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Jilly Milly – Chapter 01

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Jill Pell glared at her teacher and stamped her foot. "Miss Thompkins, you can't make me stay late today! Claire and I were going to the football game, and-


The white-haired History teacher stiffened her face and raised her eyebrows. "Young lady! You will NOT raise your voice to me, or I will ask Mr. Miles to give you TWO days of principal detention. Aren't you in enough trouble already?" Jill's face flushed. She opened her mouth and closed it. "You should have thought about this afternoon's plans before you decided to disrupt my classroom. This is an institution of learning, not a playground. I won't tolerate making sport of other students. It's rude and unkind. Have your parents neglected to teach you that?"


"No ma'am," Jill said quietly, holding her temper.


Miss Thompkins nodded triumphantly. "There! I've known your mother since I taught her in Chester High School twenty-five years ago. You would do well to be as obedient as she was. Well, on with you to Mr. Miles' office. I suspect he will have some words for you too. You'd best listen to them, Jill," she concluded.


Jill bowed her head and spun on her heel to leave the classroom, her blond hair flying. "Old turd," she muttered under her breath.


"What was that?" Miss Thompkins called.


Jill stopped in her tracks. "Uh, nothing. I have to, uh, remember to feed my bird." She clamped her mouth shut and headed down the stairs. Ahead was a phalanx of senior cheerleaders, including Charlotte McKay. Jill couldn't avoid them.


"Caught it from Miss Thompkins again? Too bad you won't be able to make it to the game Jill. I'll be sure to give Bill your best regards," she teased, "personally."


"Yeah, Charlee'll give him a kiss for you, Jilly-Milly," Sue Roberts added.


Jill blushed. She hated when somebody used her childhood nickname. It was bad enough to have "Millicent" for a middle name. "Shut up. Leave me alone," she said, turning away and walking more quickly.


The girls laughed, especially when Jill slipped on a stray pencil she didn't see on the floor and almost fell. "She's so clumsy she'll never make the varsity squad," Margie Taylor snickered.


Jill closed her ears to their taunts and hurried down to register with the principal's secretary, enduring yet another lecture. She had to listen to her drone on, then get to her locker for her homework books and then make it back to Mr. Miles' office. Detention started promptly at 3:15. Just five minutes. As usual, her locker was a complete mess. She adjusted her thick glasses to distinguish the books more clearly and sensed someone watching her. She turned around, catching CJ Hawkins staring at her, as usual.


"Do you mind?" she asked in the coldest voice she could muster, willing her blue eyes to shoot icicles at him.


CJ stammered. "I-I," he swallowed. "I'm sorry Jill. It's just – I like the way you look. You know, you're so pretty … and-


"You have a lot of nerve, staring at me that way, and I don't have TIME for this!" she said, grabbing a book and slamming the locker, leaving CJ abruptly. Why was it always the losers who paid attention to her? Why not Bill Burton!


CJ watched her stride down the hall admiring the curve of her breasts and her shapely legs, then pulled out his Physics and Math books for his extra credit work. Why was school so easy and girls so hard?




Superboy flew two hundred feet up into the air and scanned the area quickly with his telescopic vision. The bank robbers couldn't have gotten too far. They should know that no bank robbery had succeeded in Smallville for years, ever since with his parents' approval he started using his powers to fight crime. There they are, heading down the dirt road almost all the way to Chester, near the Carsons' farm. He checked that the money was in the back of the truck then sped downwards, overtaking them in seconds and planted himself in front of their truck, bringing it to a gentle stop. The driver gunned the engine, but Superboy lifted the truck off the ground, letting the wheels spin harmlessly as he flew back to Smallville to deliver the gang to the police. He deposited the truck in the lot across the station and pulled open the door.


"I think you've taken something that wasn't yours," he wisecracked.


The robbers answered with a two shots. Superboy caught the bullets in mid-air, sighed and then at super-speed took the men out of the truck and crushed their guns so that no bystanders would get hurt.


"You guys never learn. Don't you know I eat these things for breakfast?" he quipped, popping the bullets into his month, crushing them with his teeth and swallowing them. He let the bigger man hit him on the chin, breaking his hand in the process, then flew them into the station house. "Here they are, Officer Smith. I think this one hurt himself trying to hit me. You might want to call the doctor for him."


"You didn't hit him, did you Superboy? You know how these lawyers are."


"No sir. He smashed his hand on my chin. Should I return the money to the bank?"


"Not yet. We'll need to record it for evidence for their trial," the officer explained.


