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Deep Down Inside - Part 24 - Tammy's Return

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Warning: This is adult literature.  If you’re not of a legal age to read this stuff, don’t.

Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction.  No semblance between the characters described here and real individuals -- living or dead -- is implied or intended.


The rush of rugby guys -- as the girls were now calling them -- took on the character almost of a stampede.  Two of the girls had been spotted in the air, returning from their cruise ship heroics.  For the last 24 hours, the guys had been watching the nearly ecstatic news coverage of the cruise ship rescue -- how Tammy had singlehandedly hauled the craft across the Gulf, how two more of the supergirls had emerged at the last minute to assist.

Among the rugby guys gathering below was a man named Alec.   Stumbling out into the bright afternoon, Alec shielded his eyes from the sun in order to watch the two dark specks approach.  The excitement of the assembled male crowd was palpable.  In the course of only a day the girls, and particularly Tammy, had become the darlings of the news media.  But these weren't some anonymous heroines.  These were "their girls."  All the guys felt that they, in some small way, had been part of this watershed moment.

Above, Vicky and Tammy flew arm-in-arm, the former supporting the latter, hovering momentarily above the estate before slowly descending.  Louisa ambled out of the estate only belatedly, craning her neck skywards and waving cheerfully at her female friends.   She proceeded toward the "landing site" with a nonchalant stride.  

For Alec, this event was more than a johnny-comes-marching-home scene.  He liked all the girls, but would freely admit that Tammy was his favorite.  Her exuberant presence, silly sense of humor, her humility and self-effacing style.  Even if someone put a bag over her engrossing face and allowed him only to talk to her, he would still enjoy hearing the lighthearted chimes of her musical voice.  If only he could find a way to get her attention.

During the descent, Tammy pursed her lips and made the sound of a braking rocket, as if the girls were some sort of lunar lander.  But the sound was inconsistent -- broken up by Tammy's irrepressible giggling.  Even in her worn-out state, Alec remarked, she had that endearing sense of humor.

Once on the ground, she flashed a grateful smile at the crowd and waved.  Since the men had watched the news broadcasts with rapt attention, they were well versed on the enormity of what she had accomplished.  Now with her back among them, they erupted into excited applause and cheering.  The blond supergirl took a tentative step forward, and the crowd parted graciously for her.

Years later, all who had been present would agree that this was the moment when everything changed.  This was the moment when the men stopped fearing the girls, stooped worrying about the deadly consequences of their playful impulsiveness, and instead began to trust and admire them.  From that moment onward, the men saw themselves not as victims of fate, but as people with a destiny.  They dwelled among super-girls -- by far the most powerful beings on the planet.  And, for whatever reason, the guys had been chosen to serve these magnificent women -- make their life easy, keep them contented and ready for their next feat of inexplicable heroism.  They were not being held at the estate, but were instead being given an opportunity to be part of a watershed moment, surrounding and supporting goddesses on earth.  It didn't hurt that the girls were scorching hot, too.

Tammy acknowledged the crowd's response with a sloppy smile and a grateful wave.  Despite her superhuman powers, the wave was girly and vulnerable -- palm almost skyward, like she was balancing an invisible serving platter in her hand.  She wasn't a super-person, Alec realized in that moment.  She was just a normal person in a super body.  And it made him want her all the more.

Alec realized with a renewed pang of regret that, today, Tammy was not just his favorite.  She was everyone's.

Louisa approached the blond girl and whispered something in her ear.  Moments later, Tammy pointed to one of the guys in the crowd -- tall, good-looking, with broad shoulders.  Alec knew the significance of this.  Given her super libido, it would be hard for her to go more than a day without a man's attentions.  Alec felt a sharp pang of jealousy, however, that the man wouldn't be him.

As Tammy passed through the crowd, the Rugby Dudes playfully back-slapped her -- just like they would in a rugby game.  She giggled at the gesture.  When Alec slammed his open hand into her shoulder, he nearly winced in pain.  The exhaustion she had showed on the TV interview certainly hadn't diminished her physical presence; she was a solid rock.

As she receded toward the house with her selected mate in tow, Alec's feelings of jealousy began to grow.  She had selected someone other than him this time, and she always, always would.  Alec was as good a rugby player as the other guys, but he wasn't the best looking of them.  In fact, he was perhaps the homeliest.

As he watched Tammy and her boy-toy enter the expansive house, Alec realized, with some sadness, that his slapping her on the shoulder moments ago was as close to holding her as he might ever get.


