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Deep Down Inside - Part 05

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Vicky and Louisa sat on the balcony overlooking the Delta Chi party, leaning back in their chairs, feet up on the balcony railing. The light of the tiki torches danced on Vicky's face, seeming to fleck her eyes with emeralds and her hair with garnet. "Damn," Louisa said, "even in the darkness, you look great."

"How do you feel after your transformation?" Vicky asked.

"I feel great," Louisa said, "better than ever. But at the same time, I feel like I've got almost too much life inside of me, like I'm bursting at the seams. Or more specifically, it feels like my boobs are bursting at the seams."

"Tammy and I were talking about that yesterday," Vicky sympathized. "We don't know what it is."

"It's a dull ache that's always in the background."

"Yea, I know," Vicky agreed. "It bothers me too. Tammy is doing a good job of distracting herself from it." Tammy's sultry cooing could be heard through the open bedroom window behind them as she approached another climax.

"At least she's using her talents for good effect. You should try it sometime."

"My most recent experience was a bad one," Vicky explained distantly. "Not entirely voluntary. I haven't told you guys about it yet."

Louisa was about to press for more when the door opened behind them. Tammy emerged with a sloppy smile on her gorgeous face, pulling her skirt back down over her elegant thighs. She wore a form fitting leotard-type top, putting her insane curves on full display.

"All set?" Vicky asked.

"All set. It was the screw of his life, and the best screw I've had in at least four hours," Tammy related factually as she collapsed into a recliner. "And as a token of his gratitude we have the balcony as long as we want. No visitors. Oh, and all the disgusting beer we want too." Tammy ran her hands through her hair to untousle it, creating a cascade of sinuous gold.

It's amazing, Vicky thought, she almost looks better with her hair messed up than with it straight. Vicky's phone rang with Kim's name popping up on the screen.

"Finally," Vicky said, peering over the edge to see her. Kim stood uncomfortably at the edge of the party, arms nervously crossed. Having spent the last day with the newly enhanced Tammy and Louisa, it was remarkable to Vicky how ugly Kim now seemed.

"I'm here," said the voice on the phone. "Now what?"


"Are you going to come meet me or just leave me here to be a pathetic wall flower?" Vicky heard Kim ask over the phone. Kim had been standing alone at the edge of the party for half an hour. Vicky didn't want to neglect her, but it was necessary.

"I'm at the party too, but we can't meet yet" Vicky said, still concealed on the balcony, absently running her perfect toes along the railing.

"Why can't you meet me?" Kim asked.

{{Because there are several things I need you to experience before you see us.}}

"What the hell was that?"

{{I was talking inside your head. While you were sleeping last night, we installed some...upgrades.}}

"You make me sound like a computer. I don't get it."

{{You will soon. Now hang up the phone and talk back to me-- telepathically.}}

There was a click. "Okaaay," Kim spoke into the air, stupidly. Another partygoer turned to her in bewilderment.

{{Try again }}


{{The upgrades we installed last night were significant. You might even call them a dream come true. You'll have to get used to being better than the other girls. It's just a fact of your life now.}}

The music stopped playing as one of the fraternity brothers climbed on a chair and grabbed a microphone. "OK everybody, pay attention 'cause this is going to be the highlight of the night. Ladies, start your engines, it's time for the WET TSHIRT CONTEST!!"

{{You're going to enter that contest}}

{{Are you kidding??}} Kim replied, shifting her obese form from left to right, crossing and re-crossing her arms.

{{And you're going to win. Hands down.}}

{{That's impossible! These people aren't that drunk.}}

{{Trust me.}}


{{Enter the contest. Trust me.}}

Kim did not reply, but she did shuffle over to the corner of the room where they were handing out white t-shirts and disappeared into the back room, where the girls were changing. She re-emerged moments later with the t-shirt on, looking more uncomfortable than ever.

{{You go girl!}} Tammy and Louisa thought in unison.

{{I am going to hate you forever for this. This is so humiliating.}}

{{Patience}} Vicky commanded, a smoldering fire in her voice.

The music started and one by one the girls climbed up on stage to the raucous applause and hoots of the guys in the audience. The action on the stage was simulcast on several screens in the party room as well as out in the patio, where the girls sat. How they got that system hooked up, Vicky had no idea--Too many guys with too much time on their hands, she mused to herself.

Most of the girls that volunteered for this were actually fairly good looking, Vicky noted to herself. On girl with D-cup boobs got a particularly loud reception from the audience. She was a little bit flabby and out of shape, but next to Kim, she looked like a shining example of personal fitness.

