidence increased with every feeble contact. Aleesha was getting frustrated and her punches were getting weaker and weaker. She slammed her fists across Kate’s chest in frustration, but all she managed was to get Kate to arc her eyebrows and smile.

Aleesha was breathing heavy and she stared intently into Kate‘s eyes, “You have more power than me for now. That’s fine. Do your worst! But you can’t kill me and my strength is going to return and, when it does, I’m going to give back to you what you do to me now, and so much more!”

Kate turned from her and walked back toward the rifle.

“But, we can exist together. I’ll promise to stay in South America. I’ll stay out your business and you stay out of mine.” Aleesha pleaded.

Kate reached down and picked up the Project’s rifle by the barrel. She walked back to Aleesha and with no hesitation swung the rifle as if it were a bat. The butt of the rifle cracked across Aleesha’s head. There was a dent in the invulnerable steel and Aleesha dropped to the ground. She was unconscious.

Kate smacked the butt of the rifle over her head again and again. After a dozen hits Aleesha was comatose, but she was far from dead.

Kate could not kill her, and she knew that. Everything Aleesha said was true. Unless she intended to spend eternity hitting Aleesha in the head, eventually their power levels would return to the way they were. Kate took in a deep breath through her nostrils and blew a freezing cool stream of air at Aleesha. Aleesha’s body began to frost up and soon was entombed in ice.

Kate picked up Aleesha’s frozen body and took off into the air. She blasted out of Earth’s orbit and steadily increased her speed. She held Aleesha’s frozen body in front of her as she neared the speed of light. She exited the solar system and increased her speed even more.

Seeing a massive void in space she launched Aleesha into it and watched as Aleesha’s body sailed deep into the abyss. She had no doubt she would see her again. The only question that remained was … when.

Kate turned and looked back at her solar system. She marveled at how far she had traveled in just a few short minutes. She adjusted her body and blasted back to Earth.



Vojek opened his eyes. His eyes were, at first, blinded by the peculiar sun. He sat upright and looked at the damage to his body. There wasn’t any. The battlefield, which at one time was littered with dead bodies, fire and debris was calm and peaceful. He turned his head and looked at Kate. She looked identical to the way she had when he had first seen her so may years ago. She looked sad. Vojtek smiled at her and then looked away, “Am I dead?”

Kate began to tear up, “No … but you will be. You’re bleeding internally. Your major organs are failing. If I try to move you, your body will go into shock and die. If I try to get help … you’ll have died long before I could even have a chance … this chance … to say goodbye.”

“No need to sugarcoat it Kate … Tell me how bad it really is.” Vojtek smiled at her.

Kate politely smiled back.

The sun was getting larger. And Vojtek stared at it. “I’m sorry.”

Kate reached out and grabbed Vojtek’s hand, “Oh, don’t be.”

“I should have been better to you.”

“Oh Vojtek … you are as you‘ve always been. Frustrating, complicated and a challenge. As much as I hated you for those things, I loved you for them.”

The sun was getting larger and Vojtek continued to stare at it, “Where do you suppose I’ll end up?”

Kate started crying, “Just stay here for a little longer … please.”

Vojtek smiled at her, squeezed her hand and then embraced her as the sunlight engulfed everything.

And then darkness.

The psychic connection was broken and Kate held Vojtek’s lifeless body in her arms.

The booming sound of jets interrupted the silence, as they made a pass over Kate and toward their intended targets in Bogotá. The jets dropped their payloads and giant fireballs erupted in the heart of the city. The 10th division began moving into Bogotá, tanks and hummers crossing the battlefield.

Kate paid no mind to them, she spent the rest of the day and night with Vojtek.



John adjusted his tie and looked at himself in the bedroom mirror. Throughout his career he had given plenty of interviews and speeches to top ranking commanders. But today he was to give an interview to the nation’s top newsagency and he was nervous.

Only 2 weeks had past since the strike on Bogotá. All the government had done since then was deflecting questions about girls with superpowers and the Project. John would set the record straight.

He felt he owed it to his men, who all perished nameless somewhere on that battlefield. The only recognition they received was that the field, in which so many had died, was named Gambit’s Field.