The impromptu arrival ceremony, such as it was, had long since disbanded when Alec ambled aimlessly away from the estate.  He needed to find some space to clear his head, he decided.  The sounds of female pleasure emanating from the second story of the building had been too much to bear.

Arriving at the edge of the estate's grounds, he paused.  In front of him rolled the fairways and greens of the adjoining, private golf course.  "NO TRESPASSING," read the sign.

Alec shoved his hands in his pockets and stared into the distance.

"Somethin' got you down?"  It was a woman's voice, mellifluous and enchanting.

He turned.  Vicky.  She was in a simple collared long sleeve shirt -- top three buttons open -- with blue jeans.  It was conservative, for her, but enough to send any man's desire into overdrive.  If if hadn't been for Tammy, Alec would have thought she was the most beautiful in the world.

"I suppose, yes, something does have me down," he replied.  "It's a little silly."

"Come, walk with me," she invited, stepping onto the perfectly manicured grass of the golf course.

"Aren't we supposed to stay off of there?"

"Their security guy said the same thing until I pulled him aside for a private chat," she mentioned lightly.  "Now we can go wherever we want."

They walked for a time in silence until their feet arrived at the edge of the course's duck pond-- one of the few in the Phoenix area, and a symbol of the golf club's wealth.

"So, what's bumming you out?" she asked.

Alec picked up a coin-shaped rock and tossed it with a side-arm throw over the water.  It skipped once before plopping in.

"I have a crush on one of your girlfriends," he finally admitted.

She smiled, a sympathetic, knowing smile.  

"I'm sure you get that a lot," he offered.

"We do," she laughed.  "But I suppose that doesn't make it any less heartfelt for you."  Vicky picked up a coin-shaped rock of her own and casually flicked it into the water.  The rock skipped once, twice, three times, five times, twenty, thirty times before it plopped into the water.

"How much practice did it take for you to learn that?" he asked.

"Learn what?"

"What you just did-- skipping the rock like that."

"Oh," her voice was musical again.  "That's easy.  I can do it without even thinking."

Alec had heard rumors about the depth of the girls' abilities.  They were more than just strong, it was said.  Every scrap of their genetic code -- nerves, senses, hand/eye coordination -- had been perfected to a degree thousands of times exceeding that of an unenhanced human.  This was his first time witnessing an example, and it was intimidating.

"So, this crush you have -- who is it?" she asked.

Alec paused before speaking again.  "It's Tammy."  

She waited.

He gathered some more courage.  "I'm really into Tammy.  But, look, I also have a pretty realistic sense of how I stack up against the other guys here.  Even though she takes guys up to her room all the time, she'll never pick me over some of the more... studley options.  She has no reason to.  And I'm trying to get used to that reality."   As he tossed another flat rock into the water.  It skipped three times before tumbling in.

"Yup, that's a dilemma," Vicky responded.  A flick of her hand sent two more stones spinning toward the water simultaneously.  Each skipped about thirty times before going in, making the surface of the pond almost quiver and dance in the light of the coming dusk.  "But maybe there's no point in pining after any of us.  You realize that, even if you could get her attention no, man could ever have her all to himself.  Our sex drive is too strong for that.  You would die from exhaustion."

"I know," Alec admitted.  "I don't want to be the center of her life, just a bigger part of it."

"Well," Vicky replied thoughtfully.  "You're not as good looking as the others, that's true."

Alec gulped.  He has said as much himself only moments ago, but it was jarring to hear it from the likes of her.  "So, is there any hope?"

Vicky smiled.  "Of course there is.  Think of it as a competition, like any other.  You can't win on the basis of looks, but you can develop other advantages."

"Such as?"  Alec asked.

"Watch her carefully.  Figure out what could possibly make her happier than she already is. Delight her in unexpected ways."


"Fan mail!" Louisa exclaimed as she walked out onto the patio, her iPad and a stack of papers in her hand.  She was wearing tight-fitting blue jeans with a cute sequin pattern, as well as a revealing tank top.  

Breakfast had already been laid out by the rugby guys -- eggs benedict, several kinds of juice, coffee, breads.  The girls hadn't asked for that.  It just happened.

"Hang on a minute," Tammy replied, not looking up from her own iPad.  She was still in her PJ's.  "I want to finish watching this first.  Come take a look at this, Louisa."

Kim was out there too, in shorts and a surplice-necked top that plunged mercilessly down her cleavage.  She had slipped back to the estate overnight, and was now standing behind Tammy and looking over her shoulder.  

The three girls peered at the screen as Tammy turned the volume up.

".....and now we turn to our resident expert on meteorological phenomena who's initial research into Tuesday's lightning over the State Penitentiary may have re-written a large chapter of our understanding of atmospheric science, stunning the scientific community..."

