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The Project – Part 08

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The Project – Part 08



John reluctantly entered defense secretary Cam Kneilings office. Cam signaled for him to sit down and he did so, “How are you, John?”

“I’m fine, thank you.” John replied.

“I called you in here to thank you John.”

“Thank me? For what?”

Cam dropped what he was doing and looked John in the eyes, “Everything you do, every decision you make is a direct reflection of my undertaking. You succeed, I look good; if you fail, I look bad.”

John looked confused, but had a feeling he knew where Cam was going with this.

“I’m thanking you for getting the president to approve Kate Hastings’s transformation well after she had already transformed.”

John took in a deep breath.

Cam grinned, “Surely, you haven’t believed that a mistake of that magnitude would go unnoticed by me. Don’t worry, I would have done the same, if I was in your shoes.”

John remained silent and Cam continued, “I sent Jamieson to recruit Vojtek and his men. He will be taking care of this matter from now on, under my most intense watch.”

“Yes sir.” John replied.

Cam scratched his head, “And, finally, I’d like to thank you for 30 brilliant years of service. You will find your severance package to be more than adequate.”

John swallowed hard, “Would that be all, sir?”

“Yes.” Cam shook John’s hand and John left for the door.

“One more thing, John. Do you believe that Kate is a threat to American security?”

John opened the door to the office and paused. “I don’t know.”

With that John left. Cam paced thinking about his day and the crucial meeting he had with his commanders and lead scientists. He looked at Kate’s physiological profile and felt she was naïve, short tempered, extremely smart and, now, one of the most dangerous beings in the known galaxy. There was no doubt in his mind, Kate and the Colombian had to die.



Kate opened her apartment door to start packing for her trip to Nevada and Area 51. She looked at herself in the mirror for the first time since she acquired her super powers. She remembered, she felt almost embarrassed when she first put on the Supergirl costume. It was too loose, the shoes didn’t fit and the sleeves were too short. She had thought she would die of embarrassment, if the transformation had been a failure. But her reflection in the mirror reminded her that it was a complete success. The costume fit impossibly tight on her and looked marvelous.

She began posing in front of the mirror saying in her mind ‘I’m Supergirl, I am Supergirl.’

Flexing her chest, she was pleasantly surprised when the ‘S’ symbol rose higher into the air along with her perfect tits. A smile lit up her face showing her perfect teeth and she started to undress, eager to see her fantastic body in the flesh.

She unclipped her yellow belt and, immediately, her shirt snapped out, due to the stress her breasts were having on it. It exposed her washboard stomach and lovely hips. The skirt too felt to the ground and she was left in just her tight red panties, her super boots and the long sleeved super shirt which was still struggling to contain her awesome mounds.

She removed her shirt and observed her new endowments in the flesh. Although she felt they were perhaps too large for her liking, she wasn’t complaining. They sat high and proud and perfectly in proportion with each other.

She grabbed her red hair with both hands and posed again for the mirror. For the first time in her life, she had no problem with how her body looked. Even the small amount of freckles that she hated growing up were still there, but added to her beautiful features. She could easily pass as a 19 year old.

Curious to test her strength, she grabbed some change from the counter and squeezed it. Metal began oozing out of her tight grip. She opened her hand and was delighted to see metal smoldering in the palm of her hand.

Now moving to the kitchen, she pulled a knife from the cupboards and softly poked it into her right breast. Her flesh began to dimple, but there was no discomfort. She applied more pressure and the blade began to bend and finally snap.

She laughed and began to twirl in a circle in absolute glee. Not considering her close proximity to the refrigerator, her tits rammed the fridge. The fridge slid across the linoleum floor, then fell with a bang.

Kate cupped her mouth, and then laughed some more when she noticed the impressive dent her tit had left on it.

She could hear voices from other rooms, as clear as if they were in the same room. There was a couple and they were complaining about the amount of noise she was making.

She focused her vision at the wall, it seemed to disappear and she could see everything in the next apartment. She had only hours before she had to meet with her contacts and depart to Nevada, but she felt like there was so much more to explore.

At super blinding speed she packed what she needed, except her two piece black suit and super costume. She put on her super costume and her two piece suit on top of it. The super costume fit nice and snug under her work clothes, but her breasts threatened to burst the seams of her suit. Unbuttoning the top button seemed to ease the stress. She put her hair in a ponytail, put on her glasses and decided to walk the street and test her God-like powers.

It was 3 AM and she was very far from home, having walked several miles, but it gave her time to think. She thought about her sister, who was at school in California and how Vojtek threatened her. Sure it was a bluff, but it proved to the department that she was weak when it came to her family. Vojtek may not have the willingness, or desire, to actually go ahead with his threat, but perhaps someday someone else would. If only she could give some of her power to her sister. Although the idea seemed impossible, she knew with her superior intellect nothing was impossible. Sure, she was already smart to begin with, but now she was super smart.