Superboy nodded. It seemed silly to him. They'd been caught red-handed with the money; it was obvious they were the ones who robbed the bank. But he respected the law. Even thieves were entitled to a trial, even to have a lawyer to help get them off. Even though everyone knew they were guilty. He'd learned all that in Social Studies and it was interesting to see it worked even in a small town like his. Besides, he knew they'd go to jail. With his help, the town attorney hadn't lost a case in three years. He handed the money bag to Officer Smith, being careful to leave the fingerprints intact. "$3,172," he reported, having used his X-ray vision and counted it. He held the robbers while Officer Smith cuffed them.


"Thanks Superboy. But we'll have to check it the old-fashioned way too. Sure is good to have you working with us. Too bad you don't play for the Smallville High football team too."


"That wouldn't be fair," he said quickly, then blushed. "I mean, I'm not a student there Officer Smith."


Officer Smith's eyes twinkled. "Your secret's safe with me Superboy. We all know you're from around here. We have a pretty good idea who you are too – hard to keep a secret in a small town. But don't worry – no one will say anything. Just glad to have you with us – and working on our side."


"Thanks Officer Smith. Well, I've got to be going. Bye!" Officer Smith smiled and waved. Superboy flew outside town and into the secret tunnel he had built to Ma and Pa Kent's house.


He thought back and remembered Mrs. Carson watching them from her kitchen as he had corralled the truck. She seemed worried. He'd have to ask Ma Kent if there was a problem at the farm. Mrs. Carson and she were friends from school days, before Ma Kent had gotten married and moved to Smallville. She'd know if there was something wrong, and if there was anything Superboy, or Clark, could do to help.




There were still ten minutes left in the game. Chester was ahead of Farmington, but only by one point, and Farmington had the ball on Chester's 42 yard line. Jill searched the stands frantically, then put her glasses in her pocket and walked up the steps, counting carefully. She squeezed herself down the row of seats to sit next to her best friend, Claire.


"It's been so exciting. Bill scored twice! I think he was looking for you."


"Yeah?" Jill asked excitedly. She scanned the field, then shook her head. "What's happening?"


"They have the ball. Come on, put your glasses on Jill! You'll miss everything."


"I hate the way I look in them," Jill grimaced. "Oh, OK. Look!" The girls watched as Charlotte McKay was talking excitedly to Bill, her hand on his elbow possessively. "I can't stand it! It's not fair that the cheerleaders get to be down there with the players." Claire held Jill's hand sympathetically. Just then the Farmington quarterback ran a reverse that completely fooled the Chester defense. "Will you look at that?" Jill said as a groan erupted from the stands. She stared at Bill Burton. "Well, at least if he's playing he'll be out of her clutches."


"He was doing really well before," Claire said. "If it hadn't been for the interceptions we'd probably be twelve points ahead. Where do you want to go after?"


"I'm supposed to be home for dinner. The Mayor is going to be there."


"You're so lucky. Everybody big in Chester is always at your house. It must be great having a Dad who's so important."


"He's just a doctor. And it's boring. I'd rather be out with you than sitting at home listening to the Mayor talk about the new City Hall building, or his wife and her Teach English/Teach Spanish project with the Mexicans working at the plant. I know she's going to ask me to volunteer and Mom will probably say – oooh, he got really hit! Why don't they protect him better?!"


"I know. Look! Charlotte fell in the mud!" The girls laughed.


"Eww! Look at her tights. And the back of her skirt!" Jill screamed happily. The other cheerleaders huddled around Charlotte, and then she ran from the field back to the gym. Jill bounced up and down excitedly as the Chester team drove downfield. There were thirty seconds left now. She held her breath as Bill dropped back to pass to Ken Schmut, who was open in the endzone, but a Farmington player cut in front of him and intercepted. He downed the ball and Farmington ran out the clock.


The Chester students filed out of the wooden stands. Jill looked for Bill, but he had already started jogging to the gym. "I don't see why he has to run off so quickly," she complained.


"Can you help me with the math?" Claire asked.


"Yeah. It's easy. I'll call you after dinner," Jill promised.




Martha Kent put the finishing touches on the evening meal. It was meatloaf, Clark's and her husband's favorite. She heard the whoosh of her adopted son's entrance up the tunnel. It was so considerate of him to be home so promptly for dinner, even with all the important things he was doing. And he didn't even have to eat! She was so proud of him.


"Jonathan! Dinner in ten minutes," she called, arranging the plates. Poor Jonathan was looking so tired lately. At his age, he should be getting ready to quit the farm, instead of expanding it.


