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More Than Mortal - Part 1

Written by jnw550 :: [Monday, 09 October 2006 22:53] Last updated by :: [Friday, 07 December 2012 22:43]

More Than Mortal – Part 1 (Retold)


by JNW550 (a.k.a. Stoneyman)


Editor's Note: this is the most recent version of this story. JNW550 actually made some experiments with this version. When Kelly uses her "special voice", the text will be written like this.



Nothing worth mentioning ever really happened in Eden, Texas. That’s why the sight of a rock falling from the sky was such an exciting occurrence to the Hendricks children. Siblings brought together from a remarriage, Kellie was the oldest in her last year of high school with Jonah only months behind in age. Both were prone to getting themselves in trouble and were attached at the hip.

Most just chalked it up to growing up together. Neither could have guessed how much their world, our world, would change within the next few minutes. Neither could have imagined the force of nature that would be unleashed.

"Go see what it is." Jonah looked over his sister’ s slender shoulder whispering. Kellie shrugged him away with a look that questioned his intelligence.

Kellie had always been a thin awkward girl and never really comfortable in her own skin. Her dark hair was thin. Her skin fair and burned easily. She kept wondering when she would ever get her ‘set’ like the rest of her friends. Most of other girls had bloomed leaving her behind and flat as her brother. Despite her looks, she had a promising future and a full ride at a very respected university as well as a dream to be an astronaut.

"I am NOT going near that thing! Who knows what kind of radiation that rock is putting off." Jonah pressed his weight onto her back trying to get a better view of the glowing rock. He was short to his sister’s 5’9” and just as thin. His father always cut his hair to save money so it was cropped short much like his father’s had been back in his heyday in the Marines. Jonah didn't mind as his he had his eye on a glorious career as a Marine special operator.

Jonah usually never had a problem manipulating his sister into taking risks. Normally, she resigned herself to it if only to protect her brother from his own stupidity. Of course, in the end, she was always his scapegoat. They both moved a few steps closer. The glow radiated into a shimmering blue from its original red and Kellie was taken in by it's beauty.

“It’s got a really pretty glow. So pretty.” Kellie stared blankly at the pulsing meteorite.

“Glow? What are you talking about, sis?” He laughed half nervously. “You’re such a clown! What glow are you seeing?”

“You don’t see that?” Kellie looked back at her brother strangely. She wondered why he couldn’t see the way it shimmered like a perfect jewel almost annoyed that he didn't appreciate its beauty. A whisper passed through her head and it made her warm. She turned her attention, more intently, back to the stone.

"What's the matter sis? Too scared, huh? Scared of the little space rock?" Jonah pushed at her verbally chiding her along.

"I don't see you making a move." She replied elbowing him back. The stone pulsed slowly as if it was breathing. Kellie slowly took one careful step forward hearing the gentle whisper make her dizzy like a drug.

“You seriously don’t see that?” Kellie asked again more quietly.

“No. I was just kidding, sis. Leave it alone. Maybe we should call … "

"No! I want to get closer. I'll go. But don't leave me here like last time!"

Kellie couldn’t understand her fascination. Her logic screamed to stay away, but the whisper reassured her telling her it would be okay. Kellie slowly took a step forward watching it change color again to a bright pink.

A glowing rock falling out the sky? No, nothing unusual about that.” Kellie paused. Jonah verbally pushed her forward. Kellie motioned for him to keep it down as if the noise might scare it away. She thought about her comic book hero, Titaness, and how the unstoppable woman wouldn't be scared. How Titaness would scoop it up analyzing it with her microscopic vision shrugging off the alien radiation like a warm hug.

“Right, cause I'm a ten foot tall super girl. Stupid.” She whispered to herself, human doubt kicking in. Her mind reeled as the whisper snuggled her thoughts. Her heart pounded harder in her chest as reticence crept in. As she drew closer, Kellie saw it to be more of a glowing crystal and less of a rough rock, it's surface smooth and angular yet asymmetrical in shape. The pink aura grew in intensity as she reached her hand out. It made no noise. It let off no heat. Kellie stopped and thought better of her actions.

