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Infinity Crisis Part II

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Thomas Voukewn walked through the empty hallways of Page High School. It was seven o'clock and the school hallways were empty. He carefully observed the lockers and the garbage still left on the floor. He had been searching for an hour now and, while he had no idea what he was searching for in particular, he knew that he would know it when he found it. Noticing a ripped article of clothing he picked it up and observed it closely. It was nothing more then a ripped piece of cotton from someone's cheap shirt. He drew in a deep sigh pulled himself up and continued searching. He approached Kent’s locker, knowing the combination he quickly opened it and looked inside. Nothing in the locker indicated anything out of the ordinary. Thomas closed the locker and continued his search. Walking down the last corridor of the west wing of the school he finally found something. A smashed locker and bits of burned fabric. Thomas analyzed the fabric closely; the material was that of somebody’s jeans. Looking closer he spotted more of the burnt pieces of jeans.  And then, 15 feet away, he found ash. He pulled out a small plastic bag and used his pen to gather as much of the ash as he could for analysis. Thomas grew more and more concerned. His eyes surveyed the damage done to the locker and then back to the hallway doors. By the doors he noticed a small booklet. His heart rate increased as he approached it. He delayed momentarily and then picked up the booklet and skimmed through it.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” An elderly woman asked Thomas.

Putting the booklet in his inside pocket, Thomas stood up  and pulled out his badge “I’m special agent Voukewn, and who might you be?”

“My name is Sally, I’m the principal of this school.”

“The custodian who let me in told me no one else was here.” Thomas stated suspiciously.

“I don’t report to the custodians when I arrive, or when I leave. So, I'll ask again special agent Voukewn: is there anything I can help you with?”




Jarrett aimed his father’s rifle at his stepsister, whose back was turned to him. Sure, he witnessed Infinity Man take plenty of bullets harmlessly off his body but, maybe, like most of his other powers he had to activate them. Maybe Natasha was yet to discover that ability. Jarrett aimed the rifle and was on the verge of shooting her, when the same thought raced through his mind again, but this time with less enthusiastic results. What if she needed to activate her invulnerability!? What then? He thought through the scenario in his mind, ‘but Dad she turned herself into Infinity Girl so I shot her’. Jarrett lowered the rifle and mentally kicked himself in the head for the stupid idea.

Natasha in her super tight yellow and red Infinity costume turned to Jarrett. “I could have sworn you were going to pull the trigger.”

Jarrett was caught off guard. “Who?! Me? Oh you mean this here? No, no, no. I went to grab you an Ice tea and I accidentally grabbed the rifle, how silly of me.”

“Shoot me.” she ordered.

“I beg your pardon?” Jarrett asked

Natasha put her hand in front of her face. Her eyes squinted slightly and then began sparkling. Two beams of energy fired from her eyes and struck her hand. Jarrett shielded his eyes as the bright white light illuminated the room.  Her hand began to glow as she moved it further then closer to her face and then she powered down. “Care to shake hands?” Natasha asked jokingly, “I guess what I’m trying to hint at is that I’m completely invulnerable.” Natasha claimed with an arrogantly smug confidence.

Natasha was now getting impatient, “Jarrett, I’m not going to ask you again. Shoot me!” Natasha put her hands on her hips and pushed out her boobs. “Here, look, I’m even giving you two huge targets” she giggled.

Jarrett put the rifle to his shoulder and aimed at her chest. He swallowed hard. Never in his wildest imagination would he have imagined anything like this.

Natasha was still arching her back and pushing her boobs out. “I’m waiting!” she said impatiently.

He depressed the trigger. The rifle fired loudly and the bullet glanced off Natasha’s right breast and into the roof.

Jarrett heard the bullet ping off her tit and the hollow smack the bullet made as it entered the roof of the house. Jarrett looked at the hole in the ceiling. “Holy Shit!”

Natasha looked at Jarrett with a sinister look in her eyes. It was such a turn on to have a bullet bounce off her tit. “Again!” she commanded.

Jarrett was still a bit awe struck, “I think tha…”

“I said Again!”

Jarrett cocked the weapon and fired the next shot. This time it wasn’t a glancing blow. The bullet struck her directly in the nipple. Natasha gasped and clutched her hands over her breast.

Jarrett, thinking something went wrong  rushed over to her. “Are you okay?!” he asked.