"Is this your handiwork?"  Louisa smiled at her brunette friend.

"Yup," Kim replied nonchalantly.

"... as I indicated in my initial comments yesterday evening, the ionic imbalance caused by a combination of unusual solar flare activity and high temperatures in a season with greater than normal upper atmosphere convection has created an environment in which greater-than-normal electrical discharges can occur, even in clear skies..."

"What in the world?"  Louisa asked Kim.  "Did you come up with that shit?"

"No," Kim replied.  "That's the funny part.  He came up with it himself.  All I did was give him a... nudge."

"What does that mean?"  Tammy asked over her shoulder.

"He wanted me in the worst way, but knew he couldn't touch me until he found an explanation for the lightening that made me happy.  He tried to hold out.  But his body wanted me so badly that his mind began to see things.  I imagine it's like a thirsty person seeing a mirage in the desert.  He wanted to believe it so badly that it became real to him."

"Wow," Louisa replied in admiration.

"By the time it was over, he almost had me convinced."  Kim's laugh was girlish.

Back on the screen, the anchor at the news desk knitted his brows in confusion.  "So, what you're saying is that the lightening that leveled those silos-- although it was more powerful than any lightening previously observed and emanating from a clear blue sky -- was naturally occurring."


"And indeed," the anchor continued, "it seems as though your theory has already been corroborated.  Even as you were speaking last night, several other major blue-sky lightning events were recorded in Texas, including one that wiped a middle school off the map."

"Oh, you didn't, did you?"  Tammy giggled.

"I always hated that place," Kim admitted.

The iPad spoke up again with a continuation of the broadcast.  "Thank you for the update on these exciting new discoveries."  The anchorman stated before swiveling  toward the camera.  "In other news, the Governor of Texas has issued a formal proclamation of gratitude to the supergirls -- Vicky and Kim as they are known -- for intervening to stop the execution that had been scheduled for that lightning-filled night in Texas..."

"I thought the Governor wanted that guy executed?" Tammy mused.  Then her eyes lit up with recognition.  "Oh no.  You didn't go and fuck with his head too, did you.  The Governor of the whole damn state?"

Kim opened her palms skyward in mock innocence.

The anchorman continued, " contradiction to previous statements, the Governor now asserts that he had always intended to pardon the accused, but that unusual electrical activity above the prison had prevented his eleventh hour call from going through.  Fortunately, the supergirls were able to penetrate the prison and free the pardoned man before the switch was thrown.  We go now to footage from last night's press conference at which a thankful Governor presented the supergirl Kim with the State's medal of commendation..."

"That's awesome!"  Tammy almost squealed.  "You used your hometown for target practice and they're pinning a medal on your chest."

"Tammy, it's so damn easy.  We can have the whole damn establishment wrapped around our finger if we need to."

"Whaadaya think?" Louisa asked, returning to her seat with the letters and iPad still in her hand.  "Time for some of Tammy's cruise ship fan mail?"

Tammy pulled her feet up to the seat of the chair, sitting cross-legged.  "OK, let's hear it.  I assume most of this is on Twitter?"

"Yup," Louisa replied.  "Here we go.  'Wow Tammy, you're so hot...  Hey Tammy, can you tow my boat too?...  Tammy, how did you learn how to fly like that?...  Tammy, would you suck my rod?"

Louisa looked up at her friends.  "Maybe I'll go and tear off that guy's rod."

Kim laughed.  "Breakfast isn't even over, Louisa, and you've already got your bitch on!"

"OK fine," Louisa growled.  "I'll keep going.  Ahem.  Tammy, when will you visit Philadelphia?...  Tammy, you're my new favorite celebrity!...  Tammy, you need a costume, like Supergirl but with a big T."

Louisa looked up again.  "Well, that wouldn't work.  If you flew around with a big T on your chest, I would have to fly around with a big L on mine.  And L is a pretty stupid letter for a chest symbol, if you ask me.  Isn't there another letter I could use?"

"How about B?" Kim chided.

"For what, Bitch?  Screw off!" Louisa laughed, hurling a muffin at her.  Kim tried to catch it, but the spongy missile exploded in a cloud of crumbs.

"What else do we got?"  Tammy asked.  "How about the paper mail?"

"Let's see: few Valentines card's even though it's the wrong time of year.  A kid's drawing in fingerpaints."

"Huh," Tammy said, taking the paper.  Enormous mustard-yellow splotches served for hair.  Her hair was almost more voluminous than the boat.  "That's cute.  I'm going to tack this one up on the fridge."

