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Little Firebug – Chapter 08, The Arions

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Little Firebug – Chapter 8

The Arions

by Sharon Best

The Daily Planet building

Upon arriving at the first floor lobby, Kara quickly found Lois Lane’s number and called up to make an appointment. Lois’s secretary routinely tried to schedule her for next week before Kara mentioned that she had ‘special’ information about Superman. The secretary, remembering Lois’s standing order to immediately send anyone to her who claimed to know something special about Superman, sent her right up. What the secretary didn’t know was that Lois had gone from trying to discover Superman’s secret identify to trying to protect it. She knew that the only chance for her to have a real life with Clark was for his secret identify to remain just that, a secret.

Kara wrote down the room number as the secretary told her to come up to the 40th floor to wait for Lois. A quick elevator trip later, Kara strolled into the newsroom to begin looking around for Lois’s desk. She saw a number of heads jerk up to look at her as she realized she was suddenly the center of attention in the large room.

Jimmy was one of the first people who saw the tall gorgeous blond standing in the doorway, obviously looking around for someone. Her face looked very young, seemingly just a teenage girl, yet she was dressed very smartly and maturely in a trim business suit. Her skirt had more of an LA style than a Metropolis one, the difference being that the hemline was unusually short. His eyes quickly confirmed that she had the legs to justify wearing such a short skirt! Boy, did she ever!

Standing a little sideways to her, he was astounded at her incredible figure! Her trim hips and tiny waist swept upward to the most remarkable chest he had ever seen on a woman. He had never seen breasts that were that firm and sat that high on a woman’s chest, not to mention that she was very well-endowed to boot! She had to be in extraordinary physical condition, a fact that was also telegraphed by her perfect posture; either that or she had spent a lot of time in a plastic surgeon’s office. Yet there was also something totally innocent, pure and appealing about her that made his heart begin skipping beats!

Jimmy had been working as a photographer, really just learning the trade, for the last five years and had photographed countless beautiful woman, but his appreciative and trained eye told him that this girl was like no other he had ever seen.

He slid off the desk he had been sitting on and walked quickly over to meet her. “Hi, I’m Jimmy Olson, can I help you find someone?”

He took her hand in his as he felt her surprisingly firm warm handshake. Her large sparkling blue eyes broke into a dazzling smile, a smile accented by the cutest dimples he had ever seen.

“Oh, Hi, I’m Kara, Kara Matthews. I’m looking for Lois Lane. Can you point her out to me?”

He suddenly found it hard to talk as his eyes held hers for a moment. He finally saw the beginning of a smile forming at the corners of her mouth. “Hello … ah, Jimmy isn’t it? Are you Ok?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry, ah, Lois, um, she’s not here right now. Can I help you?” He had trouble concentrating on what he was saying; God she was stunningly beautiful!

Kara remembered reading about Jimmy in the fan literature. He was the photographer who had been credited with many of the early pictures of Superman. In fact, he was still supposedly coming up with more exclusive photos of him than anyone else.

Kara was really enjoying the fact that nobody knew who she was here. She was starting to realize how limiting it was for her back on ‘her’ Earth when everyone knew that she was really Supergirl, even if she wasn’t dressed like her. Her line of personalized designer workout clothing, each with her distinctive little ‘S’ on them, as well as her pseudonym of Supergirl, were household words, much like Superman was here. She wondered if there was any way to become anonymous again, to maybe have a ‘secret’ identity that most people didn’t know about. She blinked those thoughts away, returning to the present as she looked down to see that Jimmy was still holding her hand. He followed her eyes down to his hand as he suddenly released her while looking a little embarrassed.

“Oh, gee, I’m sorry. Who did you say you were looking for?”

“Well, actually, I’m looking for someone who can help me find Superman. I understand that you have done most of the photo exclusives on him during the last few years and Lois has done most of the stories. Is he as hard to find as everyone thinks?”

Jimmy was suddenly disappointed. Yet another beautiful woman, really just a girl this time, thinking she could make time with Superman. They had no idea of what they were getting into. Superman had once, in a rare moment of vulnerability, talked at length with Jimmy as he had fretted about his relationship with Lois. Jimmy had been pretty young and inexperienced himself with women at that time, but he knew enough from Superman’s veiled comments that he had a real problem with Lois. The problem was that she was just an ordinary woman!

It wasn’t hard for Jimmy to imagine that if every part of his body was super and if his libido was like that of other men, then he would find it hard to find any physical satisfaction among the soft women of Earth. However, based on Lois’s radiance after starting her romance with Clark, who Jimmy knew was really Superman, he assumed that it was at least good for her! But what about Superman’s own needs?

No, Superman’s relationships with most women were not inherently sexual in nature, they could not be. And no Terran woman was going to seduce a man of steel with her charms, no matter how dramatic those charms were. Although, he thought with a smile, if anyone could, this girl would probably come the closest he had seen. Except maybe for Wonder Woman.

He thought back to some exclusive photos he had shot of Superman when Wonder Woman had visited Metropolis. He had suppressed a few shots he had taken of them that showed that Superman was, first and foremost, a MAN and that he was ‘super’ in more ways than just his muscles. One shot, after he had seen Superman holding WW tightly to himself that one time, had shown his costume bottom stretching impossibly over his dramatic erection. He had actually been surprised when Wonder Woman quickly became very cool toward him after that and had finally left Earth. Some of his photos clearly showed the confusion in her face and the arousal, no, the lust, in Superman’s. Not to mention the dramatic stretching of the fortunately invulnerable fabric of his costume when he was with her. After all, she was the only woman he had ever met who had the muscles to really ‘be’ with Superman, at least in the biblical sense.

Well, Superman might not be interested in yet another Terran woman, and such a young woman at this, but Jimmy did not have the same problem. There was also something about this girl, maybe it was her eyes, maybe it was the way she moved, that seemed so familiar to him. Maybe it was because she looked an awful lot like his own girlfriend, Monica, yet she moved more like Wonder Woman had, or maybe, even Superman himself. It was a puzzle he would have to figure out. If she hung around for a bit.

“Look, I have to meet Lois in a couple of hours to shoot some photos for her. I don’t think she will be back before then. You can hang out with me and go on location with me a little later. Is that Ok?”

She smiled brightly while turning to take his arm in hers. “I appreciate that Jimmy. Is there anyplace I can get something to drink here. I just flew in from Nevada and I still can’t get enough liquid in me.” She was still feeling a little funny since the incident in the bar the night before. She had never really been drunk before and she was finding that thirst was at least one of the aftereffects. Even though her powers had come back after removing the gold chains, she had still felt lousy the rest of the night. She was Ok today, though, except that she was always thirsty.