John grabbed his briefcase and left his home. He walked down a narrow to his car. He opened the door of his Mercedes and tossed the briefcase onto the passenger seat. He put the keys in the ignition and then froze.

Maybe it was the years of experience or simply his paranoia, but before he turned the ignition he notice the hairline fracture on his steering column. His heart rate increased, he moved his hand away from the ignition and slowly to his glove box. He opened it and looked at the 9mm, he was relieved it hadn’t been removed. He had no doubt snipers were in the vicinity, just in case their primary plan failed. And those snipers undoubtedly had perfect sight on him.

He thought long and hard about his next move. He sat there for 5 minutes in contemplation before closing his glove box. The reality, he knew, was that as soon as he got out of the car a .50 caliber bullet would enter his chest and, while he was down, another .50 caliber bullet would blast through his brain.

He did smile at the thought of it. The thought of getting into an old fashion shoot out. It was no matter … he was too old for such nonsense.

He smiled as he reflected briefly on his long life. His hand moved slowly back to the ignition and he turned the key. The car turned over briefly, then erupted into a giant fireball. The shock blasted out his neighbour’s windows and left very little reminisce of John’s car or himself.



Cam Knieling cleared his throat as he addressed the reporters at the press conference. “Today, at 0900 hours, one of our own was lost in a deliberate and calculated assassination. John Hinks had worked for this government for 33 devoted years, before retiring just a few weeks ago. In the last 5 years he had been working with a special task force specializing in stopping the drug flow into this country. Preliminary reports indicates that this was the work of a well known drug cartel centralized in Venezuela. This will not go unanswered and it is yet another reminder to us – the American people – that we are still at war. We fight an enemy that targets our youth and the very future of this great nation. And we will not stand idly by and let them take and do as they will. I will take your questions now.”

The crowd of journalists erupted with a flurry of questions and Cam pointed at one of the Journalist.

“Devon Wimsey with America Now. We have been informed, along with other news agencies that John Hinks was to give detailed information on the Project and the American involvement in the creation of these so called superwomen.”

Cam took a sip of water, “I personally spoke to John the night before and he informed me that his intent was to inform the public of the dangers of the cartels. John had no involvement with any project, so him commenting on such matters would be … nonsense.”

Another member of the media blurted out his question, “And what of this so called Project? What is United States hiding from the world?”

Cam smiled, “There are several thousands of experiments that operate through public and private funding. I think that you all well know that we cannot – for the sake of national security – go into detail of any one of them. To set record straight: the United States has never once experimented in making a superwoman. And if we are … my priority would be to make sure that my ex-wife is not on the list.”

The Journalists erupted in laughter.

Cam used the diversion to end the interview and walked out as the journalists continued yelling questions at him.

Cam arrived at his Pentagon office, “Good afternoon Sally.”

“Good afternoon Mr. Knieling. Mrs. Sutherland called and wanted your approval on the J.A Consultant. Also Senator Grenanson would like to go over the Bogotá accords. Oh, and a lady is here to see you.”

Sally looked over Cam’s shoulder. “What did you say your name was?”

Cam looked in the direction that Sally was gesturing toward. There was nothing but an empty couch. He looked back at Sally.

Sally gave her boss a curious look, “I swear Mr. Knieling … she was right there.”

Cam smiled at her, “I’m sure if it’s important she’ll be back.”

“Yes … of course.”

Cam opened the door to his office and wasn’t surprised to see Kate sitting at his desk. He closed the door behind him, hung up his coat and sat down in front of his desk, where normally his guests or clients would.

Her red hair was up in a bun and she was wearing black dress pants and a blue blouse. The blue blouse was open just enough to see the top part of the red ‘S’. Just in case he had any doubt of he was speaking too.

“I must confess,” Cam said, “I thought I would see you much sooner than this. But, you’ve been a busy girl, haven’t you?”

Kate smiled at Cam, “How could I have been so inconsiderate. Especially to the man responsible for nuking me.”

There was an awkward silence, then Cam smiled at Kate, “Well, you seem no worse for wear. I apologize if it caused you any minor inconvenience.”

Kate gave Cam a stern look before she began, “I’m looking for information on where you had relocated the meteorite. I think you can begin to imagine what I had uncovered.”