She had been walking for hours, thinking about so many things and she still knew exactly how many paces she had taken from her apartment. Or how many cars passed her during her walk. Impossible was no longer a word in her vocabulary. With some thought, there was nothing she felt she couldn’t do.

Seeing a convenience store, Kate turned toward it. Normally, she watched her weight and what she ate this late, but now she believed she could eat whatever she wanted now, without gaining a single gram of fat.

As she entered the convenience store, the teller’s heart missed a beat when he took a look at her. Even without the super costume, she was super hot and, although most girls might get off on being the object of desire for men, Kate found it to be somewhat irritating.

As she was looking for a candy bar, her super hearing picked up the conversation the clerk was having on the phone.

“How far are you guys from here?”

“Few minutes away, why?”

“A drop dead red head just walked in screaming to be fucked.”

“Is she with anyone?.”

“Nope as far as I can tell she walked here alone.”

“This chick better be hotter than the last one."

“Trust me, she’s off the scale.”

“Okay, stall her and shut those cameras off. We’ll be there in 5 minutes.”

Kate looked at the store clerk; he couldn’t have been older than 21, medium build, dark hair. She grabbed a pack of gum and made her way to the counter.

“Kind of late for you to be out on a school night, huh?” the clerk asked her.

Kate had to remind herself that she now looked barely out of high school. Ignoring the attempted delay, she put a dollar on the counter.

“It’s a 2 for 1 special today. Why don’t you go pick out another pack?” the clerk said as he looked down at her impressive bust.

“No thanks, but thanks anyway.” Kate responded.

“Suit yourself.”

The clerk opened his till and said to her: “I’m sorry. I don’t have change for that.”

“You don’t have change for a dollar?”

“Yeah, I’m real sorry. I’m just going to run to the back and get you some.”

“Well, I'll tell you what, don’t worry about it.” Kate said sweetly.

“No really, I insist, just give me 30 seconds.”

Kate watched him run to the back – undoubtedly to shut the cameras off – and wondered how many woman they had done this too. In any case, she was certain that, no matter how many times they did this, this time would be there last.

The clerk arrived with the change and gave it to her, as a black Buick stopped in front of the store and three young men got out. The biggest one entered the store first.

“Hooley shit, you weren't kidding when you said she was fine.” Kent – the biggest of the three – said, as he walked around her.

Kate smiled, “I don’t know what you guys think you are doing, but I think it would be only fair to tell you that I’m a lot stronger than I look.”

“Is that so?” Kent asked mischievously, as he slapped her hard on the ass, “Is that why you are all alone at such a late hour in such a nasty neighborhood?”

“Tell her about the toll fee.” one of Kent’s friends said, while snickering.

Kate eyed him coldly and said assertively: “Okay boys, here’s the deal: call the police, now, and tell them that you are all a bunch of perverts that like to rape girls and face their justice. Or continue down this path and face my justice.”

They all laughed at her as Kent traced his finger down her top to easily snap off the already strained button from her suit, partly revealing the top of the mighty ‘S’ symbol on her chest.

“I faced their justice, now I’d prefer to face yours.” Kent said with his eyes looking down at her breast.

Kate kept her cool as Kent grabbed the inside of her top, ready to rip it open. “I wouldn’t do that, if I were you.”

“Give me two good reasons why not, babe.” with that Kent ripped open the suit and stared at her costume.

“I’ll give you one, in case it’s not already obvious, I’m Supergirl.” Kate said playfully.

They all began to laugh at her, except Kent who got an immediate hard on and began feeling her impressive chest.

Kate looked down at his hands, which were vigorously molesting her super tits.

“Are they real, Kent?” one asked.

“Firmest fucking tits I’ve ever felt!” Kent replied.

“I think the bitch is enjoying it.” one of the guys yelled.

“Makes no difference to me.” Kent replied “Ok bitch, just take it easy, we'll be down with you in about an hour.”

At first Kate let him have fun with her, after all it would be probably the last time he could ever have fun.

“You know, they are actually quite soft. You just have to apply more pressure.” Kate said sweetly as she put her own hands over top Kent’s hands, which were fixed on her tits.

Kent smiled at her as she slowly began applying pressure on his hands flattening her impressive globes.

Kate returned Kent’s smile as his was beginning to dissipate and his eyes widened. Kent tried desperately trying to get his hands off her chest in vain, as the pressure from her feminine mounds and petite hands kept mounting. He grunted, but said nothing as the pain in his hands started to become unbearable. He heard his hands begin to snap and crack as he finally screamed: “Get this bitch off of me!”

At first his friends began to laugh, but then Kent – in desperation – head butted her as hard as he could. His skull cracked open and he fell limp to the ground.