"Hey, Joe. Maybe you're right. I don't thin … EEP!"

Kellie screamed as she wheeled around to see a large, hairy spider dangling in her face. Her phobia made them all out to be big and hairy. She scrambled backward as fast as her feet would pedal in unreasonable fear. The glowing stone had been forgotten behind her fear as her hands reached around her for a weapon. Her panicked eyes never left the spider as she blindly swept the ground around her. She found the stone and her scream rolled into a long moan.

Her whole body convulsed in a wave of pleasure that brought her head to her knees. Though she had nothing to compare it to, she was sure no human being had ever felt the way she had in that intense instant. Kellie lost herself to it, letting it rip her from pain and she barely held on to reality. Her breath became labored and heavy as the pleasure of her changing body took hold. Jonah looked on with concern, yet was afraid to come save her as he watched her hand grab at her crotch through her bikini bottoms, a primal urge overcoming her as she touched herself. Joseph, having never seen a girl do that before, watched uncomfortably.

“Wh-what are you doing, sis?” He asked honestly.

“Oh, shut up! Shut ughhh … Ohhh-GOD!” She wanted more. Her grateful body convulsed when her wish was answered exponentially. An ocean of power shifted through her in wave after wave. With each breath the muscles in her stomach pushed to the surface of her sweating skin. Her legs convulsed, creaking as they lengthened and bulged with sinew.

"Fuck-YES! More!" She moaned deep her voice bellowing louder. Her body swelled with every breath it took in. She inhaled and felt her skin stretch tight over muscles that bunched harder with every twitch of her convulsing frame. Sweat beaded on her breasts and stomach and rolled off like small rivers through the mountains of superhuman muscle forming through her torso. Her bikini exploded from her body as another delightful feeling raced through her. Tears rolled off of Kellie’s face as she laughed. Something wonderful was happening to her, and she wanted all of it. The channel of power widened once more and she plunged her fingers into her moistened pussy.

"Nnnnngh-please! I need it! All of it." She cried, pleading. That belief traveled to her core and her might became superhuman. Raw, pure power filled her every cell. She was impregnable. She felt it. She knew it.

“Don’t let it end … please … ” Her hand tightened on the crystal as if to squeeze more energy from it. It obliterated in her grip and she rubbed the crystalline powder into her now tanned, perfect skin feeling the deep-etched, bulging muscle. A smile lit her increasingly beautiful face as she traced her own curves up her thighs and over her hips as she stood to her new height. Her skin glowed sopping every last bit of energy from the crystal and she stretch her arms high and her body long as waking from a long night's slumber. Her stomach felt like a steel wall of muscle and her enlarged breasts soft to her touch. The eighteen year old girl was becoming the living embodiment of perfection and power.

The channel started to close and Kellie begged it not to. In one last charge her whole body exploded in muscle once more, her bones snapping and her sinew popping as she released an orgasmic scream that split the sky open ripping through the landscape before silencing many miles away.

“Kellie?” Jonah peaked from his hiding place. He watched as Kellie's massive body blurring and becoming clear like a bad signal as her hands roamed.

“, that was intense!” She panted making the forest move around her obviously forgetting that Jonah was watching. Kellie looked about like a child discovering the world for the first time. Her eyes a chestnut brown and her hair rich,wild and dark as she let the last of the intense feelings melt away. Her lips were a perfect, moist, pink and her growing smile of wonderment was perfect. Steam traveled over her skin clinging to her like a desperate lover’s touch. She first noticed Jonah and quickly attempted to cover herself, her hands finding unfamiliar territory. The brunette titan hefted her large breasts soon forgetting that Jonah was gazing over her perfect naked body.

