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The Project – Part 12

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The Project – Part 12



The tank shell cut through the air, leaving a sonic shock wave that rebounded off the canyons across the desert. The sound would make most duck for cover. Not even Kate Hastings was immune to the sound, after all, it was the first time she had ever been shot with heavy artillery. The shell moved across the desert with pinpoint accuracy and headed straight for her chest.

She was tempted to sidestep it, but knew for certain it wouldn’t kill her. The only question in her mind was: would it hurt? Wearing her Supergirl outfit, she watched as the shell was right about to smack her square in the outstretched ‘S’ symbol of her amazing chest. Her eyes shut and her body stiffened.

There was no impact.

She opened one eye and, to her astonishment, realized that she had slowed down time to almost a stop.

The shell had already flattened her breast, but had not yet detonated. She smiled wickedly, as she moved her hand to the side of her compressed tit and pushed inward on her soft flesh. The shell stopped dead in its tracks as her hand applied far more pressure on her soft flesh then it did. The shell compressed a little and then exploded.

Kate’s mouth opened in sexual bliss. The experience was overwhelming. Another round fired, but this time Kate placed her palms on her hip and pushed her chest out. Her body was engulfed in a delightful explosion. With each round that deflected off her super body, Kate became intoxicated with the realization of power.



Jamieson watched Kate with his binoculars from a safe distance, just off the firing range. He couldn’t help get extremely aroused as Kate deflected the tank shells with her breasts and, even one time, with her pert ass. He imagined himself feeling that incredible body, grabbing her tight ass and squeezing her powerful tits, dominating her with his male body.

“What are you watching?” Vojtek caught Jamieson off guard.

Jamieson lowered the binoculars and discreetly covered his crotch area with them. He ignored Vojtek’s question and asked one of his own: “Are the men assembled?”

“They are.” Vojtek replied and the two walked back to the base.

Vojtek leaned against the wall as Smith, Terrance, Clay and Ed sat patiently, awaiting Jamieson’s briefing.

Jamieson cleared his throat and spoke: “As you all know, you men have been selected for a very special mission. Tomorrow at 0600 hours you will be flown out to our Panama station, where you will take part in the invasion of Columbia, more specifically Bogotá. You will all receive a custom rifle designed to penetrate the invulnerability of your target.”

Jamieson pulled out a picture of Aleesha and showed it to the men, “She’s endowed with the same capabilities as Kate Hastings. It’s imperative that we eliminate her from the battlefield so that our military can successfully achieve its objective.”

Vojtek was not one to back down from a mission, but interrupted Jamieson, “This is a military insurgency. This isn’t our gig. Why isn’t Delta tasked with this?”

Jamieson answered quickly: “Because the Delta unit has its own orders, specifically to keep you men alive. Each one of you will have four Delta commandos watching over you. Their orders are to keep you alive at all costs. You will be flown in by Black Hawks directly behind the front, in a line formation approximately 2 kilometers away from each other. The drop zone should be clear of all hostiles. Our front line will collapse under an expected assault from Aleesha and retreat toward you, with her undoubtedly in pursuit. From that point onward, it’s just aim and shoot. If you’re not sure to have the right target: she’ll be the one holding the tank. The code name for this operation is Queen’s Gambit.”

Jamieson paused and waited for any comments, but there was none.

“If there is no further business, I wish you all good luck.” Jamieson said wrapping up the meeting.

Vojtek waited for his men to leave and then confronted Jamieson, “What kind of rifle?”

“I have no idea. All I know is what they told me to tell you.” Jamieson responded.

“And Kate?” Vojtek asked.

“What about Kate?”

“She’s not included in any of the missions details.”

Jamieson responded the same as before, “All I know is what they told me to tell you”

Jamieson finished gathering his papers, “Good luck” he said and left.



Aleesha allowed Arturo to probe her body. He roughly moved his hands up her silky smooth legs and onto her incredible ass. He bit hard on her neck in a futile attempt to pleasure her.

There was a knock at the door and General Gonzalez entered. He watched in envy as Arturo embraced Aleesha’s body the best he could.

“What is it General?” she asked.

“If we could have a moment, there are reports of a mass build up in Panama.”

