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Accidents and Plans

Written by Martino :: [Thursday, 13 March 2014 13:06] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 15 March 2014 19:02]

While their embrace was getting deeper and deeper and they were already starting to French-kiss, Lisa closed her eyes enjoying it and forgetting the young man in her arms was not one of her kind but an Earthling. She awakened harshly from her dreams when Chris shouted loudly.

When she opened her eyes she saw he was on fire and a great part of his body had already literally burned down. She got a shock and shouted for help; one moment later the fire had gone but so had Chris, too: when she eased her grip he fell down to the ground like a stone. His head and torso were nearly completely destroyed to ash; his arms lay each half a metre away, separated from the rest of his body and his legs were hold together just by a very narrow part of his pelvis.

Looking around she found out at once there was no source of the fire nor any other thing burnt down but the boy she had kissed some seconds before. She looked down at herself: Her skin and her clothes were intact; the strap of her handbag was torn apart and the bag lying on the ground but it seemed to be intact, too.

As she, even using X-ray and microscopic vision, found no possible source of the fire it became sure what she had feared: The source had to have been her! But how could this have happened?

She bit her lip. Yes, human – i.e. Sverkcheloian – bodies emitted some kind of radiation, according to most scientists the reason where they could do telekinesis. Mostly this radiation could be neither felt nor seen but sometimes it got hot e.g. when the person was in love or anger, while other feelings such as fear or sadness caused cold radiation. She could still remember how cold it was at her mother’s funeral although it was in midsummer.

This explained, too, why the fire had suddenly stopped because of her shock.

She had never thought or even dreamed, however, this radiation could be nearly strong enough to do any serious damage but, of course, if all her powers on Earth were lots of millions stronger than they were on Sverkcheloy so was this.

She stood still watching the rests of Chris’s body, unable to move or do anything until she heard a loud voice: “Hands up, police!”

This awoke her: She turned round and saw two officers, a man and a woman, and six or seven other people watching her from a certain distance.

“I’ve told you to lift your hands up! Come here slowly!” the policeman ordered.

She denied and read his mind instead. The police had been called because of the fire and as they were on patrol nearby it had not taken them very long time to come. He thought she had to be the fire-raiser although he did not know how exactly it had happened.

“Don’t make me shoot you!” he shouted and released the safety catch of his pistol.

She thought shortly but then she had it: She made him forget the reason of why he had been called and turn round.

“What are you doing, Bob?” the policewoman shouted at her colleague while Lisa was turning round faster than they could see and binding the watchers telekinetically to her. One woman who started shouting was mind-commanded by Lisa to be silent. The others’ mouths were closed by a wave of her hand.

Instantly the policewoman, seeing the stranger pull somehow people to her by force, fired. The first shot went above Lisa’s head as a warning but the policewoman did not wait for a reaction, but shot at Lisa’s shoulder. The bullet bounced back and destroyed a window.

“Stop shooting, forget about everything and go back to the squad car with your mate” Lisa ordered silently. “There hasn’t happened anything.”

The policewoman, like her colleague, obeyed and forgot everything. The two officers went to their car and drove away while Lisa was turning to the other people.

Holding all but one at invisible wires she mind-commanded the first man to forget everything and go home. The others were still under her complete control. One after one she made them forget what they had seen and go home.

Then she tried to repair the broken window and at the second attempt she managed it.

But what could she do with the rest of Chris’s corpse? She tried to use the hot radiation to burn it down completely only to see she could not do this at will. So she made herself invisible, bound the rests of his body to hers by invisible wires and flew out of the city. In a lonely area she quickly made a pit, put the bones in, closed it again carefully and stood there for some time crying and in a low voice singing a Sverkcheloian dirge.

Then she flew back. At the first Hamburger place she landed and bought a hamburger Royal and a pint of beer which she dropped down in a second. After leaving the place she decided it was better not to appear as the girl who had kissed and killed Chris. The next time she landed to buy some drinks she made her hair black and straight and her body dressed in a jeans suit.

Then she flew back to the hotel, invisible and entering her room through the window.