"Oh boy..." Louisa said, scanning the next letter.

"What?" Kim asked.

"A lawsuit.  You've got to be fucking kidding me," Louisa replied.  "What is this guy thinking?  It won't be long before we are the fucking law."

"What kind of lawsuit?"  Tammy inquired.

"Something about the damage in the port."

"What should we do about it?"  Tammy asked.

Crumpling the papers, Louisa tossed them over her shoulder.  "I don't know.  Intimidate him into backing down.  Blow up his car.  Tear him in half.   Whatever."

"Maybe I should go talk to him," Tammy said.

Kim laughed.  "You, Tammy, are not going to do anything.  You've done enough already.  And even after that electric chair, you are still looking wiped out."  Kim pointed at her curly-haired friend.  "Me and Louisa -- I mean, Super Bitch -- are going to take care of it for you."

"Exactly," Louisa laughed, rising from her chair, and then from the ground as well.  "Kim and I are happy to go kick some ass.  We always enjoy it."

"I owe you guys one!" Tammy smiled, reclining back into her patio chair and seeming to luxuriate in its plushness.  Her eyes fluttered.  "I still have too many aches and pains from my adventure of the Gulf to deal with lawyers right now."

As the girls departed, Alec stepped back onto the patio, a fresh pot of coffee in his hand.  

"Aches and pains, huh?" he asked, pouring coffee into her mug.

"Indeed," she replied, snuggling further back into the chair and allowing her eyes to drift closed.  "I wish I could find a way to get the kinks out."

Alec studied her thoughtfully.

She opened one eye, mischievously.   "I didn't tell my girlfriends, but I have some business I need to take care of on the other side of the world.  Do me a favor.  Tell them that I left. Tell them that I'll be back in a week.  Tell them not to worry about me."


Before Alec was done speaking with Tammy, her two girlfriends were descending a stairwell in a Los Angeles office building, counting the floors until they got to the lawyer's office.  On the roof of the building, the steel exterior door of the stairwell lay in a crumbled heap.  Kim had torn it off its hinges before wadding it into a ball, eliciting comical squeals and groans from the buckling and tearing of metal.  

"Not here?"  Louisa asked as the two girls approached the reception desk.

"No, he's gone for the day.  He needs to supervise some renovations being done on his home."

"And where is his home?' Kim asked.

"I can't tell you that."

Louisa picked up the eight-foot-long oak reception desk like it was no heavier than a pencil.  She hurled it across the cavernous room.  After 15 yards in the air, the desk impacted the opposite wall with a resounding crash, tearing a hole clear into the next room.  Workers froze.  The receptionist audibly gulped.

"How about now?  Still can't tell us?"

The receptionist's arms were shaking with fear, but she managed to scribble out an address on a post-it, handing it to the girls.

"Wow.  Malibu.  Must be nice digs," Louisa replied.  "Now you best get out of here before the smoke gets to bad."

"The smoke?" the receptionist asked, confused.

Louisa pointed her index finger down the hall, and a shimmering beam shot out.  Her x-ray vision had already told her where all the computer servers and paper files were kept.  The beam sliced through walls and even load-bearing steel, finding the server room and sending the equipment up in a shower of sparks.  The luminescent beam then wandered across the office to the banks of paper files, dozens and dozens of huge cabinets spread across a storage room.  The sea of cabinets glowed momentarily orange before erupting in flame.

Alarms sounded.  Sprinklers activated, but the beams continued to dance throughout the office, starting fire far faster than the water could put it out.  

"That smoke," Louisa explained.

As the office workers began to cough and run for the exits, the two girls blasted up through the ceiling, and the eight ceilings above that, into the open air.  Moments later, they were over the litigator's house in Malibu.

"What the fuck is this about?" Kim bellowed.  "You're suing us?"

"It's a class action suit," the stunned lawyer replied, craning his neck skyward and trying to shield his eyes from the sun behind her.  A doberman tied to the front porch began barking.  "Your friend's irresponsible actions with the cruise ship in the Port of Mobile caused more than a hundred million dollars of damage -- to the small craft she ran roughshod over, to the docks and piers, and to the ship itself.  You are being presented with multiple suits to..."

"Dude, Tammy was just trying to help people!"

"The courts will not care," he shouted.  "She had no business towing that ship.   She isn't certified.  She isn't even licensed to paddle a canoe in the Port of Mobile, much less tow a ship."

The guard dog barked at the flying girls with increasing rage.

"How much to we have to pay you to make this lawsuit go away?" Louisa asked.