Natasha smiled at Jarrett and removed her hand from her breast allowing for the trapped bullet to fall to the floor and revealing her incredibly erect nipples poking through the sheer fabric. “I think these bullets are harder then your bullets… what do you think?” She spun in one spot and now she was topless, but still wearing the Infinity tights and panties. Jarrett stared at her naked breasts with hungry eyes. “Well, don’t just stand there, I can pretty much guarantee you will never have this opportunity again.” Natasha claimed snapping Jarrett out of his moment of ecstasy.

Jarrett grabbed her huge creamy breasts and squeezed them. His hands moved erratically around her body, she was so smooth so firm and yet so soft. Jarrett grabbed her ass, then moved to her pussy then up her stomach and back to her breasts. His kisses were sloppy and his erratic motions took Natasha out of the mood. “Whoa, first time at a candy store?” Natasha mocked. Natasha easily pulled Jarrett away from her and shook her head in disappointment. Spinning in one spot she changed her clothes from the Yellow tights and red boots to a tight fitting pink t-shirt and extremely tight jeans.

It took a while for Jarrett to recover his breath but, when he did, he looked over at Natasha and noticed her change of clothes. He was going to plead her to give him one more chance and then thought better of it. “Where are you going?” he asked.

“Ummm, how about to get ready for the Halloween party…  Like du – uh.” Natasha responded.

“I think that, maybe, we wait for your mom to get home and we sit down and we figure this out.”

“Okay Jarrett, I didn’t want to say anything at the time, but I can transfer some of my powers to you.”

“Are you serious!?”

“No!” Natasha laughed hysterically.




“Was there any unusual occurrences that you can recall or heard of someone talking about? Loud noises? Tremors? Unusual events?” Thomas asked.

“No, none that I can recall were reported.” Sally answered.

“Do you have an attendance list, of everyone that missed classes today?”

“Yes I do, let me start up my computer. It will have a list of every student that skipped, or was sick for classes today.” Sally started her computer, “May I ask, what this is all about?” she asked.

“My boss’s son has been missing for a few hours, he wants me to locate him.”

“A few hours?” Sally questioned.

Thomas looked at his watch “Seven and a half hours to be exact.”

Sally looked at Thomas as if to ask if he was serious, “Tax payer’s dollars hard at work, huh?” she mocked.

The computer turned on and Thomas nodded at it, “The list, please.”

Sally looked at the list, “Nine students missed the entire day, twenty three skipped at least one class, may I ask which student is your boss’s son?”

“His name is Kent Small.”

Sally smirked.

“You find something about that amusing?” Thomas asked.

“Well, it’s just that when one of your star pupils skips class, it’s bound to draw attention, one of the students told the teacher that he saw Natasha Beland escort him out of the class and down the hallway.”

Thomas looked at Sally with a stunned expression.

Sally smiled at this, “What? Teachers gossip too you know.”

Thomas looked at her computer, “It says here that Natasha Beland was one of the students that missed the entire day of classes.”

“Natasha misses a lot of classes, but that doesn’t mean she’s not still in the school.”

“I need whatever information you can provide me with about Natasha Beland.”

Sally pointed the mouse at Natasha’s name, right clicked and selected print “Done.”

The file began printing out.

“And I need all information that you can provide me about Natasha that’s not on that print out.” Thomas requested.

“She’s a bitch and she’s a slut.” Sally pulled out the print out and handed it to Thomas, “Would there be anything else?”

Thomas stood up from his chair and looked at the print out, “Thanks for your help.” he said and then left the office.

Thomas stepped out of the school and walked toward his car. He pulled his cell phone out and quickly dialed the phone number. The other line picked up, and he contemplated what he was about to say. Finally Thomas said two words, “In Chris” and then hung up. He started his car and drove off. He drove quickly to the nearest police station.



“Your mom is going to kill you when she sees what you did to the house?”.

Natasha smirked, “With what? The rifle you shot me with?”

“You know what I mean!” Jarrett replied annoyed.

“Look, it’s your room, not mine. Tell them you were playing with matches or something.”

Jarrett rolled his eyes, “And what about the kitchen counter?”

“I don’t know! Make something up.”

Jarrett shook his head and spoke to himself, intentionally sending a message to Natasha. “They're going to think I’m crazy, but I’ve got no choice. I’m going to tell Dad an…”

Natasha cut Jarrett off in mid sentence. Her hand was at his throat and she was lifting him a foot off the ground with absolute ease. “You’re not telling anyone! Do you understand!”

Jarrett’s face went red almost immediately. His bigger hands clawing desperately at Natasha’s thin wrist with futility. Natasha tossed him at the couch. The couch immediately tipped as soon as contact was made and Jarrett rolled onto the floor then hit the wall.