There was a winners box, with places for the gold, silver and bronze victors. Somebody at the frat had actually figured out a scoring system with judges, and the girls with the best scores so far would enter in the winners box, unseating whoever was there.

When Kim got up on stage, the hooting seemed to turn to laughter. "Get the fat chick off the stage!" yelled one voice in the audience. "Who the fuck does she think she is?" Yelled another. More taunts followed.

The taunts seemed to be coming from a cluster of 10 guys, a group that had frequently been seen together before. {{Note their faces in your mind}} Vicky told the group. {{We'll deal with them someday.}}

When Kim reached center stage, Vicky decided to make her move. {{Now}} She whispered into Kim's mind.

The MC pointed the garden hose at Kim. By the time he started spraying her, Vicky and the others on the balcony could hear a faint crunching sound emanating under the dyne of the party.

Having already transformed herself and two others, Vicky's skills were now at their peak: every part of Kim's body began to change at the same time. Flab melted instantly away. Legs became longer, and her bones seemed subtlety to rearrange themselves, taking her from a slouch to the disciplined posture of a gymnast. Smooth and supple muscle appeared on her arms, thighs and calves, making all of her limbs shapelier. Her abdomen formed a pleasing six pack. Her face left behind its gourd-like roundness and became an image out of a cosmetics add: big eyes, full lips, high cheek bones and heart-shaped angularity.

"What the..." the MC started, lowering his garden hose for a moment. "How drunk am I?"

Vicky watched as Kim looked at the simulcast screens, and then down at herself in confusion. {{Wait a minute}} Kim asked silently. {{Who is that on the screen?}}

{{That's you, hot stuff}} came Vicky's reply.

{{Holy shit, are you kidding me?}} Kim replied.

{{You like?}}

{{Damn right I like. I love it!}} There was a pause. {{I could get used to being this hot!}}

{{Well}} Vicky said, with a tutorial tone in her voice {{you're not hot enough yet. If you're going to win a wet t-shirt contest, there's one more thing we need to do.}}

{{OK}} Kim said, {{I think I know what that is}} Kim cast a beaming smile at the MC and purred audibly, "Better squeeze that nozzle now, stud."

As the water began to cascade off Kim, Vicky felt the presence of her mind {{Ready when you are.}}

Vicky giggled {{Tell me when to stop.}} She then willed Kim's breasts to grow, and from her vantage point, she could see it happening. Her mammaries grew past B, and then past C. Kim said nothing, so Vicky kept going. The blew up to D and then even past D. {{You want me to keep going?}}

{{You put me in this contest. So now that I'm in it, I don't just want to want to win. I want to kill it.}}

{{That's my girl!}} Vicky giggled.

Kim's breasts kept at it, into E, and then past E, and to who knows what letter after that. {{More?}} Vicky asked.


It wasn't until her breasts were the size of small watermelons that Kim called a stop to it. Vicky let out a relieved sigh and rubbed her eyes before further examining her handiwork. When she took a close look, she was impressed. Despite the massive scale of Kim's boobs, they looked really good on her. Vicky had of course made them ridiculously firm, so that this stood proudly on her chest unaided. She even gave Kim just a little bit extra curvature on the hips to make her boobs look more in place.

The MC with the garden hose had long since let the nozzle drop on the floor, and a stunned quiet had descended on the part of the show sober enough to realize what had happened.

With a high degree of attention now on her, Kim appeared to realize the insanity of her proportions and crossed her arms over her chest in order to hide her prodigious assets.

{{What are you trying to hide for? Everybody's gawking at you because you're super hot.}}

Kim uncrossed her arms slowly. She started to walk up to the front of the stage, first hesitantly, and then with more confidence. She crossed the stage and approached the three girls in the winners box, who's discomfort next to her was palpable. Next to Kim's radiant beauty, the other girls all seemed like pimply and out-of-shape high schoolers. And Kim's boobs -- next to them even the D cups of the heretofore winner seemed tiny.

"I think you ladies can go sit down now," the announcer said in a bewildered monotone. The girls left the podium without argument, and Kim bashfully did not meet their eyes as they passed.

But then with slowly growing confidence, Kim flashed a brilliant smile at the audience and sauntered from one side of the stage to the other, swinging her hips seductively as she went and blowing kisses at the audience the whole time. Turning to face the audience, she brought her hands to the neck of her shirt-- already partly ripped -- and pulled it further apart, a sexy pout on her face the entire time. The crowd of men erupted in a cheer, and Kim slowly kept going, ripping the shirt ever lower. Vicky watched as she egged them on, teased them, got them to cheer and beg for her to take it all off.

