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More Than Mortal - Part 4

Written by jnw550 :: [Sunday, 05 August 2007 23:14] Last updated by :: [Friday, 07 December 2012 22:44]

More Than Mortal – Part 4 (retold)

Goddess Complex


by JNW550 (a.k.a. Stoneyman)


Editor's Note: this is the most recent version of this story. JNW550 actually made some experiments with this version. When Kelly uses her "special voice", the text will be written like this.


Jonah watched Kellie as she spent the next few minutes amusing herself with the box of grenades. For the first, she had Charlie place it between her breasts to which it was promptly squashed before it could explode. She’d said it was an “oopsie”, and that she hadn’t done it on purpose, though Jonah knew better. The second one she managed more gently and had Jonah pull the pin from her cleavage. The spoon sprang into the air over her shoulder. Five seconds later, all that was heard was a muffled pop.

Well, that was boring.” Kellie twitched her chest muscles causing a quick whistle of vapor to escape from the line of her cleavage.

Get me another one.” She commanded.

What happened to the last one I gave you.”

It’s gone.”

But I didn’t hear it explode. Where’s the pieces?”

I said it’s gone. Now give me that one in your hand.” She held out her hand. Jonah blinked at her trying to let his head get around what she had done.

You’re acting surprised again. Why?”

Kellie, you just squeezed a grenade to vapor!”

Kellie looked at her stepbrother waiting for the point he supposed to get to.


That’s impossible!”

You mean effortless, right? Give me that last grenade and I’ll really show you something.” Kellie pulled the pin and handed it to Jonah. She raised her finger at him as a signal to watch carefully. She kissed the ticking explosive before sliding it past her smooth, soft lips. Jonah’s mouth dropped when he saw her swallow it whole. Kellie considered for a moment rubbing her belly.

Hmm. It’s like a warm coke busted open in my tummy. Excuse me, I have to burp.” She turned around. “Oh, and cover your ears.”

Jonah quickly brought his hands up. Kellie turned to level another several acres of forest with an astounding belch. Jonah, once again, was unable to keep his footing.

His sister covered her mouth with mock surprise. Jonah didn’t believe she was sincere.

You’re right, I’m not. It was just funny.” She giggled into her fingers.

You’re doing that mind thing again.”

Yeah. I can sense everything you’re thinking.” She paused. “I even know how much this turns you on. You’ve been fantasizing about supergirls for years, brother.”

Jonah looked a bit nervous and embarrassed.

Well, I’m right here.” Kellie spread her arms presenting herself. I’m here and so much more powerful than anything your head has dreamed up. Look at me! I’m a goddess of power!”

Jonah had to agree. Kellie was many times more beautiful and sensual. So far they’d found nothing that could make her feel anything more than tickled or do anything more than bring her to orgasm. Based on the inadvertent destruction of over 10 acres of countryside, her strength must be immeasurable.

Oh. Immeasurable. I like the sound of that!”

Stop it.” Jonah ordered.

Please, make me.” He body expanded into mountains of muscle.

Please, stop it.”

Oh, since you asked so nicely, no.” She smiled and her body hardened. He wondered how it all seemed possible. She could expand her muscles, but that was separate from how she hardened them. When she hardened, her skin seemed to develop a shine that deepened all of the cuts that separated each segment. Jonah’s shoulders slumped. They both knew how much chance he really had.

It would take an army, probably.” He thought to himself.

He looked up at Kellie who had a look in her eye that he’d come all too familiar with in the passing hours.

You heard that, didn’t you?”


You’re going to try it, aren’t you.”

You’re such a smart little man.” She beamed at Jonah patting his head gently.

Now let’s see if I can listen in … ”

Jonah watched her brush her golden hair behind her ear. She leaned out pretending to listen intently to something. He heard the rustle of leaves and nothing more.

I don’t hear anything.”

Yeah, I figured.” She rolled her eyes.

I hear … a small skirmish in Haiti. Much too easy for someone like me. There is another in Africa, at least I think that’s the language. Again, nothing impressive there. Nuclear testing in North Korea – now that might be fun – peace talks at the UN – boring – and a small group of terrorists whispering in a cave in Afghanistan. I want something bigger, though … there!”

Kellie turned her gaze toward the ground looking as if she were watching something.

What are you looking at?”

The Middle East. I knew I could count on them for some fun! Oh look, they have tanks and everything! Wait, you can’t see it can you. There must be thousands of miles of rock between us, huh? Oh, I better hurry. They’re moving.”

What are you going to do?”

Go enjoy my new powers.” She smiled.

Are you gonna miss me?”

No.” He pouted and started to walk away.

Really?” Kellie replied. Jonah’s body relaxed. His mind reeled and he felt himself become painfully erect.