“Yeah, let me show you where the drink machine is.” He strolled through the huge newsroom with Kara holding his arm as he saw everyone’s head look up to stare at the gorgeous girl by his side. He whispered something to her that made her smile and laugh before she whispered something back. It looked like these two knew each other, but nobody had any idea where Jimmy had met yet another gorgeous blond. The other girl he had brought by, Monica, had dazzled everyone when she had visited the newsroom a few weeks ago. This girl, if anything, was even more gorgeous. Maybe she was Monica’s younger sister, they sure looked a lot alike. They figured he must be arranging photo shoots with these models, probably for Playboy if this girl’s figure was any indication. Of course, she looked just a little young for that. At least her face did. Maybe he was doing some work for a fitness publication or the like. One of the few benefits of being a photographer, or so they figured.

Kara and he finally stopped in the photo lab as Jimmy looked around to realize he didn’t have a spare chair. She didn’t seem to mind as she just scooted up to sit on his desk, long legs crossed demurely, as he tried to work on getting his cameras loaded and checked out for the day’s shoot. He quickly found he was having a hard time of it with her sitting above him that way. Her short skirt was barely visible from this angle, just her long shapely legs and her pearl white stockings. He leaned over to pick something up as he saw that her legs were clearly visible to about three fourths of the way up her thighs. He couldn’t help but notice that her legs were incredibly strong looking, even more dramatic than Monica’s. He figured she must workout for hours each day to develop legs like that; Monica certainly did.

He screwed up his courage to say something again. “Ah, Kara, what do you do, I mean for a living. You look like you are in really good shape. My girlfriend is one of the pro fitness competitors and I know how hard she has to work to keep in the kind of shape you look like you are in.”

She had seen where Jimmy had been staring, or rather, trying not to stare, as she had scooted her skirt down as much as she could. His reference to fitness was a good idea. “I was an aerobics instructor at the girl’s school in Switzerland that I’ve been studying at for the last six years. We had an aerobics group, made up of some faculty and a bunch of us girls, and we worked out each day. Mainly though, I just work out a lot on my own. I’ve also been doing some local swimsuit and fitness clothing modeling in LA whenever I am out of school, mostly the summers. I’ve been asked to work at some of the bigger modeling houses, but not until I turn 18. How long have you been a photographer?”

“I’ve been doing this for about five years now, ever since I was 16. It was just part-time until I graduated from high school. Lois gave me a lot of help, Clark too. I don’t know if you know him, he’s kind of Lois’s SO and they work together a lot now. I mean, they didn’t used to like each other but now they do, in fact, they got engaged a while ago. Anyway, they both usually ask for me when they need some shots, so I’ve been getting a lot of work. The two of them always seem to get the most incredible stories, especially the ones about Superman or about aliens or anything like that.”

Kara listened to his rambling speech. He looked like he was having trouble concentrating on talking at the same time as he worked on his equipment. She was pretty sure it wasn’t his camera that was distracting him as he kept glancing up at her legs.

“Aliens, I thought Superman was the only alien on Earth?”

“Well, usually that is true,” Jimmy said, “but last year, some really bad dudes, Superman called them Arions, although that name was never published, came here in some kind of spaceship. There was this huge battle and he finally drove them away. I took a lot of photos of that and even had my equipment trashed one time. They had some kind of heat vision like Superman and they melted a couple of my cameras. Anyway, he wouldn’t let me publish most of the photos, at least none of them that actually showed the Arions. I have them all in my personal archives though. Maybe someday I’ll be able to publish a few of them.”

Arions! The mere mention of them startled Kara and sent a rush through her body. She had had her share of battles with them, in fact, her defeat at their hands when she was only ten years old had caused the loss of her powers for over 6 years. The Arions had also caused the death of her step-parents during the same incredible battle, a battle that had left this very young girl depleted of energy and half dead, powerless. Unfortunately, it had occurred before she had developed her breasts, so she had had no real way to store energy in her body back then. Certainly not the way she could now.

If it wasn’t for the kindness of Frank (Authors note: See Aurora chapter 7), a man that had been a good friend of her natural mother, she might have perished that day as well. He had dragged her body away as the Arion’s went off to argue over who was going to kill the little girl. By the time they returned to finish her off, she was hidden in Frank’s car. He managed to get away before they figured out where she had gone.

She lay in a coma for weeks after the battle while he carefully tried to nurse her back to health. He never took her to a normal hospital; what could they do for this tiny Supergirl, her alien body still invulnerable to any medical treatments they could prescribe. The first time they would have tried to give her an injection or an IV, they would have discovered she only looked like a human girl!

She had finally woken up with nearly complete amnesia. She never remembered that she was ‘special’ in any way, and Frank hadn’t the heart to tell her. She remained in this ‘normal’ state until she accidentally regained her powers by absorbing a huge amount of electrical energy during the big LA earthquake of ’96. (Authors note: See Adventures of Aurora, chapters 6 and 7).

Kara looked back up at Jimmy as she once again forced her thoughts back to the present.

“Do you have any of those pictures here, Jimmy?”

“Yeah, they all are. Here, let me show you.” He searched through some test prints for a few moments before handing her a dozen or so of them. The prints were small, but her sharp eyes were able to very quickly make out the details of the Arions, and their unique style of dress. Yes, they were the same as she remembered from her more recent battles. She felt a surge of hope. If they could get into and, she assumed, out of this dimension, then so could she.

They talked for the next hour as Jimmy grew more and more comfortable around her. Despite her incredible beauty and absolutely gorgeous physique, she was a very warm and ‘comfortable’ girl, very down to earth and unpretentious. Completely unlike the ‘stuck up’ personalities he had often encountered in models, or almost any truly beautiful woman. She had an innocent and ‘untouched’ aura to her that he found very appealing. Almost as if she had been hidden away for years. He guessed the exclusive girls school in Switzerland explained that; she really had been hidden away!

Jimmy felt incredibly attracted to both her innocence and her openness, as well as her incredible looks. He didn’t think that such a girl could exist, given the corrupting forces that were focused on any pretty girl now days. He worked hard to concentrate on his cameras before finally finishing getting them ready. He glanced at the clock again.

