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Daylight: A Story in the Dark – Chapter 5

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Daylight: A Story In the Dark


Chapter 5


by Castor


(special thanks to Dru for Editing and proofreeding)


The next day she called the dark cab, she wanted to get to the lab right away and continue work on her prospects.


As she got there she was greeted by Mr Milner. "How's it coming along?"


"I’m almost ready to try human testing. There may be side effects … severe ones. I think the basic chemical is similar to antipsychotic drugs lidator, which tend to have mood effects … but I hope its worth it"


Randall nodded. "If you’re ready for human testing, I can bring some subjects in who have been dying for years."


Keiko nodded as they walked through the lab. "You have the facility in Macon County. If I can't personally view the results I want videotape."


And then they walked in front of an open window.




Keiko woke up around 8. Nude. Totally nude.


On a beach.


It wasn't some tropical paradise … it felt too temperate for this time of year, and the beach too big. It took her several moments to realize where she was. It was a small secluded beach near Savannah, one that she had visited two or so year ago on a mini vacation to the Georgia Sea. She remembered liking it, finding it sweet and romantic at he time.


Daylight must have remembered.


This was troubling enough. But something else drew Keiko’s attention.


Alberto was next to her. And he too, was quite naked.


He looked up at the sunset.


"I can't remember ever seeing a more beautiful thing," he observed gently as he turned. "Don't you agree Keiko?"


Keiko screamed. Louder, and harder, then she ever had before.


And then she passed out.


Damm her enemy …


A couple of minutes later, Alberto revived her, putting on pants and a shirt. He then wrapped her in a jacket.


"Are you okay?"


"What just happened?" Keiko demanded. "What the fucking hell happened? What in name of Jesus on a dildo happened, Alberto?”


Alberto paused, bearing the kind of expression one gets upon realizing one has done something unforgivably wrong, only … if someone would explain what the hell that something was it would be very much appreciated …


"You told me about Daylight … we came here to celebrate."


"Daylight told you. That fucking bitch."


Keiko started to cry.


"What’s wrong, Darling," Alberto asked, a tad confused. "It’s wonderful … isn’t it? That’s what you have been hiding all these months … I would never guessed it in a million years. I mean…my God …"


"It’s … ‘She’ told you I was Daylight … but I am not her. I don't remember anything you two did together … whatever happened, it wasn’t me. I loved you … and she took even that. She has taken my time, my freedom, the light of day. The bitch took my sunshine … and now she’s taken you too. Everything I have."


Keiko got to her feet, adjusting her jacket. And suddenly she realized the absurdity of her position.


"Do you know what it’s like to wake up 100 miles from home … with no car, no money, and no fucking pants?"


"I’ve got money … and pants," offered Alberto. "I didn't ever expect to say that."


"Welcome to my world. I’m a superhero. You know what that’s like? I don't. I just have to live in the stupid aftermath of it all."


She cried for a second.


"What’s she like?" Keiko asked, breaking the awkward silence.


"When you … I mean, when she was with me, well … I don't know where to begin … ”


"Did she mention," Keiko didn’t like the way he blushed, "That she is the biggest slut in the universe? Do you know how many times I have found myself covered in guys … and girls? She doesn't love you. She just told you to get you into bed. She probably figured that would hurt me … it’s payback I know it. I have been trying not change … because I wanted to save myself from her. Save myself for you. But she can't … she’s a hypersexual nymphomaniac. And I hate her."


"She just wants to help," Alberto said.


"If you got money, take me home. I'll pay you back. In the car … don't talk to me, or say anything to me. I am furious at you. Those damned pheromones of hers … she can make people love her, have anyone she wants fall head over heels …"


She paused. And then spoke quietly.


"I can't."


Alberto looked like he wanted to say something, but no words passed his lips.




At 9:00 pm, in a small town outside of Savannah, it was hard to rent a car. Hard, but not impossible. Alberto also got her a pair of sweat pants that were as flattering as anything she usually wore.


They drove in silence. Alberto turned the radio onto a generic oldies station to fill it, but the silence between the two only seemed louder.


It wasn't until midnight, when they reached town, that Keiko sighed gently, relaxing.


"Thank you," she said as she left Alberto.


Alberto sat in the rental car contemplating – when she reappeared again.


"Here’s 100 bucks for the drive," she said, handing him the cash, and just as walked once more into the night.


"Where are you going?" Alberto called after her.


"To end it once and for all"


Then she was gone, walking on into the darkness.


Alberto sighed, gripping the wheel of the car.


"What the hell is happening in my life?" Alberto wondered.


"You’re fucking a superhero," Professor Blackstone observed, knocking on the side of the car. "That has consequences."


He put a towel with chloroform over Alberto’s face, in seconds Alberto ceased his ineffective struggling and slumped in his seat. It was a bit of cliché, but what can you do? Blackstone always had a weakness for the classics.




Keiko made it into the lab still wearing the ridiculous track pants. But she was on a mission.