Oh, God, don’t.”

Tell me you’ll miss me.”

I will! God help me, I will.”

I am a Goddess, Jonah. I won’t tell you again.” She blew a gentle, warm kiss over his body and watched as he spasmed and rolled in the grass. His moans complimented her feeling of superiority. She kissed him again and floated off. Jonah barely held on to sanity.



They are impressive, aren’t they?” Kellie stood in the shower of their assault proudly displaying her unstoppable naked body. She knew it be just what was needed to anger the small army. Of course, they needed some incentive to take action which was the reason she was holding one of their tanks over her head.

Kellie observed her chest as a barrage of armor-piercing machine gun fire bounced harmlessly from her perfectly golden and utterly bare skin. The edge of her mouth turned up in a subtle grin as she remembered how lethal this gunfire would be for normal people, while it was completely harmless against her smooth, tanned flesh. She noticed how the ammunition hit her relaxed muscles and dropped to the ground severely dented and disfigured by its impact with her muscled form.

Kellie adjusted her one-handed grip on the main battle tank, she had scooped it up upon her arrival. Her body flexed just slightly for show. For that moment, the machine gun bullets impacted something far harder and far more invulnerable than the mere armored steel plating of a tank and ricocheted away in a violent display of sparks and shattered metal fragments.

From the moment they shifted their attack it was obvious to her how lop-sided the battle would be. She amused herself by playfully flicking each deadly round from the air. Despite the speed, multiple directions, and sheer quantity of rounds, her single available finger was more than sufficient for such a simple task.

To her accelerated senses, the bullets floated about around her. None made it through her single fingered defense, but she started to miss how they felt and instead deflected them to more pleasurable parts of her body. She shuddered as they sprinkle her right nipple. Her eyes fluttered and she released a rumbling moan when she directed them between her legs. She craved more, but stilled herself quickly. A loss of control now would certainly end the fun much too soon and much too easily.

Lost in the thought of a battle ending orgasm, she noticed that the ticklish pinging of the machine gun fire against her skin had slowed to a trickle. She picked up through their radio that they were shifting to a different tactic based on how ineffective their first one was.

It’s not the size that counts! No, that’s not true. It totally counts.” She smiled.

After a few moments, the treads of the tank she had been holding in her left hand began to spin frantically like a caged beast trying to escape a trap. She could feel the turret spinning back and forth shifting its 72-ton weight in the apparent hope that she would drop them. She gently shook the restless behemoth and the tank stopped moving.

Hey, cut it out up there!” A look inside and she realized her mistake.

Oops. That was a bit too rough.”

Forty-nine of her toys tank battalion comrades rushed into attack formation. She waited patiently while they lumbered up in front of her in a semi-circle and began to open fire at will. Her smile grew with the caliber of weapons and she thought it cute they trying so hard for her!

Oh, Yes! Again, again!” She exclaimed with excitement.

Their main guns artillery bumped her tummy and breasts with salvos of armor-piercing fin-stabilized rounds and high-explosive anti-tank ordinances. Grateful, she arched her back into the less-than-harmless barrage offering her expanding breasts as an ample target. A few took the opportunity pounding her tits with so much firepower and enthusiasm it made her laugh.

Oh, fuck! Can this get any better?” She closed her eyes while they continued.There is so much power inside me … it makes me so horny … ”

She allowed the amusing phalanx of shells to impact against her, as clouds of acrid-smelling smoke blanketed the area, and the smell of gunpowder permeated the air. It had barely been a massage to her, and was soon becoming a tease; however, she let them give her all they had allowing them to come to their own realization. She remembered from school that men were visual learners.

They’re getting a whole text book today!” She giggled.

She took a moment to watch one of the shells approach slowly, focusing on its atomic structure. She noticed its structure was much denser compared to the other, smaller ordinance that encountered her.

Ooo, it looks like my girls are getting special treatment today!”

She smiled wide and even a stray shell slamming into her face didn’t wipe it off. Spitting metal from her mouth she was repulsed by the taste of depleted uranium.

Mental note … ugh!”

She casually brushed metal fragments from her cleavage as another twenty-two of the worthless shells fragmented across her skin again. They even tried to fire all 49 at one time. She was impressed with the coordination, and even it got a giggle out of her.

Nicely done, boys!” She cutely smiled. That earned them a happy thumb up from Kellie.

Okay. My turn!”

She calmly reached up with her free hand grasping the under belly of the tank that had remained balanced overhead in her other hand, and created a second handhold. The thick steel armor squished between the fingers of her grip as her powerful hands slowly moved together over her head while the body of the tank screamed popping and bending against her strength.

That’s it? I honestly thought this would be harder!” Her laughter filled the valley.