Moments later, she had motioned for two of guys from the audience to join her on stage. She had them join arms to make a chair for her, parading her around. Somehow, a bottle of champagne had found its way to the stage as well. She finished baring her chest. Before long, the champagne had been poured over her naked torso, with her supporting male companions eagerly lapping it up.

"I had no idea Kim was such a ham," Vicky said.

"I think we have created a monster," Louisa chuckled.

But as Kim had the men carry her off stage -- them and the rest of the crowd wrapped around her finger -- Vicky wondered whether it might be true.


At 10am the next morning, Vicky stopped by Kim's apartment. Kim greeted her at the door in cheap cotton panties and a long cotton nightshirt. "Someday soon, you're going to need to buy lingerie," Vicky quipped as she entered.

The inside of Kim's apartment looked like a refugee camp. The two guys Kim had brought up on stage last night were sprawled over various pieces of furniture fast asleep, and a third guy slept soundly in her bed. None of them stirred when Vicky entered.

"I don't know what you did to me, Vicky, but I feel like I could fuck for a week and not be satisfied."

"Those guys didn't pay any attention to you last night?"

"Oh, they did. These two," she pointed dismissively at the ones from the party, "I gave them each a tit to suck on, but they managed to do that for only about an hour. And all it did was make me ridiculously horny. So then I rode their cocks to the point exhaustion -- their exhaustion, that is. I'm surprised how little they lasted. But I'm new at this sex thing, so what do I know."

"Well, how many times did they cum?" Vicky asked.

"Only four each."

"Jesus, Kim."

"Is that a lot?"

"It makes you some sort of sexual predator," Vicky laughed, and motioned towards the stranger slumbering on her bed. "And this guy?"

"Oh, he must be a neighbor," she shrugged. "He poked his head in to see what all the screaming and moaning was about. I showed him."

"Kim, I never knew you had this in you."

"Neither did I. And the funny thing is, I feel like I could still use another three-to-four guys to wear out."

Kim, Vicky had to admit, looked agonizingly sexy, even in her cheap panties and a formless nightshirt. That shirt had been designed to hang well below the waist, but given Kim's new dimensions, was hanging well above it.

Vicky rested her hands on Kim's hips and drew close. "That's very kind of you, to fuck them that way," she said. As Vicky drew closer to her friend, their massive mammaries came into contact long before the rest of their bodies could, and the sensation of Kim's warm voluminousness on her own tits made Vicky's mind race with arousal. It was one of the first times Vicky allowed herself a trickle of sexual desire since the rape, and she belatedly realized it was quickly becoming a flood.

"Kind?" Kim asked. "Why was it kind of me to fuck them?"

"Do I really have to explain it?" Vicky smiled. "They will never, ever get their brains fucked out by a woman hotter than you."

Vicky gently spun her friend half-way around to face the full length mirror on the back of the closet door. She slowly wrapped her arms around Kim's phenomenal curves, resting her head on the girl's shoulder. Seeing Kim framed head-to-toe in the mirror turned Vicky on all the more. The massiveness of Kim's tits under the comically distorted nightshirt, the suppleness of her hips, thighs and legs -- it all started Vicky's heart racing.

Vicky ran her tongue along the edge of Kim's ear, and whispered, "Look into the mirror and repeat after me."


"I'm fucking perfect."

Kim smiled and ran a hand through her hair. "I'm totally fucking perfect."

Vicky smiled as well, reached one hand up to grab one of Kim's massive tits and the other down to her already wet nether lips. "Maybe it's time we finish what the boys started."


Kim sauntered through the restaurant in a silk button down blouse and miniskirt, turning every head in the room. This was still completely new to her-- being this hot, stopping conversations -- and maybe she never would get used to it. The unsolicited attention gave her a thrill every time. A brief word with the host and she was shown to a private table in the back, with plenty of privacy from prying eyes.

It had taken some planning to arrange this. The mayor's scheduler -- happily, a guy -- was recently the object of Louisa's attentions in a bar. Two drinks and some light French kissing later, the scheduler was ready to arrange the impossible -- a private lunch meeting with the mayor at his favorite restaurant.

Now, it was Kim's turn, and a moment of nervousness descended upon her like a cold shadow. Sure, she said to herself in the flickering candlelight, it was one thing to use your feminine wiles on an over-hormoned drunk frat boy. But the mayor of the whole damn city?


