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Deep Down Inside - Part 03

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Part 3


It was several hours later that Tammy knocked on Steve's door, long after Amber had gone, she knew. Tammy had chosen a fitted t-shirt for the occasion. On any other girl, it would have been a conservative choice, but her exceptional dimensions filled and stretched it in thrilling ways.

Even with her new, surreal beauty, nervous butterflies still flapped around Tammy's stomach. They always did before she encountered Steve. Old habits haven't died yet, Tammy thought.

She took a deep breath took to steel her courage, forgetting that t-shirts aren't designed for deep breaths at her dimensions. She heard a slight ripping sound and began to wonder how much damage her pronounced bustline had caused.

But she didn't have time to think about it. Moments later, the door was open, with Steve standing there. His eyes went wide at her beauty, and clearly he did not recognize her.

"Can I help you?"

"I think you know my downstairs neighbor, Tammy? I'm her younger sister."

"Wow," Steve responded, "I didn't know Tammy had a sister."

"That's funny," Tammy said, flirtatiously twirling a lustrous strand of blond hair around her finger. "When she and I are out together, she's usually the one that gets overlooked, not me."

"I can imagine."

"Can I come in?" She purred.

"Uh, sure!", he enthused, opening the door wider.

Tammy sidled past him, letting one breast accidentally graze his arm as she passed. She could feel him quiver as she brushed by, and her confidence began slowly to grow. Tammy sat down cross-legged on the sofa, and Steve sat next to her, a courteous distance away.

"I wanted to come up here to say that I'm sorry about Tammy's behavior yesterday. She didn't realize you were still attached."

"That's OK, I suspected she had no idea."

"I know. But Tammy should have known better."

"Known better? After all the rumors about me and Amber breaking up, how could she have known I was still attached?"

"It doesn't matter whether you're attached or single. There is a certain hierarchy in the world of us women. Even if you had been single, an ugly girl like my sister cannot hope to follow a hotter girl like Amber."

"Ok," Steve replied, hesitantly.

"But it doesn't stop there, of course. Hotness is only relative." Tammy turned to face Steve on the couch. "Compared to my sister, Amber may be a swan. But Amber may be a completely ugly duckling when compared to.... others."

Here goes, she thought, as she sat up ram-rod straight to look him in the eye. She was about to say something when she noticed that Steve's jaw had dropped ever so slightly. And glancing down at herself, she realized why. With her rigid posture, her firm boobs jutted straight out-- enormous, unapologetic curves that no male eye could ignore. And her nipples, large and unfettered by any bra, produced riveting bumps under her shirt.

Sitting up like this also had the unintentional effect of untucking her t-shirt and exposing her midriff, complete with its tiny waistline and perfect set of six-pack abs. Her exceptional bust, her flawless mid-section -- Steve was clearly mesmerized by all of it.

My god, she thought, this is awesome. My body doesn't just look good, it stops men in their tracks. And I can do this not just to pimply store clerks, but to Steve, one of the hottest guys in the school! She watched with delight as his eyes continued to drink in the sights.

"Up here, stud," she giggled. "As I was saying, there's a hierarchy of beauty. And in order to outshine Amber, one would have to beautiful -- absurdly beautiful. Don't you agree?" She lit up a hundred watt smile and leaned slightly into the conversation.

"Sure, I know exactly what you mean." But he sounded flustered and unsure of himself.

"Good." Tammy continued sitting on the couch, ram rod straight, pleasant smile on her face. A silence set in for a few moments.

"Uh, can I get you something? Water or a beer?"

"I'm ok thanks."

More silence.

"You know, you certainly are different than your sister."

"Whatever do you mean?" Tammy asked innocently, tucking back a golden lock of hair.

"You're, uh, physically very different."

"Oh!" Tammy replied stupidly. "Physically, yes. I am indeed very different in that way. A better word would be 'superior', actually. Or maybe 'far superior'."

"I can see."

