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Deep Down Inside - Synopsis of Parts 1-14

Written by circes_cup :: [Wednesday, 06 February 2013 02:20] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 06 February 2013 17:20]

For those of you just joining us...

Four female post-graduate students in New Mexico are living depressing lives fraught with personal and professional failures.  One day, driving through the lonely new Mexico desert, they are commandeered by aliens.  

Turns out, the aliens need a little help mapping the earth's geology, so that they can come back one day and mine the our earthly sphere until it's Swiss cheese.  But who knows when the aliens are going to come back, if they ever do.

That gives the girls plenty of opportunity to explore the supernatural abilities the aliens have given them.  In case you've never been superhuman, it involves not only absurd strength, but also being absurdly attractive, with the sexual appetite to match.  It means that whoever you choose to sleep with somehow finds reserves of virility and endurance that they never previously had.  And it means being able to talk to your girlfriends through mental telekinesis-- no more charging those cell phones.

As we leave off Part 14, Kim has just finished seducing a rich dude and helping him become even richer.  But it becomes clear that he's had more than a few shady dealings recently.  Therefore, he's not to be trusted.  Luckily, neither is Kim.

Meanwhile, the girls have taken to heart the aliens' desire to have more information on the planet's geology, and therefore have consumed a small mountain of literature on the subject.  Moreover, Tammy has also embarked on a nickel ore study with Professor Tompkins, one of the leading geologists in his field.

But all is not perfect in supergirl land.  Vicky still pines for Jared, but is unsure how to secure his affection.  She could seduce him, sure -- no man can resist the temptation of fantastic body.  But that would be missing the point.  Vicky wants his truer, deeper affection.  And she knows that her lack of personal achievements -- the paucity of her contributions to society -- would wither under the gaze of his more selfless, more accomplished eyes.  She wants to earn his respect, and with it, his heart.

As Kim chases a life of luxury, and Tammy chases nickel ore, and Vicky chases Jared, Louisa chases nothing-- except maybe trouble.  Her doll-like corkscrew curls,  her body built for sin, and her dark, bottomless eyes keep breaking hearts.  And her phenomenal strength keeps breaking a lot more than that.

It was Louisa, in fact, who had prodded Kim to make an unannounced visit to a clandestine drug manufacturing operation.  Their little raid had given them the chance to experiment further with their exceptional  powers, as well as unleash a whole world of pain on a bunch of drug-making thugs.  It had also netted them a good ten pounds of pure cocaine, which went home in Kim's hands.  But the cocaine never re-appeared in the girls' subsequent adventures.  Had they forgotten about it?

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