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Stealing From a Thief – Part 2

Written by Dru1076 :: [Tuesday, 14 June 2005 14:48] Last updated by :: [Friday, 06 June 2014 18:22]

Stealing From a Thief – Part 2

By Dru

Sarah watched the bullets coming, and feared the worst. With the solid metal machine destroyed, Sarah might be a normal person again. The projectiles collided with her flesh, knocking her backward a few steps as they hammered on her chest. Her nice black dress was shredded by the lead, but Sarah’s super-dense breasts were harder than high tensile steel and remained unmarked.

“What the …” Evan’s jaw dropped

“What the fuck have you done, Evan?” one of the gunmen asked him, his voice quaking with fear.

“I don’t understand …”

“I do!” Sarah declared, her hands going to her hips as her confidence came flooding back. “You’re too late. I’ve already established a direct link with the Source! I don’t need any help from your machine to work the power anymore!”

Evan finally lost his mind. All his work … all his studying, and this ungrateful bitch had just pulled it all out from under him.

“How dare you!! You’re fired you fucking bitch!” he lunged forward, attacking his ex-employee with the ferocity of the insane.

“After the way you’ve treated me all these years it was easy,” she calmly told him as he cracked and bruised his hands on her impregnable flesh. “I’d be a little more friendly, if I were in your position.”

Hoisting him off the ground with one hand, the smooth action giving her little burst of self-assurance, Sarah banged his head unceremoniously into the ceiling to knock him unconscious, and dropped him to the floor before turning to his friends.

“I’m going to have some fun with you guys. There’s so much I’ve got to try out.”

The two businessmen had no where to go, but they tried their best to evade her. Sarah could have grabbed them anytime she wanted, but moving slowly she toyed with them until they found themselves in a corner. Standing in front of them, she put her hands on her hips and gave them a seductive smile.

“Hit me,” she ordered, gesturing at her stomach.

The terrified men could only obey, and one at a time they plunged well thrown fists into her midsection. Sarah was unimpressed.

“Is that it? That all you have? Hit me harder!”

They were clearly trying very hard, neither man weak by normal standards, but they were just unable to make Sarah feel any pain.

“You guys need a quick lesson in boxing,” she told them, though she knew nothing about boxing herself. Assuming a tone of voice her high school teacher had used all those years ago, the super-improved woman addressed the two feeble men. “You seem to have a good technique, but your not putting any power into it. You need to hit like this.” Performing a limp-wristed sissy-slap, Sarah knocked the head of one of them, blood splattering all over the room. “Or maybe you should do it this way.” The other one exploded into a mist of blood and bone as Sarah gave him a full-powered blow to the stomach.

Running her hands over herself, Sarah removed the rest of her dress as she explored her phenomenally strong new body. The power was oozing through her at a molecular level, and the feeling was indescribable. Leaning over Evan’s crumpled form, she reached out to feel his forearm, her other hand feeling her own. The difference between his mushy jelly and her firm steel was abundantly clear. Placing her thumb and forefinger on his ankle, Sarah slowly closed her digits together and crushed Evan’s weak joint. As she did the same to the other he woke howling in agony.

“Stop screaming, no-one can hear you, and if they could hear you they couldn’t help you.” She got her face right in front of his and stared deep into his wild eyes. “No-one can save you from me, Evan Malcolm.” Rising smoothly to her feet, Sandra took a couple of graceful steps back. “I was just about to see what else I can do to improve myself. I have all the power of a galaxy to work with, you know. And now that I’ve got a link to the Source, all I have to do close my eyes and dream up a new way to use it. Now let’s see what I can do …”

Closing her eyes, Sarah found her way back to the source and dived into its limitless power. Evan watched her for a while, but passed out before she came back to reality.

“Oh, Evan! You won’t believe it!” Sarah was feeling her flat stomach, her eyes sparkling with a hypnotic unnatural glow. Just look at what I can do now!” Staring into Evan’s eyes and gauging his reaction, she started to lift from the floor and rise slowly to float on air. “Not bad huh? And watch this!” She turned her head to look at the foundry. There was a flash of light from her eyes, and the smelting machine was melted to a steaming pile of slag. “How about that Evan? I think I’m going to enjoy having a link to the source. You’ll have to excuse me for a while, but I just want to see how fast I can fly.”

She hovered up to the roof, and pushed her hands through to make a decent hole for herself. Then she accelerated up through the rest of the building, the cement and bricks were flung violently from her path as the unstoppable Sarah smashed through the large building to burst into the open air. Doing circles of the mansion, just cruising gently along, Sarah took in the incredible view.

“Wow,” she breathed, awed by the beauty of the world. Flying out over the town, she tested herself for speed and heard sonic booms go off in a string behind her. Her super-improved awareness handled the world-blurring speed, and she soon found herself flying out over the ocean. Diving down fearlessly into the water, the euphoria exciting her every nerve, Sarah swam through the ocean for a long time before she had to come up for air. She saw millions of fish, sharks, whales, and other majestic creatures of the sea. Her eyes pierced the water to see right to the ocean floor and everything in between was in the most colourful detail imaginable. Having held her breath for half an hour, Sarah soared back up to break thunderously from the waters surface, her rapid

movement drying her naked body instantly. Flying back to the coast at just under mach five, she followed the beaches and cliffs until she found Sydney. Then Sarah traced the road until she could see the mansion.

