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The Project – Part 02

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The Project – Part 02


Vojtek informed his contact of the mission’s success and was told that he was to leave Columbia immediately for debriefing. However, he had to leave two of his men in Columbia for reasons that were not explained. He chosed James and Claude.

Later that evening, Vojtek and his troops left Columbia and back to the USA. Where he was picked up by John and driven back to the warehouse.

The two men didn’t speak a word until they were inside Vojtek’s office and John finally spoke. “So, give me the details, what happened?”

Vojtek walked toward his chair and sat down “Just like you said. It was a simple in and out operation. No casualties were sustained and the facility was completely destroyed.”

John was tempted to question why something that important was located in a cheap run down building, but some things shouldn’t concern him. The job was done and done well. John’s face showed some concern. “Was the project fired?”

“It may have been.”

John looked worried for a moment as he paused and finally asked: “What was the projects intended target?”

“It appeared to be one of the scientists, he positioned himself in front of the project but was killed.”

“Vojtek, we need to be 100% clear on this, was he dead?”

Vojtek didn’t hesitate to answer “He was dead.”

John’s face indicated worry and doubt but he put on his usual smile stood up and said “Good work Vojtek, enjoy your RR, you and your men deserve it.”

John was leaving the office when Vojtek asked “I still have two men in Columbia, when will they return.”

“Soon.” John replied and left the office.


Aleesha gave herself a pinch to see if this was a dream or perhaps some sort of drug induced hallucination. If it was, she really liked it. She ran her hands up and down her new body. Two giant orbs protruded out of her impossibly tight, shiny, blue shirt, exposing a cleavage that would drive any man to lust, even insanity.

She just saw her breasts alone drive straight through a brick wall, so she was feeling very powerful. Picking a stone off the ground between her index finger and thumb, she squeezed. The stone turned into a puff of smoke and was gone.

Aleesha smiled wickedly and walked back to her apartment, desperately needing to check herself out in the mirror. Although she felt full of energy and power, she walked casually back to the apartment, fearing that her reflection would confirm this was indeed a hallucination. As she walked on the sidewalk, she couldn’t help but smile as every man she passed practically drooled on her. Even an accident occurred right beside her, no doubt caused by her impeccable beauty. She ignored extreme offers of outrageous amounts of moneys and finally entered her apartment.

“Who’s there?” Arturo screamed from the living room hearing someone entering the apartment.

Aleesha went straight to the bedroom to check herself out in the full length mirror replying “It’s me honey!”

Aleesha was in awe of her reflection as she carefully observed her amazingly perfect body in the mirror.

“Why the fuck aren’t you working?”

Aleesha ignored the question as she turned her body and observed her perfect ass.

Frustrated by not receiving an answer, Arturo got up from the couch and went straight to the bedroom and repeated the question in a much louder tone “Why the fuck aren’t you …”

Aleesha turned to him in all her glory placing her hands on her hips and delivering her sexiest pose, she asked “So, what do you think.”

Arturo was stunned; the woman barely resembled the girl he once knew. He walked up to her and placed his hands on her giant breasts and squeezed and then began kissing her. Aleesha embraced his actions as she felt his cock on the verge of exploding. Arturo attempted to remove her top but found that to be impossible, Aleesha smiled at his desperate effort and pulled her shiny blue shirt off for him.

Arturo watched in awe as her breasts bounced when the shirt was finally removed, Arturo closed his eyes desperately trying to withhold the inevitable, but was unable as he ejaculated in his pants which made Aleesha giggle.

Arturo looked down, and his short temper was lit, beautiful or not no woman laughs at him, especially not some two bit whore like Aleesha.

Aleesha could see the anger in his eyes and his fist clench “Oh honey I don’t think that would be such a good idea.”

Almost as if in slow motion she watched Arturo deliver what must have been his hardest punch and before the punch could make contact with her face, which would have surely broken most bones in Arturo’s hand, she positioned herself to give Arturo a much softer target.

Arturo, fully expecting to deliver a knock down blow, was mesmerized when he punched her tit. He watched it jiggle for a moment and ignored Aleesha’s coy smile and then hit her left tit and then as fast as he could he started pummelling at her breasts, all the while Aleesha thrust her chest out enjoying the sensation she cooed and awed.

Arturo’s erection was rejuvenated and he began sucking on her breasts and groping her ass. After hours of foreplay Arturo finally asked “How did this happen to you?”

Aleesha was putting her bikini back on and replied “I don’t know, I was walking my normal route and something hit me, and changed me.”

“What else can you do?” Arturo asked.

“I’m not sure” she replied.

Arturo went to their bedroom closet and grabbed an aluminium bat and asked her to bend it. Aleesha took the bat from his hand and bent it in half seemingly without effort, and then an idea came to her. She placed the folded bat in between her bosoms and grabbed both sides of her breasts with her petite hands and squeezed her tits together. Arturo looked in astonishment as the aluminium began to squeal and bend out of her cleavage.

Arturo asked “Do you still love me?”

Aleesha kissed him on the lips and replied “Of course I do, and I always will.”

“We need to leave the country, we’ll start a new life together. Start packing your bags.” Arturo said as he stood up.

Aleesha was aware of Arturo’s debt to the mafia but this is the first time he was willing to run from it. Aleesha asked “Why are we leaving?”

“I owe forty thousand American dollars to Diaz. He’ll kill me if I don’t have it in the next week.”

Aleesha watched her panicked lover who now had a new found love for life start packing his bags. “Maybe I can persuade him to forget your debt?”

Arturo laughed at the comment “Not even as beautiful as you are could you persuade Diaz to forget a debt and although you may be strong, they have guns.” Arturo whispered to himself “Not unless you can stop a bullet.”

Aleesha had no problem picking up his whispered words with her improved hearing and said “Maybe I can!”

Arturo began to laugh and then suddenly stopped, opened his sock drawer and pulled out a pistol. Aleesha became nervous as Arturo aimed the weapon at her.

Arturo had never before seen such beauty and he wasn’t about to risk killing it but he had to know. Taking aim at her arm he fired the weapon.

Aleesha watched the bullet approach seemingly lost in time and as the bullet drew close she grabbed it with her hand. The motion was a blur and – at first – Arturo thought he missed, but Aleesha opened the palm of her hand and there was the bullet.

Arturo’s eyes lit up with joy and fired yet another shot; Aleesha caught it between her teeth and gave Arturo a sexy wink.

Before Arturo could fire off another round the gun was taken from his hand. Aleesha studied the weapon and then pointed it at her nipple as Arturo watched. Although she fooled around with Arturo recently, Arturo had no chance of giving her the pleasure that she needed, nor could he even enter her, if she was going to be satisfied she was going to have to be creative.

Firing the weapon at her nipple, her tit bounced and her nipple became erect.

She closed her eyes, pulled down her bikini and put the weapon inside of her and began using it like a dildo. As she began to reach her climax she fired a round into herself and then another and another. Then she let out a moan and pulled out the now completely destroyed and steaming weapon discarded it and gave Arturo a sweet smile.

Arturo watched once again in awe “You’re a Goddess.”

Aleesha stood up and embraced her lover and said “Now let’s go see Diaz.”

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