Kate released his hands and his friends looked in horror as they witnessed their friend’s mangled hands. She turned to the other two, placed her hands on her hips and flexed her tits so that they playfully jumped up and down.

“So boys, anyone else want a feel?” Kate asked.

“Get her!” one screamed as two of the men jumped her and the clerk watched on with a panicked wide eyed expression.

Kate grabbed one of them by the crotch and let the other punch her as hard as he could in the face. Kate heard two cracks, one was the man’s hand, but other was the sound of her glasses shattering. She had completely forgotten that while, she was invulnerable certain items were not.

Kate looked down at the man clutching his broken hand and staring at her in shock. Still holding onto the other guy’s crotch, she took off her glasses and, to her dismay, they were indeed broken. She teeth grinded and the man backed away from her, holding his fist in obvious pain.

“Awww I’m sorry about your hand, maybe it will feel better if I blow it a kiss.”

Kate took in a deep breath, which made her breasts bigger and the ‘S’ symbol wider. She blew as hard as she could at the man. Not fully realizing the power she contained in her mighty lungs, the gust of wind hit the guy with more speed then a cannon ball. He flew backwards across the store through the window and smashed against the car.

She looked at his friend as she clutched his nuts and said “Oops!”

“You killed him!” his friend screamed.

“True, but he was going to rape me, nevermind the fact that he broke my glasses. Besides, you might not be so lucky.” With that Kate gave the man a gentle squeeze.

The man gasped in shock as he heard his nut sack pop and dropped in complete and utter pain. “Don’t fucking move bitch, I’m calling the cops.”

Kate turned to the clerk who had a shot gun pointing at her. She began to laugh, “You are going to call the cops on me?!”

Kate watched in complete frustration as the clerk dialed 911. She smashed her hand against the phone and it shattered into a million pieces.

The clerk instinctively pressed the trigger and the shotgun fired. Dozen of pellets rammed into her invulnerable breasts and deflected harmlessly away.

Kate looked down at the remnants of her suit, as the clerk cocked the shotgun. She gave him an extremely dangerous look, “I fucking dare you to do that again.”

The clerk watched Kate walk toward him, until the shotgun barrel was pressing firmly on the ‘S’ symbol of her mighty chest.

She looked down at the barrel of the gun, placed her hands on her hips and said: “I’m waiting!”

Kate grew tired of his dumbfounded wide eyed expression. She grabbed the barrel of the shotgun and pulled it into her chest.

The clerk gasped as the barrel of the weapon started to bend against her impossibly firm tits. He watched in awe, as she crushed the shotgun into a pancake.

Kate discarded the gun, reached over the counter and grabbed the clerk’s collar and tossed him gently into the air. His head smashed against the roof and he fell unconscious to the ground.

Kate laughed as she exited the store, ‘Finally’ she thought ‘Justice has been served.’



Cam Kneiling walked into the board room. He ignored the top brass and the lead scientists glare as he prepared his files. The room was hushed in anticipation of the emergency meeting.

“As many of you are aware, less then 24 hours ago a Columbian army was decimated 30 miles south east of Bogotá, along with one of our satellites.” Cam said calmly.

Then he directed his attention to the military commanders, “With accordance to the Presidents wishes, I need the bulk of our forces: carriers, cruisers, troops, and aircrafts moving to Panama immediately.  I need it done subtly, I need it done quietly. That means no reserves or anything that will capture the pressing attention of the media.”

“This girl has achieved a level of impossibility I had never imagined. What exactly is going on here Cam?” a commander asked.

Cam turned to Dwight Zimmerman, the scientist leading the Project, “I’ll let Dr. Zimmerman answer that question.”

Dwight was in his late 70 and very familiar with this mixture of politics, military and science. He had been in control of the Project since it development in the late ‘50s. He took a sip of water and began, “I, of course, don’t have to tell any of you that what I’m about to tell you is classified. The Project is a series of developments that have been ongoing since the late 1950s. This particular project has been codenamed PSG, but the scientists and everyone else working on it know it only as ‘the’ Project. Each project is assigned a completely random number and each project has its own separate team. This is done to protect its secrecy. The Project is technology, elements and communications that are not of this world.

Kate Hastings and her team were assigned this particular project. After reviewing and revising Kate’s notes, in the short time that I’ve been directly involved with this project, she has theorized that what you hold in your possession is a building block to the entire universe.

In the beginning it’s been suggested that Matter and Antimatter fought for universal dominance, matter beat out anti matter and thus the universe as we know it was born. This ‘stone’ or matter you have in your possession is the remnants of that battle.”

“How did this stone get to Earth?”

Dwight answered that question “I don’t know. However, I do know that in 1908 a mysterious blast – equivalent to a 100 megaton thermonuclear weapon – blew up near the river Tunguska, northern Siberia”

Cam interrupted: “4 years ago, a private company paid the Russian government millions so they could excavate in northern Siberia. They claimed they found nothing, but as you all know, the ‘stone’ and the weapon to make it work were found in their possession in Columbia.”