“Time to go, Kara. We are supposed to meet Lois across town and it will take an hour to get there in the van. I hope I’m not making a mistake bringing you, Lois said it could be an ‘exciting’ shoot, but I never know what she means by that. Professionally exciting or dangerous or what.”

“Well, don’t worry about me, Jimmy, I’m actually a lot better at taking care of myself than you might expect. Despite being in a girl’s school, or maybe because of it, I’ve studied Karate and Judo a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised if I could wipe the floor up with you if we ever wrestled. I’m pretty good. So don’t worry about me!”

Jimmy’s legs almost collapsed as she smiled at him while describing her fighting skills. He had a sudden wild vision of her pinning him to the floor, those long gorgeous legs of hers wrapped around him. He felt himself getting hard; what an incredible fantasy that would be! He tore his thoughts away from her. He had to very quickly think about something else before he embarrassed himself.

“Ah, maybe we will have to try that sometime …” was all he dared say as he grabbed his gear and headed for the door, Kara in trail.

The van was hard to start as usual, but he coaxed it into life before roaring up out of the parking lot. He had to work to keep his eyes on the road as the sun was shining in the window and accenting Kara’s blond hair and long legs as she sat on the other side of the van. He was amazed at how strong, yet gorgeous, her legs looked from this angle as she crossed them again.

It took slightly more than an hour get across town as they both talked about Superman. Mainly Kara asking questions and Jimmy answering them as best he could. He finally got up the courage to ask her why she was looking for him.

“Well, I was hoping he could help me solve a problem I’ve run into. It’s kind of personal though …” She saw the little smirk on Jimmy’s face at the mention of ‘personal’. “And it is definitely not what you are thinking right now, Jimmy Olson!” she said with a smile on her face as she nudged him with her elbow. “There may be a lot of girls out there mooning over Superman’s body, but that isn’t why I’m here. I have a real problem to solve. Besides, you don’t think I would have any trouble getting my own ‘superguy’ would you?”

“Ah, no, I’m sure you wouldn’t. You don’t have a boyfriend by any chance do you. Am I about to get punched out for spending the day with you?” Her clear laugh was like music to his ears. “Don’t worry, nobody that special, really! You are safe, at least from that angle. I’m the only ‘dangerous’ person here!” The look on Jimmy’s face, kind of a mixture of disbelief and relief was comical. “What! Do you think that every pretty girl has a steady guy,” Kara said laughing. “Believe me, I’ve got some of the same problems you do, problems in finding someone who is really compatible with me. And I have a rather ‘unusual’ problem that makes that a lot harder for me than you might think.”

Jimmy was about to ask about this ‘unusual problem’ when he realized they had arrived. The huge decrepit warehouse, with Lois’s car from the Daily Planet parked in front, stretched for an entire block. There were some pretty seedy looking characters standing on the corner while a broken down moving van pulled out from one of the loading docks.

“You better stay in the van, Kara. This might get rough inside.” He started to get out while looking back down the street. He saw three men step out from the loading dock the truck had just left from. They started walking toward them. “On the other hand, follow me. It can’t be any worse inside than out here. And if we don’t hurry, you may have to show me those fighting skills you mentioned before we get ourselves out of this one.”

He grabbed half his gear but was surprised when Kara picked up the heaviest of the cases, the one he was going to leave in the van, and began to run across the street with it. Despite being in heels, she moved like an athlete in sneakers would. But no athlete he had met could carry an 80 lb. case in her right hand while moving like that! Maybe her aerobics routines were a little more intense than what he gave her credit for! Still, Monica, a pro fitness competitor, probably couldn’t carry that much weight in one hand, and she worked out all the time.

They ran for the warehouse door closest to Lois’s car. Jimmy cursed when they arrived, looking down to see that it was locked. He quickly glanced behind him; the men were now blocking their retreat back to the van. This was definitely getting ugly. How could he have been so stupid as to involve Kara in this. Damn!

“Let me check the padlock, Jimmy, I used to mess around opening locks, kind of a party trick. Let me try.” She quickly slipped off her gold bracelets as she handed them to Jimmy. She reached into her purse to make it look like she was taking out a bobby pin or the like before reaching up to fumble with the lock. She made sure her back was to Jimmy as she grabbed the padlock in her right hand and squeezed it. It took a moment, her strength hadn’t fully returned from taking the bracelets off, before the tendons of her wrist suddenly became very pronounced. The case-hardened steel of the massive padlock slowly began crushing under her fabulous grip, steel giving way like it was made of warm wax. When it was fully crushed, steel squeezing out between her fingers, she deftly twisted her powerful wrist to tear the shackle open before tossing the crushed remains of the lock and shackle into the tall weeds beside the door. She took her bracelets back from Jimmy and slipped them back on.

“Voila … you never know when a little party trick can come in handy.”

Jimmy stood dumb-struck for a moment; that had been a high security padlock. How could she pick it that quickly? And why had she taken her bracelets off first?

“You, girl, have some secrets … and we are definitely going to have to talk about putting those skills to some more socially redeemable purposes, other than breaking into warehouses!”

She responded with a cute smile that warmed him as he grabbed his gear and raced through the door. He never saw the quick burst of energy that reached out behind him from Kara’s eyes to weld the door shut. The last thing she wanted now was to have to reveal herself by fighting off those men.

Jimmy looked around to see that the huge warehouse was half empty. The sound of dripping water blended in with occasional skittering noises in the dark corners … rats! Damn, he hated rats! He started to head to the left, away from the worst of the skittering noises, before Kara grabbed his arm.

“I think she went the other way, Jimmy.” He paused for a moment before deciding that anyway was as good as any other, other than maybe for the rats. They were probably everywhere anyway.

What Jimmy couldn’t know was that Kara had used her super vision to spot Lois, tied up to a steel beam, in an office near the top of the warehouse. There was a large room next to her that Kara couldn’t see into, but otherwise, the whole place seemed to be empty.

Kara led the way across the huge floor toward the stairs leading upward. They were almost there when the three men from the street kicked open a door near the base of the stairs and walked in. Kara quickly pushed Jimmy behind her as she whispered to him, “Let me handle this …”

He whispered back, “ ’Let me handle this’? What are you talking about Kara. These guys are not going to respond to your girlish charms. Do you have any idea what they are probably thinking about doing to you, after they beat the crap out of me or worse? Lets run for it!”

She leaned over to give Jimmy a little peck on the cheek, “We need to look for Lois, remember. Besides, I said I could fight. I don’t think they will expect someone who looks like me to be a threat. Maybe I can take them by surprise. Besides, do you think you can handle them all by yourself?”