Mayor Johnson was preoccupied as he walked towards the back of his favorite restaurant. Three council members had called him this morning, all with one urgent matter or another. And the ordinance he was trying to pass would die a swift death if he didn't placate the council quickly. He had no idea why his scheduler had set him up with this mystery appointment about the women's shelter, but whatever the reason, he didn't have time for it.

But his preoccupation with the ordinance disappeared when he got to the back table and saw the breathtaking beauty that awaited him. Long sensuous legs, long vibrant hair, a striking and eye-catching face. And those tits -- my god -- the only word that could describe them would be "awesome". She wore a silk button-down blouse that would have been proper on anyone else, but on her it was nearly pornographic. She had buttoned it up as much as one could, but still an enormously distracting amount of cleavage was visible. And her nipples -- they seemed to poke through the blouse as if it was barely there. Was she even wearing a bra? The major decided that maybe this lunch was worth his time after all. Happily married, lunch with her was as close to a sexual fantasy as he could allow himself to get.

The conversation began pleasantly enough. She was with the women's shelter. They didn't want their funding cut. Blah blah blah blah. He tried his best to sound interested, to make sure that this extraordinary women stayed for the entirety of lunch. It didn't really matter what she said, as long as he could continue to drink in her good looks with his eyes.

Speaking of lunch, this girl had an appetite that far exceeded her trim waistline. She got a full order alfredo with meat sauce, and had fully devoured it when the conversation took a turn.

"Mr. Mayor," she dropped her voice as she leaned towards him. "I know you get pressured from a number of directions. Isn't it time you stopped trying to please other people all the time, and focused on what you wanted?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Yes, you do," she purred in reply. "I've seen the way you've been looking at me."

"I'm happily married."

"Happily enough?" Her laugh was musical; the sound of her voice alone was addictive. She absently twirled a lock of hair around her finger. God, she was sexy when she wanted to be.

"That's none of your business."

"Exactly," she lit up a hundred-watt smile. "Whatever you do -- and whoever you do it with -- is YOUR business. Nobody else has a right to know."

The mayor was at a loss for how to respond. The woman scooched around on the bench until she was seated on his left and leaned gently towards him. Her boobs, so remarkably large, scraped along the table, the right breast coming to rest upon his left hand and entirely covering it. He could feel the enveloping warmth. And her nipple -- it was so large, it felt as though someone was gently pressing down on him with their thumb.

"What's your ulterior motive?" he asked, with faltering certainty.

The woman only pouted, which made her all the more sexy, if that was possible.

"I'm sorry," he interjected, "I shouldn't have said it that way."

"My ulterior motive is right on the surface, Mr. Mayor. I want funding for scared and abused women. And I'm trying to make it easy for you. Who ever thought that doing the right thing would be .... enjoyable?"

"I see. And what are the .... benefits .... of, as you said, doing the right thing?"

"Something that only three men in the world have experienced."

"And what happens after we ... do the right thing? I suppose I never hear from you again?"

"Would you be happier if I was on the commission system?"

"What does that mean?"

"Every time I make you cum, the Women's center gets $25,000. That way, I'll always be coming back for more. And believe me, so will you."

The mayor paused. She was being overt now. Soon, there would be no going back. "Fascinating idea. Clearly, you thought this through."

"Yes, I did think it through. Abused women are important to me. And I'm willing to do anything -- anything -- to help them. Aren't you?"

"I suppose."

"Suppose harder. Also, there's another thing," she said, drawing close to whisper in his ear. The smell of her was every bit as intoxicating as the rest of her. And feel of her so close -- her breasts were like tidal waves of flesh washing over his arm, up his chest. It sent his mind into a delirium and his heart racing.

"What's that?" he said, his voice quaking. "Why else are you doing this."

Her whisper was raspy and overflowing with sex. "Because power is a ... huge... turn on for me."

He inhaled unsteadily, grasping for air, for clarity, as the full force of her seductive nature assaulted him.

Now her lips were dancing along his neck and his ear, her hot breath washing away all of his conscious thought. Her left hand traced the edge of the table and then soon dove under it. He felt her fingers gently trace the outlines of his cock, which by now had gone enthusiastically hard.

"If you want me to stop," came her warm, velvety whisper in his ear. "You'll have to say something."

But he was speechless as his arousal began to consume him.

"Good man," she purred. "I have a car out back."