“Well, you know that it was the American government who intentionally detonated a thermonuclear weapon within 10 yards of yourself and on board a terrorist vessel. So I assume you know everything … but I don’t really care.”

“Nor do I. You see Cam, I have no desire in engaging in some kind of morale discussion with you. I’m here for one reason: the location of the meteorite.”

“Then, once again, you're looking in the wrong place. I have no idea where the stone is.”

Kate traced her finger nail on the exposed part of the S symbol on her chest, drawing Cam’s eyes to her bust, “I don’t think I believe you.”

“What you believe or don’t believe is of no concern of mine. Let me give you some advice. Leave. You can fly. Survive in outer space. Go explore the cosmos. See what’s out there. Staying here … it’s no good for you. Or the people that you may care about.”

“Careful Cam … those are fighting words.”

“Do I look frightened?”

Kate stared into his eyes for a while, “Unfortunately for you … you don’t.”

In a blur Kate was around the desk and hoisting Cam up by his neck.

“Tell me where the stone is.” she asked politely.

Cam’s feet were 12 inches off the ground as Kate’s hand placed continued pressure on his neck. His face turned purple and then Kate casually flung Cam onto his desk. He rolled off of it and hit the floor. Kate walked toward his desk. Placing her hand on its side she whipped the oak desk to the other side of the room. It smashed violently against the wall.

Cam got up and pressed his back against his office window.

Kate shaped her lips in an ‘o’ and blew a freezing stream of air at Cam. The window cracked as the freezing cold air entombed his chest and legs to the glass. He was panting feverishly when Kate placed her warm chest on his body.

“Cam. The stone. Where is it?”

Sally barged into the office, “Mr Knieling is everything … Oh my god!”

Kate pointed at Sally and she began levitating. She gestured up and Sally hit her head on the ceiling and fell unconscious. She turned her attention back to Cam.

“I don’t know!”

Kate pushed her bosom into Cam’s chest causing the window behind him to crack. She looked down from his Pentagon office, “Hmph … only four floors up. This might have worked better if we were on a high rise. Oh well, time for plan B.”

Kate grabbed Cam’s head and looked deep into his eyes. Cam’s thoughts became disorganized and he could no longer concentrate.

Kate absorbed information at an astonishing rate. She could have gathered countless government secrets but, in truth, she didn’t want too. The truth bothered her too much. She stopped her mental siege as soon she had acquired the information she needed.

She smiled at Cam, who looked confused and disorientated, “Thanks for making this easy Cam. And here I thought I’d have to get rough with you.”

Kate buttoned her blouse and casually walked out of the office, stepping over Sally on her way out.

The glass behind Cam continued to crack. He tried to pull away from the glass, but his attempt to do so caused the glass to break and he fell from the building.



The alarms blared as the facility radar picked up an object moving at an impossible speed.

Guards ran forward and a giant steel door closed behind them. They aimed their weapons at the steel wall just under 30 yards away from them.

There was a booming sound that shook the facility and then silence.

The steel wall in front of the guards began to warp, then an arm ripped through it. The metal groaned as it peeled to one side like a cheese slice as the superwoman entered.

The guards opened fire.

Kate casually walked toward the firing squad as bullets pinged and ricocheted off her body. The bullets deflecting off her body pierced the steel hallways and chalked up the granite flooring.

The guards’ weapons simultaneously clicked.

While most of them stared at the busty redhead in disbelief, one reloaded his weapon and resumed firing. His machine gun sputtered, then he looked at the rest of the guards who were looking at him disapprovingly. He looked back at them, “What?”

Kate walked into the group of guards, “You boys wanna be sweet and open this door for me?”

“You really are … Supergirl,” one of the guards finally said.

Kate smiled, “Well, I don’t dress up like this for nothing … Umm … The door, boys.”

“We’d like to open it for you … but … you know … I think we’d probably get in trouble.”

Kate smiled at the guard. “No problem.”

Her fingers found the seams of the steel door and she ripped the door open, “Thanks anyways, boys.”