The thick armor gave no more resistance than play-doh as she applied the frightening strength of her muscles moaning from the feeling of using her dominating strength. She loved the feeling of easily overpowering the best man had to offer. She enjoyed the way her body hardened, the pressure of the blood flooding into her muscles, the warmth of the astronomical amount of power channeling through her body as her muscles effortlessly did things the mightiest machinery on Earth could never do.

As the huge tank was smoothly bent in half, signs of metal fatigue were evident along its hardened shell. She noticed the dense atomic structure that it shared with the ammunition it spat.

Must be something special.” She mused.

Pinging noises traveled through its frame. A loud crack followed, as it finally snapped in two. Kellie finished bending the tank back onto itself with little effort. Absentmindedly, and with her bare hands, she began a simple task of compressing the metal monster into a much smaller pile of scrap metal. She gleefully worked it smaller and smaller pulling it into her body as if she were gathering a newspaper into her hands. She condensed it so small that it began to glow from it’s own internal heat.

The attack against her continued, though it was barely noticed and eagerly pressed the ball into her breast watching as her super dense sculpture caved to the curve of her mound proving again how much harder her own body was. Even her nipple refused to give as it expanded boring out a simple hole into the wad of war machine. Biting her lip in satisfaction, she brought the ball of armor next her chest for comparison. The tank was still larger than her round breast.

Well that won’t do!” She stated.

I simply won’t allow it!”

Without anymore effort, Kellie’s hands continued working to reduce its size further. She was surprised that the small task never got harder the smaller it got. Playfully, she kneaded the 72-tons mass smaller and smaller like a ball of clay. At times, some superheated alloy would splatter onto her. She imagined she looked silly with all the melted metal splattered all over her, but she didn’t mind. She eyed her tank-ball carefully giving it another comparison to her tits. The baseball size now appeased her, which was very much smaller than her breasts.

Kellie was so caught up in how easily her formidable body had compacted the tank, and how her nipple had molded it, that she’d completely forgotten about the bothersome tank artillery still assaulting her.

She couldn’t help how funny she found it all to be. Kellie tossed the ball up and down in her hand, giving no true indication of its weight, deciding who would to peg with it. An armor piercing shell smacked into the side of her right breast. She turned her face to the tank that fired it and underhanded the 72-tons ball toward it. Her casual toss could have been recorded as the fastest moving object ever recorded totally obliterating her target. She blew the rest of the tank nest a light kiss tossing the heavy tanks about the horizon like a deck of cards.

To her surprise, and joy, another mustered the courage to run her over. The ground vibrated as the imposing behemoth drew near her. Its front ramming plate slammed into her breasts stopped dead in its tracks proving again that Kellie’s tits are the ultimate combination of irresistible forces and the immovable objects.

Its turbine engine whined and screamed as she held the tank stationary. Its spinning treads scored deep grooves in the ground. Curious, Kellie held one finger up for the crew’s observation. She lowered it to the ramming plate and gave it a simple push. The vehicle’s treads tossed a whirlwind of sand and stones into the air fighting a losing battle against her powerful finger. With the same finger, she experimentally flicked it several times only to have its treads finally catch and propel it back. She worked her way through all four digits until she was flicking against its 1500 hp engine with her pinky. The machine was tossed backward again, and again. The thick ramming plate had long since buckled. Still they pressed their attack.

Her breath managed to keep it bay just as easily. Her sweet kiss caused it to shudder in her violent tunnel of wind and the machine was nearly flipped as it fought her gentle exhalation.

She put forth one last little challenge for one of man’s most dangerous machines. She lowered herself allowing the metal monster an attempt to press her nipple back. She was visibly excited when it became painfully clear that its turbine engine wasn’t powerful enough!

Her thoughts wandered to her abilities and who she had become. She no longer was paying attention to the war machine she was so easily defeating. The very idea of her power made her body ache with erotic promise. Kellie heard the engine screaming louder which brought her attention back to it sighing with a smile while her nipple pressed the tank away. She was hardly surprised but becoming very aroused.

Ms. Nipple! You naughty girl! You shouldn’t be so pushy!” She admonished.

Mmm … I know, Ms. Nipple. It feels so much better being bad little girl.” Her expanding nipple shoved the tank back another inch.

Feeling she had more than made her point, Kellie shoved her fingers through the tank’s front armor. It rose from the ground as if it was a helium filled balloon and she flexed her wrist curling the machine several times finding amusement with the crew bouncing around inside the turret. She paused to give them a moment to collect themselves.

Their next move was predictable, though enjoyable. She helped them angling the tank’s gun down at her chest aiming it directly at her left breast. In their last, desperate effort, the tank crew fired one of the high-explosive anti-tank shells directly at her offered target opportunity. Even fired so close, it felt so gentle. Kellie offered her right breast for another attempt. Super-heated alloy splattered over he skin.