"Actually, no, you can't see entirely. Some of the changes --- er, I mean differences -- are too small to meet the eye. Take my nipples," Steve gave a slight start and the overt reference, but she felt increasingly sure of herself, and continued undaunted. She glanced down at her nubs, protruding proudly under her t-shirt. "My nips look normal, albeit a little bit on the big side, right?"

"Uh, right."

"But watch this." Tammy ran a finger over one, and it instantly responded, ballooning from a half-inch deep nub to a full inch-long protrusion. "They were big before, but now they simply huge," she giggled. "Aren't they incredible?"

"Uh.... yes.... they are."

"What guy wouldn't want to suck on one of those?"

"I don't know."

"You know what else? They are much, much, much more sensitive than they used to be, I mean, than my sister's. In fact, they're so ridiculously responsive, I feel like I'm sexually supercharged all the time."

"Wow" he intoned, his jaw dropping slightly again.

This was so easy, Tammy beamed to herself! Is it really true? Can I have just about any man I want?

And right now, she realized, her body was yearning for Steve. She needed to feel his strong hands on her tits, his warm and powerful mouth on her nipples. She needed to feel him filling up the aching emptiness down below.

Tammy shifted from a sitting position on the couch to a kneeling one, like a supplicant at an altar rail. She glanced down and smiled to see her enormous breasts and engorged nipples straining against the shirt. "I know what you want Steve," she said, leaning forward and bringing her bust to within an inch of his face. "Take it now, before I change my mind."

Steve's mouth was on her in an instant, teasing one nipple through the thin fabric of the t-shirt. Tammy let out an inadvertent gasp as an earthquake of sensations rocked her. How could it feel this good?

But it got better. He soon had her t-shirt pulled up around above her bustline, his mouth now on her naked skin, doubling again the intensity of the sensations.

Steve's ministrations made the end of her fingers tingle, and down below, she felt a warm wetness form. Her pussy ached for attention, and Tammy had to bite her lip to keep from moaning.

After several minutes, she couldn't take it anymore. She pushed Steve gently off her tits, and then slid her jeans down over her curvaceous hips and thighs. Naked except the for t-shirt bunched up over her boobs, Tammy leaned back on the couch.

Gazing briefly down at herself, she couldn't help but admire the artistry of Vicky's handiwork. Her abdomen was perfectly flat and beautifully muscled -- as if she had spent every waking hour in the gym. Her hips were smooth and seductively flared -- just the right amount to complement her bustline. And her legs -- god, her legs-- their curves and lines were like the sensuous folds of satin sheets.

"Eat me out," she instructed Steve, surprised at her own boldness. But he eagerly complied. Tammy had never been this assertive in bed before, but that was so easy, she thought! I can boss men around now. They're like playthings!

Steve wasn't all that deft in navigating her pussy, but it didn't matter. If his mouth on her nipple had been great, the feeling of him sucking on her clit was simply out of this world. Tammy began to see stars and, despite herself, began to moan with glee.

Somewhere in the ecstasy of Steve's ministrations, Tammy noticed his phone sitting on the coffee table. She giggled to herself as she grabbed it. She had always been so shy before that she was shocked to see her hands searching for Amber's name in the directory. "Come now- emergency" Tammy typed, and then hit "send". We'll see who's the boss of Steve now, she thought, as another moan of pleasure escaped her lips.


Louisa wandered into the restaurant, gazing across the tables for the man she had seen only once before on the dating site.

They had hit it off online. They had both been soccer players when they were younger, and highly competitive ones at that. She liked guys that had a competitive streak -- guys that knew what they wanted and had some guts. Louisa's scar had given her a hard life, and what few happy moment she experienced came from having an intensely competitive attitude. This was especially true on the soccer field, where, scar or no scar, the only thing that mattered was what you did with the ball.

The problem for Louisa was the part of life that happens after the soccer cleats go back in the locker. Teasing from other girls, a lack of interest from other guys -- she might be able to win on the soccer field, but she always lost when she was off of it. Walking through the restaurant, she wondered to herself one last time whether the sleeveless cashmere top was the right choice. It was a little bit chilly to be going sleeveless this evening, but the thickness of the sweater material made her boobs seem a little bit bigger, and she needed all the help "up there" she could get.