Kate observed the scientists scurrying around desperately. A group of them managed to push a particle accelerator in her direction. She remembered getting shot with the very same weapon. It seemed so long ago. Her eyes shot two beams of energy that blasted across the room and into the accelerator which melted upon contact.

Some of the other scientists were destroying the laser used to fire the dense stream of photons into the stone.

She had no use for the laser. She casually walked into the Project room and grabbed the stone. She smiled as she held it in her hand.

“You can't take that!” a scientist screamed at her.

“Oh no?” she smiled back at him.

Kate pulled her tight blue shirt away from her body and then tucked the stone in between her incredible cleavage. She let go the blue fabric and it snapped loudly back in it place.

Kate crossed her arms, “Want to try taking it back from me?”


Kate began laughing and in a blur she was gone.

“Contact the president. Inform her that the Project has been compromised.”



The pool had been closed for a half hour and the lifeguard had finished her closing duties. Before she left for home she always did 20 laps. This time Cynthia Hastings barely managed 10. She just had too much on her mind.

Her girlfriend of almost a year had left her and she couldn’t stop thinking about her. Maybe if she was taller or more fit or had bigger boobs, she could have held on to her. It was the worst feeling in the world not knowing why she had left her. Maybe if she looked like that, she thought as she stared at possibly the most stunning woman she had ever laid eyes on. Tall, long flowing red hair and a body to die for … the odd thing about it was: Cynthia wasn’t attracted to her. It probably was because she still couldn’t get Jessie out of her mind. Getting over the girls beauty it suddenly dawned on her that nobody but her was supposed to be there.

“The pools closed.” she said to the redhead, wondering how she was even able to enter the outdoor facility.

Cynthia swam to the edge of the pool and pulled herself out. She grabbed a towel and approached the stunning female, “How did you get in here?”

Kate smiled at her sister, “Oh, I just dropped in.”

“Well the pool is closed … you shouldn’t be here.”

“You really don’t recognize me … c’mon Cynthia take a harder look.”

Her voice was familiar, so were her eyes and certain facial features. But her body made Cyntia dismiss the notion. The notion that the girl in front of her was her sister. She said her name anyways, “Kate?”

Kate smiled, “It's good to see you too Cynthia.”

Cynthia’s heart missed a beat and she walked up to the redhead. She was wearing modest clothing, but even the thickest sweater couldn’t hide those curves. “No way!… No chance!”

Kate giggled “Trust me Cynthia, it’s me.”

Cynthia looked at Kate’s body and drew one conclusion, “You got implants and a make over!… You!… Of all people!”

Kate laughed, “Maybe it will be easier to explain if I just show you.”

Kate pulled off her sweater and revealed the giant ‘S’ on her tight blue top.

Cynthia had seen pictures of the Supergirl in the news. Even with the pictures and video footage most newsagencies were still skeptical and so was the general public, “I must be dreaming.”

“You're not dreaming Cynthia. Your sister is Supergirl.”

“I don’t believe it!”

Kate walked to the edge of the pool and blew at it. A cool stream of air blasted out of her pursed lips. Most of the water flew over the side and through the gates of the facility, the rest froze solid.

“Believe me now?” Kate smiled at her bewildered sister, “Cynthia, I’m here to grant you everything I have.”

Cynthia’s heart was racing. “What?”

Kate walked up to her, “I need someone who I can trust. I fought a girl whose powers were just as great as mine. I won, but she’ll be back, and I don’t know if I’ll beat her a second time. But if there were two of us …”

Cynthia swallowed hard, “You can make me like you … How?”

Kate pulled out the stone. “With this.”

Cynthia became nervous with excitement, “And that’s how you became super … Did it also make your body…”


Cynthia began beaming with delight “Well, what are we waiting for!”

Kate looked at her younger sister with concern, “You have to promise you’ll do as I say. I don’t want you getting all power hungry. I don’t want you making a spectacle of yourself …”

“Kate! I promise! Lets do it!”

Kate reluctantly looked at the stone and then lifted it up in front of her face, “This is going to be a little uncomfortable.”

Kate’s eyes began to light up. Twin beams of energy fired out of them and into the stone. Kate kept the intensity very low. 6 seconds later the beams shot out of the other side of the rock and hit Cynthia.

