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Deep Down Inside - Part 25 - Storming the Gates

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Part 25 -- Storming the Gates




Warning: This is adult literature.  If you’re not of a legal age to read this stuff, don’t.

Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction.  No semblance between the characters described here and real individuals -- living or dead -- is implied or intended.


Plot Synopsis Up to This Point:

Four female postgraduate students in New Mexico (Vicky, Tammy, Louisa and Kim) are living depressing lives fraught with personal and professional failures.  

One day, driving through the lonely new Mexico desert, they are commandeered by aliens.  Turns out, the aliens would like to come back one day and mine the our earthly sphere until it's Swiss cheese.  But in the meantime, they need a little help mapping the earth's geology.  And who better to help with that than a handful of local females, recruited involuntarily? The aliens soup them up with some supernatural abilities and turn them loose.

No one knows when the aliens are going to come back, if they ever do.  And that gives the girls plenty of opportunity to explore the supernatural abilities the aliens have given them.  In case you've never been superhuman, it involves not only absurd strength, but also being absurdly attractive, with the sexual appetite to match.  It means that whichever guy you choose to sleep with somehow finds reserves of virility and endurance that he never previously had.  It means you can store a city’s worth of electricity inside of you, and blow shit up at will.  And it means you can fly.

As we leave off Part 24, Tammy has just finished hauling a disabled cruise ship in from the Gulf.  Her achievement has made her the nation's heroine, but had also severely depleted her.  


Tammy felt her heart flutter as she rocketed into the upper atmosphere.

She had donned practical clothing for the trip over the Arctic -- jeans and a simple form-fitting sweater.  It was an antiquated, hard-to-shake-instinct -- the feeling that any travel over the Arctic would feel cold.

As she rocketed upward, Tammy delighted in the feeling of ballistic flight.  Even when she had first started to fly, she had never imagined that her body could take her this high, or withstand the abuse of a Mach 20 cruise across the heavens.  She knew it was real.  And yet, at the same time she would never really believe it.

However, not every sensation she had felt in recent days had been one of delight.  Her energy level had recently reached a dangerous low due to her extreme exertions in the Gulf.   When they saw her diminished state, her friends had generously rushed her into an electric chair -- designed of course for executions -- and flipped the switch.  The electric shock had felt good, but even several hours of getting zapped in that chair was almost nothing to her.  But her chest, which stored all this energy, wanted more --- a lot more.  And now she needed to do something about it.

As the layers of cirrus clouds receded behind her, another pang of hunger tore through her body.  Soon, she reassured herself-- you must have patience.

The more often Tammy felt these pangs and desires, the more familiar she became with the underlying workings of her body.  Their original draught of power occurred at a nuclear plant in Florida --- one reactor, spread across for girls, for perhaps an hour.  It felt great at the time.  But Tammy was beginning to realize that she had the capacity for much more -- an emptiness that had become nearly unbearable after she had depleted herself in the Gulf.  Her breasts yearned to be filled with a country's worth of raw energy.  

Luckily, the paucity of power in her chest did not affect the basic workings of her body.  Her muscles were just as strong as they has always been, her vision just as sharp, her skin just as invulnerable.  But if she didn't reload on power soon, her flight abilities would diminish, and those awesome lightning bolts would be no more.  In fact, this very flight was draining the last of what she had.

Yet another intense pang.  Focus, she told herself.  Focus on the task ahead.

The flight over the polar caps lasted only 25 blistering minutes.  As she saw the Carpathian Mountains unfolding in front of her, Tammy a sense of anticipation flooded over her.  The desire to be closer to the power source acted to the exclusion of all other senses.  She almost felt as though someone could scream in her ear and she wouldn't hear it, that someone could hang a matador's red cloth in front of her and she would hardly see it.  She was consumed by such a focused, aching need.

The power plant was easy to find: the girls' extensive geologic research meant that they had thousands upon thousands of maps in their heads. As the plant creeped over the horizon line, she felt her breath shorten -- 6 billion watts of generating capacity, and soon it would all hers!  YUMMY POWER, her mind implored, GET IT.  

Alighting on the ground in front of the plant, Tammy observed a large, closed gate at the entrance, perhaps twenty feet high and a thick ten inches of solid steel.   On either side were two guard towers, topped by mounted guns.  Such a barricade used to seem formidable to me, Tammy thought.  But today, it was little more than a nuisance.

The towers were now bustling with excitement and fear at the human figure that had dropped out of the sky.

Tammy had never been the aggressive one in the group, but her need was taken on greater proportions the closer she got to its cure.  She raised her voice to the level of a dozen megaphones.  "I'm coming in, assholes!  Open the gates."

There was no response from the guard towers.  Only the cocking of rifles.

In the back of Tammy's mind, she acknowledged that she could have explained herself better than "I'm coming in, assholes."  But inside her head, the need for that wonderful energy had gone from a whisper to a roar.  She could sense the reactor's power, even from here.  There was no time for explanations, no time for negotiation.  CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER, her mind nearly screamed.