Without saying as much as a word to Arturo, she left him to join Gonzalez and the other generals

“Get to the point General” Aleesha said with an arrogant tone.

There was a nervousness that came from Gonzalez’s tone as he spoke, this time it wasn’t caused by Aleesha’s presence, but rather the impending doom she single handedly brought down upon them.

Aleesha listened to their reports of a mass US build up in Panama.

Gonzalez brought her to a map, “We are moving every soldier and all equipment from their station points and into Bogotá, but that won't be enough.”

Aleesha looked at the map, “What’s our count?”

“We’ll have 15 000 regulars, another 30 000 conscripts, and 16 T80 Russian tanks.”

“And our air support?” Aleesha asked.

Gonzalez shuddered at the question, “The Americans will make certain that they have full air supremacy before they move their units within our borders. By the time we detect an American jet within our air space, our fighters will be shot down before they leave the runways. Before our troops can engage any American unit, they will be bombarded by a relentless US air assault.”

Aleesha wasn’t worried, but was uncertain what to do or say. She walked amongst the commanders and approached the oldest.

“Stand up.” she said to him.

The commander did so and she held his chin and looked deep into his eyes.

The commander began to shake as his life experiences began to drain from his mind and pour into Aleesha’s mind. He dropped lifelessly to the floor and Aleesha walked back to the map and pondered.

“We will move our infantry into daycares, residential buildings and hospitals. Our tanks into schools and the slums. We’ll dig a series tunnels from the hospital to 3 km outside Bogotá.”

Gonzalez was afraid to criticize her directive. He knew where she was going with this: if the army was in schools, hospitals and residential zones, the Americans would be reluctant to bomb it. But a series of tunnels from the Hospital? “With all do respect, a tunnel from the hospital to the outskirts of the city would take weeks, we have less than a day.”

Aleesha smiled at Gonzalez, “After everything I’ve shown you I can do, do you still doubt my power?”

“No, of course not, it’s just that.”

“Leave the tunnels to me. You have your orders, so get to it.”

The Generals stood up and were leaving when Aleesha called one of them over to her. The General reluctantly came to her.

Aleesha walked around him and observed him as the others left, “Stephen is your name, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” he replied nervously.

“Tell me Stephen, do I have the best tits that you have ever laid eyes on?” Aleesha squeezed her firm mounds together making the soft flesh spill out of her tight blue top.

Stephen looked down at her irresistible cleavage and replied “Yes.”

Aleesha smiled politely at him, “You’re telling the truth. You see, I can always tell when people tell me the truth. Now, tell me Stephen, are you going to report everything you heard here to an American agent?”

Stephen’s heart went into overdrive.

“Of course not!” he yelled, while thinking ‘How could she possibly know?’

Aleesha smiled wickedly at him, “Now Stephen, you wouldn’t lie to a Goddess, would you?”

Stephen knew he was dead. It was only a matter of when. With no hesitation he grabbed his side arm and put it to his head.

With super speed Aleesha grabbed his hand and squeezed. The weapon was crushed along with his hand. Bone and metal became one and Stephen screamed in pain.

“Now why would you want to end our pleasant conversation?” she asked coyly.

Stephen was on his knees still screaming.

“I could read your mind, but such a thing is not an exact science, valuable information could be lost. So, you let me know when you're ready to talk. I’ll just be standing here watching you, take your time.”

Aleesha crossed her arms under her generous mounds, looked at his feet and two beams shot out from her eyes causing Stephen’s shoes to burn.

Stephen yelled in agony once more as the low concentrated beams worked there way up his legs, “I’ll talk! I’ll tell you everything, please!”

Aleesha smiled down at the squirming man as he told her everything she needed to know.



Kate was getting bored of the tests a lot faster then she thought she would. There seemed to be no end to the constant bombardment and its pleasure was wearing thin.

A round misfired and soared a mile over her head.

“I’ll get it.” she announced as she ran matching the round speed and heading. Jumping too early she missed her target. Still flexing her calves a realization dawned upon her: she was flying.