Cynthia’s red one piece bathing suit began tightening. It tightened across her bust and rode high into her rear. It felt as if the bathing suit was going to crush her. Cynthia panicked and attempted to pull off the bathing suit with no success.

“Kate! Something is wrong,” she said as her red bathing suit began crushing her.

She felt a tingling in her chest and the pain began to subside. She was becoming taller and her breasts were getting larger. She was unable to show any cleavage in her bathing suit before, but now as her breasts firmed and grew bigger they pushed out her bathing suit further and further, revealing an awesome display of cleavage. Cynthia’s hair was dirty blonde before, but now it was golden blonde and her eyes a bright blue. The transformation was complete.

She extended her shapely arms and then brought her hands to her breasts and gave them a playful squeeze.

Kate let her enjoy the sensations of her new body but, as she watched her sisters eyes, she knew Cynthia was about to try out her powers. She had been ready for this.

In an instant Kate was upon her. She wrapped her arms around her sister and blasted into the air, then out of Earth’s atmosphere and toward the Moon. Getting within a kilometer of the moon she let her sister go. Kate delicately landed on the surface of the Moon.

Cynthia hit the surface hard. Her hands came to neck and she desperately gasped for air in the vacuum of space. Cynthia could hear her sisters voice in her head.

“Stop trying to breathe … You don’t need air any more.”

Cynthia stopped trying to breathe and realized that she wasn’t at all short of breath.

“If you want to say something to me, just look at me and think about what you want to say.”

Cynthia was stunned. She was on the Moon. One minute she was on the Earth. And now she was on the Moon.

“Why did you bring me here?”

Kate pointed behind her. There were buses, cars, debris and giant boulders, “We need to train you so that you can use your powers responsibly, when you return to Earth. We’re not leaving here until I’m assured that you won't cause a wreck when we get back.”

Cynthia smiled, “Is that how I earn a big ‘S’ on my chest?”

Kate smiled, “If you’d like. I can enhance any article of clothing. But first let’s get down to business, starting with heat vision.”



The president walked into the facility and observed the destruction, walking down the same hallway that Supergirl had walked down less than a day ago. She approached the lead scientist.

“Madam president, she took the stone. We were able to destroy the photon distributor but …”

“Skip the details. I’ve already been debriefed.” the 74 year old woman looked over the facility, “Did she see the test subject?”

“I don’t believe so … no.”

They walked down a corridor of the facility and another door opened. The president stared at the woman. She was beautiful. The breasts were much larger than she remembered, the body much toned but, unmistakably, it was her … 50 years ago. Made from a strand of her own DNA.

The president had dreamed of power. The urge for it was so great, it led her to become president of the most powerful nation on Earth. But this was something well beyond her imagination, yet so close to being a reality.

“What’s left to do?”

The scientist observed the seemingly lifeless woman, “Everything is set. The final stage is transferring your conscience into her. I must warn you though … there are no guarantees. Your present body, regardless of success or failure, will die.”

The old president looked at the clone’s body with lust and envy, “How long will it take?”

“A few hours … maybe more.”

“Shall we get started?”



Cynthia had been to the Moon. Bathed in the liquid hot magma of a volcano. Reached the farthest depths of the ocean and flown around the solar system. But it was this moment she couldn’t wait for.

Her x-ray vision confirmed that Jessie had pulled off and she was on her way to her apartment, which Cynthia had broken into.

She was in her new outfit. After shopping with her sister, they had enhanced several different outfits and the one she was wearing today was a pair of black leather pants, which squeezed her legs with a tightness that emphasized with precision her amazing ass and perfectly toned legs. An enhanced push up bra, that her sister argued she didn’t need, provided an extra umph to her already perfect tits. Finally, a black leather coat, which she left half unzipped.

Jessie opened the door and looked at the feminine perfection that stood in her doorway. She stood there tongue tied, not able to say a word as the blonde woman smiled at her.

“Remember me?”

“N-No … who are you?”

“Oh c’mon … take a good hard look. I came here to show you what you’ll be missing out now.”

Jessie swallowed hard and cautiously approached Cynthia, “Cyn? It can't be you? You’re … you’re …”

Cynthia smiled and completed her ex-lover’s sentence, “Perfect … Yeah … I know.”