When she saw Eric, she paused for a moment behind a column. "There's no avoiding it," she said to herself, fingering the scar with her left hand. "He'll see sooner or later, so he may as well see now."

Louisa smiled as she approached the table, but she could already see a bewildered and somewhat disgusted look on his face. Sitting down, she kicked herself for not showing him a picture that gave a complete view of her face, or at least warning him verbally.

As they began to speak, the conversation became more and more stilted, and the look in his eyes became more and more disinterested. Not again, oh please god, not again, Louisa thought. Why can't it be that, just once, some guy values me for who I am and not the crap on my face?

When the check came, she had hoped he would at least be a class act and pick up the bill. But it became clear that he expected to split it with her -- insult to injury, Louisa fumed to herself. And worse, there was no talk of doing anything next -- no coffee, no walk in the park, nothing. She realized that the front door of this restaurant would probably be that last time she would see Eric, who had turned out to be a funny, good looking guy, even despite the awkward conversation at dinner. She could only imagine how cute he would have been if he had actually taken a liking to her.

On the solitary walk home, Louisa kicked rocks and pebbles ahead of her wherever she came across them -- a common activity when she was mad. She was mad at herself a little, but she was mad at the world a whole lot more. It wasn't fair. She always promised herself that she would focus on the woman within, but now, in this moment, she wanted more than anything to be pretty.

Louisa made a stop at her favorite coffee shop on the way home. If she was going to have the night to herself, she might as well caffeinate and get some work done.

'Somethin' bothering you?" The voice was Jared's. She wheeled around to see him at one of the tables, laptop open in front of him.

"I dunno."

"Yes you do," he said warmly. "Out with it."

"OK, fine. Men are assholes."

Jared smiled understandingly. "Yes and?"

"No, I just needed to say it. I had a date that did not go so well."

"And how exactly did he prove himself to be an asshole?"

She pointed at the scar.

"Louisa, anybody who judged you based upon a facial scar is not worth your time anyway."

"I dunno," Louisa responded. "That means the majority of the male universe is not worth my time."

"I'm serious," Jared insisted. "There are plenty of guys out there who could like you."

"Well, you knew me long before you knew your girlfriend. If I'm so attractive, why didn't you ask me out? We get along pretty well."

"You know it's not like that," Jared protested. "I like you as a friend, but perhaps not as a friend-friend. You know what I mean?"

"Yes. It means you find me as ugly as everyone else does."

"No, Louisa, please, it's not like that."

"Why not just sleep with me then?"

"Because I'm attached," Jared responded with exasperation.

"How about before you were attached? You slept with that whore in biology class, so you're not against it in principal. Why didn't you ever try the friends-with-benefits thing with me?"

"Okay, okay. I don't know. I guess, physically, you're not my type."

'And you," Louisa retorted, turning for the door. "Are not very good at bullshit."

More than ever now, Louisa felt she knew how the world worked. Even Jared had unwittingly told her the terrible truth: pretty matters, and Louisa doesn't have much pretty. If there was a way she could go out and get some pretty, boy, she would have given anything to have it.


It was twenty minutes later that Tammy heard the sound of Amber's footsteps coming up the stairs.

Amber's boyfriend's cock was delightfully hard inside Tammy. The feeling of having Steve inside of her was exceptional, and every movement of his shaft sent another breathless tremor through her. Steve had already cum twice, but Tammy's presence seemed to bring out the endurance in him, and she was still riding him like a cowgirl, his shaft pumping furiously into her engorged pussy.

Tammy knew that she would normally have been scared of Amber's coming fury, but thought of Amber's reaction just turned Tammy on more. She couldn't wait to see the shock on that woman's face!

At the sound of Amber's key in the lock, Steve finally snapped out of his reverie and reacted with a start. "Oh shit," he said, trying to pull out of her.