He didn’t even have to answer that as Kara walked ahead of him, swaying her hips in a sexy way as she let her tiny skirt ride up just a bit more on her hips. “Excuse me, do you guys know how to get to the office. We are supposed to meet some friends of ours here. Some big friends of ours. I think it is up those stairs, but I’m not sure which way. I’m really lost.”

“Girl, the only ‘big guys’ you are going to meet today are right here in our pants, right guys.” A quick wolf whistle was the only response as one of them casually reached out to grab one of Kara’s slim wrists while the other two headed for Jimmy.

Kara shrugged, I guess they aren’t going to waste any time talking. She was glad she was wearing the gold bracelets, otherwise she might crush these men without meaning to. She felt confident as she quickly flexed her incredible muscles as she spun around to threw the man who was holding her over her head to crash into the back of one of the other men. She then bent down to take off her heels and toss the shoes to a very surprised Jimmy Olson. He had hardly caught them when she spun around in her stocking feet to deliver a strong back kick to the second man. He flew forward to smash head first against one of the steel beams; he was out like a light.


Meanwhile, the first man had recovered his pose, and his footing, as he whipped out a knife and began waving it at Kara. Jimmy had dropped his gear at the same time and was waving his fists at the third man, keeping his attention away from Kara.

The knife swished past Kara’s stomach and then her chest, barely missing her both times before she suddenly grabbed for it. The guy was quick, she would give him that, as she felt her hand closing about the long razor-sharp blade instead of the hilt of the knife. She squeezed her hand closed as she felt the blade turning against her steel-hard palm. She gasped, it felt like it was cutting her, even though she knew that the sensation was just the increased sensitivity from the effects of the bracelets. She ignored the sharp cutting pain as she twisted her wrist strongly until the blade simply snapped in half. There was a ‘tinkle’ of steel as she dropped the blade on the floor. The man was now standing dumb-founded, broken knife in hand, as she opened her palm to show him, and to convince herself, that she wasn’t bleeding. He was staring in shock at her uninjured hand as she raised her foot high in the air to deliver a knockout blow to the side of his head!

Jimmy was astounded to see her high kick, not to mention the fact that he could suddenly see all the way up her skirt to catch a glimpse of gold. The force of her blow shocked him, the man flipping backwards to land unconscious on the floor. She further amazed him by making two incredibly athletic backflips, like a gymnast, to land on the third man’s shoulders. She flexed the long pronounced muscles on the insides of her thighs as they rose up like steel bars. She then closed her strong legs around his neck, skirt sliding up to her hips, while Jimmy grabbed the man’s hands. Kara pressed the hard bands of those inner muscles against the pressure points on the side of his neck while squeezing her legs together.

Jimmy stared in open-mouthed amazement at the dramatic muscles flexing across Kara’s strong thighs just before the man suddenly collapsed onto the floor. Kara let go of him to land lightly back on her feet. She pulled her skirt back down while asking Jimmy for her shoes back. She wasn’t even breathing hard, almost as if she hadn’t exerted herself. Jimmy looked around at the huge men, all unconscious on the floor, after no more than 30 seconds of fighting.

“Good God, Kara, is that what they teach you in that girl’s school of yours? If so, we need to get you and your classmates into the boxing ring or on the pro wrestling circuit. You guys could make a mint!”

“Well, I told you I could probably mop up the floor with you. I’m stronger than I look. Besides, I got lucky. They didn’t expect someone as young as me to be able to fight.”

Jimmy looked at her strangely. He had seen her ‘luck’ and he knew it was actually spelled ‘skill’ and ‘strength’. Especially the way she had thrown that first man over her back as if he was weightless. He had no idea where she got the strength to do that, but he was now getting even more interested in finding out what she looked like in something a little less formal than that business suit. She must have some pretty impressive muscles in her upper body, at least if what she had just done was any indication! He shook his head to clear it; he still had a strong image in his mind of her long legs flexing around the man’s neck. Besides that, his reporters instincts were really itching now; there was clearly more to this girl than met the eye, at lot more, that was for sure.

She again grabbed the heaviest box of gear as she ran up the stairs ahead of him. Jimmy could hardly keep up with her as his eyes were glued to her incredible calves as they bunched and relaxed on each step. He couldn’t remember ever seeing a girl’s legs flex like that before, not even Monica’s dramatic legs, and it was mesmerizing him as he followed behind her. He suddenly no longer felt in charge of this little field trip. In fact, it was almost like being with Lois. Her charging ahead, oblivious to danger, while he lugged his ton of cameras along behind her, hoping she would stir up a good shot! He had always been attracted to strong assertive and beautiful women, but this was getting ridiculous! And for cripes sake, this was just a teenage girl, while he was nearly 21!

They finally reached the office area as Kara walked boldly in, almost as if she expected Lois to be there. And of course she was, tied to a steel column with many loops of steel cable around her! Jimmy ran over to pull the tape gag from her mouth while Kara looked around the room. Other than the large adjoining room that must be shielded in lead, her super vision couldn’t see through the walls, the place was empty.

Lois saw the girl take off her bracelets and set them on the table next to her just before she felt some fingers fumbling behind her. She felt a strong jerk, hard enough to hurt her shoulders where the cables had been digging into her. Mercifully, the steel cables then fell away allowing her to fall forward. Jimmy caught her as he eased her back to her feet as she staggered over to sit on the edge of the desk. Kara slipped her bracelets back on as she massaged Lois’s arms to try and get some circulation back into them. Lois’s bright eyes looked up to stare at the young blond girl standing beside Jimmy.

“Are you going to introduce me to your friend, Jimmy?”

“Oh, gosh Lois, I almost forgot. Lois, this is Kara, Kara, Lois. She stopped by the Planet looking for you and I thought I would bring her along since I knew we were going to meet here today.”

“Jimmy, you idiot,” Lois said in the high strained voice she acquired when she was really stressed out. “Do you have any idea how dangerous this assignment was. I thought I told you it would be rough.”

“Well, you actually said ‘exciting’ and I never know what that means. Besides, Lois, she kicked the crap out of three very tough guys downstairs. If it wasn’t for her, I would be in the same shape as you were in a moment ago, maybe worse. She may be young but she is one hell of a fighter!”

Kara held out her hand to take Lois’s cold clammy one in her own. She closed her other hand over Lois’s hand as well. “I’m glad to meet you Lois, my name is Kara Matthews. I think we need to get you to walk around a bit. Your hand feels as if the circulation has been cut off for a while.”