"Hi Ma," Clark said, giving his mother a kiss. "Anything I can do?"


"Of course not, Clark. You just sit down. We'll start in a moment."


Jonathan came in from his office and washed his hands in the sink, then gave Clark a hug. "Hello son. Imagine, someone trying to rob the Smallville National Bank!" he laughed.


"No!" Martha exclaimed.


"It's all right, Ma. They didn't get very far and now they're locked up, safe and sound," Clark said reassuringly, helping himself to a large portion as Martha looked on approvingly. Remembering Mrs. Carson, he asked, "Oh Ma, I saw Mrs. Carson when I was flying by. Is everything all right there? She looked very worried."


Martha sighed. "Oh, poor Emily! Her daughter, Jess, has been ill. She's a very good student, active in Student Council, and used to teach the five and six year olds at Sunday School. But lately she hadn't had any energy at all, and Emily told me that now Jess doesn't even want to get out of bed. She doesn't know what's wrong."


"Has she been to the doctor?" Clark asked.


"That's what I suggested when I talked to her yesterday, but, you know, it's harvest time, and it's been so hard to make that farm pay since Emily lost her husband. I told Emily I'd take her myself, but she's very proud and doesn't want help." Martha sighed. "By golly, though, I think I'll just drive out there and try again. Let Emily say no to my face!" she said, determinedly.


Clark and Jonathan smiled with approval. It was just like Martha.




"It will be the largest city hall in the eastern part of the state, and the most modern!" the Mayor declared. "A symbol of our vision, and our prosperity!"


"It sounds wonderful!" Mrs. Pell declared. "Doesn't it dear?" she asked her daughter.


Jill grunted and pushed one of her peas around her plate. She wondered how many times she could go around the plate with her fork before the pea fell off or got smashed. She was already on number three.


"I know you will be particularly proud of the public health office, Dr. Pell."


Jill's father nodded sagely. "Indeed. Every year I lecture my colleagues at the State Board on the need to make the medical profession more directly involved with public health at the local level, instead of relying upon those bureaucrats in Washington. With your assistance Mr. Mayor, we will set an example for the rest of the state, and even for the country as a whole."


The Mayor chuckled. "And those contracts are good business too, aren't they?"


Dr. Pell cleared his throat, not dignifying the remark with an answer.


"Don't play with your food, Jilly," Mrs. Pell said.


"Yeah Jilly Milly," Allen, her brother, chimed in.


"Shut up Allen!" Jill snapped.


"Children! The Mayor does not want to listen to your bickering, and neither do I," Mrs. Pell said.


"Mom, may I be excused?" Jill asked.


"Me too," Allen echoed.


Mrs. Pell looked at her husband, who gave her a curt, exasperated nod. "All right, but quietly. No television. No loud music. And I want that homework finished."


Jill was about to answer back but she decided against it and bolted from the table, followed closely behind by her brother. They thundered up the stairs, Allen pushing Jill from behind. When she got to the top she whirled around angrily. "Cut that out! Keep your grubby hands off me."


He stood on the next-to-last step and, looking down at her, pushed her backwards. "Gonna make me, sis?" he grinned, and gave her a little finger jab in the stomach.


"That hurt!" she complained and shot her hand back at him, but he caught it and pulled it up so he could tickle her under her arm. She couldn't stop herself from laughing but kicked him in the shins. He was about to kick her back when Mrs. Pell shouted from downstairs.


"STOP IT you two!"


Allen and Jill froze. He let her go. She glared at him and went to her room and slammed the door. It was so infuriating that he was so much bigger and stronger than she was. And she was two years older! Life was totally unfair! She looked through a magazine while she dialed Claire's number.


"Hi Jill," Claire answered immediately.


Jill moaned. "Boys are such a pain, especially brothers."


"I know. I have three, remember? Bobby keeps coming into my room and farting. He thinks it's funny. They are so disgusting."


Jill sighed. "We have to do something. Let's have a party."


"Yeah, sure. Who would come?"


"Marlene, Josie, Ellie-"


"Boys, Jill. What boys'll come to our party? We're just sophomores, and it's not like we're popular. There's no way Clint would come. Or Joey or Michael or Arnie. Or Bill." she added.


"We HAVE to do something. Or else I'm going to die of boredom and neglect," Jill declared. "WAIT! I've got a great idea!"


"Yeah, I'm still waiting for one," Claire cracked.


"No, I mean it! Let's invite Superboy!"


"Like he'll come!"