Behind Tammy, several sections of steel pipe lay stacked near a trench, each 30 feet long and walled with twelve-inch-thick steel.  Tammy hoisted one massive section of pipe.  Wow, that feels awesome, Tammy remarked, her muscles basking in a warm wave of pleasure as they exerted themselves.  Her genetically perfected cells easily handling a load that even several hundred men would find challenging, she cocker her arm and smiled.  The steel cylinder flying at the gates like an oversized javelin.  It landed with a BANG, tearing a bus-sized hole in the center of the doors.

Tammy returned for the other sections of pipe.  Rather than tire, her super-charged muscles hungered for more action.  And rewarded her with even more waves of pleasure as tens of thousands of pounds were loaded onto them.  Moments later, two additional missiles were tearing through the air as well.  Both of the massive doors were soon off their hinges entirely.  They came down with a deafening BOOM.

Ping.  She heard a bullet impact the ground and looked up to see machine guns leveled at her.  

This was the moment she had dreaded.  She had been shot once before, in the electric chair, but was barely cogent at the time.  Tammy's rational mind told her that she would be unharmed, but her instincts said otherwise.  In seeming slow motion, Tammy watched the bullets trace a path toward her.  

The impact didn't hurt, like Tammy thought it might.  Instead, it was a light poke, like a lover tickling her.  The feeling was tantalizing, in a way.  As more and more bullet impacts danced across her body, her nipples expanded eagerly, tickled and teased by a volley of projectiles that would have left a scores of men dead.  One bullet hit her nipple square on, and she gasped in the intense pleasure that followed.  

Why had she waited so long to try gunfire, she wondered?  She had no idea it could feel so good!  

Soon the gunfire only intensified, and the impacts went from resembling tickles to resembling more forceful caresses.  These, too, danced across her body, including nipples and breasts, and they were even more delightfully tantalizing than the previous gunfire.   Tammy wondered at the source of the increased, pleasurable intensity.  Scanning the guard towers, she soon had her answer: gatling guns, and big ones.  The slugs that clattered to the ground near her feet were easily twice the size of a typical bullet.  Wow, Tammy thought, as the shower of bullets excited her body further, I like gatling guns.

Despite her hunger, Tammy forced herself to walk, rather than run, past the towers and through the gate.  She giggled as the powerful gatling guns vehemently spat a stream of death at her, only to have the bullets uselessly crumple against her smooth, flawless skin.  Her clothes were being reduced to tatters.  Another hit her nipple dead on, and she let out an involuntary yelp of delight.  She waved flirtatiously at the operators of the guns.  Although she knew their hostile intentions, she could help but be thankful for making her day more.... tantalizing.

After a certain point, however, the gunfire stopped.  Tammy looked up with disappointment to realize that the guards were pointing a different kind of weapon down at her, and in only moments, tear gas canisters lay at her feet, thick clouds of gas rising to smother her.

Control your hunger just a moment more, Tammy instructed herself.  Check this out.  Have fun.

Tammy picked up a canister with curiosity.  The metal was red hot, and was probably capable of giving a normal person third degree burns.  But to her, it felt only pleasantly warm.  She sniffed the gas.  The knew that breathing this stuff at a such a close distance was enough to kill a normal  man.  The odor admittedly had a bite to it, but given her superhuman genetics, it was painless.

Gathering the other five canisters off the ground, she inhaled deeply, with a cyclone's force.  A thick, deadly stream of the gas rushed from the canisters and her nostrils, and in seconds, the canisters were entirely exhausted.  It was probably enough gas to send a hundred people to the emergency room, but to her genetically enhanced nose, it brought little more than a tingle.  Laughing to herself, she admitted she wasn't sure why she ingested all that.  Could be fun to play with later, she supposed, as the empty canisters clattered to the ground.

The main entrance to the control building lay directly in front of her, thirty yards ahead.  NEED IT, NOW, her mind shouted.  Unable to resist the siren call any longer, she began to walk toward it with crisp steps.  

In her peripheral vision, Tammy saw an armored vehicle whip around a blind corner and barrel toward her, perhaps with the intention of running her over.  Pathetic, Tammy laughed to herself.  Do they really think armored vehicle could stop me?  Or even annoy me?  Tammy extended a single, lithe arm.  The vehicle slammed into her outstretched hand, the metal grill crumpling around it.  Tires spun desperately, kicking up a shower of dirt as they dug holes beneath the stationary vehicle.

She felt her strength swelling inside of her.  The hunger pangs in her chest were worse than ever, but the rest of her body was as alive as it had ever been -- over-ripe with the braun of genetically enhanced muscles.

Tammy cocked her fist and punched further into the workings of the vehicle, feeling her dainty hand penetrate the formidable engine block.  With her grip now more secure, she heaved the two-ton object up and held it above her, one-handed.  The vehicle's engine raced wildly, making a desperate noise as the wheels made futile circles in the air.

Moments later, she realized that a second armored vehicle had pulled up to obstruct her path.  Seeing it, her patience snapped.  Enough screwing around, her needful body told her.  Playtime with the facility's pathetic defenses was over.  