She was easing Lois back to her feet when the heavy door to the lead-lined room banged opened and two men, both carrying some unusual weapons, walked in. “Well, well, you seem to have some company Lois. Not quite the company we expected though. We still need your friend Superman to show up, not your little co-workers here.”

Kara froze in place. She recognized that accent, kind of a bizarre mix of between Russian and French. These men were Arions! At least that explained the strange weapons. “Garth, shoot them both. We only need the reporter here as ‘bait’. Superman will eventually come to save her, especially after we toss the bodies of these two out the window and get the cops and the press involved.”

Kara saw the second man swinging the huge gun toward Jimmy as she literally flew across the room to block the shot with her own body. A shocking blue beam came from the gun followed by a powerful projectile that traveled down the center of the beam. It slammed into Kara’s firm stomach as she was thrown backwards against Jimmy, the resulting impact smashing them both through the wall and onto the sloping roof outside.

Kara’s stomach felt like it was on fire as she found she couldn’t breath for a few moments. Her coat and blouse were torn open across her stomach as she saw smoke rising from the burned edges of the fabric. My God, she thought, that felt like getting hit with a tank shell, especially since she was slightly weakened from the gold bracelets. She should know, she had once tested herself against an M1A1 tank, and she wasn’t wearing bracelets at that time. The sore tummy and breasts that she had suffered for several days afterward was testament enough to the power of military machinery.

She now felt herself sliding slowly down the sloped roof, still laying on top of Jimmy’s unconscious body to protect him, as the Arion looked out the window at her widely spread legs.

“I thought you had gotten rid of those ‘blanks’, Garth. I assume that you still blew a hole right through both of them, but the borer rounds are the only ones that will stop Superman.”

“I had loaded it that way to just play with him when he arrived. I wanted to see the look on his face as the first round doubled him over. I planned to fire the second one, the explosive borer, just as he was starting to think that maybe he was tough enough to face us. I was going to put his lights out with the second round while his lady here watched it all. Once one of these borers gets into his flesh, even Superman is not going to be able to stop it. They go right for the heart, even if they do take a few minutes to burrow their way through his ribs and everything. I think his girlfriend here would enjoy the show …”

He turned to the window again. “Lets see what one of these does to the remains of this Terran bitch.”

“Damnit, no Garth. We need some bodies left outside, not just some tissue fragments on the next building …” He quickly saw it was too late to stop him as the blue beam shot out of the gun just before the red flash of the rocket-propelled projectile lit up the room.

Kara’s legs were still spread widely open as she saw the Arion aiming between them with a grin on his face. Her entire body felt paralyzed from the first blow as she saw the blue beam reach out again, this time in slow motion, as it lit up the inside of her legs, reaching up under her skirt. She felt a very unpleasant itching and burning sensation against the inside of her thighs before he finally focused it on her labia. The itching was suddenly replaced by a maddening vibrating and burning sensation as it touched that most sensitive tissue. She struggled to move, but the shock of the first projectile had disoriented her enough that she wasn’t moving well. Suddenly, there was a startling red flash from the gun as a dark projectile raced between her legs. The subsequent explosion threw her, and Jimmy, from the roof. She tumbled a couple of times in mid-air before she got her flying ability back under control and managed to grab him, coming to a stop only inches above the hard concrete.

A second immense explosion suddenly blew her legs out to the side as she dropped to the pavement doing some exaggerated split. The explosion, stronger than ten sticks of Dynamite, was directed right into her sex! The tingling pain hit her hard as she flopped onto her back while feeling something boring forward, right into her vagina! She sat up to see that her skirt was in tatters as she quickly reached down to grab whatever that thing was, but she could only feel the back of a spinning object as it slowly moved deeper into her! She had this crazy irrational explosion of fear as she tore at herself for a moment while squeezing her pelvic muscles against it with all her strength. My God, what was that thing that was crawling up inside her!

She quickly found that despite squeezing it with all her strength, she was still wearing her bracelets, it was still moving very slowly into her! She tried to reach her fingers deeply into herself to grab it, but between the force of her clenched pelvic muscles and the slippery backside of the spinning machine, she couldn’t get a grip on it. It was fantastically powerful!

She looked at Jimmy with wild eyes as he got back to his feet and walked over to her. He saw her skirt up around her hips as she was trying to reach her fingers deeply into her vagina while crying out in pain. My God, had she been shot there! What kind of monsters were they! He bent down closer to her as he saw and smelt an acrid smoke coming from between her legs as he saw the tissue surrounding her labia glowing red hot. His view was suddenly erased as she squeezed her thighs together. He was astounded as he saw the largest muscles he had ever seen on a girl suddenly bunching across her legs and lower abdomen!

Kara remembered to tear the gold bracelets from her wrists this time as she suddenly sat up, looking down at herself, as she once again spread her legs nearly straight out to the side Two pale red beams reach out from her eyes and focused on her pussy. The surrounding tissue suddenly began glowing reddish and then white-hot as the curl of smoke from inside her grew stronger. Jimmy was shocked as he saw her body vibrating, her face a mask of pain. Suddenly, she threw herself backward as she raised her hips high in the air as her body surged up and down. Her loud cries echoed in the street as he saw the girl experiencing what had to be a powerful sexual orgasm! Her hips surged wildly for a couple of minutes before she finally collapsed onto the street again. After resting for a few moments, she slowly sat up again.

Kara had momentarily lost control of her body as the ‘thing’ had settled into her G-spot. Her subsequent powerful orgasm had rendered her helpless as the ‘thing’ kept burrowing deeper into her. Finally, it passed her G-spot as she got some measure of control back to her body again.

Now that her strength had returned, she jammed her fingers inside of herself one more time. Jimmy saw her hand vibrating so fast that it seemed to blur as she struggled with something for a moment before finally jerking her hand back. A small object, shaped like a child’s top, flew from her hand and landed on the concrete. It immediately righted itself and then amazingly proceeded to bore into the hard roadway, throwing ground concrete into the air, until it disappeared under the surface of the roadbed!

Jimmy rushed back to Kara as he slipped his arm around her tiny waist while helping her back to her feet. Her legs didn’t seem to be working properly as he looked down at the torn mess of what had been her stockings and her skirt. She was still holding herself with her hand as she bit her lip, obviously in pain or the after effects of her orgasm, he wasn’t sure. He then noticed that her stomach was bare as her suit had been torn and burned from her body. He was surprised that, despite that, he couldn’t see a mark on her flat softly rippling stomach!