"No. He WILL! I mean, he doesn't have to stay the whole time. But my Great Aunt Martha – you know, the one in Smallville? Everybody says her son Clark knows Superboy. I bet I could get her to talk to Clark and get him to come. She's always doing things for people."


"You sure? Everybody would think that was so cool. But who would believe us?"


"What if they didn't, and everyone who was there said the next day that Superboy was there! I mean, he's supposed to live practically in the next town, but how many people have actually met him? Except like criminals and the police and the Mayor and stuff. And to go to a party with him? They'd definitely come!"


"Oh yeah! And I could wear my new pink top. And you have that green one, you know, the 'sexy' one that shows off your figure. But will your parents let you?"


"I don't know. I bet they would. Dad's going to be away at some doctor meeting next weekend, so he won't be around to complain about the noise. And Mom always says I don't do enough to make friends. How could she say no if Superboy came? Like, it's status for her too. I'll ask her tonight. And get her to call Aunt Martha too. But how do we make sure Charlotte and those other creepy senior girls don't crash it?"


"I don't know. If Bill's there, won't he bring Charlotte?"


"Maybe not if I say Superboy will only come if it's a small party, just my – I mean our – best friends. He wouldn't want to blow it for everyone. And if they try to crash anyway, we just won't let 'em in. I mean, it's my house, right?"


"Uh-huh," Claire said, noncommittally. "I don't know if it'll work. Hey, you know that math assignment? I really don't understand the algebra problems at all. It just looks impossible. Like the first one-


"Oh Claire! Let me explain. Remember what I told you? First, you have to solve for 'y' …"




Clark was depositing his books in his locker when he heard some shouting outside of school. He paused for a moment. It could be nothing, but on the other hand, he was just about to start his patrol anyway. He ducked into a nearby supply closet and emerged as … Superboy! He flew invisibly at super-speed through an open window at the end of the hall, then circled backwards and landed outside a crowd of students.


"What seems to be the problem, Fred?" he asked one of them.


"Superboy!! It's Gudrun again. She's got Timmy."


Superboy tapped a few shoulders and the crowd parted to let him through. A tall, robust red-haired girl was holding a much smaller and thinner boy down on the ground. His pants had been pulled halfway down his ass and his face and body showed evidence of being hit several times.


"Let him go." Superboy said commandingly. When she didn't obey right away, he took her upper arm first and pulled her gently, but her biceps flexed so large as she resisted him that Superboy saw he would be unable to keep his grip without squeezing hard enough to hurt her. So instead he shifted his hands to under her arms and lifted her into the air and put her onto the ground a few feet away from Timmy, who got up slowly, stuck his tongue at Gudrun and eased away into the crowd.


Gudrun looked down at Superboy, then grimaced and glared at the crowd. Despite the cool autumn day, she was dressed in a thin t-shirt and pale blue shorts. She was at least a head taller than most of the students and had broad shoulders and muscular arms that pressed tightly against her sleeves. "Boy … teases. Not like the laughing on me," she said, speaking each word slowly. "He not … stop. I ask … he not stop."


Superboy approached her. The crowd of students stood back but hung around to watch. Emboldened by Superboy's presence, a few snickered at her broken speech.


"Gudrun! We've talked about this before. You can't resolve things with physical force."


"Ach! You do! And they", she gestured to the crowd, "very bad. Hurt me … in the feelings."


"Timmy was teasing her Superboy," Fred said, "but also we were playing ball here and she wouldn't move. She said we couldn't make her."


"Gudrun. That's not right either."


"Game stupid. Grass here nice." She scowled. "I go home." She walked off stiffly.


Superboy turned back to the students. "Guys, keep out of her way, okay? You know she's doesn't know much English. Try to show some understanding." He focused on Timmy. "You know, I might not always be around to help."


"She's a monster," Timmy replied stubbornly in his high pitched voice. "It gives me the creeps to see a girl be so strong. She's a freak, like the Bride of Frankenstein."


"Still, you should be more tolerant of people who are different from you." He pointed to himself, "like I am." He waited a moment to let the message sink in. "OK. Time for my patrol." He waved and flew off into the air.




"I can't believe you did that!" The look of dismay was unmistakable, especially on a boy who usually exercised super self-control.


"Clark! I'm so sorry. I feel terrible. I never would have agreed if I had thought you would feel so strongly about it. I'll call Sharon back and tell her it just won't work." She went to the phone.


"Wait." He shook his head. "I mean, won't Dr. Pell see her anyway? Doesn't he owe it to society or something?"