Kate’s first flight could have been called anything but graceful. Her arms were outstretched and she began doing unintentional barrel rolls. She was closing in on a large rocky canyon and in her panic flexed her calves even more. She hit supersonic speed before she hit the canyon.

Kate was buried under debris, deep within the canyon. She began to giggle thinking that she couldn’t even hurt her self. She raised her arms in the air again, the tons of rocks over her body doing little to restrict her petite arm movement. Flexing her calves again, she shot through the rocky canyon and up into the air. She was at 10,000 feet when she slowed her ascent.

The big ‘S’ on her chest and the fact that she was 10,000 feet in the air were just a reminder that she truly was Supergirl. Loving the sensation of flight and the cool breeze that caressed her body, she turned in a northerly direction. Flexing her calves with all her might she moved much faster than supersonic, much faster than she had ever dreamed and, before she knew, it she was over the North Pole.

Kate landed gracefully into the snow and admired her power. She had crossed two countries in no more than 10 minutes and was now standing at -45 degree temperature, in nothing but her skimpy costume, and not feeling the effects at all.

She took in the scenery, the glaciers and the frozen tundra and she felt at peace.

A polar bear took special attention to Kate and began moving toward her.

“And what do you want big guy?” she said to the bear, as it raised itself on its hind legs in a threatening manner.

“Want to play?” she asked the bear.

The polar bear seeing Kate as a meal rather than a plaything attacked, its powerful jaws clamping down on her breast.

She laughed at the bear’s efforts as it gnawed at her generous breast without effect.

“Let me guess you’re a male bear.” she joked.

Kate wrapped her arms around the bear and fell in the snow with it

The confused bear desperately tried to kick free of Kate’s grasp, while she rolled around in the snow playfully, with her newly found teddy bear.



Cam Knieling had been secretary of defense for 5 years. A position he dreamed about for much of his life. A position he now wished he had never accepted. It was, perhaps, his over zealous nature that made him lose sight of the cardinal rule of his position: plausible deniability. He simply knew too much, more than the President would ever want to know.

With each passing administration – republican or democrat – a secret was left behind; from the successful development of longevity – which could never be revealed to the world due to its impact on the world’s economy and resource output – to Vojtek and his men – who successfully cornered the drug market into the US’s hands. But the most disturbing thing he found were the ‘Terror Ops’.

The ‘Terror Ops’ were put into motion shortly after the 9-11. Their goal was to infiltrate a terrorist organization. The plan worked almost too well, as an American Muslim patriot became the head of a major Islamic terrorist organization and a sort of conundrum formed. While Israeli and American soldiers still died at the hands of terrorist attacks, it was the United States secretly behind every attack. These attacks brought credibility to the terrorist organization and more and more funds were approved by the senate to counter terrorism. While, on the other side, hundreds millions of dollars were donated by extremist Muslims to the terrorist organization, which was now controlled by the US.

The plan had one major goal: to prevent the ‘big one’ from ever hitting the United States. However, still needing more money to finance the Projects led by Dwight, they needed to funnel more money through counter terrorism.

A plan was put into motion months ago: the terrorist organization the Americans had control of purchased a nuclear weapon that was to be intercepted by US coastal patrol unit. The patrol unit would find the nuke and America would panic. The Senate would immediately approve billions of dollars to counter terrorism, which would be allocated to the Projects and other divisions. The terrorist organization would soon after gain worldwide recognition as being the most powerful and dangerous terrorist group in the world. The terrorist group would soon after monopolize all other organizations.

The plan, even with Aleesha running amuck in South America, was still a go. However, Cam Knieling made some last minute changes. Instead of it being found by the US Coast Guard it would be found by Kate Hasting. Instead of it being delivered it would go off, 500 miles from the US coast.

Cam Knieling admired his ingenuity but it was also one more painful ulcer boring through his aged stomach.



“What do you think?” Smith asked Vojtek.

Vojtek paused before answering, “I think that the army has grossly miscalculated their weapon and that we, along with every trooper on the front, are going to die.”

Smith nodded, “Thanks for sugar coating it, buddy. Next time I’ll just ask for the fucking weather forecast.”

