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The Project – Part 05

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The Project – Part 05



Kate spread her arms looking down at her incredible chest. Her costume – which fit loosely over her body before – now was like a second skin. It hugged her body with enough force to crush the strongest steel. The cheap yellow belt shined like gold. Her skirt shrank so small that you could see her tight red panties that squeezed her steely firm ass.

Kate was 29 but she now looked like she was 18.

Her skin tightened around her face giving the most impressive facial definitions.

Her dull reddish hair was now shoulder length fiery red.

Her hands instinctively moved up her thighs, across her washboard stomach and onto her mounds that defied gravity altogether. It almost seemed like she felt lighter because of them.

She observed her arms and flexed but only a tiny feminine muscle bulged out of her skin tight costume. She didn’t need to see big muscles to know that she was now Super and a devilish smile emanated from her perfect face.



Vojtek made his way down the elevator with a disc in hand as the elevator came to a stop. A guard pulled a gun on him. “No unauthorized personnel allowed beyond this point!” he screamed.

This wouldn’t have been a problem, if John’s cell phone had not been busy. Vojtek walked toward the guard showed him a disc “I’m just dropping this off.” he told the panicked guard.

The guard walked back as Vojtek walked toward him, “Sir, This is your last warning.”

The guard was trained, and trained well, but not even he saw Vojtek’s attack coming as the gun was taken from him and he landed hard flat on his back all in one motion. Vojtek was now pointing the pistol at him.

“Open the door.” he asked the guard.

The guard got up to his feet “You can't go in there, as soon as you open this door there are another dozen guards and the vault can only be opened with a key card.”

Vojtek was irritated now, but spoke in a calm voice “I would open the door.”

The guard opened the steel door and Vojtek calmly walked into the room with every guard already aiming their rifles directly at him.

Before the guards fired a voice rang out, “Let him in.”

The guards lowered their weapons, disarmed Vojtek and patted him down for any other weapons. Finally the Vault door opened and Vojtek walked into the control room where John immediately approached him “You're lucky I was here or you would be dead. Now, what the fuck are you doing here?”

Vojtek handed John the disc, “Kate was working on a way to find a weakness on the cloth, she believed she found it.”

John grabbed the disc from Vojtek and handed it to a scientist “Check what’s on the disc.”

“Where is she?” Vojtek asked.

John pointed at a monitor and replied “Your girlfriend is right there.”

John looked at the monitor with Vojtek as he explained “She’s in what we call the weapon room. She’s surrounded by 6 inch bullet proof glass, and that room is located inside the project room. 10ft thick titanium walls separates us from her. Suffice to say she’s not going anywhere.”

The scientist observing the disc turned his chair to face John, “The disc contains modified spectral wave distortions, it might work.”

John nodded to him “Download the information to the project rooms guns, as soon as she leaves the weapon room open fire.”



Kate was bored with just gawking at her amazing body, now it was time to see what she was made of.

She walked confidently and slowly, with her hands on her hips, toward the bulletproof glass, until her breasts pressed on the glass. She was thrilled to hear the glass crack. She took another baby step forward and the glass began to crackle. She stood there and watched the glory of her breasts at work, as they were slightly flattened and fighting a winning battle to return to their shapely form. The entire glass room shattered as her breasts won the lopsided battle.

Before Kate stepped out of the glass a voice came through the intercom, it was John’s. “Don’t take another step Kate.”

Kate looked at the camera that was observing her as a panel opened up behind her displaying the nozzle of a phase rifle.

“I did this to help you. It was the only way. Now open the doors, so I can get on with my job” she demanded.

She stepped out of the glass and she could hear the hum of the rifle charging up behind her. A hum she distinctly remembered as her very own top secret project, but there was only one person that could have possibly have brought that information so quickly.

“Vojtek!” she thought.

The phase rifle was fired, but she already knew what the result would be. If she thought her experiment would work then she would have never made her self super. The beam itself was 100,000 degrees centigrade, the hottest laser man has ever fired. The red laser struck her stomach and she smiled as it did so. She began to walk toward the nozzle as the beam intensified.

Everyone’s eyes were glued to the black and white monitors as they watched Kate move toward the rifle showing no signs of struggle. John looked worried, “Any suggestions people?”