"Yes, of course he should. But you know Clark, men often don't do what they ought. Oh dear! It is so important that Jess get the very best help. He is the best in the State, and he's right nearby. I didn't want to take the chance that he would say no and arrange for someone else to see her instead. He's so busy and important. I'm afraid he's never had much time for Sharon's side of the family. This is the first time I've actually asked for this kind of favor since they were married. So I just felt I couldn't say no when Sharon asked whether I could find a way to get Superboy to go to her daughter's party." She paused. "I shouldn't have involved you. There must be some other thing I can do to help. Perhaps she'd like it if I made some food for the party."


"No, no. That won't – I'll do it. Of course I'll do it. For you. And for Jess."


Martha felt as though she was going to cry. But she quickly enveloped her son in a big hug. That way he wouldn't see.




"That little twerp! I can't believe SHE'S having the party of the year and WE'RE not invited." Charlotte scowled. "Who could ever have guessed that she knows Superboy!"

"Maybe we should just be nice to her and then she'll invite us," Margie suggested meekly.

"Give me a break! We're the last people she'd EVER invite. She wants to have Bill to herself. No, we'll have to think of something else."

"Hide her glasses?" Stuff used tampons in her locker?" Sue offered.

Charlotte looked upward. "Pretty mean. But that won't solve the problem." She shook her head. "We have to think of something much better, something that'll really destroy Jill Pell."

"Like, a counterparty?"

Charlotte nodded thoughtfully. "Yes. That's a very good idea."




"Clark, isn't that party starting soon? Don't you need to start getting ready?"

"Yeah, Ma, but it's not like I have to decide what I'm wearing. I'm going in my costume right?"

Mrs. Kent smiled. "Of course."

"And you know you're not supposed to be at a party right at when it starts."

"Well, dear, that might be true for most people. But you're the guest of honor. Everyone will be waiting for you. Oh, don't look like that. It's a wonderful thing you're doing. Emily said Dr. Pell was very thorough and attentive, he'll see her again next week, after the test results come back. She's very encouraged." She put her arm on Clark's shoulder. "It was very good of you. And you never know, you might have a good time. You don't spend enough time with people your own age. There may even be some pretty girls there. Someone you'll like. Chester's a big town, at least compared with Smallville."


"Sure Ma. Oh, what's her name?"


"Jill. Jill Pell."

Superboy's eyebrows rose. "That's four L's!" He shivered slightly. "Maybe I shouldn't go."


"Six actually, dear. I think her middle name is Millicent. But you're not superstitious, are you? She's just an ordinary teenage girl."


"No, it's just … double L's have always meant something for me. You know, Lex Luthor, Lana Lang, even my own name, Kal-el."


"Hmmph! Your father and I don't have an "L" between us, and your parents on Krypton each had just a single one. I'm surprised at you, son." Superboy suddenly looked concerned. "What is it dear?"


"It's a message on the national emergency frequency." He shook his head. "Some kind of alien invasion over Washington." He looked at her questioningly.


"Oh dear! You'd better go. I'll call Sharon and tell her you've been called away. If you can just get there for a minute."


Superboy nodded. "I'll try Ma." He flew downstairs and out his secret tunnel. Martha looked concerned, took a deep breath, and phoned her niece with the bad news. If she knew Sharon, she would not take it well.


Superboy hurtled into the air, flying at super-speed. He saw the ship hovering over the Washington Monument and grabbed the underside of the vessel, tossing it like a frisbee far to the West. If there was going to be a battle, he wanted it far from any people! He followed it closely until it crashed in the foothills just to the east of the Rocky Mountains. He expected some sort of ray to shoot at him, but instead a hatch opened and six human looking creatures flew out. They lacked space suits and they seemed unharmed, so they must have super powers of some sort. Superboy was on his guard. Four were male, two were female. They squinted in the light and looked around. Superboy had a bad feeling about them and moved closer.


One of the males flew toward him, fists ready. Superboy braced himself for the blow and easily fended it off. He hit him back, the blow sending the alien careening to the ground. He looked at Superboy, then at the others and collapsed. Superboy looked at him more closely. He was dead! Well, that wasn't too hard. Now there were just five.


Superboy noticed there were some hikers nearby, and so did one of the females. She flew down to the ground and picked one of them up in the air with one hand. He screamed as she easily crushed his arm with her fist. "Hey, look how fragile these creatures are." She shook him around vigorously. "And they're light as feathers! We actually have super-strength here. It's just like we predicted." The hiker hit her in the face and his other hand broke against her jaw. "Awww! He actually broke hand on my chin! This is going to be great, once we get rid of that Superboy!" She toyed with the man, letting him hit her to no effect while she beat him up using only her forefinger.


