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More Than Mortal - Part 3

Written by jnw550 :: [Sunday, 31 December 2006 22:08] Last updated by :: [Friday, 07 December 2012 22:44]

More Than Mortal – Part 3 (Retold)


by JNW550 (a.k.a. Stoneyman)


Editor's Note: this is the most recent version of this story. JNW550 actually made some experiments with this version. When Kelly uses her "special voice", the text will be written like this.


Do you see this?” Kellie turned her head to look over her shoulder at Jonah who had been watching the whole time. She turned to her step-brother as the two men swayed stuck to her in their nipple prison. Looking down at the two older men her hardening nipples swelled waking them both to writhe in pain before falling limp and unconscious.

Yes, I do.” He gawked. The bag in his hand dropped.

I still have one place on my body that deserves attention, Jonah.” She teased rubbing her hand over the unstoppable wall of abdominal muscles.

Kellie. No. It’s not ri … ”

Now, Jonah.” Her voice echoed through his mind. It wrapped around is body and it dripped with erotic promises that made his skin tingle. Jonah heard an inner voice screaming in protest, but his body was deaf to it as he moved to touch her. The rest of the world dropped away. There was only her.

How do I taste, Jonah?” She asked as he licked her moist lips. The two men stuck to her nipples began to respond to her voice again despite being knocked out. Kellie could hear the blood pumping to her step-brother’s penis.

Nothing compares to you.” Jonah droned. He ached to have her. Kellie became all things to him.

I know.” She stated hearing his erection grow in his pants. His breath washed over her clit causing her nipples to swell again rousing the two men for moment. Their whimpering made her feel powerful. She lifted Jonah’s chin raising him from the ground as her fingers surrounded his erection.

Such a big boy at such a young age!”

His reason was slipping.

However, I think you’re right. This feels … weird.”

She leaned forward sliding her warm, wet tongue over his lips. His mind reeled from her mere touch. Blood rushed to his cock stretching it harder and fuller than it may ever be again. Welcome sleep wrapped around his conscious.


Oh look, he’s alive!” Kellie floated over to her step-brother who was lying supine in a pile of leaves. They were nearly nose to nose when finally Jonah noticed.

You’re flying, aren’t you?” He blinked. Kellie nodded with a giggle. “You’re amazing, sis. You’re a walking impossibility.”

I don’t think the term ‘impossible’ applies to me anymore.” Kellie was dressed in what Jonah had brought. She was forced to do some do-it-yourself to everything, but it worked. Her dad’s work pants had to be cut to fit her thighs. The bottom of her rear cheeks jiggled when her hips swayed. Her mother’s spaghetti strap tank top just managed to fit over the top half of her prominent chest. It left the bottoms of her breasts revealed and her nipples, always hard, were visible through the stretched material. Kellie didn’t mind. The clothes were at her stepbrother’s request. She could have cared less.

Jonah, meet the boys.”

Hi, boys?”

They are going to be helping us discover more about what I can do. He brought all of his neat toys and is more than happy to be helping out.” She turned to Charlie. Her voice changed again. Isn’t that right Charlie?”

Yes.” They looked at her desperately. Jonah went cross-eyed. He shivered when she spoke.

I love this power! He’s completely lost in the sound of my voice.” She paused.Even you are taken by it. It makes me feel … oh, I can’t even describe it. It doesn’t even matter what I say. I could be reading about statistics and you would lose all self identity to me.”

It’s the most wonderful feeling when you speak that way. It’s the perfect drug.” Jonah panted. He shook the cobwebs from his head. But I don’t want to kno … ”

You even licked me … here.” She smiled wickedly pointing to her pussy.


Okay, okay. What do you say we see what this body can do? What would you like to see first, Jo?”

Jonah looked over the small clearing. The two men were apparently one of the local militia leaders and had a stockpile of weapons of all types hidden away. Rifles of various caliber and type were laid in a neat row. A box of grenades accompanied them. A tazer sat further down along with a series of blades and tools. Jonah looked up at Kellie who looked so much like a little girl at Christmas. He smiled at her and she beamed back. He looked down the row deciding where to start when the ground began to shake. Once more, Jonah was tossed to his knees. He looked at Kellie while he held to the shaking earth. Her impatiently tapping foot was shaking everything around them.

Any day now.” she complained.

The tazer! The tazer, just stop that, please!” He managed to his feet again picking the device up. Kellie rolled her eyes.

Tazer? Fine, whenever you’re ready.”

It took a moment for Jonah to figure out how to use it; however, he found the safety, pointed the leads at his muscled sister and pressed the trigger.

Kellie and Jonah looked at each other then at the wires hanging from the tazer. The leads for the weapon were designed to penetrate the skin. At least penetrate human skin.

Maybe we need to try a more direct contact.” Jonah suggested.

Jonah replaced the battery. He stepped to his sister and looked into her face. She couldn’t have looked less concerned. He jabbed the tazer into her side pressing the trigger once more. He could hear the buzz and pop of the electric current. Her eyes began to wander around.

You look bored.”

Pretty much. Can we get to the good stuff now?” Kellie looked at the rest of the arsenal with bright eager eyes. Jonah turned the stun gun over in his hand and scratched his head.

Yes. I suppose we … are you sure this thing works?” He asked tapping the tazer against his palm.