"Oh no you don't," Tammy giggled, "we're having too much fun, stud." Tammy pressed down and was rewarded by his shift sinking all the way back in. She loved the way it filled her up. And when he slammed back into her clit -- wow.

In the midst of the continued and awesome sensations, Tammy remarked to herself how odd that had been. Steve had tried to pull out, she had told him "no" and it almost seemed as though his body had involuntarily obeyed. Weird. She was so lost in herself that she almost forgot there was now another woman in the room.

"Oh my god, Steve," Amber screamed, "you asshole!"

"I--" Steve started, but Tammy put a silencing finger to his lips. This was the moment she had been waiting for.

"Hi Amber," Tammy greeted her matter-of-factly. Tammy watched with pleasure as Amber slowly took account of the woman on top of her boyfriend. Tammy could see a look of jealousy spreading across Amber's face as she realized how immensely sexy her new adversary was.

Amber broke free of her staring and turned to Steve. "How could you do this, Steve?"

He was speechless in reply.

"Amber, think about it from his perspective" Tammy pulled her t-shirt over her head and threw it aside, reveling in her fully naked glory. And glory it was. In Tammy's old body, she had always hated how her smaller tits had flopped around foolishly when they were out of a bra. But these tits were about as floppy as rocks, and shit, they looked great. "Look, Amber, he's got this immensely hot chick on top of him..." Tammy purred as she raised her arms and ran her hands through her hair. In that position, her mammoth breasts jutted straight out from her frame, an unbelievable display of Barbie-doll dimensions. "...what's he going to do after seeing hotness like this? Go back to you?"

"Steve," Amber snapped, "get that girl off of you now!"

Steve looked between the two girls in confusion, clearly trying to decide between his obligation to Amber and his desire for the other.

"I can see the confusion on your face, Steve" Tammy teased. "But your cock seems to have made up its mind already. Gosh, it think it's harder than ever, lover boy."

Amber resumed, "Steve, if you don't get that girl off of you this instant, I am going to take your car and drive it straight into the fucking lake!" Her key chain was still in her hand and she dangled it threateningly.

The look of struggle on Steve's face was clear. Tammy saw his confusion, and her confidence swelled even more.

"Steve, baby," Tammy purred, continuing to ride his shaft. "You are currently being straddled by the hottest girl you've ever seen, and maybe the hottest girl on earth. You will never have sex like this again, for as long as you live." She took his hands and pulled them to her immense breasts. He instinctively grabbed and she was rewarded by another rush of bliss. "Look at your tiny little hands, how they disappear in my huge, perfect tits."

She shifted her abdominal muscles in ways previously unknown to her, and found that her body was able to work his shaft even more intensely than before. He hardened further in reply. She could sense every ridge and wrinkle on his cock, and it felt divine. Tammy heard Amber whisper "bitch" under her breath.

"Amber, I'm sorry," Steve grunted as he pounded into her. "I should probably stop, but my body doesn't want to! This feels so fucking incredible."

"Asshole" Amber retorted.

"Seriously," Steve continued between breaths, ignoring her. "I've never experienced anything close to it before, even with you."

"Wow," Tammy giggled as she continued to ride him, "That's so hot. You don't have a choice in this, do you? You want me desperately, even now, even after you already come twice."

"I can always choose," Steve objected.

"OK, I'll give you and Amber one last chance together," she said, rising up a few inches. "There you go. You can pull out now."

Steve slowly ran his hands up and down her thighs, resting them on her hips. But he seemed to freeze in place.

"What are you waiting for, stud?" Tammy smiled wickedly. "Pull out if you can."

"I ...... can't.... I can't think."

"That's because my incredible, flawless body wants your cock stiff as a board and inside of me. Still think you can resist?"

"I ..... can't ..... control..... myself!" Steve rasped, and then rammed her back down onto his shaft. A explosion of pleasure ignited at her clit and sent a shockwave through her body.