Vojtek smiled, “As much as I bug Kate for doing stupid things, I know how smart she was, and how smart she has become. She told me there was no way she could be harmed, hurt – maybe – but killed, impossible. That’s what we’re going up against. You saw how quickly she dealt with us and we’re, supposedly, the elite.”

“True, but you did shoot her.” Smith replied.

“One in a million blind shot, and she gave me the time to do it. This Colombian girl will give us no such luxury.”

They paused for a moment, then Smith changed the subject, “So, are you and Kate an item?”

“If you are asking if we're sleeping together, the answer is no.”

“Well, I guess I’m asking, could you sleep with her?”

Vojtek laughed at his old friends awkward questions, “Maybe, but surviving the experience might be a different issue.”

Smith grabbed Vojtek on the shoulder, “Well, buddy, if you had to choose a way to go, that it would most certainly have to be it.”

Vojtek laughed, “I never looked at it that way.”

“So, tomorrow, if I see you in Panama instead of a coffin, I’ll be very disappointed.”

“Duly noted.” Vojtek replied.

The two shook hands and departed. Vojtek walked around the base lost in his own thoughts, thinking about more things at one time then he had done before. He was reminded by what John once preached to him back in the day: ‘This isn’t the marines, you're not volunteering to serve, you’re volunteering to die. Accept that and you might live.’

Vojtek never feared death, most who served with him would say he tempted it and almost dared it. Until he met Kate. He thought of a future with her: marriage, kids, the whole nine yards. And then she turned herself into something he had no doubt the administration would have no choice but to hunt and kill. Worst yet, something he’d have to hunt and kill. That future was erased and it upset him She upset him. Erasing the future he dreamed about.

Or perhaps it was his fault. All of it.

He screwed up in Columbia, which started a chain of events. But perhaps even worst was that he never once told Kate how he really felt about her.


Vojtek snapped out of his thoughts and turned to Kate, who had crept up on him. He looked her over and fell in love with her once more. Her long red hair, deep brown eyes, perfect face, amazing lips and truly the most amazing body he had ever laid eyes on.

Kate smiled sweetly, “Whoa, what’s with you? I think that’s the first time since my transformation you’ve looked at me that way.”

Kate loved the attention Vojtek’s eyes were giving her and ate it up. Placing her hands behind her hips, she pushed out her chest making the red ‘S’ stretch overtop of her generous mounds. “So, what’s the occasion? Do I look better today?”

Vojtek politely smiled at her and turned away.

Kate used her super speed to be in the way of Vojtek’s turn, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Vojtek replied convincingly.

Kate looked into his eyes but, like always, they revealed nothing to her.

“I could read your mind, if you want me too.” she said playfully.

“I’d rather prefer you don’t.”

“What are you doing tonight?”

“I have no idea.”

“Well then why don’t you and I go on a date?”

“I thought you weren’t allowed off the base.”

Kate grinned, “Yeah, show me one person on this base that’s going to stop me.”

Vojtek nodded in agreement.

“I’m going to find something to wear, but you need to cheer up grumpy.” Kate said as she pulled Vojtek into her body and kissed him passionately. Embraced in the kiss, she exhaled ever so slightly filling Vojtek’s lungs with her intoxicating breath.

Kate broke off the kiss, “See you soon.”

Vojtek’s head was spinning from the buzz Kate’s kiss had given him, but he managed to remain standing until she had left and then he fell on his ass.



Kate changed out of her Supergirl costume – all except the tight, invulnerable red panties – and put on her pink t-shirt. She grabbed her credit card from her purse and was about to leave when a sergeant knocked at her door. Not really feeling like giving anyone an explanation about where she had disappeared, she simply walked through the wall, leaped into the air and left the base.

Kate landed gracefully, but indiscreetly, on a packed strip near the Paris hotel. Onlookers watched in shock, believing that their eyes had somehow deceived them. She continued walking by the stores of the hotel, ignoring men’s gawking eyes, until she found the right one.

She looked through the store and was surprisingly shocked at her choice. She had never dressed too provocatively, even when she was younger, but tonight she would have fun with her new body. Picking out a very tight pair of hip hugger blue jeans and extra small, v-neck, green cotton top, she took the clothes to the changing room.