"Oh my...oh Jonah...oh I’m so BIG!" Kellie laughed cradling her tits as Jonah covered his ears, his head aching from her powerful voice. Large muscles danced under her skin as she laughed flexing different parts of her body with childlike curiosity. With each flex muscles ballooned out of proportion glowing hot and Jonah's eyes went wide.

“I feel so wonderful, so alive, so POWERFUL!” The outburst became unfortunate to several miles of forest. Her now powerful voice, unchecked, tore a swath through the forest. Rocks vibrated apart and trees exploded. Jonah stood back up speechless and in shock, his ears ringing, thankful that she was facing away from him.

"Oops!” Kellie covered her mouth quickly. Her step-brother noticed how her whole body swelled and twitched as she moved, even the most casual of them creating powerful ridges of muscle to rumble across the landscape of her back.

“Was that me?” She asked with genuine surprise, her muscles receding slightly as she calmed.

“K-Kellie, look at yourself. Look at your...your body!” Jonah pointed at her. Kellie laughed like a schoolgirl looking down at herself in awe her breasts jiggling as she twisted and turned to inspect her superhuman form.

“Haha, I know! I feel really good!” Her eyes resembled a child getting the Christmas wish they’d always wanted and more while her hands explored her hard muscles giggling as they expanded under her curious hands. She pressed her fingers into her stomach muscles testing the integrity of the armored plates that were now her abdomen. Her breasts were large and she purred hefting them her nipples hardening against her palms.

“Mmmm … makes me tingly.” The young girl's eyes fluttered as she massaged them, their softness and fullness overfilling her hands. Jonah noticed how she glowed as if always in a perfect light. She touched her fingers to her pussy lips feeling how they too were smooth and glistening wet which immediately sent an earth shuddering shiver through her spine. Kellie didn't notice the ground shaking as she played with herself and Jonah leaned against a tree to remain standing.

“Oh wow … that feels wonderful!” She fingered herself forgetting that someone was watching.

“Kellie, please!” Jonah asked feeling the ground move and his body respond uncomfortably. Kellie sighed, slightly frustrated, but understood her step-brother's awkwardness and stopped letting the ground around them settle as gathered herself. She didn't bother to cover herself this time.

“Wow. Just look at me, Jo. I’m perfect. Just like the Titaness. Actually, I think I'm even bigger!” She noticed the uncomfortable silence from her brother as she flexed her biceps. She noticed everything. The colors of Fall were so vibrant around her, the autumn hues dancing as she took it all in. Kellie felt she was seeing for the first time. She could feel the light, cool shifting breeze against her flesh and her nipples hardened. Goosebumps traveled over her soft skin as her fingers traced the crevices of her thighs. Her attention turned to her brother.


Jonah stared dumbfounded. He continued to look at the destruction and back to his sister. Kellie’s wide smile, something familiar, brought him back.

"Sis, you okay? Are you okay?" He repeated. He approached her quickly and joined Kellie in sizing up her own body, albeit for a different reason. Realizing his sister was still naked, he began to offer up his own small shirt raising to her six and a half foot frame.

“Aww, how cute! You're always so thoughtful. I just don't think its gonna fit, bro.” She giggled. Her frame expanded as she happily flexed while looking down at Jonah. Kellie seemed to double in size, her breasts parting the curtain of his shirt as he held it up in front of her swelling bosom.

His plaid shirt draped loosely over her tits while her now hardened cleavage cradled his face like two DD wrecking balls. Kellie giggled, the simple act making her tits jiggle slightly, but violently knocking Jonah's head to the side.

“Geez! They’re so hard!” Jonah backed away quickly nursing his quickly bruising face.

“Really?!” Kellie's hands went to them again massaging them softly feeling their weight, her fingers kneading them like dough. She could the feel the rush of arousal in her nipples and breathed mussing Jonah's hair.