She had gotten into a lot of trouble taking random substances that weren't fully tested, but … well, the worst thing outcome would be her death, and what was there to loose in that?


She went into the strangely empty building. She was used to working alone, but there was no one at the front desk. This should have set off warning bells. Lots of warning bells.


The elevator door opened to reveal her lab – allowing Keiko to see that her once very neat and orderly lab was now a shambles; a mess of scattered papers and furniture. Her chemicals and equipment were strewn about everywhere.


She turned on a light, wanting to get a better view. It was a madhouse.


Daylight. She must have wanted to stop Keiko … realizing her end was close. It made sense. That diabolical bitch had been busy yesterday.


Then Keiko noticed the blood. So much blood.


And the bodies of several dead wolves.


"What have I done" Keiko mumbled "What in God’s name did I do?"


"The horror," observed Randall Milner as he walked through a door. "I know it well. Finding dead bodies; wondering why. After a while you get accustomed. You see one corpse, The next is very much the same."


"I’m sorry, I am so, so, sorry" said Keiko.


"You really don't remember, do you?" noted Mr. Milner, clutching his cane. He walked over to one of the wolves and slapped it with the weighted tip. "Francis’s idea. Look what it got him. But he always was the sporting type. Do you know he used to find little Negro boys and bring them onto his private game reserve, just to hunt them. He Always gave them a healthy head start, of course, an ‘honest hour’ he called it."


Keiko looked to the ground, still trying to take in the horrific scene. "What’s going on?"


Milner sighed. "I could tell you more, have no doubt. But unlike many of my colleagues, I do not enjoy conversing with my food."


And Keiko watched Milner let his cane fall, swiftly removing his jacket.


It was at this point that Keiko decided to run.


Running quickly into the lab, she sprinted as fast as her feet could take her.


The werewolves had tricked her somehow, conned her. This had all been a con of come sort, but she didn't know how or why. Daylight must have fought them all, and clearly beaten them. And killed quite a few. It chilled Keiko to think of all that blood. But what was their game? What was really going on at this lab?


Then she heard a howl behind her.


Oh Fuck.


Keiko knew what she needed to do. She ran into a large dark room.


She was doing this. She was really going to do this. This was going to happen.


Racing in behind her was a large grey wolf, though he had hadn’t always been grey. A large alpha male.


"Leave Milner,” Keiko warned. “I don't want to hurt you."


*Begging? You’re not very good at it.*


This wasn't a voice in the traditional sense, but Keiko could hear it like a whisper in her mind.


"This is never going to work. Well, I don't know what your going to do … *


*You are so strong, Keiko. And yet so weak. You do not deserve such power. Soon it shall be ours, and when we have it we will … *


Having heard enough, Keiko sprang her trap with a single word.




And, by voice activation, 100 heat lamps filled the room with incredibly intense radiation. Light.


Milner-wolf looked up, seemingly blinded by it, instantly looking weak.


Keiko. on the other hand. was getting stronger.


So much stronger …


She heard a voice speak. Her voice.


"You were warned."




She woke up again. Her eyes were closed this time. For a second she kept them that way. It was easier to do it this way, though she rarely had the chance.


She had been weak. So weak.


Was she in Abu Dhabi? Paris? Seoul?


She opened her eyes to see that she was still in the laboratory. A storage closet.


Well, that made sense actually, as Daylight couldn't leave the heat lamp room for very long in the middle of the night.


At least it was clean. She saw a spare lab coat.


She opened the door, to see there were dozens of police officers, swarming the place investigating.


"What the fuck happened here" a cop asked of Milner, who was wrapped in heavy chains and stuck to a wall.


"I just came here, and …" Milner did his best to look innocent. "I honestly have no idea."


"Daylight herself called this in,” said the cop, “Said something was going on."


Keiko chimed in, decided to make her presence known. "I was hiding, in the closet, when it all went down. It was … well I can't describe it. I heard him and Daylight battling … but it wasn't him … somehow … he’s a werewolf officer.”


"That’s preposterous. Do you take me for Lon Chaney?" Scoffed Milner.


"Actually, that’s what this lab was studying," Keiko told the officer. "I think. There’s a federal test called 456-B. Give it to him at the station.”


"What about you?" the cop demanded. "Are you..?"


"I am Daylight’s … special friend. I am just like Peter Parker, except smaller … and Asian. I am sure if you tell me your contact info I can get her to testify." Keiko smiled


"Are you naked?" another detective asked.


"Yes," said Keiko. "Autographs? Autographs can be arranged …"


The cops looked at each other.






Keiko left the lab without much difficulty. She found her wallet and phone and made a quick exit. That was a close call. What was going …


Suddenly she got a text message.


‘Hey Daylight,


‘I’m not sure if you remember me, or you’re alive. I am not sure if you defeated my former allies, or if they ate you. I pitted you against each other. In any case I’m sending this now.