"Wow, that's so incredible!" Tammy squealed. "You're sitting here right in front of your girlfriend. You want desperately for the embarrassment to end, and yet you're going to pound me just as long as I want. You don't have the power to deny me. Do you?"

"No!" Steve grunted in reply.

Amber must have still been standing there, because Tammy heard her shift uncomfortably from foot to foot. But she didn't say anything.

Tammy turned her unforgettable face toward Amber and flashed a flawless smile. "Isn't that just fascinating? I have total command over his body," Tammy purred has she ran his hands down her absurd curves. She looked down at Steve. "Time to show me how much you love me." She then whispered, "Kabbom!"

"AAAGGGUUUUHHHH" Steve exclaimed as his semen jetted into her for a third time, a look of wonderment and fear on his face.

Tammy didn't take her eye off of him. "Stiffen up again, big boy, I want more. And tell your bitch girlfriend to get out of here."

Steve could only rasp in reply. "Amber, get the fuck out of here."

The sound of the door slamming made sent an extra rush of glee through Tammy. "Beating that bitch turns me on even more stud," she purred a she slid back down his re-hardened shaft. "I hope you ate your Wheaties this morning."


Vicky giggled as Tammy's cell phone rang for the fourth time that morning. Tammy stuffed it back in her pocket as they walked. They were each wearing miniskirts and sleeveless blouses with plunging necklines.

"Steve really can't live without you, can he?"

"I guess not, but who can blame him?" Tammy said, brushing a strand of hair back from her flawless face "After last night, what's he going to do, go back to fucking a normal girl? I saw the look in his eyes last night. Sex with me was a quantum leap beyond anything he's ever experienced."

"And to think that only yesterday you were the one begging for his attention."

"I suspect this is how the world works for us now," Tammy replied nonchalantly. "Steve is now, well, mine. When I want him, I can have him. And when I get bored, then he's yesterday's news."

"Wow, harsh words."

"Vicky," her friend laughed, "You shouldn't be surprised: you created these bodies. They're not just attractive; they're addictive. And you know it. You can have whoever you want, whenever you want, however you want."

Vicky glanced at a fairly good-looking guy unlocking his car. Returning her gaze, he clearly became lost in her mesmerizing curves. As he tried to enter the car, he slammed his head on the doorframe. Vicky turned to Tammy with a conspiratorial smile on her face. "I guess you're right. It sounds silly, but I can't believe how hot I am. Even looking in the mirror gets me turned on."

"That's a good point. Looking at you turns me on as well. I'll have to fuck you some time."

"Whoa, girl, one thing at a time," Vicky smiled. "Lesbian stuff would be a new one for me."

"This body you gave me is insatiable," Tammy replied. "And I feel like I'm on cloud nine all the time. And yet..."

"And yet, what?" Vicky asked.

"And yet in one minor way, it feels like something is isn't quite right. Both emotionally and physically."

"Where, physically?" Vicky asked.

"Here." Tammy stopped and rested her hands on top of her boobs, their incredible firmness providing a shelf on from which her arms could dangle. "My boobs feel great," Tammy explained, "but they seem somehow overfull too. It's like I have an aching in me, a longing to release something."

"I'm feeling the same thing," Vicky replied as they resumed their walk. "I can't explain it, but I know exactly what you mean."

The sound of a cell phone pierced the air, and this time it was Vicky's. Louisa's name appeared on the screen.

"I just want to make sure you guys are ok" Louisa started in an agitated voice. "I haven't seen you guys in a few days, and you told me earlier that you were dealing with some really serious shit you couldn't talk about."

"Yea, we're ok," Vicky replied, flashing a knee-weakening smile at Tammy. "In fact, we're more than ok. We feel fabulous."

"That's good to hear," Louisa replied, confusion in her voice.

"You should come see for yourself. Alone. Tonight, at my apartment. That OK?"

"Uh, sure," Louisa responded hesitantly.