With a dismissive air, Tammy brought the first armored vehicle crashing down upon the second one.  A riotous CRUNCH followed.  The resulting steel-on-steel sandwich was only half the height of either of the original vehicles, evidencing the overwhelming power her muscles had applied.  

The guard towers continued to spit tear gas at her, and the resulting cloud of shit had gone from interesting to seriously annoying.   With a tug of her arm she pulled the top vehicle off the bottom one.  Employing a deft swing of her arm, she hurled the enormous object skyward.  It impacted one of the guard towers with a momentous BANG, shearing the top of the tower clear off.  Only the staircase remained, but was teetering from the impact, and soon came to the ground with a CRASH.

Directing her attention to the second guard tower, Tammy cocked one of her long, statuesque legs and slammed her foot into the remaining vehicle, like a soccer player kicking a penalty shot.  The vehicle traveled nearly a horizontal arc -- tumbling end over end as it hurtled only about twenty feet above the ground.  At great speed, the flying vehicle impacted the tower near the base with a deep CRUNCH.  The structure above shuddered for only a moment before it teetered and came crashing down with a calamitous BOOM.

Behind her, smoke, flame and crumpled metal were the only reminders of the structures that once stood there.  A girlish smile crossed Tammy's face as she surveyed damage.  Wow, that was effortless, she thought.  

Redirecting her attention to the path in front of her, she saw that someone had managed to close the entrance door on the control building.  Tammy stared at it in anger as the last reserves of her energy reduced the door to a puddle of molten metal.  She strode into the building with a stiff and determined stride, leaving wet footprints of metal in her path.  She had no patience for any more distractions.  It was time to get what she came for.  Soon, she told her body.

Inside, personnel were running in panic throughout the facility.  The control room itself had yet another thick steel door, which Tammy's muscles easily tore clear out of its frame.

Technicians in the control room froze.

She wasn't a naturally stern person, but the desire for the plant's power had taken ahold of her.  Her voice erupted into the room.  "Nobody leaves until I say so!"

One of the controllers screamed and began to make for the room's many exits, but Tammy self-restraint was gone.  With the steel door still in her hand, she hurled it at him like a frisbee, felling him instantly.  Meanwhile, dozens others had tentatively moved toward exit doors and even opened a few of them.  These people stopped, unsure they could survive an escape attempt.

Thinking fast, Tammy turned to face the corridor she had just traveled.  Her nostrils began to vent tear gas, as if she were a blond, five-foot-eleven dragon.  Then, her perfect mouth formed an "O", and a torrent of gas flooded the exit hallways surrounding the control room. Those that had begun to escape the room coughed violently and quickly slammed the doors shut again, sealing themselves inside the control room.  They turned to look at her with a combination of resignation and abject fear.

Screens on the wall showed live footage from the security cameras, giving the control room a first-hand look at the devastation outside.  Tammy jutted a finger toward one of the monitors as she began to levitate off the ground.  "You've seen what I can do," she chirped playfully.  "Do any of you really want to fuck with me?"

She was answered with silence.

"Good," she replied.  "Turn every reactor on, full blast.  Every single iota of energy you can produce, produce it.  Don't stop until I return and say the word.  I will be nearby," she said, rising further.  "Understand?"

They nodded.

Tammy flew straight upwards, barely noticing six steel floors and a roof as she blasted through them.  As she emerged in the daylight above, the rest of her plan slowly formed in her mind.  She would drink her fill of power.  The plant's staff would be given an... education... on the importance of keeping her little visit in confidence.  There would be more visits, periodic ones, from both her and the other girls, until they were all spilling over with power far in excess of what they had ever ingested before.  This would be their secret watering hole.  And through it, they would attain their destiny: becoming the invincible weapons their bodies had been designed to become.  

As she emerged from her thoughts, the plant finally came alive with the cackle of electricity.  All six reactors were activating.  Tammy extended her needful hands toward them and was rewarded with bright, white beams of power as the reactors began to feed her.  Throughout the Ukraine, lights began to flicker and go dark. Streetcars ground to a halt.  Air conditioning units and heaters failed.  Cell phone calls died as the towers failed.  The entire country descended into darkness as a single girl routed all of their power into her.

Her back arched and her body nearly spasmed with delight at the onslaught of energy flowing through her.  The intensity made her muscles clench-- pain and delight swirling together through each and every muscle.

Tammy laughed and did exuberant cartwheels in the air as the six white beams continued to dance across her body.  The moment her breasts tasted the power, they went from feeling parched and empty to a feeling of deep satisfaction.   They drank deeply.  

If the limited energy she had ingested in Florida had been exhilarating, the much greater wattage consumed here was a thousand times more delightful.  Time became unhinged for Tammy as she slowly caressed her massive chest and reveled in the uninterrupted onslaught of power it ingested.  She knew that she was enshrining within the confines of her lithe body not just the strength to fly, but the power to reduce columns of tanks to embers, incinerate entire squadrons of planes in mid-air, cut battleships in half, boil lakes, level mountains....

...and violently subdue anyone who stood between her, the aliens, and the vastness of the earth's mineral wealth.

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