Sweeping her gaze over the landscape all around, Sarah started building a mental map of New South Wales. Memorising every detail, she covered the coast all the way to Queensland, and then went west. Systematically mapping the whole state better than any satellite imaging could, Sarah started looking deeper into the world below to see cars and trucks travelling the roads that covered the land like disease spreading out from the major centres. Stopping eighty thousand feet over Sydney, Sarah watched the traffic for a while, fascinated at how she could zoom in to see so much detail. Once she spotted one plane, a big 747 far below, she could see quite a few travelling along their invisible lanes. Back on the streets Sarah’s jaw dropped as she started to make out people. Zooming in on them, she was soon picking hair colours and noting who was or wasn’t wearing sunglasses. In no time at all she could discern male from female.

Listening to the city, she found that after a while the constant background noise was a complex sea of sound. Mostly traffic noise, Sarah discovered that she could also hear the constant hum of several million conversations, birds flapping their wings on and around the rooftops, elevators going up and down inside the buildings, trains and planes and footsteps …

Taking a deep breath, she processed the sensory flood to stop her heed reeling. It took a few moments to learn how, but Sarah could now focus in on particular conversations. Combining her eyes and ears, she watched as the cities occupants play out their lives below her, blissfully unaware that directly above their heads hovered a young girl who planned to conquer the world.

Flying back to the mansion, the extremely powerful girl bored through four layers of concrete to land softly in a cloud of debris on the basement floor. Evan Malcolm, who had made it as far as the desk but had been unable to get up in the chair. With more time he might have made it.

“Those books are full of great info,” Sarah conversationally noted. Giving him a little shove with her foot she sent him crashing into the roof, catching him by the back of the belt before he hit the floor. “I haven’t read all of them, you don’t mind do you?”

Tossing him into the far corner, she picked up a book and stared at the cover. As she opened it, her eyes flashed out two deadly beams to disintegrate front

of the book. Her eyes flashed like a strobe light as she read each page then destroyed them. It took an hour or so, but Sarah read all four-hundred-and-twelve books in the collection.

“There wasn’t really anything in there to help you anyway,” Sarah told him. “Just a lot of gibberish most of it.” After splintering the empty book case into the low ceiling, she knelt next to her doomed boss. “I just wanted to ask you, what would have done if you were the all-powerful one? What was your big plan?”

“I was going end all wars and bring everlasting peace.”

“Bullshit, you lying dog.” Reaching out she calmly pinched one of his fingers so hard it came off. “Tell me, Evan,” she demanded with pleasant menace, taking another finger.

“Don’t! I just wanted to see if it would work! I didn’t have any plans!”

“Well, let me tell you what I have in mind. After all, without your work I wouldn’t be the super-developed girl I am today.” She lifted him up, and took her feet of the floor. “Let’s go upstairs.” Hovering two inches off the floor and holding him so feet dragged, Sarah flew up into the mansion through the open doorways, and took her feathery load into his sitting room.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Shut up, you puny thing. I want to give you the big picture here. Say another word and I’ll crush your jaw.” Pushing her hand down through a nearby bench to show him just how easy it would be.

“I didn’t ever do anything to you …”

“Not another word! You seem to handle pain quite well, but guess what comes off next?”

He grabbed his crotch and said nothing.

“Now, where was I?” Sarah sat down. “Oh yes. I wanted to let you know what I’m going to do. Well, my plans have changed somewhat in the last few minutes. I had no idea just how much energy your little machine was connected to, but believe me Evan, I’ve only taken a tiny bite of it and I’m strong enough now to conquer the world. Everyone is going to know me, Evan.” Leaning back, the could-be ruler of the Earth liked the thought of that. “But I won’t just jump into the number-one chair. That wouldn’t be any fun at all. I think I’ll start with some place small, like one of those islands in the Pacific. Or Indonesia maybe … yes Indonesia. I will visit each country in the world, in random order, and make them recognise me as the Number One person on Earth. It makes sense, because I am now. Only God is more powerful than me.

“As for you, my fine old boss, I’m afraid you’re not going to see any of this. I’m going to kill you before you bleed to death, and then I’m going to get some clothes that won’t tear every time I walk through a wall.”

“Please don’t kill me!” Malcolm begged, tears in his eyes.

“Stop crying. You look like a loser. Everybody dies, Mr. Malcolm, it’s just one of those things.”

Sarah looked at his broken, bleeding form and tried to think of a way to kill her old tormentor. Floated over him, she hoisted him up by the hair. Desperately trying lift himself on her arm and take up the slack, Evan performed a little jiggle on the end of Sarah’s arm the made her laugh. Remembering a few old tricks from school she pressed her palm against his nose. Hearing the break more than feeling, Sarah watched as blood spurted out from under her hand.

“I bet that hurt. Well, I got a lot to learn and so does the population. So bye now, Mr. Malcolm!” Poking her finger into his eye, the dense digit went straight into his brain. Pushing her whole hand through his face, she twisted her wrist and popped a closed fist out the back of his head.

Grabbing the corpse by the shoulder, Sarah tore her arm out then ripped the dead body into two rough halves and tossed them to opposite sides of the room.

I better get cleaned up,” she observed to no one, landing to walk easily through several walls without bothering to raise her arms to the task. Finding a shower, she turned on the hot tap placed her hand under the water waiting for it warm up. It did, but not as much it normally did. Then Sarah realised that it was just as steamy as ever, and the cool feel of the water was just her invulnerability at work. Hopping under the stream of near boiling water, the most powerful creature in the Milky Way rinsed away the blood of her first victims.

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