Kara finally began to regain her composure as she smoothed the remains of her skirt down and reached out to put her arm around Jimmy’s shoulder as he helped her to the side of the street. Her legs were turned inward, he knees almost touching, as she seemed to be having trouble walking.

“My God, Kara, what did they do to you? I have never seen anything like that before, are you sure you are OK?”

Her voice was strained and soft. “Yes, I’ll live. But, man, did that thing ever hurt for a few moments. I thought it was going to tear my insides out. It was clearly a weapon intended to kill Superman. Those men are Arions in case you hadn’t noticed. We need to get back up there as I’m not sure even Superman could survive one of those ‘borers’, especially if it got imbedded in his chest and he was unconscious. I don’t think any Terran technology would be able to cut it out of him.”

Jimmy was dumb-founded. A weapon intended to kill Superman, built by these super-powered Arions! Yet it had been used against this young girl first and had entered the softest and most delicate part of her body. Yet she had been able to remove it yet she didn’t think Superman would survive it himself! What was going on here, and more importantly, who WAS this girl anyway?

“Come on, Jimmy, lets get back up there.” With that, she wrapped her arm around his waist and flew straight back up land on the roof. She reached down as a very amazed Jimmy saw her fingers tear into the sheet metal siding of the building. She pulled her arms powerfully apart as she enlarged the hole until they could climb through it. Grabbing Jimmy, she tumbled and rolled through the opening to land in front of the first Arion.

A quick slash with her long legs and he was on his face on the floor. She leaped on top of him as she grabbed his arms and pulled them behind his back to lock them in place.

The second Arion just watched as he shoved his massive weapon tightly against Lois chest, her left breast partially inside the huge opening of the barrel. “Garth, this isn’t the first time a Velorian bitch has gotten the best of you. Are you sure you’re up to this kind of fighting?”

“Velorian,” he groaned, “there weren’t supposed to be any Velorians here. Damnit, this wasn’t in the briefing.”

“You can let him go now, girl. If you don’t do exactly as I say, the reporter here gets it. You may be able to survive one of these borers, although frankly I’m not sure how, but there is no way a Terran woman can. Especially one with her tit stuck in the barrel.”

Both of them laughed crudely as Kara reluctantly let the Arion go while slowly getting back to her feet. She stood still as the Arion turned his back to her for a moment. He suddenly spun around to deliver a massive blow up under her ribs. His fist pounded deeply into her stomach before her body was smashed up through the ceiling as she flew upward, slicing through several massive steel beams, before tumbling head over heels through the air. She was too stunned to get her bearings as she tumbled downward, finally smashing through the roof of a small comics store nearly a mile from the warehouse. She came to rest, upside down, skirt up around her waist, in the middle of a long rack of comics. The patrons in the store were thrown up against the wall by the force of her impact, eyes as big as saucers. Kara slowly gasped for breath as she clawed her way upright again. They men stared at her gorgeous legs, her torn clothing and stockings, as she sat on the top of the comics rack dangling her legs over the side. She slowly lowered herself to sit on the floor, folding her long legs beneath her, while trying to brush her blond hair from her face. A couple of patrons, recovering from their shock, rushed over to take her hands and help her back to her feet. She slowly stood back up while trying to arrange what was left of her torn skirt. Her suit coat was half torn off her now as she looked down to see that these guys were getting a pretty good view of her chest. She quickly crossed her arms to pull the remains of her suit coat closed.

“Hi, guys. Ah, Sorry to trash your store. Gotta go …”

She was about to fly when the owner shouted “Wait … who ARE you?”

“Just call me Supergirl”, she said as she flexed her powerful calves to propel herself back up through the hole in the roof, leaving a half a dozen speechless patrons.

The owner was the first to get the power of speech back. The owner called upward, “Super-WHAT?”

It was a moment before anyone could speak. “If that was Superman, his legs are definitely getting better looking! And I wonder who his hair stylist is? And since when does he dress in drag?” Nobody moved for a moment before the owner scrambled around the counter to pull the video tape from the in-store surveillance camera. This they had to see again! My God … she was a super GIRL … cute too!

Kara flew the mile back to the warehouse. Her stomach was still sore, but otherwise she was OK, although her clothes were certainly getting pretty torn up by now. She saw that the other Arion how had his gun stuck in Jimmy’s stomach as they were both looking around, waiting for the inevitable return of Supergirl or the arrival of Superman. She was almost ready to reenter the place when she saw a streak of blue coming down from the sky, heading straight for the office. This had to be Superman! She knew that if he smashed his way in, one or the other of those Arions was likely to flinch and probably fire their guns.

Kara immediately flexed her long gorgeous legs as she soared upward to meet him.

Kal had heard the reports on the police scanner and had headed for the warehouse. The telephoned report, received only moments before, saying that Lois was being held hostage had ensured his prompt attention. He was nearly to the warehouse when he saw a small form hurtling upward to meet him. He braked to a sudden stop and was amazed to see a young girl, maybe 16 or 17, suddenly stop right in front of him to hover in mid-air. She was a very attractive blonde, although it was a little hard to tell much else about her as she was dressed in the torn remains of a tan business suit. Her stockings were half torn off her body and only the tattered remains of her skirt gave her any modesty. But it was her face, her absolutely breathtakingly beautiful face, that stopped him cold. It took him all of two seconds to know what, if not who, she was. A young Velorian girl! What the hell was a Velorian doing here on Earth?

“Hi Kal, I’ve been trying to meet you, but not exactly under these conditions. My name is Kara, Kara Matthews. We have a bit of a situation down below us. There are two Arions in the warehouse and they have some kind of super gun that shoots an explosive borer round that they think will kill you. They came close to doing me in, and I’m probably a lot more resistant to that kind of injury than you are. Look down, through the roof and just to the left of the smokestack, you will see a large lead-lined room about three floors down. Check just to left of it.”

She turned around to use her own super vision to scan back through the building. Other than the usual minor distortions that were visible when two people focused their super vision on the same spot, there was no sign of anyone. “Damn, they must have moved back into the lead room. They had their guns jammed up against Lois and Jimmy a few moments ago.”

Kal’s stunned eyes moved back to Kara, traveling down her young body despite his attempts to refrain from doing that. He forced his eyes back to hers.

“I have to go down there, Kara. Lois is in danger. Why don’t you follow me down and stand just outside the door. If we can’t see in, they can’t see out. If anything happens, you can grab Jimmy and Lois and get them the hell out of there. OK?”