‘You see i put a hack in your system at the lab, back when it was my lab. I know all your secrets and figured out the formula that gave you your powers. That’s what they were really after, and I told them what it was – and thus they didn't need you. I lied, of course.


‘But I am not lying now. I captured your boyfriend. Alberto Reyes. It was simple, really. And I have injested your formula. I don't know how it works yet – ‘cause well, it ain't day yet.


‘At 9:00am, however, I want to invite you to a bit of a showdown. Easter square. I know you know where it is. He'll be there. Will you?


-Professor Blackstone.’




Keiko sighed.


She had to save him even if he wasn't, technically speaking, her boyfriend. Or was he? And there was a madman on the loose, maybe a madman with her superpowers. Daylight was the city’s protector in the end, and Keiko had an obligation. With great power comes great sacrifice.


It was a classic heroic battle.


She went home and put her spare costume on. She might as well look her best. She made herself a cup of tea and sat on her balcony waiting for the dawn. It had been a very long night (had it started in Savannah?) and just before sunrise she uncharacteristically fell asleep.


Yes, it would be a classic superhero battle.


A shame then, that she wouldn't be there.




Keiko woke up in her Daylight costume about 10 feet from where she started, sitting in her apartment on the couch.


Everything looked the same.


Well, she was alive. That suggested Daylight had probably won. It was a good indication, at any rate.




Her research was gone, as was Alberto – but …


So this was her life. She had a moment of happiness, a moment where she felt like it was true, a moment where she had hope and promise. A moment of happily-ever-after. She didn't know if that made it better or worse.


She wanted to get a new apartment, but that would be tricky – ehh, it probably doable though. Move somewhere else. There would be other days when the city needed her, and who was Daylight to say no? The problem with endings, as has been observed, was nothing really ends. This would keep going and going until one day she didn't wake up.


She sighed. Well at least she could make herself a breakfast dinner.


Then she saw her phone on the desk.


There was a note on top of it, scrawled out by a clumsy hand.


‘Look at me.’


And so she did.


It took her a little bit to find what the note was referring to but Keiko soon found a video file that was done a couple of hours ago. By …


She turned it on.


It was Daylight. She had put the camera up on something like a very awkward tripod. The angle was quite askew, and the framing clumsy, but as she put it down Daylight moved to the same couch Keiko was now sitting on.


"Hi!" Daylight greeted her with a wave. "You okay out there? I have been thinking of doing this for a while. It’s just kind of silly!! But hehehe … well I thought it was time … mmmmm … um, can you … give me a second?"


And on the screen before Keiko’s eyes, Daylight put her hands in her suit bottom and started to masturbate right there. It was abstractly weird to watch as, pretty damn quickly, her superpowered hands moved faster then the camera could accurately catch, creating a blurring motion underneath the cloth.


It was then that Keiko noticed that her seat was kind of wet. Urg …


The thing of it was that she went on for about five minutes. And a poorly framed single angle shot of herself masturbating was kind of boring.


But then Daylight bucked.


"Sorry. I got really horny there for a second. Te he. Where was I? Oh yeah. Well, the reason I am so horny is ‘cause, like, except for last night, I haven't had sex in a long time. It’s part of the powers. I get super aroused. That’s what got the Blackstone guy. I could tell. I understood him … he was probably stronger then i was but he just wanted to get super laid … but he had to deal with me!!!! Easy really. There’s a lot you need to learn about these powers. You think that I’m dumb, you think I am stupid … but really, I just have to spend all my brainpower keeping it together … managing what I’m doing. You know how much will it takes not to fuck right now?"


Daylight moaned.


"But okay, here is what I really wanted to tell you. You love him. And this is something you don't get all that often. We’re the same person. So I know how much you love him, because I love him. And when you a love guy, you don't cheat. I don't have sex with other people anymore, because I don't want to cheat on him. You’re me, and I’m you … and I know this is scary, and weird … ’cause it’s scary and weird for me. Disappearing in darkness … But it’s my life and my power. It’s what makes you, and it’s what makes me. I know you’re angry at him for fucking me … but forgive him. Forgive him for me, ‘cause I don't want to loose him either. At the end of the day, you’re Daylight. And from the beginning of it, I am Dr Keiko Yamata."


Keiko looked on in tears.


"But can you, like, get me a dildo to take along with me from now on? I do get worked up, you know."


And the video ended.


Keiko took off the costume, watching her hair fall out, which she didn't notice she still had. She put on her nicest dress. She put on makeup, but left her wig.


She walked outside, not very far, but she boldly left the safety of her apartment.


She knocked on Alberto’s door. Keiko realized she didn't know how his story had went, what had happened to him that morning. A hostage for a madman … was he okay? Was he in hospital? Was he with the police?


But then his door opened. She could see in, and her eyes found a light bulb cascading over. Her eyes, so accustomed to darkness, took time to adjust. She looked over and saw him, in his human glory. A little fat, with a bit of a beard, imperfect and yet, in his own way, perfect at the same time. He was. She was.


And …  

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