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Exploring Earth

Written by Martino :: [Sunday, 09 March 2014 20:29] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 09 March 2014 22:50]

After landing on Earth and having found a place to stay Lisa starts to explore the planet. Thereby she gets an idea of her capabilities on Earth.

“Don’t hoax me!” the director shouted.

“You may watch the film yourself, sir! The girl seems to have opened the cashpoint by magic.” On the screen there was a pretty girl in a red dress stretching her hand various times to the output compartment, which every time ejected thousands of pounds, by far more than what any normal customer could withdraw by his card.

“Strange thing” the director grumbled. “Either there is really magic at work or it is a highly advanced technology the mafia has developed. Either way, we’ll have got to look for her and inform all our colleagues around the country and on the Continent, too.”

“Yes, sir!”


While they were talking Lisa was sitting calmly in her room, not thinking about it. To be honest, she had not counted with the possibility the Earthlings could take photos or films without her recognizing the camera at once.

She looked through the walls from one room to another. There were people talking, reading and watching TV. She read a book a woman was reading through the walls. She had just to adjust her eyes a little to be able to read the next pages while the other woman still not had turned the page. Soon she noticed she was able to read at least a hundred times faster than the Earthern woman. In about two minutes, most of which she had spent looking for a way to read the pages that seemed written in mirror writing to her, she was through the book, a love story.

Then she switched on her TV set but first she just saw points. It took some seconds adjusting her eyes to the speed of the points in order to be able to watch the film. She calculated in the act the Earthlings could see about 24 pictures a second, about the hundredth part of what she was capable of on Sverkcheloy. This would allow her to change clothes or get from one place to another if she hurried up.

While watching the film she also studied the structures of the English language. Although her computer would tell her every sentence she had in her mind in a split of a second it was always good not to be completely dependent on it and as English seemed to be the most important language on Earth she spent nearly an hour in order to be able to speak it fairly fluently even without her computer.

Then she felt hungry. She checked her computer for Terran food and found out there were thousands of different national or local cuisines. She then looked through the floors until she could identify the main restaurant of the hotel where, as she noted, the cooking was French. She checked out French dishes and wines but although her computer could give her informations that on a Terran computer would need hundreds of Terabytes within seconds and she could read it in nearly the same time it was not capable to give her a feeling how food and drinks tasted. So she would have to test.


Seeing most women had some narrow traces of colour which, as she found out, were called eye-shadows around their eyes she dyed her lids similarly and also made her brows and lashes a little longer and blacker and at last gave her fingernails the red colour of her dress.

Seeing most people had their money in special bags that were called wallets she 3D-copied one and was surprised to find money in it. If it was that easy to copy valuable things on this planet she would not have any financial trouble nor have to take money from a bank another day. She put most of her money into the drawer and took only about a thousand pounds with her.


In her outfit she drew all men’s and some women`s attention on her. She could overhear easily the whispers on the other tables and, as any woman would do, enjoyed being called beautiful or pretty.

She was the person who was waited on, too. Quickly she read the menu card and ordered a menu of seven courses, among them burgundy snails, truffles and entrecote. She ate everything and emptied two bottles of Bordeaux wine what, as she found out, the waiters found strange.

It was surprising for her how good all the food and the wine tasted. Peering through the restaurant walls into the kitchen she also saw how much effort the cooks spent to prepare the dishes. She decided she would copy the recipes of her favourite dishes although she doubted whether she would be able to find the necessary ingredients anywhere in the Sverkcheloian Empire.


Most people in the restaurant were more or less secretly watching the beauty who had such a big appetite and drank two bottles of wine without the slightest sign of getting drunk. Secretly, that is, they did not imagine that Lisa, though nearly not paying attention on them, could see from some persons’ minds she was drawing attention. Perhaps, she thought, it was better to eat twice or three times at different places and drink wine elsewhere not to be in everybody’s mind. She had had no idea before accidentally mind-reading it that she should be affected in any way by the alcohol or that “normal” girls did not eat so much. In fact, the alcohol was not affecting her in any way except that she liked the taste of the wine and felt like ordering one more bottle, but not here. As for having eaten too much, she was feeling well sated but not too full.