“Sure, Kal …” Her voice sounded doubtful. All they wanted was a clear shot at him and he was about to give it to them! That was dumb, she thought to herself.

She followed him down as he tore a new hole through the ceiling as he smashed his way into the office. She didn’t understand why he didn’t just fly through the hole her own body had made when she was thrown through the ceiling, but she shrugged as she followed his path of newly torn metal. At least he made a bigger hole than she had!

He finally reached the office as he slowly opened the door to the lead room. He saw about what he expected, Lois and Jimmy standing with an Arion behind each of them, one hand wrapped around their necks, ready to use their incredible strength to break their necks on a moments notice. Each Arion held a very large weapon in their hands.

“Well, well, Superman, so glad you could make it. I gather you have met your little cousin outside, or is she your sister? Oh, yeah, I guess you Velorians are all related, or something. She certainly looks like you, but you Velorians are all grown from the same pond scum as far as I’m concerned. I still don’t understand why you Velorians would rather make babies from scum in your test tubes than to have sex, powerful sex, like we Arions do. You just order up a new baby using a recipe from some computer bank.” He looked sick as he spat on the ground.

A dark look came over Kal’s face as they talked.

“I’ve told you this before, I’m NOT a Velorian. And if you Arions were a little less abusive of these Terrans, then I might be a little more sympathetic toward your repeated lapses of memory.”

Kara could see a reflection from a small piece of broken glass that Kal was holding. It showed both Arions, standing side by side, with their backs against the rear wall. She memorize the location as she walked softly around to the other side of the room so that she was standing with only the thin wall between her and the Arions. Her sensitive hearing picked up Kal’s voice.

“Well, guys, how are you going to get out of there. You know I can’t let you leave on your own, even if it means the death of these Terrans. You are far too dangerous to be roaming loose on Earth. But, if you drop your weapons and come peacefully, I will get you get back up to your ship so you can leave this solar system.”

“Leave … why Kal, we are just getting to know you. Aren’t we Garth. And that little chicky that was here a moment ago, she could be a lot of fun for the two of us, heck, even for you Kal! These weak Terran women just don’t last do they, Kal. Just when I really get going, they tear apart, like wet newspaper. But I’m sure you know all about that. Word has it that you discovered that yourself just this afternoon. Isn’t that right, Garth.”

“Yeah,” the other one chimed in, “they took the woman he was fucking to the hospital, someone named Cat. She ran afoul of the ‘big guy’ here and found out he was a little bigger than she could handle. They say he tore her cunt open with that ‘big boy’ of his. At least you are ‘trying’ to get a little closer to the natives here, Kal. About time. Now you know how we feel every time we have to visit this dirtball planet.”

Lois saw Kal’s face growing red as they talked. She had never seen him looking this way, something akin to a murderous rage in his eyes. And what was this about Cat? Clark and she were supposed to be on a story, but that was all she knew. She had a puzzled look on her face, had something happened between them?

“Oh, it doesn’t look like your girlfriend here knows about your little afternoon dalliance yet, Kal. You see, honey, he tried to make it with this other reporter this afternoon and, well, he was just a little too much of a ‘big boy’ for her, if you know what I mean. And I know you do, honey.”

“Kal, what is he talking about …”, Lois said with a strain in her voice.

“Nothing, Lois, just the usual Arion drivel. He is trying to piss me off, that’s all. Figures I’ll make a mistake. Well guys, the jokes on you. Your backs are up against the wall on this one.”


Kara heard her apparent cue as she jammed both of her hands forward into the steel and lead wall, fingers and long sharp nails outstretched. Once her fingers had torn through the wall, she flailed around until she was able to grab an arm from each of the Arions. She then pulled backward as hard as she could as their bodies smashed through the wall to land on the steel flooring beside her. This all happened in less than half a second as she looked up to she Kal grabbing Jimmy and Lois and flying off to a safe place with them.

Kara suddenly felt her arms being pulled behind her as the other Arion smashed his fist into her stomach once again. The blow doubled her over as she felt another incredible blow against the back of her neck, smashing her downward to the floor, making her head spin. She felt the man behind her reaching down to grab her tits as he tore her suit and blouse wide open.

“Oh my, you are really cute, honey. Garth, just look at these firm young titties You Velorians are real lookers, I’ll give you that! Even if you are grown from pond scum!”

Kara, the Arion’s arm wrapped around her neck, was jerked upward as he pulled her to her feet. He pulled her arms behind her with his other hand as he bent her backwards to push her chest forward.

“Well, lets see if you feel as nice as you look, honey.” With that, he sunk his strong fingers into her tits as he cruelly squeezed them with his super strength. Strength that would crush the hardest steel beams was now used solely to squeeze her breasts.

“The last time I did this with a Terran bitch, I ripped her in half. I wonder if I can do that again with a Velorian bitch …”

With that, his massive shoulders and back, easily the equal of Superman’s, ripped outward as he pulled her tits to the sides. Kara felt a sharp pain down the center of her chest as she knew that no substance on the planet could resist his massive strength. Except, hopefully, her own body.

Kara gritted her teeth to overcome the pain as she finally got control of her body again. The Arion was straining, his fingers pulling her breasts apart, as she felt a sharp pain along her breastbone. She quickly smashed her knee upward between the Arion’s legs with all her strength. His hands were torn from her chest when his body flew upward to smash into the latticework of steel beams above him. He tore through half a dozen foot thick steel girders before he finally came to rest, tangled in the structure of the building.

The Arion behind Kara suddenly spun her around as he smashed his fist into her face. Her body flew backward, head over heels, tearing more holes through the steel building and the girders that supported it. She finally came to rest face down on a hard concrete slab. She was shaking off the blow and trying to get back up when she felt another massive blow to the back of her head. Her face hit the cement slab so hard that she cracked it as several more blows drove her head right into the hard concrete. She saw stars in front of her eyes as she painfully pulled her head back. She quickly spun to the side to avoid any more blows as she started to get back up.

She was just starting to get her feet under her when she felt the Arion’s foot smashing down hard against her pubic bone. He held two massive steel cables in his hands, cables that were sunk into the concrete slab she was laying on. He pulled upward on the thick cables as his foot jammed downward to begin crushing her ass and hips into the hard concrete. She gasped as she felt all that pressure being exerted against such a delicate part of her body, her tight ass cracking the concrete beneath her. His arms suddenly flexed massively as the huge 3” thick steel cables were suddenly vibrating with the incredible strain. The cheeks of her ass were suddenly spread apart by the hard concrete as one of the ragged steel rebars, normally buried in the concrete, shoved upward. She felt the rough torn steel end of the bar trying to enter the tight rosebud of her ass. Before she could clench herself, the Arion smashed down again. Kara’s cry filled the huge room as the torn steel penetrated several inches into her.