Mmm … wonderful.” She looked into the barrel.

Finished already?”

Another round slammed into her smiling face. Naturally, when the smoke cleared, they saw her still standing there absolutely unharmed. Her free hand surrounded her powerful globe, pinching her nipple.

She wanted to be sure they could see how much enjoyed their gentle teasing, but the party was over. Grabbing the end of the barrel in her hand she gathered it into her fist, removing the opportunity to fire any more salvos.

With little effort, Kellie turned her wrist over and shook the steel beast causing the crew to come stumbling out unceremoniously. The driver needed some coaxing, however. She used her fingernail and carved the hatch away like the lid of a tin can.

Shoo!” She said. They scattered to escape. Others, despite her easy show of power, resumed their assault.

Now satisfied that another tank was sufficiently neutered, it too became a projectile for the muscle goddess, this time taking out three more of this military’s finest. Kellie thought about how unfair it was that she could do these things so easily now. So much destructive power had been brought to bear on her in the last few minutes only to make her horny and wanting. She knew then that there was not a single military weapon on the planet that could beat her. It seemed everything they had were no more than sex toys to her and she looking forward to enjoying every one of them.

Steel slapped and pounded against Kellie’s skin as she stopped to considered the most entertaining way to dismantle the “deadly” army. She considered what she was accomplishing here. Hours ago she was a mousy little girl with dreams of changing the world. Now, she was a goddess of endless power and her ability to change the world has become an all too easy reality. Goosebumps traveled over her skin at the thought of it. One girl against the entire human race. She lost herself in the idea closing her eyes.

The grounds around her exploded sending mounds of earth spiraling into the sky. A crater was left beneath her, yet she stood on an invisible surface, unaffected. She opened her bright eyes.

Yes.” She smiled. You’re all mine now.”

She floated over the space created beneath her feet. Another shell pounded the ground behind her. Her hair billowed outward in a halo of gold and molten shrapnel splashed up her spine. Her pace remained unchanged. A whistled brought attention to the sky.

Perfect.” Kellie purred offering her impregnable mounds as the point of impact. The artillery piece dropped onto the shelf of her raised breasts. The explosion rumbled through the area around her though her breasts would never budge for something so weak in comparison. The alloy heated and splattered across her skin. Slowly, she spread it over her naked skin as if it were a soft warm lotion. She looked like a moving silver statue covered in the melted ordinance she’d been hammered with.

Kellie, having made up her mind, allowed herself the freedom of losing control. She lay onto her back in the shower of steel rain adoring the feeling of such heavy weapons against so harmless against her. Her full, glossy lips parted in another perfect smile. The rounds were very insistent as they pushed at her skin. They poked at her as if they demanded her attention. She didn’t ignore them, though it would be easy to. Her spine arched as she pushed her body up to meet more artillery. The power inside her throbbed outward again. Her muscles felt bloated with it, but she knew there was always room for more. She felt her fingers squeezing her thighs, her pneumatic grip doing more than the military ever could.

Her hips slammed downward. Vehicles were tossed to their sides like dominos. An aftershock followed as she moaned. Metal stressed under the vibration of her outcry. Most within 10 kilometers were dead. She raised her hips again. Her left hand found her breast. She loved that it overfilled her hand so perfectly. She also loved that even her infinite strength barely affected it. Still her nipple was harder.

Her other hand found her clit whose hood emerged from the slit of her moist lips. She was reluctant to touch it afraid of destroying too much too soon. Her body insisted, however. With a touch her hips dropped again. A cliff face suffered the consequence, but her fingers slipped over her center.

Her pleasured outburst cleared the sky of its cloudy cover. The sun’s rays poured through touching her skin. She welcomed the warmth, as it seemed to feed her. The soldiers were retreating, but her voice raced faster than their machines could. The closest machines exploded suddenly splattering like a superheated fountain of steel. Others were tossed about the landscape.

Her hips rose once more. Muscles stretched her skin. Her fingers reached into her wet lips. Her hips dropped.



Good evening. This is Donna reporting the latest breaking news from the Middle East. Moments ago a level 6.7 earthquake decimated a 1,600 square kilometer area south of Baghdad. Reports have come in indicating that the shock was felt for nearly an 800,000 square kilometer area.

Can we get these on screen? Yes? All right, ladies and gentlemen. We have just received a satellite photo of ground zero. As you can see the area was completely leveled. What is that?

Can anyone identify… Alex? What? Are you sure?”

Viewers, what we are looking at is a … a woman … at ground zero and she appears to be alive. I’m … what do I say? It’s a miracle!”

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