First she put on the hip huggers and it was a perfect fit. Her super panties could be seen clinging on to her upper hips and the jeans filled the contours of her rounded pert ass very nicely. Next she put on the green, v-neck top, it barely made it over her chest, leaving most of her abdomen exposed. Wondering if the top was perhaps too small, she took in a deep breath, her chest rose and her shirt stretched but, to her delight, it didn’t rip. She took one last look in the mirror and thought ‘Damn I’m hot!’

Picking out a pair of high heels, she walked to the counter with the tags of the clothes she was wearing.

The female clerk looked at her in amazement and envy, as she scanned the tags and told her that it came out to 577 dollars.

Kate gave the clerk her credit card and left the store. She made her way to a pay phone, where she called and left a message on Vojtek’s cell, letting him know where she was.

Hours later Vojtek met her and they went to a restaurant.

Vojtek walked with Kate and wasn’t completely immune to the stares both he and her got. Vojtek was a fit, good looking 29 year old man, but it didn’t matter if he was a supermodel, people would still ask why she would be with that guy.

Kate was a Goddess. She didn’t need to blow a hurricane out of her mouth, nor deflect bullets off those incredible tits to prove it. All she had to do was stand there and look the way she did.

Kate, who at first was a little apprehensive about her new looks, was eating it up now as she walked hand in hand with Vojtek.

They arrived at the restaurant. Kate practically ordered the entire menu, not worried about gaining weight. She was certain her metabolism would keep her form lean and sexy for decades, if not centuries to come.

After moments of idle chit chat Vojtek said: “They think they can kill the Colombian.”

“Is that what they think?” Kate replied.

“Some sort of rifle, powerful enough to cut through her.”

Kate smiled, “I assure you, Vojtek, no rifle can penetrate my skin.”

“Are you certain Kate? Or is your ego impairing your normal thought patterns?”

Kate was raised her brow at Vojtek in irritation.

Vojtek shook his head, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any disrespect,. I just have to know and you’re the only person who can tell me.”

“Yes, Vojtek, I’m certain.”

The two finished their meals, then booked and entered a hotel room.

“You’re nervous about tomorrow, aren’t you?” Kate asked.

“I’ve been up against stiff odds before. I’ve beaten those odds every time because I knew what to expect. Now, me, my men and the entire United States military are going up against one teenage girl. The odds, this time around, seem ridiculously bent into my favor, which makes me very nervous for tomorrow.”

“Well, don’t over concern yourself. I’ll be there to protect you.” Kate reassured him.

Vojtek looked at her curiously, “That’s another thing: you weren’t involved in the battle plan.”

Kate gave him a confident smile, “Well, not that they told you. But I assure you, sweetie, I’ll be there. Now you need to relax and I think I know exactly how to relax you.”

Kate grabbed the back of Vojtek’s head and began kissing him passionately.

Vojtek moved his hand up Kate’s hip, across her ribs and onto the fullness of her left breast.

Holding Vojtek tightly, Kate fell backwards and, only inches before she hit the ground, she came to a dead stop.

Vojtek broke off the kiss and looked at Kate curiously, as he laid on top of her body that floated a foot off the ground.

“I can fly.” she whispered delicately into his ear, “Tonight you're not with Kate, you're with Supergirl.”

Vojtek smiled and continued kissing and feeling Kate’s incredible body.



Sunday Oct 6th 0100 hrs


Cam Knieling lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. He had quit smoking over 20 years ago but, as he felt the buzz overwhelm his body, it sent his mind at ease. He walked into the war room, “Situation report?”

“Sir, we have lost contact with all of our intelligence on the ground. Satellite images are showing a mass military buildup in Bogotá. However our contacts outside Bogotá have reported a rebel build up moving towards the capital.”

“Hostile to our efforts?” Cam asked.

“More then likely.”

“Contact Admiral Horner at our Panama station, ‘Queen’s Gambit’ is a go.”

Not soon after the order, a fleet of F15s, F22s, A10s and Raptor class fighters, along with a fleet of heavy bombers left the station ports and moved into Columbia.

One of the men monitoring the mass wave entering Columbia commented: “We’re going to kick the shit out of them.”

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