“Ohh … they feel pretty soft to me … ” Kellie offered. Something inside her switched on as she wondered if she'd become hard and invulnerable and her mind wondered. Thoughts of a young goddess moving planets and dancing inside the stars streamed through her mind. She saw her own body pleasuring itself while the gravity of a black hole failed against her casual might as it hugged and pulled her from every direction. Kellie imagined herself diving into the heart of the sun, shooting between the stars at blinding speeds, and pushing around planets like balls on a billiard table. Her body responded, her breasts pressing back against her growing strength.

“MMM- Yeah! So much wonderful power … harder …!” Kellie cried as her skin stretched like overstressed leather over her hardening and increasingly dense muscles. Feeling a pleasant burn under her skin she sighed gathering her long hair on top of her head as her strength far surpassed her childhood hero's exponentially.

“AHHH – my god. It just k-keeps coming … just want to make myself harder … ” The young goddess breathes as she grows in height quickly eclipsing seven feet. Kellie sighed feeling her pumped muscles tighten. With each breath Jonah could heard the sound of stretching leather became groaning steel as her skin hardened to a shine. Her thighs slid together like steel rollers and her tits lifted higher on her chest.

“Sis, are sure you're okay? What's going on? Kellie!”

“Ah, god, hah … I think I'm gonna … hugh! I'm gonna cumm-MMMM … ” Muscle poured forth from Kellie’s already impressive, nude form. She practically gushed with joy giggling with delight between sighs and moans of each orgasm. Jonah stumbled back while Kellie’s body became god-like in proportion and her throes shook the earth. Her voice echoed through the forest as the air around them swirled while she sighed falling into her own erotic whirlwind. The flood of sensations overcame her as she fell to her knees, pounding the fragile ground, while cords of diamond hard muscle danced under her skin. Energy poured into her again.

“Oh my GOD! Oh-FUCK yes!” She laughed gasping for breath. Her body’s twitching shook the ground again causing Jonah to lose his footing.

“Geez!” He cried scrambling away from from the epicenter that was his step-sister. Kellie looked at him with hungry, lustful white-hot eyes her nails raking against her sex with a sparking screech.

"I-I'm sorry. It just feels so- Ohhh. OH yes … m-more?!” Kellie's face scrunched in pleasured pain feeling another swell strength fill her.

“MmmMMMNNN- UGHH-YEAH!" Kellie laughed between gasps for air. Her eyes rolled as she panted stirring the wind around them like a coming storm. Her arousal seemed to have no end. Her senses becoming more acute, she was able to hear the blood rushing to her brother’s hardening cock and it drove her into another orgasm. The final rush of strength ebbed to a crescendo as Kellie regained her breathing. She could feel that something was different than before, something besides her growth in power. Jonah could see it as he rushed over to her, concerned, now eye to breast with her. She tossed her long, wild mane over her shoulders slowly getting to her full 7'2” height. Even her breath, paced and deep, sounded different.

“Oh, Jonah … I can't even begin to describe … ” Kellie's angelic voice echoed through his mind and he let it wrap him in its perfect warmth. Jonah could no longer put together her words as she spoke with a voice made of dreams, the sounds coming from her sensual and inviting. He stared at her blankly with lust watching as each perfect move she made was an invitation of erotic promise.

“Jonah? Why are you looking at me like that? Wait, I sound different … ” She stopped cupping her hand in front of her mouth as if she could catch her voice and look at it. Kellie had heard it, though, and relaxed her hands on her muscled hips looking down from her new stature at Jonah.

" … so beautiful … your voice, your body, everything … ” He droned. Kellie gave him a strange look and Jonah sighed watching the shimmering glow dance around her as if the sun, the very air around her, were worshiping her beauty and power. He breathed her sweet scent in, smelling the sex in the air, and began to sweat.

“My voice? My voice is doing that to you?” Kellie giggled and it sounded like angels laughing to Jonah. His eyes glossed over and his erection tightened. The brunette titan listened to his racing heart amused at his enthralled expression.