Superboy rounded up the other hikers and flew them to a safe distance, then flew back to the woman and plowed into her from the side. She grunted and released the man, who limped away his face bruised and bleeding. Superboy had landed nearby and now had a clear shot at her, but she flew at him now from the side and smashed into him, knocking him away slightly. Superboy realized with surprise that she was stronger than the first one was. Well, there certainly are species where the females are the stronger sex, he thought, and he noticed as much or even slightly more muscularity on her than on the male he'd killed. He hated the idea of fighting a girl, but she had shown her evil intent, and as Earth's protector he had no choice. He flew straight at her and hit her, knocking her backwards. She recovered and came back for more, although more slowly. Not giving her a chance to recover Superboy hit her again and she fell back, limp … and dead. This seemed strange. Almost too easy.


Now the three remaining males came at him at one time. Superboy braced himself, ready to hit each in turn with his super-speed. As they approached, he fired his fists at them, hitting them first, but not stopping them. In fact, each of them continued on and hit Superboy harder than either of the first male or female. Superboy was puzzled. He flew backwards, giving himself time to examine their bodies. Why, each of them was considerably more muscular than the first two! But how? They hadn't looked nearly that strong when he first saw them – he'd thought they'd all had pretty much the build of normal humans, with the usual male-female differences in size and shape – yet these men now looked very well-developed, almost like heavyweight boxers, and considerably more muscular than Superboy was. In fact, their light blue costumes now seemed too small for them, their large chests picking up the shirt so that it left a ring of skin around their torsos, and their wrists and legs becoming exposed as their thick muscles stretched the fabric. They came for another round, one of them connecting with Superboy's chin. He felt that and tumbled backwards! Superboy rubbed his chin and tried to regroup. He'd have to hit them with his full strength this time. He noticed their skin seemed a bit pinker, and they were having trouble with the bright sun, so he came around and approached them from the southwest, the sun at his back. He zig-zagged in flight, making it hard for them to follow him with their squinting eyes, and kicked one hard in the chest, turned and lashed out with his side of hand at the other's throat, then returning to the third with a hard blow to the temple. Well, that did it – they were strong but not quite as invulnerable as he! They all lay on the ground, as limp as the first two. But he'd had to use almost all of his super-strength, as well as strategy, to beat each of them!


Now there was just one left, but where was she? He heard a whistle in the air and she landed in front of him, just behind the three he'd just defeated. She was nearly as muscular as they were, like a female bodybuilder! And then, as they stood opposite each other, she started to change before his eyes. Her already large biceps expanded, pushing upwards and around, shredding the sleeves of her pink costume, which soon hung from her shoulders only as decorative streamers over her muscles. She held up her arms to admire them and watch them continue to grow. Her chest was also growing. Her pink top rose slowly up her abdomen, uncovering her navel and the rest of her stomach and then baring the bottoms of her breasts to just below her nipples, giving Superboy a full view of her six pack abdominals, her slabs of pectoral muscle, and the lower halves of her breasts. She flexed once to bring her abs into sharp relief, and did a little belly dance shimmy. Meanwhile, her pink leggings were stretched to the limit by the size of her thigh muscles and now extended barely halfway down her thigh. She stretched her body from side to side and then put her hands together in front of her chest, flexing her pectoral muscles and pushing out her bosom, then ran her hands up her body from her thighs, across the ridges of her abdomen, over her breasts and her shoulders. She sighed with contentment and licked her lips, then looked over at Superboy.


Superboy was transfixed by her development. He'd never seen a creature so muscular, and certainly not a woman! Her biceps were easily at least four times as large as his. Her chest was sixty five inches around, excluding her prominent bosom. While he looked her over, he glanced down at the three men he'd just beaten. Why, they had all shrunk! In fact, thinking back to his memory of them when he'd first seen them, they were even thinner and less muscular than they'd been then. But moments ago they were all built like Mike Tyson! What had happened to them? Then it dawned on him. Each one he'd defeated had been weaker than the ones that followed. The losers must have transferred his or her strength to the others. And that meant-


He looked up to see the woman leaping toward him, almost too fast for him to see. He braced himself and timed his punch, but at the last second she accelerated in mid-air even more and hit him first, sending him soaring into the sky. He struggled to right himself and find her, but before he could she appeared above him and hit him even harder, sending him streaking back toward earth. He lost consciousness for a moment and when he came to he was just a few hundred feet above land. Before he could stop himself, he'd crashed into the ground. He looked around and there she stood, five feet behind him, grinning.