The two agreed on a time, and Vicky was about to hang up the phone as when she remembered that Louisa had gone on a big date the night before. Louisa had thought that he was "out of her league" -- a phrase that sounded funny to Vicky now. As she noticed the countless stares of men throughout the green, it was hard to imagine any guy being out of her league. But she had friends, good friends, who were not beautiful, and she kicked herself for almost forgetting.

"How did things go on your date with Eric last night?" she asked gingerly.

"I don't think it went too well. He was nice and all, but I think the scar scared him off."

"But I thought the whole thing about internet dating was that you got to see pictures of each other first?"

"Well, I did show him a picture," Louisa's voice trailed off slightly, "but it was mostly the other side of my face."

"I'm sorry, honey."

There was only silence on the other end. Vicky wondered to herself, if Louisa felt bad now, how much worse would Louisa feel if she knew how beautiful Vicky and Tammy had become?

"Louisa, you still there?"

"Yes," she replied.

"Look, I know it hurts. But look, you're in the same boat as a lot of other girls. Neither Tammy nor I had a decent date for many years. I know you want the guy to like the girl on the inside, but well, a lot of it is simply how you look on the outside."

"Yea, I know," Louisa conceded.

"And think about Kim," Vicky continued. "She's really pretty heavy, and the guys never call her either."

"Yup, I know. So you're saying I've got company."

"Yes, you've got company."

"It's not enough Vicky. I want to rid of the damn scar, and be pretty for a change." Louisa's voice seemed to be breaking up over the phone.

"I'm sorry, honey," Vicky measured her words carefully. "I want to fix it for you. And who knows, maybe I can."

"I gotta go."

Vicky could have sworn she had heard a sob escape Louisa's lips as the line cut off.


Kim carefully smoothed out her skirt for the dozenth time, a nervous twitch as she sat waiting in the reception area of the mayor's office. Louisa was by her side-- the only one of the four that could make it; Vicky and Tammy had said something about being "otherwise occupied".

Kim could tell that Louisa was in a really bad mood -- something about how badly the date had gone with this Eric guy the night before. But despite the dark cloud over her head, having Louisa there was nonetheless good for moral support. Louisa was also in attendance to make sure the perpetually tardy Kim got to the appointment on time. But in the end, Kim was the most active volunteer at the shelter, and begging for relief from funding cuts was her job.

As always, these types of conversations were not to Kim's liking. She had gone through life insecure not only about her obesity, but also her intelligence. Often she found herself struggling at the bottom of the class, and dreaded the idea of arguing with someone who might be a step ahead of her.

"They'll see you now," the receptionist said blandly as she opened the door for them. "Second conference room on the right."

Kim stepped gingerly into the conference room to find a young man sitting there, perhaps only one or two years older than herself. In fact, after staring at him for a moment, she had a glimmer of recognition. "Don't I know you from somewhere, maybe the University?"

"Mike," he said without emotion, extending his hand. "I graduated the PoliSci Master's program two years ago, and am now the mayor's assistant policy director."

"OK, that's how I remember you!" Kim said excitedly. She was feeling better about this meeting, now that she had a connection. "I was two years behind you. I should finish the program in a few months."

"I see." He was still hard and emotionless.

"I remember your face pretty well," Kim blundered on.

"Well I have to admit, I don't remember you."

Kim was all too used to being invisible, but she tried to take it in stride. "I guess that's often the way it is with the classes behind you." After a moment, she continued, "Will the Mayor be joining us?"

"Nope, just me today."

"Uh, OK," Kim responded uncertainly. They had spoken to the Mayor five or six times before about this program, so it would have made sense for him to attend. And he had made it clear that he had intended to attend the meeting. Kim glanced at Louisa for an encouraging sign, but found only bewilderment on her face as well.

Sitting down and smoothing her skirt one last time, Kim started carefully. "Well, we got the letter from your office about our budget being eliminated this year at the shelter...."

"It's not being eliminated, just reduced," Mike cut her off.