As Jessie slowly approached Cynthia, her hands reached into Cynthia’s jacket. She peered inside her coat and at the awesome display underneath it.

Cynthia had a prepared speech for Jessie. She was going to tell Jessie that she had missed her opportunity. That she would never, ever feel her body in all its new glory.

Jessie ran her hands up Cynthia’s firm midriff.

Cynthia couldn’t stop her, or didn’t want to.

Jessie’s delicate hands made their way up to Cynthia’s firm bosom. She had never imagined feeling something so perfect, firm and smooth. Jessie’s red lips kissed the tight cleavage and began working her kisses up from her breasts to Cynthia’s neckline and eventually to her luscious lips.

An old feeling returned to Cynthia: the feeling of lust, just the same as she once felt. They kissed each other passionately. Cynthia’s hands wrapped around Jessie’s back and she squeezed Jessie into her.

Jessie looked down as her breasts, pressed into Cynthia’s incredible bust. Jessie’s breasts flattened upon Cynthia’s bosom.

Cynthia fell backwards slowly.

Jessie broke off the embrace as soon as she noticed that Cynthia was floating, “Oh my god! Cynthia, you're floating!”

Cynthia smiled, “Oh Jessie, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Jessie was on top of Cynthia’s floating body and, as her mind attempted to comprehend what was happening, she finally said: “I must be dreaming.”

Cynthia smiled brightly, showing off her perfect teeth.

“I know exactly how you feel.” she said before embracing Jessie again with a deep kiss.

Kate used her x-ray vision to look upon her sister’s revenge on her ex-lover. Clearly revenge had turned to passion and Kate wasn’t about to watch any longer.

Jessie was a manipulator. As powerful as she had made her sister, she still worried about what effect Jessie would have on her, but she couldn’t really blame her. Even with all the powers Kate had acquired, Vojtek still had a strength over her. She missed him so much. Her heart sank into her stomach as she thought about him.

A forest fire was blazing out of control less than 1000 miles away. It was the kind of thing that would help her keep her mind off of things.

She looked back at the building her sister was in. She shook her head and smiled after she peered inside the building. Clearly her sister wasn’t going anywhere for some time.

Kate soared in the direction of the blaze. Within a moment she was there and landed delicately next to a pack of firemen and a news team. She smiled at them as they looked at the warped ‘S’ shield on her fantastic bust. She let them take the image in, as she crossed her arms and with a half smile asked: “You boys need any help?”





It was Dinomodese who watched her and desired her. Over the span of several hundreds of galaxies, his light – although just a speck amongst countless other specks – drew her toward him.

It would take 100 years before Aleesha entered his system.

Dinomedes had long ago devoured all the planets in his solar system, not to mention a few neighboring suns and their planets. He was a young giant, but he was a giant. 10 000 times denser than the Earth’s Sun and 500 times larger, Dinomodese was a monster.

His gravity was so strong that it moved oceans and controlled tides several solar systems away.

Alien vessels dared not pass through his system, for even the most powerful ships had a hard time pulling away from his grasp once they came within 150,000 km.

The deep freeze of space and lack of any source of radiation slowed Aleesha’s superhuman immune system, her body ever so slowly repaired the damage done to her brain, but as she approached Dinomodese burning gaze her body healed faster.

2000 kilometers away from him Aleesha’s injuries were healed and she opened her eyes. She panicked as her vision was filled with the sight of the giant. She turned rapidly from him, attempting to fly away. Even with her super strength she couldn’t escape Dinomodese grip on her.

As she came closer to his surface her power level increased substantially. At the same time, the closer she was the tighter his grip was on her.

With all of her strength she flexed her calves and forced her arms out. Aleesha began pulling away from Dinomodese. But even supergirls get tired and, when Aleesha relaxed even for a short time, Dinomodese pulled her closer.

For months the tug of war ensued. Finally Aleesha surrendered and let Dinomodese swallow her.

She hit his surface and then began to sink through it. The gravity of the giant attempted to rip her apart. Aleesha felt pain, like none other experienced by anyone at anytime or anywhere.