"Well, Superboy. It is I who is the last. So it will be my pleasure to destroy you and then take my pleasure with this little planet and its weak, toylike creatures."


Superboy hurled himself at her again, but before he could reach her she slapped at his face, sending him spinning to the ground a hundred yards away. She quickly followed and leapt up and landed next to him. He shook his head to dull the pain and saw only her massive legs. She gave him a moment to take in their impressive size and then shot her leg out and kicked him high into the air, then flew past him again and caught him by his cape and whirled him around and around, spinning him so rapidly that the world was a complete blur and a continual explosion of sonic booms ripped through the air. She finally let go, sending him backwards slanting toward the ground at blistering speed, but she flew still more quickly and overtook him yet again. She landed in front of him and he crashed into her protruding chest and bounced onto the ground below her, while she stood above him, her back to the sun, completely unaffected by the collision other than a slight shaking of her prodigious bosom.


"Ha-ha! This is SO much fun," she sneered boldly, putting her hands on her hips and thrusting her chest out above him, flaunting her power and then teasing him with her femininity by bouncing her pecs. "You haven't encountered the Mallians before, have you Superboy?" He struggled to his feet, too shaken to do more than indicate no with his head, and stood unsteadly in front of her, his knees bent, his shoulders and arms limp. "We come from a solar system with a red-orange sun, so we may not have exactly the same powers as you do. Perhaps that's why you beat my friends so easily. But there is something that makes us Mallians different. We live in a harsh world – few of us survive to adulthood. So our culture – and even our bodies – have evolved in an altruistic way. Any of us who finds himself near death or unlikely to survive readily sacrifices himself for the benefit of the others. No Mallian may die without giving his remaining strength to the rest of the population. It makes for a dull world, everyone thinking of others all the time, and the constant small infusions of strength barely countering the debilitating forces of our climate and the minimal energy our world gets from our sun. Life is so hard that there's no room for anyone who wants adventure and fun. My friends and I refused to live that way, so were banished to a bleak prison island because of our 'selfish' attitudes! But we managed to steal a ship and left to look for a yellow sun world where we could have super-powers and live as we pleased, like gods compared to the ordinary beings here, who have no idea how good they'd HAD it." She relaxed her pose and ran her fingers down her arm, caressing her huge biceps with delight and shifting her weight to one foot, resting the back heel of her other foot on the ground. "Well, they've HAD it! The old days are over for them, and for you too!" She looked down at the bodies littering the ground. "What fools my 'friends' were! Still living as Mallians, still trained for self-sacrifice, they all sought to fight you first, while I held back, wanting to be the one who would enjoy all of our combined strength and powers, which are plainly far greater than yours, Superboy!"


She looked around her, blinking her eyes. "What a pleasant place this will be to rule as a god. No blistering ion storms to destroy years of food supplies. No volcanos opening up below one's feet. No super-blizzards to freeze all the water for thousands of miles. No insect predators to attach themselves to my skin to suck away my blood! Yes, I'm immune and invulnerable to all that, and while there are no Mallians left here to increase my strength further, I've got billions of humans to satisfy my every whim. Yes, other than the brightness of the light, this Earth will be paradise for me – once I've disposed of you!" She smiled at him but made no move.


Superboy listened to her boasting while the strong yellow sun of the clear mountain air powered his recuperation. The pain ebbed from his body and he felt his strength return. Well, he wasn't beaten yet, but he would need all of his super-strength andn abililities to prevail. Now fully recharged, Superboy suddenly shifted his stance and powered his fist at her stomach at super-speed. She made no move to block him, letting his blow crash into her harmlessly as she stood firmly in place, her weight still on just one foot. She looked down at her stomach, unmarked by the impact of Superboy's planet shattering effort, and then tightened her abdominals, showing off her dense musculature. "Ooooooh!" she sang, taunting him, "was I supposed to do that BEFORE you hit me?". Superboy stared at her in disbelief. "But now it's my turn." She hit him with a quick jab, her fist pushing deep into his abdomen and sending Superboy tumbling through the air yet again, flying backwards several miles while she flew alongside him, mocking him, until he scraped against the rocky ground and slowed to a stop.


She landed and scooped him up, holding him under his shoulders in front of her and watched him struggle to get free, pushing helplessly against her arms. With all his effort he could not even dimple her massive biceps, much less make her release her grip. She laughed, again not deigning to defend herself against him. "Your so-called 'super-strength' feels like no more than the fluttering of a baby's fingers against my muscles. And, you know, they're not even tensed yet. Maybe I should exert myself just a little." She pulled him closer, bending her arms and flexing her biceps, which rose even higher. He hit her harder and now grimaced with pain as his steel hard fists met her even harder biceps. Superboy looked at them, amazed at the size of her muscles and the extent of her powers, which clearly dwarfed his, and for the first time became truly frightened that he was about to meet his end.