Jarrett began standing up, looking fearfully at his stepsister, who was still across the room. She turned into a blur and then appeared in front of him. Her hands spread across the wall behind him and she leaned into him. Her firm breasts pushed into Jarrett’s body. Her lips homed in on Jarrett’s ear. “I don’t have to tell you what I’ll do to you if you disobey me… Do I? You’ve been nice to me Jarrett and I want to be nice to you too. But, if you tell anyone, I mean anyone!” Natasha pushed her chest into Jarrett with more force sending a very painful message. Jarrett’s face was now purple and she backed off, “Well, you get the idea.” Jarrett slumped to the floor. “I promise, everyone is going to know about me. But, it’ll be on my terms.” Natasha turned for the stairs and gingerly skipped up them and to her bedroom.

Natasha opened her bedroom door and the massive mess that was her bedroom greeted her. Clothes all over the place, unmade bed. Binders and papers all over the place. The idea of cleaning her bedroom was always a repulsive one. This was too big of a chore for mild mannered Natasha Beland, she thought. “This looks like a job for Infinity Girl!” Natasha spun in one spot and was once again wearing the yellow and red Infinity costume. She looked down at her costume and smiled, she doubted she would ever tire of doing that. Then she looked at the time and grinned. She became a blur, darting from one side of the room to the other. Folding her clothes and organizing her dresser at blinding speed. Natasha came to an immediate halt. Her room was spotless and she looked at the time. She smiled confidently when she took notice that only eight seconds had passed. Natasha’s eyes then moved toward the life size poster of singer/actor Jacob Hughes. She walked toward the poster seductively. “What’s that Jake? You want to feel these?” Natasha grabbed her full breasts with her small hands. “They're bulletproof you know, have you ever felt bulletproof boobies?” The phone rang and interrupted her.



The room was soundproof and Thomas used the phone in the room to call downtown.

The other line picked up. “What’s going on Tom?”

“I have reason to believe that Infinity Man's powers have been transf…”

Alex Spoon interrupted Thomas. “Reasons to believe? Tom, I trust your judgment. But the alert you just sent out… Suffice to say I’m going to have some very distinguished guests any minute now.”

“Al, there are some equations I don’t need a calculator for. We’ve got a problem, we’ve got a huge fucking problem. I’m sending over a fax of the target and the details, pay special attention to the last name.”

“Alright Tom. You're on damage control. Do whatever it takes to keep her under wraps. We need time over here. Anything you need, you let us know.”

Thomas nodded his head “Understood.”




Jean opened the door and looked at Natasha in shock. “Like, what a trip, I just totally got off the phone with you!”

“I can jog a lil' faster then before.”

“That’s an understatement.” Jean grabbed her coat, the two left the house and began walking to the Halloween party. Jean looked at her friends clothes. She was wearing an extremely tight, brown, bell bottom pants which hugged her hips tightly and proudly displayed the contours of her perfect ass. She wore an even tighter brown suede button up top. Her eyes were covered by large aviator sun glasses. “And I totally love your costume! What is it?”

Natasha smiled. “Okay, like totally check it out.” She ran her hands firmly down her sides. “By day, I’m a mild mannered 60s call girl but at night…” She grinned as she reached with both hands at the buttons threatening already to burst at her chest. She pulled the suede top open violently. “I’m Infinity Girl! Defender of… stuff.”

Jean looked in astonishment. This was the first time she had seen her friend in the Infinity costume, well at least the top part of the infinity costume. She looked so good. “Okay, I admit it. I’m soooooooooo jealous!… I mean your tits are incredible!”

Natasha spun in one spot and her previously ripped open brown suede top was repaired. “Okay, now give some criticism.”

Jean looked at her friend surprised. “Are you kidding me? Nat, you're totally the only girl in the world who can make that outfit work. You look fucking hot!”

Natasha basked in the compliments.

“If I had to say one negative thing. Well, it’s just that the suede top kinda hide your nipples.”

Natasha looked down at her breasts. Jean was right. The thick fabric did a nice job of emphasizing her killer tits, but showed off very little nipple action. Natasha found that she couldn’t will her nipples to get bigger. So she closed her eyes and began thinking of Jacob Hughes sucking and biting them.

Jean watched in amazement as Natasha’s nipples attempted to tent though her suede top. “Ohhh my, that’s hot.”

Natasha opened her eyes and looked down at her bust. “There… much better!”