She suddenly flexed her powerful abdominal muscles as she thrust her hips upward with incredible force. Her stomach, revealed in the center of the huge burned hole in her clothing, suddenly was rippling with the young girl’s powerful muscles. The huge steel cables strained as Kara gritted her teeth while she brought her amazing muscles to full power, her abdominals opposing the power of the massive cables.

Suddenly, the inevitable occurred, as Kara’s fabulous muscles proved they were once again far stronger than any steel could ever be. The cables snapped with a loud ‘TWANG’ as the Arion was thrown high into the air to tumble head over heals before smashing back down on the hard floor. He was on his feet in seconds as he spun around to once again stand in front of Kara, his fists clenched.

Kara was feeling really strong now as she was starting to get into this. It had been a while since she had been able to really let herself go and she felt the warm buzz of arousal and energy coursing through her body. Tremendous crackling energy, the secret energy known only to Velorian women, flowed from her breasts as it brought power and strength to her arms and legs. Her entire body seemed to vibrate and tingle as she felt more powerful than she had ever felt before. She closed her eyes as the energy seemed to radiate from her body, sufficient to surround her body with a soft blue glow that dimly lit the dankness of the factory floor. She sensed a movement from the Arion, her eyes snapping open in time to see another punch heading for her, this time seemingly in slow motion.

Her mind was now so speeded up that her ultra-fast reflexes made his fist seem to float toward her. She knew it had the full power of the fantastic strength of an Arion man behind it and was probably moving faster than the speed of sound, yet she had plenty of time to raise her open hand to block it. She tensed her back and legs to generate massive flying power, forces sufficient to stop a blow that would disable a diesel locomotive, as that incredible fist slowly floated toward her.

The Arion’s fist finally smashed into her open hand as she stopped it only a few inches in front of her face. She then began to squeeze his fist with her incredible strength as she saw the Arion’s mouth open in shock and surprise. He clearly had not encountered a Velorian female before and had no idea that her slim body, so attractive and sexy to look at, could also generate far greater forces than his own massive super muscles. She first applied strength that could bend the hardest steel, then forces that would crush the hardest rocks, while she watched the painful grimace on the Arion’s face grow uglier and uglier. Her slim arm grew ever larger as her hard-cut muscles flexed with a hundred curves, from her shoulders down to her wrist, while his own muscles trembled under the strain. His momentum now uselessly spent, he tried desperately to pull his hand back, but she resisted, both with her gorgeous star-born muscles and her flying power; he was now helpless in this young girl’s powerful grasp.

Kal flew back in the door to watch in awe as the young blonde stood straight and tall, a grim smile on her face, her body completely rigid and unmoving, muscles rippling fantastically across her previously smooth slim form. The Arion, looking like a bodybuilder but with muscles hundreds of times stronger, thrashed around trying to withdraw his fist from her hand. Suddenly, Kal heard a loud cracking sound, a cross between that of crushing rock and shattering glass, as the Arion’s knuckles and bones crushed in her awesome grip. Kal winced as he saw her suddenly twisting her slim yet now powerfully-muscled arm as he saw the Arion’s shoulder pop out of joint. There was a deep tearing sound as she suddenly pushed his arms out to the side before reaching around to hug her bare breasts to his chest. Kal called out as he suddenly saw her arms flexing again as she crushed his body to her own.

“No, Kara, they haven’t hurt anyone here. Let them go, we can both make sure they leave the solar system. Come on, Kara, let him go!”

Kara couldn’t say a word, she felt only the deep rage she always felt when she was around Arions. They had killed her mother, her step-parents, everyone she loved and they had tried to kill her several times. She tightened her grip more and more as she used every ounce of strength in her body. She felt her large firm breasts, crushed against his chest with hundreds of thousands of pounds of force, suddenly giving way no more. She gradually felt the Arion’s chest yielding to the pronounced contours of the steel of her chest as she felt yet another surge of energy flowing out from her now tightly compressed breasts. Suddenly, accompanied again by the same sound of shattering rock and glass, she thrust her chest forward as the Arion’s body collapsed against the twin steel mounds that he had so admired only minutes before.

She quickly dropped his crushed body to the floor, two widely-spaced depressions clearly visible in his chest, as she flew across the room to land on the shoulders of the other Arion that Kal was holding. She squeezed her bare legs against his neck as she crossed her ankles and started to slowly turn her thighs into live flexing steel! The Arion’s hands gripped her knees frantically as he tried to pull them apart, but her powerful legs were far too strong for that. She slowly and gradually squeezed the life from him as his massive arms tore at her steel muscles.

“Kara, damnit, don’t do this. You can’t kill every Arion you meet.”
“Yes I can,” Kara grunted through clenched teeth, “they killed my family, both my families, they deserve to die, all of them.”

Kara suddenly felt another set of hands grabbing her legs as the strength of Kal’s incredible muscles were added to the Arion’s. She saw Superman’s massive shoulders flexing as his hands slowly unhooked her ankles. She stared in complete awe as his muscles, apparently as steel-hard as her own, flexed far more massively than any of the pictures she had ever seen of him, far larger than the Arions she was fighting. Slowly, but inexorably, the two men, Superman and the frantic Arion, pulled her powerful but gorgeous legs apart. Kara was astonished that these two men, not even Velorians at that, could overcome the strength of the strongest muscles on her body! Kal was clearly a lot stronger than she had expected!

The two of them finally spread her legs far enough that Kal was able to throw her backwards to land on her ass on the floor. He grabbed the Arion and flashed upward with him, smashing through the ceiling, as she saw him disappearing into the darkening sky. Damn him, Kara thought, why was he helping the Arion?

She got unsteadily back to her feet, massaging the cramped muscles of her inner thighs, before scanning around the streets below to locate Jimmy and Lois. They were sitting in the van as a group of gang members surrounded it. She slowly straightened herself up as best she could by pulling the torn remains of her suit over her chest and smoothing her torn skirt. She would deal with Kal later, right now, she needed to get Lois and Jimmy out of this neighborhood. She flew back through one of the holes in the roof to land beside the van. She quickly climbed in as she one of the gang members reaching for her.

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