Nobody, however, dared to talk to her what made her feel strange, on the other side. On Sverkcheloy it was somewhat impolite to leave anybody sitting alone in an eating-room; she had already wondered why the waiter had led her to a single table and nobody wanted to join her. Reading minds once more while having her coffee she learned that on Earth it depended on the location. Luckily she had not followed her first intention to go over to another table to talk to somebody sitting there. 

She paid her bill and considered whether she should go to a pub or a discotheque as the places where it was common to talk to other guests who just happened to be there. She decided, however, not to do this although she was really feeling like doing so: She still was not familiar enough with Terran life, customs and conventions. What, if anybody asked her questions about her life and family? Of course she would be able to change this special person’s mind if he or she found out something that seemed impossible for Terrans but not everybody’s.

She went out of the hotel and scanned the buildings around for a place where she could buy wine and whisky, which she found quite quickly. She had to show her Identity Card there to prove she was of age but luckily it was in her bag.

After she had taken the bottles to her room she left again, this time invisible, to circle slowly (at her level) above the city. She looked at some discotheques, pubs and clubs noticing every detail of how people were behaving and what they were doing there.

Back in her room she worked out her ‘Terran’ biography, checking on her computer whether the life of her Terran self was believable.


As for herself, if she pretended to be eighteen years old she had already finished school – what in reality would take her one more circle, about two and a half years of Terran time. But in reality her age was not the equivalent of eighteen years yet, either – nor was she of age according to Sverkcheloian law. She decided to let her Terran self have started a career similar to the one she was dreaming of: Her best and favourite subject at school was analysing data computers worked out to keep the systems improving. The trouble in her real life was that to become a professional analyser, whether in the army or in a company, she had to specialize in a certain subject and she was not quite sure yet which one to take. If she took languages for example, she would have to speak at least 300 different languages perfectly. There were about 80, including now English, she spoke well enough not to need the language system of her computer in daily life but only twelve she would dare to say she spoke almost perfectly.

Well, that was not her problem at the moment. On Earth there existed, as she found out, a job called ‘System analyser’ and to do this you had to study a subject called informatics.

She connected her computer to Terran systems and made it search for the curriculums of informatics at different universities.

Most things Terran students learned there she had learnt in her first or second school course but she would have to memorize the names and characteristics of the so-called programming languages on Earth. Well, this would take her just some minutes. To be completely sure she would watch Terran computers at work; at this time of the day, however, few people seemed to be working.

Then ‘her’ hobbies: On earth there existed some kind of Martial Arts, too, and considering how slow Terran minds and bodies seemed to work it would not be too difficult to get to know enough about one of them that every Terran would believe she had practised it for a long time. ‘Her’ other interests would be the nature –she would be able to find out enough about Britain’s plants and animals tonight – and, of course, she had to choose some favourite music groups.


At about a quarter past midnight she had emptied a bottle of wine and almost one of whisky, knew about programming languages almost as much as a master student with excellent grades did and had chosen Bruce Springsteen, Queen and two other groups to her favourites. Now she was dog-tired and fell asleep as soon as she was lying in her bed.


She slept in the same red dress she had worn the day, which was, in fact, no problem because it had just been made by her shape-changer-bracelet.

She had already noticed the day before that Terrestrial women who could afford staying in a first-class-hotel had lots of different dresses with them; some had even changed their dresses before going down to dinner.


As most other women she was looking for a proper outfit for the day but she did not search her wardrobe, knowing well it was empty, but other rooms inhabited by women guests to look for something to wear. At last she decided for a narrow pair of dark-blue jeans and a white blouse, accompanied by a tapered grey blazer. As the day before she wore her computer as a chain pendant. Before all that she took a photo of her red dress.

“Can you make a 3D-copy of this dress out of the same material?” she asked her computer.

“No problem.” the answer came promptly and no sooner she had turned her bracelet to change into the outfit for this day than a perfect 3D-output of her red dress hovered onto her bed.


She went down where a big English breakfast was waiting for her. Again she ate with great appetite and again she judged Terrestrial cuisine was way better and more various than Sverkcheloyan.

During her breakfast she thought what to do today.

As she had planned the day before she would watch people working at computers and learn in the act how the programmes worked in real life. Then she wanted to test the extension of her powers a little more. And when she would be done with it she would at least have some time for sightseeing and shopping.