“Jonah! Such a big boy!” Kellie giggled eying the bulge in his pants. She cradled his cheek in her hand; the warm, lower curve of her breast mere inches from his face.

“I bet I could talk about anything and you’d just stand there and cum for me, wouldn't you?” She listened to his body hearing Jonah respond to such a simple touch. Kellie thought for a moment and looked down at him with a mischievous grin.

“I’m so sorry, Jonah. I know this isn't right. It's just...there is just so much power in this body. I don’t think I can hold it all in! I feel like I'm going to explode!Kellie seemed to sing while she stretched. Immediately muscles and curves poured forth doubling her already impressive size, her breast pushing Jonah to the ground. He crawled to her and grasped at her growing thigh as it filled his arms.

“Jonah!” She exclaimed in mock surprise her voice more normal. He snapped to, confused as to why he was holding on so tightly to his sister's now much larger leg. Jonah let go suddenly as if it would burn him and immediately felt pain in his balls and wondered why his dick was throbbing just as painfully.

“What the hell just happened?”

“I don't know, Jonah. You tell me.” Kellie winked at him innocently and crossing her massive arms under her heavy mounds. He could barely believe her size as his step-sister's tits nearly obscured her own face. Deciding he didn't want to know, Jonah shook his head.

“Look, we really need to get you some clothes and … ”

"You think that'll be possible? I mean look at these monsters." Kellie cupped the underside of her formidable breasts then pressed them together. The sound of steel sliding over steel brought another barely suppressed chuckle from her and she played with them like two new toys clanking the two steel wrecking balls together laughing.

“Hahaha! This is ridiculous!” Kellie flicked her nipple and it resonated like crystal. Jonah's jaw nearly hit the floor.

“Is that-?” Jonah gawked.

“My boobs sliding together? I can get sooo much harder, watch!” She smiled resting her hands on her hips to subtly flex her entire body. As her muscles hardened, Jonah noticed the sleek shine her skin took on as Kellie proudly hardened becoming like dense diamond. Her breasts perked up seeming to fill like a balloon and sat higher on her chest. She kept at it easily surpassing the hardest natural substance on earth her density making her weight several tons as her feet began to sink into the soil. The act was making her very horny as her nipples felt tight and tingled. Her hands reached to her chest with a clank and she pinched her engorged nubs finding them too hard for even her own nearly infinite strength and it sent her over the edge.

“I feel so warm … UGHH-that feels so good … ” Kellie sighed rolling her head back. A moment passed before she opened her sleepy eyes at Jonah. The faraway look on her flush face confused Jonah.

“Mmmnn … that was nice.” Kellie mocked Jonah’s obvious confusion with a breathy laugh. She rolled her superdense nubs between her fingers and squeezed with all her strength watching them glow white hot but never losing their shape. Clearly enjoying herself, she reached for a small rock lying at her feet. Kellie smiled confidently at Jonah while she drilled the stone onto her nipple and he watched as the stone’s center was ground into powder until Kellie finally released it. Jonah could hardly believe what he was witnessing as it remained in place hung on her breasts. Kellie bit her lip and sighed as the stone exploded unable to take the pressure of her engorging nipple. She blew him a soft kiss and giggled as he hit the ground again.

“Super nipples! What else could an 18 year old girl ask for?” Kellie’s smile brightened. She stood proudly with her hands resting on her muscled hips obviously very impressed with herself. Jonah picked himself up once more dusting himself off.

“I’m glad someone is having a good time.”

“Oh, lighten up. Besides, look at me! I'm … like … a supergirl! This is so exciting and amazing!”

Kellie let her body soften as she spoke, her breasts jiggling back into a more normal shape as she let gravity take back control.

“I want to see what I can really do!” Jonah looked up at his step-sister's smiling face.