Alex flipped through the fax Tom had sent him, ignoring the nonsensical chatter in the room. His arthritic hands hurt and, at 87 years of age, he could think of other places he would rather be. Like in a tomb someplace. Tom had also faxed him a page from the book he found. Alex immediately spotted the spell. It was the same spell Sandy Brinkman used to steal Infinity Man’s powers so many years ago. What he couldn’t quite figure out was the connection between Brinkman and Beland.

George slammed his fist on the table. “What we need to do is act while she’s still unexperienced. We’ve got a small window of opportunity here and if we take advantage of it we may…”

Peter shook his head “Take advantage of what? Of her bewilderment of having bullets deflect off her body? Her confusion as to why a tank shell deflecting off her ass kinda felt nice?”

“Tank shells deflecting off of whose ass?”

“I’m confused.” Brett interjected. “We're all here because of two words. These two words pulled me out of a pleasant meal I was having with my family. Don’t we have a plan for something like this? Cause if we don’t… then why all the secrecy? If we're fucked then that’s what the code word should have been. And you could call me at home, Hello Brett. Yes. We're fucked. Thank you, I’ll go back to enjoying my meal.”

“Why are we fucked?”

Alex finally and reluctantly spoke. “Some of you know why you are here and some of you don’t. For those of you who don’t know why you’re here, I need to first stress the secrecy of this meeting. This room is completely soundproof, and this topic can only be discussed in designated areas. Infinity Man could hear and distinguish whispers from a range of 18 miles. We have to assume that the girl who now has his powers can do the same. Now gentlemen, let me explain why you are all here. Fifty some years ago, some of you may already know, someone stole for a brief amount of time Infinity Man’s powers. What you don’t know is that, for the last forty years, Infinity Man had been working hard almost every day on a counter plan. In the event that his powers were transferred we would have hope, a fighting chance if you will. The worry, however, has always been: what introducing such advanced technology to our civilization would do to it. So, it’s remained a tightly guarded secret that, besides myself and one other, no one else knows about. Infinity Man’s priority was to always protect that room. We can assume that Infinity Man is no longer capable of defending that room. So, gentlemen, we are going to that room. And I can assure you, while I myself have not yet witnessed what’s behind those doors. I can say for certain, you're about to be astonished.”



“So are you totally gonna get back at Helena?” Jean asked.

“Jean, you have no idea. But I’m going to save her for last though.”

“There are others?”

“Ummm… how about Becky and Kelly. Oh, and lets not forget about Kyle.”

“Kyle? Didn’t he get suspended for kicking you in the ass in grade 7?”

Natasha rolled her eyes, “I remember shit now as if it was yesterday. Anyone who humiliated, teased or mistreated me is gonna pay big time.” Natasha stopped in her tracks, looked at Jean and changed the subject, “Do you need money?”

“I’ve got like fifteen dollars, That should be enough, I think.”

Natasha looked at the bank down the street. “Well, I’ve got like no money, and a girl like me should have money.”

Natasha’s eyes zoomed in on the bank. She focused her x-ray vision into it and waited for the banks door to open.

“Okay Mrs Roberts that’s 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 dollars.” The teller reached out to give the elder woman her money, when the money disappeared from his hand.

Natasha disappeared from Jeans view and then reappeared with six hundred dollars in her hand. Jean covered her mouth “Holy shit , no way!”

“Gotta love super speed.”

“So you have, like, all his powers?”

“I’m pretty sure I do.”

“Do you have a favorite.” Jean asked.

“Mmmm not really, I mean hearing everyone is really cool. Oh! Did I tell you I got shot in the boob earlier today?”

“Someone shot you in the chest!?… Who!”

“Long story but it felt incredible, you totally need to see these babies in action. Oh and x-ray vision, I’m sure will come in handy at the party tonight. And of course I can blow… like… really hard.”

“What do you mean, so you can, like blow down those garbage cans over there with just your breath.” Jean asked.

“I think I can do better then that, See that soccer game?”

Jean looked down the field they were now walking across.

“Yeah, you think you can blow the soccer ball they’re using.”

Natasha smiled. “Ummm something like that.” Natasha opened her mouth and began taking in massive quantities of air.

Jean looked on as there seemed to be no end to the amount of air her friend could inhale. As her chest began to swell one of her buttons fired off of it. Her intake of air ceased and she focused in on the soccer field and puckered her lips and began to blow.