Her body absorbed Dinomodese’s power. Her breasts were becoming huge and her muscles were getting larger and larger. 25 years after sinking into Dinomodese’s core Aleesha was had become just as strong as he was.

As Dinomodese began to lose his power he became larger and larger. It finally dawned on the young giant that he, at only the young age of 1.3 billion years, was dying.

Aleesha was the size of a small moon, directly centered in the giant’s core but, for as much strength as she had gathered, Dinomodese’s increasing size solidified his grip on her.

The battle lasted hundreds of years. Aleesha had almost won, but Dinomodese had one last trick up his sleeve. The young sun imploded.

A crack in space and time formed near Aleesha and Dinomodese began to collapse into it. The event horizon of the super black hole was massive and it began to pull Aleesha into it. The sheer powers of the hole along with the collapsing sun countered Aleesha’s power. As hard as Aleesha fought to prevent herself from entering the abyss, the super black hole reigned supreme.

Aleesha fell into it and every molecule of her body was ripped apart. Atom by atom, she disintegrated into the giant hole.

Her molecules exited into another place, time or dimension. She drifted through space as a dense cloud of space particles and observed the worlds she passed.

Forgetting her identity or how she came to be, she looked for answers. Finally she came across a world whose life forms looked familiar to her. It triggered memories of her identity and how she once looked.

Two drunken men exited from a tavern they were in and walked to what resembled horses when a woman began materializing.

She was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. Her hair had the life of a streaming river and seemed to flow over her petite shoulders. Her eyes were a deep brown and with speckles that looked like the stars and galaxies themselves. Her body was defined but to a feminine perfection. Her breasts not only defied gravity but questioned the very existence of it as they rested high on her chest. She looked at the two men and every bit of knowledge was absorbed by her.

One of the two men had a heart attack, the younger man fell into a coma.

A bathing suit, which resembled the cosmos itself, formed across Aleesha.

She closed her eyes and the planet’s history flowed into her. Billions of years and countless souls of those who once lived but had now died flowed into her mind as easily as reading a short column from a newspaper.

She was disappointed. This was not her home.

With but a thought she began transforming the landscape to what she remembered of home.

The cold did not bother her, but it was unfamiliar to her. The grey skies cleared and the freezing cold temperature began to warm. The snow from the mountains melted and lush green trees formed over top of them. A giant body of clear see through water formed in front of her and soft sand formed beneath her feet.

A rumble began shaking the ground and a giant statue began rising from the ground. It was the size of the mountains themselves. It was of her and it was made of gold, platinum and diamonds.

She did not know why she desired the rocks, but they were all but a thought away. Their beauty was familiar and they reminded her of home.

The violent rumbling sound spooked the patrons of the furthest northen outpost. They all came running outside and observed, with terrified marvel, what the woman was doing. Some made a run for it and some stayed behind.

Those who stayed were transformed into animals and pets from Aleesha’s memories. Of those who ran, only a few survived and spread a seemingly fictitious tale of the Goddess of the North.

Expeditions were sent to the North when more and more rumors circulated and of the hundreds of expeditions none had returned.

Aleesha paid little attention to the inhabitants of the world she basked on. Her eyes wandered to the stars above her. She looked for home.

Some planets crumbled before her gaze and other planets were forever tormented.

Some planets she played with and on others she granted wishes, but only to the uncorrupt and watched with juvenile fascination as the planets were destroyed because of them.

100 years had past on the planet she had came to rest upon, but for Aleesha it might as well have been trillions. Finally her eyes saw the blue planet. Her mind wandered through the planets inhabitants.

This was her home … but at the same time, was not.

She allowed two females, two wishes. One had wished for beauty and the other wished for all the powers of Superman. She granted both to both girls, then allowed for only one more wish to one girl.

Then she watched with a wicked curiosity as the planet was owned and eventually destroyed by the two girls.

Aleesha had no doubt that her identity was on that blue planet. But that planet rested on planes of existence and realities that outnumbered the stars themselves. Like a woman getting ready to start reading a long novel she laid down on the warm sand and stared at the blue planet. It would take some time to go through the planet’s history but she had no doubt, eventually, she would find hers.

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