She made herself invisible in her room and left it through the window. Circling above London she soon found some companies where people were working at computers. Zooming their screens to her eyes Lisa saw what they were displaying and after she calculated just a little bit, considering what she knew about Terrestrial programming languages, she could imagine how the programmes had to be.

She tested her theory by watching another screen in the same company and mentally asking the employee some questions. She found out she was more or less right but there were some possibilities of the programme the Terrestrial programmer had not discovered so far. She had to be careful not to know too much about the programming languages – she eventually represented not an experienced programmer but a college student in the outfit she had chosen.


Deciding she now knew enough she followed the River Thames looking at random through the roofs of houses she believed were interesting. She watched and listened to a debate in the House of Commons, saw policemen, cars and weapons in Scotland Yard, the altars and statues In Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral, the wax figures in Madame Tussaud’s and the expositions in the Tower. She had to admire the effort humans had put in the buildings and their furnishing and started to dream about becoming one day governor of Earth if the king decided to conquer it. In fact, she had to exhort herself this was just possible future and she had to cope with the present.

She marked some things to watch more closely later and then focused on the people on the streets. Thereby she noticed most young people had things with them that were called smartphones and worked like little computers – quite old-fashioned ones, but computers. The better for her as it would not be watched by too many people when she used her computer in public.

She gave it the shape of a smartphone and made it print out a 3D-copy of the golden shell and fill it with golden material, too. She then put her “smartphone” into her handbag and hanged the new pendant on her chain.


Then she accelerated as long as she could. At her maximum speed she could round the Earth in 15 seconds which meant she reached nearly one percent of the speed of light in this dimension. Although she did not feel tired at all when she after three rounds reached London again she stopped deciding there were more things to test.

Scanning the surroundings of London again she found a military barracks and held onto it. Her computer informed her an army tank weighed about 50 – 60 metric tons, about half a first-class weight unit.

First things first! She had to take care not to be noticed. So she carefully scanned the barrack for watchmen and gave every one of them a mental command to look away from the tanks that were parked in the yard. Then she made her computer search: Surely such places were watched by the best controlling systems that existed on Earth.

“Five cameras found. What to do?” it reported at once.

“Send interfering signal” she commanded “if possible not visible for linked computers.”

“Ok” it responded and after five seconds: “Done. Terrestrial cameras out of work for any desired amount of time.”

Then she directed her finger to one of the tanks. She managed to lift it telekinetically although it took her some effort. She tried again from twice the distance and this time she was only able to lift it some centimetres from the ground.

Now she flew down next to one of the tanks and put her hand under it. It took her no effort at all to lift the vehicle, balance it on two fingers and even throw it into the air and catch it again. She put it down again carefully, switched on the cameras and took off again.

Wanted to test if she really was invulnerable to Terrestrial weapons she first tried to 3D-copy one of the tank guns but did not do this: She was able to see and understand the weaponry system, though she could not see everything as clearly as through non-metallic materials, but her computer could only 3D-copy things up to a certain size.


So, she decided to copy a grenade launcher instead. This seemed to work although she first looked for a big forest which she found in the Scottish Highlands. There she printed out the launcher, zipped the trigger and really made two trees and a big rock explode. As she could watch the grenades flow she did not think they could hurt her but she was careful enough to make a calculation on her computer first: She let a stone fall and metered the gravity. The result was that Earth had no more than about the milliardst of the gravity Sverkcheloy had. The computer denied a direct coherence between gravity and hardness of bodies although it admitted that a Sverkcheloians body had to be much harder on Earth, too.

She crunched a stone on her arm to ask her computer for data about the hardness of her body. Then she threw a big rock of about 50 kilogrammes about 500 metres into the air deliberately letting it fall on her outstretched arm. It broke without causing her the slightest discomfort. The impulse in Terrestrial measures had to be about 5000 Ns and her computer calculated that her skin was able to withstand at least a thousand times more “probably much more” and a pressure of at least 10,000 bars. As for its hardness there was no exact information possible, but it was at least 1,000,000 HV, a hundred times harder than diamond.