Chris trapped the passed ball with his cleat. He faked a pass by rolling his foot quickly over the ball and then made the through ball connection to the onside striker. Chris then ran full sprint toward the net. His teammate rocketed the ball at the net. The goalie made a brilliant hand save but the deflection ended up on Chris’s feet. The net was wide open and the defenders were far too late. Chris had time to savour the goal that would win the championship. He payed no attention to the water bottle that fired across the field. Or the lawn chair that became airborne. He pulled his foot back and missed the soccer ball as it took a sharp 90 degrees turn and flew away. Spectators and debris were now rolling down the soccer field. Chris fought the winds desperately as he leaned into them. Someone’s camera came hurdling at him and he barley made the dodge but, by doing so, he lost his footing and became airborne.

Natasha seemed to be running out of air power and the wind began to subside. Jean was dumbfounded by what she had just seen.

Natasha seemed a bit disappointed in herself as she looked on at the havoc she reaped. “I totally could have done better then that.”

“Holy Fuck Nat! That was like… Totally fucking awesome!”   Natasha eyes narrowed and she looked as if she was listening in on something.

Jean mimicked the expression, “What are you listening too?”

Natasha sighed. “Look, I'll be back in a jip.” With a quick wind up Natasha turned into streak of color before disappearing behind the horizon.



Jarrett was in the kitchen surveying the damage to the counter top. It was a glimpse of reality. Natasha, Queen of the Bitches. The meanest, most conceded, heartless girl in, not only the entire highschool, but probably the state as well, now had super powers. He couldn’t tell his dad, he couldn’t tell Mrs. Beland. What was he going to say when they came home? No, no way he was going to be home when they arrived. Jarrett put on his coat, grabbed his keys and left the house. Getting into his car he drove to the nearest 7/11. Fuck it, he thought, he wasn’t going to worry about this shit. He was going to drink tonight, who knows, maybe get lucky with cat girl tonight or Karen, yeah Karen would probably be there. The thoughts put his mind at ease.

Jarrett arrived at the 7/11 where he picked up his booze and a slurpee and made his way out the store. Walking to his car someone shoved him violently from behind. Jarrett tripped over a curb dropping his slurpee to the ground along with the beers.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Jarrett yelled, almost cursing his luck rather then the person who shoved him. Jarrett turned his body to see who did it. He half expected it to be Natasha.

“Not so fucking tough anymore now that your friends ain't here, are ya tough guy.”

Jarrett sighed, it was Lance and his idiot friends. Jarrett sat upright and looked at the skid marks on his palms. “My unlucky day is your lucky day, Lance. Cause I’m going to pretend you didn’t just do that.”

One of Lance's friend kicked Jarrett hard in the back. Jarrett got up in anger and moved quickly toward Lance.

Lance showed him the blade he was concealing in his belt “What?… What?… What the fuck do you think you're going to do about it?"

Jarrett stopped his advance and shook his head.

Lance walked up to him confidently. “You know, what you're going to do, cause you like to pretend and stuff. You're gonna pretend that this didn’t happen.” Lance slapped Jarrett across his face. It was a hard hit. Simultaneously making Jarrett’s ear ring and his nose bleed. “And then, you know what you're gonna do. You're going to pretend to lose your wallet. But that’s no big deal, 'cause Angelito here is like a good samaritan and shit. He’s gonna return the wallet to the lost and found, but unfortunately he found it already empty.”

“I should get some kind of finders fee for that shit.” Angelito joked. Getting some snickers from the group. The snickers came to an immediate halt when they saw the beauty seemingly appear from out of nowhere.

Jarrett was curious about their reactions and turned to see Natasha and the 60s Halloween costume she conjured up. Jarrett put things in perspective quickly and, while he’d love to see these guys get their assess kicked, he had no intention of seeing them dead. “Alright guys, it’s fine, here’s my wallet. Return it… don’t return it, it’s all good”. Jarrett turned to Natasha and grabbed her arm to guide her to his car. She didn’t budge.

Natasha smiled at Jarrett. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friends?”

Jarrett ignored the insults and concentrated on Natasha. “Look, don’t do something here we’ll regret, c'mon, let's go”.

Lance grabbed what was left of Jarrett’s slurpee and slammed it over top of Jarrett’s head. “Hey look bitch, your dude is wearing a slurpee helmet.”

The iced drink poured down Jarrett’s face. And he nodded a few times while the others laughed. “Ahh fuck it, there all yours.” Jarrett walked to his car and looked back at Lance and his boys who were surrounding Natasha. “I should warn you guys, she knows karate.”


To be continued

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