Kim relaxed on the enormous bed in the mayor's mansion, staring at the ceiling as the Mayor's head rested on her mammoth left breast. Kim was still dumbfounded at their remarkable size. The weight of his head had gently compressed her tit a little, but it was still slightly bigger than his head. And the continued pressure kept an undercurrent of sexual desire running through her body.

As she glanced around the room, she took in all the wonderful appointments she had never experienced before. A four-post bed, marble columns, fine wood on the walls, fine art hanging on the fine wood -- she could get used to this. She had never had these things in her life before, ever. But now, this felt natural.

This, Kim realized, is what it feels like to have power.

She glanced down at his slumbering head. He was all tuckered out, she mused, having spent two solid hours riding her for all he was worth. After he came for the fifth time, she had decided to let him rest. After all, she wasn't sure how much his 50-year-old heart could take, and she didn't want him getting a heart attack before he could fulfill his promise to her.

It's amazing how sexually frail these men are, Kim mused to herself. It must take, what, a dozen to fully satisfy me? They are nothing compared to me!


Glancing about the room again, she saw his clothing, which had been frantically discarded in his desperation to get his hands on her. She giggled to herself. Vicky had told her it would be this way. That in addition to her devastating good looks, she was now, quite literally, irresistible. His body was hers to command. She could bed him whenever she wanted, screw him to the point of exhaustion if she so chose, and revive him when she felt like more. It was a complete 180-degree turn from her former life. Then, she begged. Now, she commanded. Speaking of which...

"Up and at em, big boy" she commanded. She had begun to feel a strong pang of need between her legs.

"Ugh," the Mayor said, rising groggily. He turned to look her in the eye, and the sight of her seemed to bring new life to his face. "Kim," he smiled, "you've been wonderful, but there's only so much I can take. There is no way I can rise to the occasion again."

"Nonsense, baby." Kim voice dropped to a seductive low, as she gazed directly into his eyes. Her magnificent scent filled the space between them, and she watched his eyes flutter has he yet again lost control of his body. "This is so EASY," she giggled, lying back down on the bed and offering her voluptuous body to him. "Fuck me. Now."

"I can't," said his lips. But his body had a different answer, and within moments he was pounding her again, his shaft as hard as a steel rod. Every successive thrust felt better than the last. Before her transformation, Kim had had sex once, but it was nothing like this. Now, she was so sensitive, she felt like she had five clits rather than one. And when she came, it was orgasm after orgasm, like a chain of fireworks going off in succession, boom-boom-boom-boom-boom.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she heard his cries of pain as his exhausted, spent cock stayed over-hardened for her pleasure. But despite their adamant tone, they felt distant and irrelevant to her. It just felt so good to have him filling her up, nothing else really seemed to matter.


Somewhere around the seventh ejaculation, she finally allowed him to collapse to the floor, an exhausted heap. Standing up with a spring in her step, she admired her handiwork -- the collapsed head of the city panting for dear life on the ground, the bed in shambles with her copious, sensuous juices lathered all across it. She turned to the full length mirror. Into the mirror she gazed: after several hours of non-stop intercourse, she was simply radiant in her beauty. And my god, she said to herself, even after a roll in the sack, I look absolutely magnificent.

But she was more than sexy, she realized. She was in charge. No more negotiation. No more kicking herself for not taking a stand. When she wanted something, all she had to do was ask -- or command.

"Mr. Mayor," she said as she stared into the mirror, running her hands down her flat-as-a-board stomach and flared hips. "The charge for tonight's session will be $225,000, payable to the women's shelter. I'm sure you won't renege on your promise."

"But your budget was only $100,000 last year," he gasped, "and we need to cut at least something for this year. When I agreed to $25,000, I didn't think you would... you know...."

"... be such an animal in the sack?"


"Well, perhaps you learned something then," Kim said.

"That I should never mix politics with sex?"

"No. The lesson," she said, leaning over to allow her engrossing fragrance to envelop him, "is that I will always get what I want."


"Something's missing," Louisa heard Tammy complain as the four girls walked back to their apartments that night. "I feel this aching in my boobs, like they are overfull, bursting."

"Yup," Louisa responded. "I feel the same thing."

The girls walked several minutes in silence before rounding the corner of Walker Gym. A group of guys was emerging from the gym, clad in sweats with a few basketballs in their hands. The gym was closed for renovation, but difficulty getting court time at the new, modern gym had led to stories of people breaking in to this older one.