Oh, it works. On you.”

Cute.” Jonah replied. Dropping the tazer he bent over to grasp the shotgun. Having a military father, he was familiar with most basic types of rifles. It was something Kellie wasn’t allowed being the daughter in the family.

Okay, one shotgun coming up.”


Kellie laughed at Jonah’s reaction when he realized he’d blown the left side of her shirt off. Her rounded, bronze breast seemed to taunt him as it jiggled slightly with her laughter. Gently massaging the expanse of flesh, she bit her lip enjoying the tiny tingles under skin.

Nice target selection, Jo! She really loved the attention.” She winked pinching the nipple.

Kellie brushed off her stomach wiping away the powder burn from the second blast. She smiled and pointed at her other breast presenting it as a target. Jonah reluctantly fired.

How does that feel?” Jonah asked.

Honestly? It doesn’t. I mean I don’t feel much of anything. It’s like tiny droplets of water. Except when you hit my tits. Then it’s tingly.” She offered. She removed the rest of her tatters leaving her in the tiny shorts.

My turn!”

Kellie took the shotgun from Jonah’s hands. He gave it up happily. She twisted the gun steel so easily it seemed like a noodle in her fingers. Her hands gathered the deadly weapon into a tiny, fist-sized ball before tossing it into the sky over her shoulder where it vaporized in the atmosphere.

Okay, little brother. What’s next?” She dusted her hands off. Jonah was once again in a state of shock.

That was easy?”

Are you kidding? That was easier than wadding paper.” Kellie laughed. Look, it would be too hard to put into words. Let’s move on. Use that thing. It feels really good.”

Kellie pointed to a fully automatic rifle. Jonah was unfamiliar with it, so Kellie charged Charlie with the task of shooting her. Not wanting to disappoint her, he moved quickly inserting a new magazine and charging the weapon.

She broke into uncontrollable giggles while the gun spat at her. Her breasts jiggled as he passed the barrel over them requiring Kellie block the deflected rounds from her face.

Stop! Stop, I can’t stop laughing!” She laughed hysterically. Charlie ceased his firing and Kellie took a moment to regain her composure once again brushing away any rounds still stuck in her cleavage. She looked down between her legs. Jonah noticed.

Aww no, Kellie! Not that.” Jonah pleaded.

I have to know! Look, you don’t have to watch. Just go behind the van or something.”

Jonah retreated to the driver’s seat and turned the radio on. He knew she’d make noise and didn’t really want to hear it. Not hearing anything, he turned the radio back down.

What is she doing?” He heard the muffled sound of the rifle firing.

Kellie had Charlie press the still hot barrel against her sex. She breathed nervously and pushed it further into her. She stayed wet, so the muzzle slipped in easy and the heat was no bother to her. That fact reassured her.

AH-AHH-AAAAAAHHHHHH!” Kellie cried feeling every bullet slamming into her hole wonderfully shuddering as her body responded pouring muscle through her skin. The rifle only lasted so long her inner muscles having squeezed the barrel shut, and left her unsatisfied save for the assurance that she was totally invulnerable.

Yeah! Fuck yeah!” She sighed. Slowly she shoved the rifle inside her. She floated about the clearing moaning and gasping for breath.

Jonah jumped clear of the van before it was rocked onto its side. A tree behind it toppled. He fell to his bottom once again that day as the entire ground shook. He watched in disbelief while trees were uprooted by a straight-line wind that dredged through the forest away from the clearing. He could swear it sound like a moan. Then, everything seemed to calm. Finally, Jonah peered around the protection of the van.

Kellie, are you okay?!”

Mmm, yeah.” Her face was flush with afterglow. There was no sign of the rifle. Jonah tried to reason where it went, but thought it best he didn’t know. He looked at her perfect naked body as she smiled lazily and rose into the air.

Now that is something I could get used to.” She rotated her body back to lie on a couch of air while sliding her thighs together. Jonah heard the familiar sound of metal on metal.

I’m not sure the rest of the planet can, Kellie.” He said looking over the damage.

I’m not sure I care.” She breathed.


Oh, nothing, Jo. I’m just musing to myself.”

Hey, watch this!” She looked down at her right nipple. Two beams sliced through the air concentrated on the pink flesh as it swelled and became white hot quickly. She bit her lip and poured on the power forcing Jonah to shield his face from the intense heat.

Kellie, not wanting to neglect her other nipple, trailed the beam across her chest, over the curve of her other breast to concentrate on her left nipple. Both were glowing like tiny suns on her breasts when she was done.

Mmm, that really feels nice.” She lifted one to her lips and suckled it. Steam rushed through her nose while she cooled it within her mouth. Jonah felt his pants tighten again enraptured by such a simple display of power.

Let’s use the grenades, now.” She looked over to the line of weapons while her nipples steamed and her body smoldered.

What’s the point? You know what’s going to happen.”

Yeah, but it's fun! Plus, it makes us both horny. Win, win!”

Fine.” Jonah said half defeated. He had the sinking feeling that the choice was not his anymore.

And you’d be right.” Kellie winked at him. His heart raced nervously as he looked at her with wide eyes.

Oh, don’t be so shocked. We’ll talk about it later. Grab three of those grenade thingies!”

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