“No, Kellie-”

“Ugh, stop acting like you have a choice, bro.” Jonah melted under the spell of Kellie's voice as she rolled her eyes at him. Kellie turned away fingering a nipple still marveling at its diamond-like hardness against her massive strength. Jonah stood for a moment staring into space before shaking the cobwebs from his thoughts.

“Will you stop that?” Jonah exclaimed. Kellie sighed causing another gust of wind to move through the trees and rustle her step-brother’s clothes.

“Whatever. So what’s first? We know I'm really, really strong … ” Kellie bent her nude body over giving Jonah full view of her bare vagina, her clitoris exposed making it obvious how aroused Kellie remained. She took her time, knowing he was watching, while she made her selection tossing rocks over her shoulder and sailing into the atmosphere as Jonah felt the uncomfortable stir again.

“There!” She straightened up, her hair tossed wildly over her head. Kellie presented the smooth palm-sized stone to Jonah before slowly wrapping her fingers around it. They both watched as she applied pressure and it fell apart in her grip,yet she continued to squeeze. Kellie's smile grew enjoying how effortless her feat was as her hand began to take on a dull glow. Her feminine fingers closed tightly while she played with her hair. Seconds passed and she released her hold, in her palm a small diamond. Kellie shrugged.

“Well, that was easy.” She offered plainly. Jonah stared in awe.

“E-easy?” Kellie didn't make much of it.

“Yeah, see?” She crushed her hand made diamond between her fingers like a piece of lint and let the dust sprinkle to the ground. Kellie giggled and picked up another rock slowly pushing between her breasts just as Jonah came up with an idea.

“Well there isn’t a whole lot out here. I can go see what’s in the tool shed.”

“Oooo, yeah! Let’s do I – woops!” Kellie look down in surprise as her breasts swelled a bit in anticipation crushing another rock to diamond between them.

“Oh, wow! That was just an accident! My goodness,does my body respond, or what?” Kellie relaxed allowing the small diamond to fall into her hand.

“Watch this!” Kellie quickly made another diamond and produced them between her left and right thumb and forefinger before casually crushing both into a fine glitter that she eagerly sprinkled over her generous bosom. She picked up another and did the same, then another, becoming a blur of motion as hundreds of rocks succumbed to the same process within a few seconds. Kellie suddenly stopped her steaming skin glittering with diamond dust as she panted.

“Whooo! I guess I'm really fast, too!” Kellie's blurring hand fanned her flush face, her long hair billowing out as her casual movement produced a strong breeze. She smiled and moved again, a roaring buzz of motion as thirty or so more diamonds dropped at her feet.

“What a rush! Hehe, faster!” Jonah could make out Kellie's girlish laughter as hundreds more jewels piled around her and filled the bed of his pick up spilling over the sides in seconds. Finally , she stopped dropping the last two from her red hot hands.

“That was fun!” She dusted her hands off. Proud of her makeover, she presented her handiwork to Jonah swaying her breasts inches from her step-brother’s face.

“What do you think? Sexy, huh?” Kellie showed herself off and every perfect line and crevice, every curve, glittered. Jonah had been unable to soften his erection. Kellie reached down and grabbed it through his shorts feeling it harden between her fingers as she softly thumbed its head. The pain in his balls grew as did his dick.

“You know, Jonah. You and I aren’t technically blood relatives.” Kellie licked her lips stoking him slowly. He struggled to hold on to sanity and backed away from her quickly.

“I- I’m going to go get you something to wear while I'm there, okay?” Jonah replied through gritting teeth ignoring his step-sister’s erotic suggestion. Quickly, he disappeared through the trees.

“Take your time.” She smiled waving her brother off. Kellie listened as Jonah rustled through the woods. Her hands moved over her thighs following the curve of her hips to cradle her glittering breasts. She pressed them together and let her fingers trace the muscles in her tummy. She swooned as the cool air rushed over her clitoris giving her goosebumps.

“Now, let’s have some fun.”

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