"Right, sorry, reduced. But the reduction is, like, eighty percent. So it's like an elimination. And we've been doing some really good work this year," Kim fumbled through some papers. "See, like we've had more than fifty women use our services in the last month. Some are just a simple phone call, but others are more serious. This one woman came in who needed to be relocated away from abusive boyfriend, and we were able to find her alternate housing. She had bruises all over...."

"Look," Mike cut her off again. "I know you're doing some good work, and that some of these women really need a little help..."

"It's not just SOME of the women that come to us, and it's not just a LITTLE help," Louisa retorted. "That woman that Kim is talking about-- she could have been killed by him if she hadn't come to us. Anther that came in to late actually was killed!"

"... As I was saying, I know you're doing some good work," Mike said methodically. Kim wondered to herself, was this guy working off of some kind of script? He continued, "But as you can understand, we've got declining city revenues and some tough allocation choices. We have to redirect some funds from non-priority projects to priority ones."

"Are you saying that this project is non-priority?" Kim said meekly.

"Yes, and little outbursts from your friend here," he shrugged towards Louisa, "aren't making things any better. Maybe we should go for a complete elimination, rather than the eighty percent cut originally mentioned."

"I'm sorry," Louisa said meekly.

Mike hardly seemed to notice. "Instead of coming to the city pleading for money, why don't you concentrate your energies on something more productive, like raising alternate funds. I'm sure some of the women you help are very happy to have your services."

"Respectfully, these services are about more than making women happy," Kim ventured to respond. "For many of these women, we are their lifeline."

"I'm not sure how I can be any clearer with you. This is not a priority project for the city. Show some initiative and I'm sure you'll find enough money to keep those services going."

Walking back with Louisa that afternoon, Mike's final words seemed to taunt and torture Kim's spirits. Show some initiative? What the hell could that mean? Had they not already done so through all their selfless volunteering on behalf of those who were in need? Did they also now need to defend these women not only from their men, but also from the heartless men wielding the city budget ax? But it was all a moot point, because she knew she didn't have the guts to stand up to him.

And what was worse, her confrontations for the day were not yet over. One of the shelter's buildings was about to be torn down, and she would have to fight that too.


Tossing her keys on the desk, Kim settled into her workspace -- it couldn't be called an office -- at the women's shelter. Sitting on the top of the pile was the paperwork on the natural gas tank. It made her so angry, she could hardly think.

The women's shelter leased its buildings and grounds from the auto dealer next door, which was owned by three partners who were all just as slimy as they were wealthy. The owners had for some time sought to convert their dealership and service buildings to natural gas, but that meant finding a place to put their storage tanks. Rather than talk to the shelter about putting a tank on shelter land, the partners had simply exercised a right under the lease and seized the land they wanted. Now, the shelter was going to have to tear down its only overnight lodging building to make room for a fucking gas tank.

Kim reluctantly dialed the auto dealer's number and waited on the line for Manny to pick up. "Hello?" came the voice on the other end of the line. Kim's heart skipped a beat: the first confrontation today had gone so poorly, she didn't know if she had it in her to do another one.

"Manny, it's Kim at the shelter. I got your notice about the gas tank."

"Yea, what about it?"

"Um, is there anywhere you can put this so that we can keep our building?"

"Nope. I already checked."

"Manny, the overnight lodging building is really important for our ability to protect battered women. I don't know what we're going to do with it gone."

"That's your problem."

"I was hoping we could work something out so that we can both get what we want."

"Look, missy. Far as I'm concerned, we have the right to do whatever we want on that land. If you have a problem with that, tough. And I'm sorry that your destitute women have to find somewhere else to hang out and complain about their husbands."

The phone clicked off, and Kim buried her face in her hands. She hadn't gotten the funding back. She hadn't saved the building. She had asked Manny to reconsider but had not gone beyond that, had not shown the guts to stick up for these women. And now the whole shelter was going to pieces. She had let herself down, and more importantly, the battered women who needed her. Her hands felt the wet warmth of tears falling on them, and Kim secretly breathed a sigh of relief when she realized that no one else would be in the front office to hear her cry.