Vojtek flipped through one of Kate’s files and handed it to the scientist manning the remote rifle. “Can you change the frequency to this?”

“I think so.”

The laser shut off, Kate licked her finger and touched the spot where the laser had made contact, there was a sizzle and she grinned in absolute satisfaction. The laser began to hum again and Kate rolled her eyes. The laser this time struck her breast dimpling it ever so slightly, she smiled in satisfaction and her nipples began to tent out of her super costume.

Vojtek looked at the monitor with a content look on his face, flipped through the file and handed it to the scientist manning the rifle, “Now change the frequency to this.”

The laser shut off once more and, right before Kate could mock, their feeble efforts the laser fired again. Striking her exactly where it did before, except this time the experience was very opposite. She fell to her knees in agony. What felt like the worlds most powerful titty twister brought Kate wincing in pain.

She was aware of what was happening to her. She knew the change of spectrums could not cause any permanent damage to her new super body but it hurt like hell. She knew Vojtek was aware of this frequency change and that Vojtek did this to hurt her, knowing full well it would have no lasting effect.

Standing back to her feet and taking the pain she charged the laser, delivering a hard punch which shook the room and destroyed the laser.

“Now I would let me out. After all, you wouldn’t want to see me angry would you?” Kate was already angry, angry at Vojtek. She knew Vojtek did this to hurt her and she let her feelings known.

“Oh and tell Vojtek to run somewhere fast, preferably a different country. Oh I’m sure I’ll find him eventually, but that would probably be in his best interest for now.”

She waited for the door to open but it did not. While she waited for the door to open she traced her finger along the titanium wall engraving the words ‘Supergirl wuz here’.

John had seen enough proof that one way or another she was getting out. He turned to Vojtek “I’m opening the doors you had best leave.”

Vojtek stared at the monitor dismissing the comment “I’m not running from her.”

John snapped back “You are not running from her, you're following an order. Leave!”

Vojtek departed the room.

Moments later John reluctantly opened the doors.

Kate strolled into the room and the monitors didn’t do her justice. The men were awestruck by her beauty as her large firm breasts covered by a stretched ‘S’ logo bounced ever so slightly to her every step. Kate crossed her arms and began to giggle as the men’s desires for her made itself extremely obvious. She approached John “Well you certainly look happy to see me” referring to the bulge in Johns pants.

John starred her up and down and desperately tried to snap out of his trance. Snapping out of it John asked: “Kate what the fuck have you done!”

Kate kept her smile and in a sweet voice replied “Lets get a few things straight. One: when I’m wearing this costume please refer to me as Supergirl. Two: Never, ever, take that tone with me!!”

John swallowed hard as her nipples were almost touching his chest, He looked down at her wondrous globes, he instinctively wanted to feel them, as his hands found their way to her tiny waist and began moving up.

Kate gave John a menacing glare “Don’t even think about it!”

Once again John snapped out of his trance “Sorry Kate.”

“What?” Kate retorted.

“I’m sorry Supergirl.”

Kate smiled “Much better. Now you go do whatever it is you have to do to explain the situation to your supervisors.” Kate grabbed a lab coat and buttoned it over her Super costume. “I’m going to go pay a certain someone a visit.”

She was about to leave when she stopped in her tracks “Oops. I almost forgot.”

Picking up a stapler she threw it as hard as she could at the project. The stapler cut through it like butter and engraved itself 2 feet into the titanium wall.

“Just in case you get any bright ideas.” She left the compound and made her way to her car.

Still feeling an immense amount of anger toward her once lover, she just wished she could get her hands on him sooner. She got to her car and then kicked herself mentally for being so silly. With a quick wind up zoom she was gone.

Running at well over 150 miles per hour – she felt she could move way faster – she was there in no time. The old factory in the slums that Vojtek and his men had made their secret base, she had no doubt he would be there. With an impressive punch the steel bolted door blew off its hinges with an even more impressive bang.

Vojtek was alone in the facility, in his office, where he calmly leaned back on his chair and awaited Kate’s entrance.

Kate took off her lab coat before entering Vojtek’s office and then kicked his door down. “Hello Vojtek!”



Aleesha smiled as she stood on the balcony observing the army personnel grow in numbers. “They are taking too long” she whined.