In her room she combined the shape of the girl who had booked the room with the clothing she had worn in the discotheque and sat down, a glass of whisky in her hand.

She had never seen a person die – just before her mother’s death auntie Lisa, after whom she had been named, had invited her to a game while Dad, Gran and Uncle Fred were accompanying their wife respectively daughter or sister in the last moments of her life. Later her aunt had told her that it had been Mum’s wish that she did this: Lisa should remember her mother healthy and not with her body literally eaten up by the terrible viruses that killed her within two Sverkcheloian days.

Now Lisa had caused the death of a person herself, which made her feel terrible: she was not one of the do-gooders who considered as much lower-developed people as the Earthlings were as equal to her kind but she agreed that killing intelligent life was bad if it was not necessary – and Earthlings certainly were intelligent life, despite of their poor culture.

On the other side she had not killed Chris deliberately. She tried to make her mind rule over her feelings again: Chris’s death wasn’t her fault in a strict sense and, what was more important; she couldn’t undo it any more. What she really could and had to do was to try everything get her body radiation under control.

First, however, she made her computer look for the two pictures of hers on all computer systems linked to the police and erase them from there.

Then she decided to write a mail to Sonia: Whether or not it would take some days until Sonia would be able to read it, it had already been against the rules that she had not written her about the Earth before and after such a terrible experience Sonia as her Hux*h’a, ‘best friend’ was only the least improper translation, had the right to know everything.

The last thing Lisa did before going to bed was looking for a deserted place where she could practice getting along with her body radiation without killing anybody. She found one in Siberia but decided not to go there before the next morning.


Captain Jason fell asleep while the ship was being teleported back. He did not need any pills or drugs any more to do so. When the ship had entered the black hole it moved so evenly it seemed to stand still although it was going at millions of times the speed of light. Surely there could be some kind of jar in the black hole, a thing everybody was afraid of because the ship had few changes to evade, but usually the great percussion would come no sooner than the ship entered the galaxy it was teleported to.

This happened one and a half Sverkcheloian or a little more than three Terran days after the ship had started. When he heard the intergalactic time he knew everything had got well. To get near the solar system Sverkcheloy belonged to in less time was impossible. Now it would probably take two or three Terran days at cruising speed until the ship would land on Sverkcheloy. Then he would probably be among the senior officers who would have to report the general and after this, at last, he would be free and spend a decent holiday with his daughter. He was looking forward not only to Arassa but first of all to being able to talk to her properly – just in the so-called “damned fourth course” he had had fewer time than ever to see her because of his work in faraway galaxies. As he had supposed from chatting with her whenever it was possible and from the information he got from Fred and Lisa, Kira’s brother and Hu’k**y’a, his daughter, as probably most of her classmates, had changed from the child who had left him a year ago to a young woman; a young woman who had spent the very first night on the ship with one of his men.

“Jason?!” his colleague’s voice pulled him out of his daydreams. “What do you think we’ll tell the general?”

It was Roger, one of the other captains in the expedition.

“Well, I think there’s no question. Neither can the Earthlings become a danger to us in any way nor are there any raw materials on Earth we couldn’t find anywhere nearer.”

“So think I. Maybe Earth will be a place to conquer for our grandchildren when raw materials have run out or teleporting is cheaper and faster than it’s now but today it isn’t worth travelling such a long time. Even if the Zoldans conquer it …”

“Then let them conquer it. Let them even transform all Earthlings in Zoldan monsters if they can, they won’t be able to attack our Empire from there. Furthermore, I think our comrades have them under control quite well.”

“I hope so. This damned planet of programmed androids considering themselves human beings is the worst enemy you can imagine.”

“I know too well. My uncle and my father-in-law were killed in the last war, as you probably know. – Okay, now we’re nearly at home I’ll look after my little daughter.”

He got a shock when he saw her cabin empty and even more frightened when he did not found her searching the ship on his computer nor she reacted at his call.

He called the security officer and made him stand at attention. When he man answered he had not seen his daughter Jason called him an idiot and threatened him with detention.