"Hey look," Louisa growled. "There are two of the guys that heckled Kim yesterday. Maybe we can teach them a lesson." She felt her anger brewing inside as she approached the pack of frat men, her companions walking at her side. There was a part of Louisa that knew it was silly to be very angry. All these guys did was make fun of Kim on stage, Louisa thought to herself, and why not? When Kim stepped onto that stage, she was in absolutely no shape to be in a wet t-shirt contest. Louisa had never been a particularly vengeful person before -- why was she so angry now? And where was the fear? Shouldn't she have been scared that four girls were about to start a fight -- and maybe a physical one -- with ten guys?

The guys had finished exiting the shuttered gym, and the last one through was replacing a chain which appeared to have originally kept the doors securely locked. As the girls walked towards them, the guys began to break off their conversation, and Louisa could see them staring slack-jawed at her. The guys clearly didn't know the girls were angry; it was the girls' incredible curves that the guys noticed. There were moments when Louisa temporarily forgot how unbelievably beautiful she was. She should have been gratified by the appreciative stare, but something darker was consuming her.

"Hey," Louisa shouted, "you guys are from Delta Chi, right"?

"Yea," one responded.

"And so you are the assholes that made fun of my friend when she was on stage last night, right?"

"Maybe we did," one of the guys chuckled, "but if she had looked like you, she wouldn't have had that problem."

"She doesn't have that problem anymore," Kim retorted. "You think it's ok to make fun of girls just because they are fat, don't you."

"Pretty much," he responded, "but why is that your problem?"

"Because I know what it feels like to be ugly. And you guys can either apologize or us or deal with the dean's office after I report you."

The guys broke out laughing. Louisa hadn't expected this. After all her sufferings, being ugly for all those years, the sound of their laughter made her blood boil.

"Fuck you!" Louisa shouted. Walking up to the first guy in the group, she brushed some hair out of her face and then slapped him clean across his left check. He reeled back, more surprised than anything else. And her hand -- damn, it had never hurt like this before!

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as the other guys in the group approached Kim and Vicky. Vicky put up a hand but one of the guys quickly grabbed it and deftly twisted it behind her back. Kim tried to throw a sissy punch at another guy, but he easily fended it off. He caught her forearms, one in each hand, and began pressing her to her knees. Before she knew it, Louisa felt strong male arms grab her from behind and lock her in an unbreakable bear hug. She heard a yelp from Tammy and knew that she couldn't be doing much better. "Damn it," Louisa thought.

"Now, now, now, what do we have here?" Came one male voice, probably their ringleader.

Another voice responded, "Well we have four of the hottest girls I've ever laid eyes on."

"And they attacked us," another guy responded. "So I guess that means we can.... attack ....them. Bob, take the chain of those doors."

A feeling of dread began to form in Louisa's stomach as she was carried inside the abandoned gym. She heard someone unzip their fly, and felt herself being bent over. Oh god, she thought, they are going to ram me from behind, I'll never even see their face. At that same moment, she heard Vicky shout "NO, DON'T TOUCH HER!", half screaming, half choking.


Thirty minutes later, the four girls walked silently together away from the green, Louisa limping and supported by Kim.

Louisa had been violated by the boys. By multiple boys.

A pall like death had fallen on the group. Tammy broke the silence, "I wish I could kill them."

"There is nothing that would make me happier," Kim agreed.

Several eyes looked at Vicky, but she seemed not to hear them.

"Vicky," Kim continued, "are you in there?"

"Yes," she replied, in a wooden voice. "I want to kill them too, more than you know. I never told you this," Vicky turned to look Louisa in the eyes, "but I've been in your shoes. You have no idea what I want to do to them."

Silence again descended on the group as they walked towards the grad student apartment complex.

Louisa finally cleared her throat. She too had been silent since the assault, and the look in her eyes was especially distant. "I'm not sure I want to be pretty anymore," she finally whispered.

"Don't say that," Kim replied. "You don't know that. This shit can happen to anyone."

"No," Vicky interjected. "Louisa is right. Our good looks are attracting too much attention. I need to change you back -- at least for now -- to keep you out of trouble." Even as she spoke, the height of the other three began to diminish, mousy hair replaced lustrous hair, breasts deflated, pimples and fat returned.

"Oh god no," Tammy reacted as she saw her less flattering self emerge. "Please tell us you'll change us back! And why didn't you change too, Vicky?" Tammy accused, with growing anxiety in her voice.

"I need my good looks to open some doors for me. I've got some serious work to do."

"What kind of work?"

"I need to figure out what these balls inside of us can really do. Give me a few days. And until then, stay the fuck out of trouble."





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