Louisa usually had no trouble letting herself in to Vicky and Tammy's apartment. She had a key, after all. But this time, she found the door locked with a door chain, from the inside. That's odd, she thought. Vicky specifically asked me to come by tonight, and she never draws the chain.

"I'm here," Louisa announced. "Can I come in?"

"Great," Vicky's voice emanated from the other side of the door. "We just wanted to make sure that you are ready."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It's quite a shock."

"OK, I guess I'm ready."

The door swung wide, and revealing two statuesque beauties inside. They were both in lingerie, so little was left to Louisa's imagination. Endless sensuous legs, not an ounce of fat to be seen, mammoth tits that fit perfectly on their baroque hourglass figures, and engrossing, flawless faces -- Louisa felt a heavy bolt of jealousy race through her.

"Who the heck are you?" She snorted, but there was uncertainty in her voice.

"We're the same people we used to be," the one with the auburn hair laughed. "Just better." It was clearly Vicky's voice.

"In fact, ridiculously better," the blond one replied. She had Tammy's voice.

Louisa's looked closer at the two women and belatedly saw the resemblances. The whisper of jealousy in her mind quickly became a roar. It would be one thing if she had run into two naturally beautiful strangers. But her own friends? Her own LOSER friends, who she should share her own loserhood with -- how could they now be blessed with THIS?

"Sorry," Vicky offered, glancing at her state of undress. "We lost track of time. We were.... exploring each other." Vicky shot her less attractive friend an electrifying smile. "You like?" she asked.

"What do you think?" Louisa asked, forcing a smile as she shut the door behind her. "You are every guy's ultimate fantasy. You are unbelievably fucking hot!"

"It's hard to get used to, but yes," Vicky said, running her hands lightly over her thighs, "I finally had to admit to myself that I am unimaginably hot."

Tammy chimed in, "I'm going to cut to the chase. The point of meeting you here tonight is to see if you want to join our little club."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, do you want to become one of us... the sexiest women in the world?"

"Well, of COURSE I would."

"There's a catch," Tammy continued, turning away to rummage through her belongings. Her hand emerged with a baseball-sized piece of electronics in it, lights silently flickering away. "The catch is-- this goes inside of you, inside your stomach."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

The machine seemed to respond in anticipation. Instantly more lights flickered on, and several blades emerged. The light of the nightstand lamp glinted off the edges of the blades, and Louisa could easily sense that they were razor sharp.

"I know it sounds crazy," added Vicky, approaching a somewhat frightened Louisa. "But this machine will actually cut a hole in your stomach and then climb inside."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Louisa retorted. She would have thought it was a joke, but those blades were too real.

"You wanted to be pretty," Tammy countered, taking another step forward with the machine in her hand. "This is your chance."

"Where the hell did you guys get that thing?" Louisa asked, the panic in her voice increasing.

"The aliens came for us, honey," Tammy said. "They stuck these things inside of us too. A small blue one for me, a bigger purple one for her," she said, motioning to Vicky. "And since then, our lives have been nearly perfect. There's a strange aching feeling in our chest--"

"--due to your huge boobs?"

"No, not quite like that. It's different; I'm sure we'll figure it out. But everything else is perfect, in fact, better than perfect. We feel incredible. And we look," Tammy ran a hand through her golden hair, "better than incredible."

"And you mean to tell me that copies of this machine are inside of you?"

Vicky cut in, "Enough of the chit chat. This isn't going like we thought. Let's get this over with."

Louisa tried to turn for the door but Vicky was on her in an instant, arms around her in a bear hug. Vicky was no stronger than her friend, but the element of surprise had given her an advantage, and Louisa lost her footing.

"Let me go," Louisa almost screamed, but she looked up in horror to see the machine in Tammy's hand, fully awoken, lights now blinking brightly and blades fully extended. However, despite the vehemence of her words, Louisa's body language was less certain. She seemed transfixed by the surreal nature of the situation. "Please don't hurt me."

Tammy smiled without sympathy. "Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit."

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