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Kiraling – Part 02 (Chapter 04-05)

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Kiraling is set in a variation of Shadar’s Aurora Universe, and borrows characters created by Shadar.

Kiraling is a story of a wounded, and in some ways broken, human being who finds himself involved with three super women, and explores that relationship from his point of view.

Thanks to Shadar for his advice and counsel, and not a little bit of editing.

Chapter 4

I decided I wasn’t going to tell anyone, especially the psychologist, about what happened up in the North Cascades or in the hospital in Bellingham. But I did discuss it at length with Dixon and Johnson, the next time I skipped my meds, who witnessed it all with me. We compared what we all saw and came to agreement on a number of characteristics of the people we met.

First, they were extremely strong, but gold dampened their strength. When I cut the gold chains they were wearing they were able to break out of their rebar restraints like they were made of wet noodles.

Second, they were very fast. We all saw Kara and Xara move like a blur when they went into the pit after they were freed. And Sharon moved so fast she literally disintegrated one of the big guy’s body when she hit him.

Third, they heal very quickly. The bruises on the women all disappeared within a few minutes of being freed of the gold, so gold must affect them that way too. And the man, whose name I never heard, came into the hospital after a couple of days and there was no sign his arms or legs were ever broken. Also, Sharon was supporting a lot of weight on her back after the roof of the cavern fell in, but it didn’t seem to hurt her in anyway.

Fourth, they had the ability to fly, or at least hover, a foot or so above the ground. Maybe more.

Fifth, they obviously had resources. They were able to move my car from the campground to Chukanut drive, wreck it by causing a landslide, then pay for a new one for me.

Sixth, the bad guys, the ones who had captured the blondes, all had black hair, and they were extremely tough. They could take a 357 to the chest with no apparent harm. They had ray guns that worked on some of them, but not all of them.

Seventh, as we talked about it, Dixon and Johnson and I agreed we had seen the bad guys before, in Kandahar, at a couple of engagements against the local Taliban. They always stayed off in the distance, but they wore the same uniform the bad guys, the Aryans, in the cave did and they were all clean shaven.

We had all kinds of unanswered questions. The biggest one was if the Aryans were working with the Taliban or Al Qaeda, did that mean that some sort of neo-Nazi superman cult was joining them in setting up terrorist cells in the U.S.? We decided to investigate. 


To: Arion Supreme Council

From: Arion High Command

Subject: Interference in sanctioned operation by Velorian Scribe

NEC is in possession of evidence that a Velorian Scribe interfered with an Arion surveillance operation on Terra resulting in the loss of a Scout Team and a Scout ship in violation of agreed upon protocols calling for non-interference by Velorian Scribes in Empire operations. High Command requests permission to sanction action against Velorian Scribes on all worlds not under the governance of the Arion Empire.


Chapter 5

In late November I was in good enough shape that my doctor at Madigan cleared me for unrestricted physical activity. Which meant whatever I could manage with either a cane or walking stick. So on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving I took my meds, packed up the Prius and went up to the cabin. Wednesday morning I skipped my meds, and early Wednesday afternoon Dixon and Johnson showed up and we planned our investigation. We were going up to Baker Lake to find the trail and that cave. We left first thing Thursday morning and we were on the trail by 10 AM. By noon we found the clearing, and climbed down to find the cave. It wasn’t there. I mean, we could see where it had been, but the side of the hill above it had collapsed and there was no way to tell if there ever had been a cave there. We climbed up the rocks, looked to the left, looked to the right, and never found any way to get to the cave. So we called it a day and hiked back to the car and drove back to the cabin.


To: Rigel 7 Scalantran Envoy

From: Taj’l Menen, Arion Ambasador to Rigel 7

Subject: Violation of established protocols regarding non-combatants on non-aligned worlds

The Arion Supreme Council been made aware of an attack, by a Velorian Scribe, on an unarmed survey ship manned by Arion Betas in the Terran system, which resulted in significant loss of life. The Council has heard eye-witness reports of this attack from survivors.

The Supreme Council respectfully requests that the honored Scalantran Envoy on Rigel 7 convey to the Velorian Ambassador our outrage at this unjustified attack against a peaceful mission and demand that the rogue Scribe assigned to the Terran system be turned over to Arion authorities immediately.

The Supreme Council also respectfully requests that the honored Scalantran Envoy convey to the Velorian Ambassador that failure to respond appropriately to this demand will have serious consequences.


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