She shifted her fingers downward to his biceps. "Now let's see how YOURS feel." She put her thumbs on top of them and the rest of her hand behind and began to push down. He tightened his muscles against her for protection as she massaged the muscle with her thumb. "Why, they're so SMALL, SuperBOY!" she laughed, running her thumb up and down the muscle and flexing hers again to compare. "But maybe it's not the size that counts. Maybe it's your super-powers that make you strong and make them as hard as steel. But then, what's steel to ME?" she laughed and started pressing down harder on his biceps. He groaned as she quickly compressed his muscles with her thumbs until she had closed her hand around his bone. He cried out loudly in pain, his voice echoing in the mountains. "Oh, does that hurt?" she grinned. "I thought YOU were supposed to be INVULNERABLE." She gave one final squeeze and then let go, switching her hands to his shoulder blades and continued holding him in place. Even with his hands free, Superboy could do nothing against her, the pain from his crushed biceps stopping him from doing any more than banging the backs of his hands uselessly against her.


He redoubled his efforts to shake free but he was trapped in her arms as a fly stuck in amber. He tried to break away using his flying power, but she countered it with her own and kept them firmly to the ground, pressing him ever more tightly against her hard body, her breasts providing just a brief cushion against her diamond-hard pectorals and ribs, as she steadily tightened her grip. "Yes, a hug to the death! That will do nicely! But first, there's something else I must do" She stared intently into Superboy's eyes and he felt almost as if a door was opening between them. What was she doing? "Do you feel it, Superboy? This is the link we Mallians establish with each other. As I'd hoped, your race is susceptible to it as well. Don't you want to give me your power Superboy, to sacrifice yourself for MY greater good?" He shook his head, struggling to close the "door." "I thought not. But it doesn't matter. As you die your resistance will weaken, and your powers will be mine as well. I'll be even stronger and will also possess the powers you have and I don't, like resistance to this damnably bright sun! Farewell, Superboy!"


She wrapped her arms more securely around his back and closed her grip, the flexing of her biceps around his torso bending Superboy's bones to the breaking point. Superboy felt she would cut him in two if his body didn't break first against her chest. But he could NOT let her defeat him! Resisting a desire for surrender and the ease of death he looked down at her neck and noticed again an unusual pinkness in her exposed skin. What if …? In desperation, he focused his eyes on her head and fired his heat vision at her. She screamed in pain. So that WAS her weakness! Of course! Her Mallian invulnerability didn't extend to radiation! He poured it on more intensely, burning a hole in her skull. Her grip rapidly weakened and she started convulsing. He must be burning her brain now, he thought, and reluctantly continued until she dropped him, then fell to the ground, dead.


He stepped away, continuing his assault on her with his heat vision until her body had completely disappeared. He didn't want to take the chance of her strength being transferred to another Mallian who might also be waiting in the wings. Then he wondered whether that he could have used that "open door" to add her strength to his own. He searched his senses and decided he no longer felt her presence. Her strength and power were gone for good. Well, he consoled himself, he certainly had enough on his own; no need to be greedy. Still, the image of her powerful arms and her absolute invulnerability against what he had thought of as his unstoppable strength stayed in his mind. He found it oddly thrilling, but then quickly put it out of his mind.


He was exhausted and now stood looking at the smoking ground. He hated to take life. And here, he had just killed six aliens, who left their home world only because they'd wanted adventure. What had gone wrong? Shouldn't there have been enough adventure in helping others? What wonderous powers the Mallians had. They could have taught Earth so much about sharing and sacrifice. If only they'd used their powers for good, rather than evil. He resolved to visit Mallia someday to see what he could learn from them.


He took a deep breath. His arms still hung at his side, nearly useless, and his tender chest and ribs pained him with each movement. His thoughts went to Chester, and Jill Pell, and his mood darkened. He certainly couldn't go to her party feeling and looking like this! What kind of Superboy walked like an old man, unable even to lift hand to sip a glass of Coke! No, he needed to recuperate – in case he was needed elsewhere. He flew up into space, heading due West, in the opposite direction of Chester, away from the night sky encroaching on the Midwest, better to soak up the energy restoring rays of Earth's yellow sun. Jill's party would just have to go on without him.

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