Knowing this she moved the grenade launcher about 20 metres away from herself and fired at her body. She saw the grenades coming, bouncing back and exploding in the stone, not causing her the slightest discomfort but cracking an immense hole of about 30 metres in diameter into the ground. As parts of it had hit her breasts she felt some kind of pleasure instead. The only thing she had destroyed was her handbag but luckily her computer had remained intact. So she could print out a new handbag and wallet in no time.


Thinking a little what to do with the weapon she finally decided she would not need it any more, formed it to a ball and threw this into the hole the grenades had made.

Then she flew back to London where she took about a thousand pounds from her drawer. She had go hungry and decided to have lunch in a Chinese restaurant.

She noted the difference from the French cooking the evening before but it tasted excellent, too.

After lunch she flew to the city centre, landed and made herself visible in a less crowded street and visited Westminster Abbey and Madame Tussaud’s. Although she had already seen everything from the air it was different to see the things directly. She remembered every detail and therefore was only slightly faster than fast tourists.

When she went out from Madam Tussaud’s suddenly two policemen were standing in front of her.

“Sorry, young lady, but you’ve got to come with us!” one said.


“It’s us who ask. Hands up!”

She looked into one’s mind finding out she was to be arrested for having taken money from the ATM.

Looking around Lisa thought there were too many people here to change everybody’s mind. So she allowed them to put her handcuffs on and went with the two men to the police office.

As soon as she was alone with them in a room she switched out the watching camera by her computer, tore her handcuffs, took her bag and stood up in front of them. They reached for their pistols but before one of them had touched his they had forgotten they ever had got or even seen the mysterious bank robber, Lisa had opened the door telekinetically, left the room and closed the door again. She made herself invisible, looked around searching for a new outfit and in the yard she became visible again, with shorter and curly hair, dressed in a cyan blouse, white trousers, a black leather jacket and high-heeled black shoes.


This new version of hers went on sightseeing, had a coffee and some sweets and then dinner in a steakhouse. After that she circled above the city again, this time not looking for anything special. In the harbour she found a big tanker of at least 100,000 metric tons. She flew down into the water and under the ship to lift it just a little bit to be sure she could do this but not to be seen. Really it was possible. This time she felt the weight but was sure she could lift much more if she wanted.


In a pub nearby she drank two beers and three whiskies. She got the attention of the men who were standing there but made them ignore her after she had chatted a little with them. In her opinion they were too old (and ugly) to be good for anything but chatting.


Late at night she went to a discotheque where she changed her outfit once more, but this time only making her blouse white, her pendant reflect different colours, her heels much higher and putting some highlights into her hair. Just before she entered she intensified the colours in her face where other girls were wearing make-up.

There was quite a long queue but she made everybody wait, let her pass and think she had always been before them.

She enjoyed the music very much, danced like a dervish and soon was addressed by some young men. The one that she found most beautiful invited her for a whisky with coke.

She soon had emptied her glass and ordered a new one what the boy did not want to allow. She found out on earth it was the men who invited women they liked – not that on Sverkcheloy the custom to invite persons you wanted to get in contact with was unknown, but girls did it, too.

The boy called Chris studied laws and was fond of athletics and other kinds of sports. She found some information in his mind to seem not completely stupid.

After some time they were standing arm in arm and then dancing together. She took great care not to hurt Chris and touched him only slightly.

After some dancing and another drink he suggested to go outside. Clear thing he wanted her to come with him to his place; she had no trouble with that given that, as any normal girl, she had already spent nights with quite some boys.

While they were leaving she found out there was another difference between Earth and Sverkcheloy: Couples who wanted to do more than kissing looked for private rooms or left together; at home the desire to have sex was usually no reason to hide. There had been many nights when both she and Sonia had brought their lovers with them into the bedroom they shared at school – or the roommate of the boy she had visited had his girlfriend with him, too. There had also been nights Sonia and Lisa had spent in the same bed, kissing and massaging their breasts until they fell asleep.

The teachers did not prohibit any sexual experience to students of Lisa’s grade as long as they were sure they cared about contraception and nobody was forced to anything.

Well, different planets, different customs. At least, Chris was an extremely good-looking and nice boy and on Terran standards he seemed not to be stupid. They went outside, he led her into a dark alley were they stood and kissed. But at kissing it happened …

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