"Compensatory and punitive damages named in the suit total more than $400 million, but that figure does not include..."

Louisa rolled her eyes, ignoring the rest.  "What do we with him?" she asked her friend.

Kim looked down at the house.  It was impressive -- perched on the edge of a cliff, it contained easily 15,000 square feet, with fantastic vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows.   Set on a steep slope, steel pilings ran from the cliff face up to the base of the house, where they intersected steel floor joists that framed the underside of the house.

"He wants to take our stuff," Kim responded, "If he wants to play that game, well, I do like his house."

The muscular dog strained against his leash and snarled a mouth full of gleaming teeth as the girls descended to the driveway.

"I was thinking of killing you," Louisa explained to him as her feet alighted on the earth, "but I came up with something much better.  We're going to ruin you slowly."

"I'm calling the cops," he responded, reaching for his cell phone.

"Don't bother," Louisa replied, but she could barely be heard over the frantic barking of the ferocious dog.

The lawyer's fingers were now on the screen of his phone; he had started to dial 911.  

Louisa's arm made a blur, and suddenly she was holding it.  She turned toward the furious dog and dismissively flicked her arm.  The cell phone sped like a bullet toward the animal, impacting his head with an audible CRACK.  The beast slumped over, silent.

Louisa turned back to the lawyer and tucked a windblown spiral strand of hair behind her ear.  

His eyes were wide at the sight of the dead dog.

"We're going to start by taking away your precious house here."  She jabbed her thumb toward the structure.  "You already lost your law firm; we just burned it to the ground.  You'll run out of money -- fast.  And once you're reduced to living in a cardboard box, we'll come and take that away too."

"You can't take my house," the lawyer objected.  "I have clear title, with title insurance and..."

Kim laughed heartily.  "You're thinking like a lawyer," she teased.  "We're not talking about taking the legal possession of the house.  We're talking about taking the house."


Kim gazed up at the network of steel joists that formed the underside of the house.  Placing her dainty hands squarely on the beam, she looked across to the other side of the house, where Louisa had done the same.  An electric buzz filled the air as Kim activated her flight powers.

It had been too long since Kim had really used her muscles.  They ached for a challenge, ached for release.

“Ready?”  Kim asked her friend.  

Louisa only nodded.

Kim began to apply her strength against the underside of the house.  The steel I-beams were thick and solid in appearance.  But mere steel, even something designed to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure, offered nothing against Kim’s advanced genetics.  With her arms above her, she straightened them, pushing the house upward.  This elicited a deep groaning sound as the steel columns strained under her unfathomable strength.

With unexpected suddenness, a heavy CRACK was heard as an I-beam snapped free of the concrete footings.  In other places, there was a metallic whine followed by a series of POPs as connecting bolts succumed to forces far in excess of their tolerance.

Kim reveled in the depth of her power.  She knew that mere steel was no contest for her enhanced muscles, but experiencing it anew was exhilarating.

Tens of thousands of pounds were bearing down on her arms and shoulders.  It was pleasant to finally feel her muscles doing a little something, even if it didn’t require that much exertion.

Slowly, the two girls began to take to the air, the house above them making final crunching sounds as the places where it had contacted the cliff face broke free.  Looking downward, she could see a square shadow on the ground formed by the gradually rising structure.

“I’m glad we met,” Kim shouted down to the lawyer.  “We’re going to enjoy your house!”

“You won’t get away with this!”

“Do you really think the police are suicidal enough to confront us?”  Louisa laughed as her feet dangled playfully in the air below her.  "We'll get away with this, and with so much more."

Kim added, "As soon as you begin to get back on your feet, as soon as you reassemble some shred of success in your life, look out.  We will come back and destroy every last thing you own, every last scrap of security and happiness you have.  Bye for now!"

The beautiful superwoman felt the breeze pick up as they began to accelerate towards home.  With the massive structure above them, they saw the city below grow smaller and smaller as they climbed.  The office building fire was in full swing by now, white smoke emerging from a dot in the city below.  

As they flew, the jostling of the house caused a set of windchimes to fall off.  Kim's eyes followed them as they tumbled and clamored back towards Los Angeles.  

So many things were down there -- houses, cars, stores, boats, even a horse track.  She wondered to herself whether she wanted to return and add anything else to her personal collection.  Maybe a million dollar boat.  Or maybe a trailer full of thoroughbred racehorses; she had always liked ponies.  Maybe more things besides that.  She didn't need to choose, she reminded herself with a shiver of delight.  At her tiniest whim, any of it -- or all of it -- could be hers.  She was unstoppable.  

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