Arturo approached from behind putting his rough hands on her tanned ass. “Why don’t you speed up the process?”

“I don’t know?” Aleesha responded, “Maybe, for now, I’ll give them a warning shot.”

Arturo moved his hand across her tight belly and the other hand to her chest, where he began to vigorously massage her breasts.

As he was doing that Aleesha squinted her eyes focusing on the army that camped just outside her property. Two dazzling beams of light hit the army camp and men ran for cover. Men were incinerated and jeeps and gas tanks exploded in an amazing fireworks display.

Arturo kissed Aleesha’s neck and held her tightly as she fired the deadly rays at the Colombian army. Until finally the army pulled back.

“Ha! I can win a war with but a look!”

Arturo still held her replying “You are a goddess.”

Aleesha picked Arturo up with one arm and tossed him onto the bed.

Arturo was fully expecting to land on the bed, but instead landed on top of Aleesha who – in that quick moment – had enough time to get undressed and position herself on the bed before Arturo had landed. Arturo began biting on her nipple as hard as he could while she squeezed the other one, generating about a thousand times more force with her petite fingers then he could with his jaw.

If she was going to be satisfied tonight she was going to have to improvise.



Vojtek kept his jaw from dropping and his focus to but a glance. His heart skipped a beat when he saw the redhead enter the room and it took all of his willpower to not make his attraction obvious. He looked down at his paperwork and said “What brings you by Kate?”

Kate crossed her arms squeezing her super tits together, while giving Vojtek a menacing look. “What exactly did you have in mind when you gave them my spectral analysis?” Kate asked coldly.

Vojtek smiled looked up at her and replied: “To kill you, of course.”

Keeping his cocky smile he went even further “I thought you said the project would turn your cells into perfection.” Vojtek looked at her body and then looked at her eyes “It would appear it does, well all except brain cells, wouldn’t you agree?”

The room itself literally heated up as Kate’s anger reached extremes. Apart of what attracted Kate to Vojtek was his ability to control the situations around him. You could have a gun to his head or surround him in worst case scenarios and he kept a calmness that was unique. He always had a way out. The very fact that he was not gawking at her new body like every other man was very impressive.

Vojtek knew you could call her anything you want and get away with it, anything but stupid. He never said it, but he implied it and Kate could detect his satisfaction for the indignity. Kate approached his desk and, with a quick motion of her hand, the desk smashed against the wall.

Vojtek’s expression didn’t change.

Kate would now have to break his will, all his outs were gone, and he would now learn why you should never piss off an ex-super-girlfriend.

“What do you think you're doing Kate?” Vojtek asked her, his grin now growing to a smile.

Kate grabbed his shirt and hoisted Vojtek into the air “I’m going to teach you fear and respect in one session, you little worm.”

“Oh. I wouldn’t do that Kate.”

“Oh, and why’s that?”

Vojtek smile disappeared and his expression became very serious “Didn’t you notice there was no one else here.” he said with a whisper.


“Well they are all out on assignment.”

Kate didn’t know exactly where he was going with this.

“Do you need a clue, well some are in Columbia some went to California and some went to New York.” Vojtek continued, “Can you tell me what California and New York have in common?”

Kate dropped Vojtek and answered his question with contempt “My parents live in New York and my little sister lives in California.”

Vojtek straightened out his shirt and replied “For a moment I thought you were going to say they both have coastlines.”

“If you harm them I’ll break every bone in your body starting with your toes up.”

“Ooh. Well, that’s not very nice. I think we should keep in mind that you did this to yourself, what did you expect me to do?”

Kate’s jaw was clenched tightly and so were her fists as her mind frantically raced for a solution.

“Looking for a solution? I think I’ve got one for you: you will go back to the weapon room until we successfully find a way to strip you of your powers and in turn, your family lives.”

“You will pay for this!”

“You're so cute when your angry, here let me give you a lift.”

Kate turned toward the doorway “No thank you I can get there myself.”

Vojtek picked his keys up from the rubble of his desk and replied “We can't have a super girl running around in public, what would the media say?”

Walking past Kate he grabbed her lab coat from the floor and tossed it to her “Nice tits by the way, Before, I always felt they were kind of small.”

Kate watched him walk down the stairs and to the bashed in steel door all the while thinking “You are so dead!”

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