Dwight continued: “Many Scientists have speculated that this detonation was caused by a meteor blast 20 miles above Earth surface. What I now believe is that this stone, on its descent through our atmosphere, super charged a particle of hydrogen in front of it creating the thermonuclear blast, consequently slowing the meteor enough so it would not leave so much as the smallest crater when it landed.”

“So this rock amplifies the power of an object using light that travels through it?” a Commander inquired.

Dwight agreed: “Using a concentrated focus of photons, yes, that’s precisely what it does. How, though, is a complete mystery. What we do know is that it takes approximately 8 minutes for a photon to reach Earth from the Sun. It takes just under 6 seconds for a particle of light to travel through 2 inches of this rock. This means, it must reflect a photon within it’s boundaries an incalculable amount of times before discharge, 6 seconds later. That was Kate’s hypothesis, here’s mine: if you believe in a higher power or a deity – which I for one do – I have little to no doubt that this is how it or they were born.”

“Wait, do you think this girl is now a god?”

Dwight smiled, “Perhaps you would like to review the tapes of the Colombian and come up with a different hypothesis.”

One of the commanders was awestruck, “So, we’re going to lead a massive campaign against a god. Cam, if one of our missiles had no effect on her, who can say that a thousand of our missiles will have an effect on her?”

Cam shook his head, “I’m not worried about her as much as I’m worried about the amount of armies she could amass, if people indeed believe she is a god. It’s impossible for this girl to take over the whole of South America by herself and it would take months for her to capture a single American metropolis. But, once people see what she can do, people from all around the world may start to worship her, even worst, begin to fight for her. We’ll bring our armies to Panama, and wait for her to make the first move. Anyone who fights with her or worships her is an enemy to the free world. I have instructed Dwight to take PSG and combine it with the project he was working on previously. Perhaps he’ll find a solution for this pending crisis.”

“What project is that?” a general asked.

“For now that project will remain secret” Cam answered.

“How many projects are out there?” another general asked.

“Several.” Dwight replied.

“What about this Kate Hastings, didn’t we …”

Cam cut him off, “The experiment was a failure. If there is no further business this meeting is adjourned.”

Cam watched his commanders and chiefs depart, but Dwight remained. “What do you plan to do with Kate?”

Cam looked Dwight in the eye, “Kate’s fate is entwined with the Columbian’s.”

“Cam, not only her body has assumed a level of perfection, but so has her mind. She could be a very powerful ally.”

Cam cut Dwight off, “Leave Kate to me. As far as you should be concerned, she doesn’t exist.”

Dwight shook his head in irritation, “Careful how you procede Cam. We can’t afford to have both girls against us and, perhaps, with her help we can …”

“Dwight, this meeting is adjourned.” Cam said coldly.

Dwight grabbed his papers off the desk, “Of course, I’m sure you know what you are doing.”

Cam ignored his sarcastic tone.

“I hope we don’t have repeat of what happened in the Rockies a year ago” Cam stated before Dwight left.

“With PSG in our possession things will be different.”

“For your sake I hope so.”



Aleesha walked into the mansion with a skip to her step.

First thing Arturo thought was ‘Where the fuck have you been?’

Aleesha smiled at her lover and said: “Don’t take that tone with me mister.”

A confused expression filled his face, “I didn’t say anything.”

“You don’t need to. I can hear your every thought.”

Arturo wasn’t sure if he liked the sound of that.

Aleesha laughed put her hands over top of his shoulder and began kissing him.

Arturo held her steely firm ass, as her leg curled around his. He could feel her hard nipples groove into his chest. He broke the kiss off, and looked into her eyes and asked: “I don’t have a diamond, but I must ask: will you marry me?”

Aleesha looked toward the fireplace and instructed Arturo to give her a piece of coal. She took it and placed it into her cleavage.

Arturo watched on curiously, as Aleesha gave him a wicked look, then closed her eyes and began squeezing her massive round tits together, using every ounce of strength she could muster. Her breasts looked like they were going to burst and her tiny hands were lost in vastness of her soft flesh.

Arturo got an immediate hard on, as he watched his lover apply billions of pounds of pressure with her petite hands on her obviously invulnerable breasts, making her cleavage spill out of her shiny blue top.

Finally there was a muffled cracking sound, Aleesha released the pressure and reached into her cleavage, pulling out a 2 karat un-cut diamond.

“It’s beautiful Arturo and yes I will marry you.”

Arturo began kissing her passionately. His fingers tried to claw off her impossibly tight shirt, but to no avail.

Aleesha backed away from him, “I have to go.”

“Where are you going?” Arturo asked.

“Arturo, darling, your fiancé is a Goddess. And today everyone in the world will know it.”

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