He went to the commander’s cabin and begged his superior to search for Lisa on his computer having some little bit of hope left she would be with one of the men who had access to the top-secret-zone.

“I’m afraid, Jason, she’s definitely not on our ship at the moment!” the commander said after some seconds of research.

“But how in the universe …?”

“If I knew who the guard on service was when she left the ship I would make him come here and punish him in an instant. But I don’t. Some of them weren’t very careful as there is no danger to our kind in the Solar System Earth belongs to.”

“So maybe she has left the ship. But why didn’t she hear the recall?”

“I don’t know. She might have gone too far.”

“She … my daughter! First my Hu’k**y’e, then my wife, now her … What shall I now live for? I’ll beg the general to send me to the Zoldans and I’ll attack them in order to get killed.”

“And I won’t let you go there, Jason. Be quiet and use your brain. This is an order!”

“But, Sir, my daughter is dead.”

“No, she isn’t. You’ve reported yourself in that Solar System there is neither a meteorite nor any other dangerous thing in the space nor will be for at least half a year nor the Earthlings have any weapon that could even cause a scratch to her. And a person flying through the spacewithout any help can’t go to another Solar System.”

“But how can I see her again?”

“There’s another ship somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy. I think the general will allow you to go there on the next supply vessel that goes there – and as you know they go regularly. The comrades there can look for Lisa, too. But before that I order you to behave like a soldier – or I’ll have to send somebody braver and quieter while you’re waiting at home, understood?!.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Of course the commander was right – it was a question of ten days at most until the ship he’d spoken about would be ready to look for Lisa and one or two days later they would have found her. The data showed clearly that the air would be enough for Lisa to get to the next planet; she would be able to fly anywhere in that remote Solar System and land on every planet or moon safely. At least on Earth she would surely find enough food and drink, too and she would found out that Earth was the planet to go to in that region of the universe.

Nevertheless, at the moment he was feeling more as Lisa’s worried father than as a clearly-thinking soldier. It would take him some ten days – twenty-five Terrestrial days – until he’d see his daughter again. And as on Earth time went by faster than on Sverkcheloy she would spend three or four Terrestrial months there. 


Lisa did not sleep well this night. Again and again she woke up and asked herself how she should try to get her radiation under control. At a quarter past two at last she had an idea, but she was still unable to sleep.

Looking through the walls she noticed nearly everybody was sleeping and the restaurant was closed, too. Only in the lounge in the basement there were a few well-dressed people, among them some were not much older than her.

She tried to overhear what they were saying and could understand they were participants at a conference about wind power.

She did not know much about wind energy, apart from the fact that it had not been used very often on Sverkcheloy any more since scientists had found out a way how to use the energy of the regular gas-explosions on Fuf’r, the biggest and most hostile to life of the four moons that circled round Sverkcheloy.

Lisa was interested in what the people downstairs were saying and felt more like asking them questions about Terrestrial energy than working these things out at her computer.

As she knew enough about her Terrestrial self she could act as if she did not know anything about energy but was interested in it.

An inner voice told her to stay in her room but then her curiosity was stronger.

She was terrified seeing the green body of a Sverkcheloian girl in the mirror. Her disturbance had obviously damaged her concentration but thanks to the photo she had made the Terrestrial girl was back again in an instant. She put on the red dress she had worn the day she had checked in instead of making a new one and just changed her face a little to look as if she had put make up on.

So she went down to the bar, ordered a whisky and joined the group. She asked them about their professions as if she hadn’t heard a thing.

They all were junior professors who had finished their university career with extremely good marks. Sarah, the girl, worked at Harvard, Robert in Cambridge and Markus, a man who spoke with accent, in Göttingen, Germany. The others, too, worked at famous universities and institutions, Simon even for the British government.

Robert told her how wind energy worked and what problems existed because of the energy transport. She nodded, understanding more or less what he said and read the rest from his and his mates’ minds.

Their week had been quite stressful and now they had enjoyed the evening together and were looking forward to the next day.

While Robert was talking to Lisa he came nearer and nearer and soon his hand touched her shoulder. She let it happen but remained still.

Simon, who she first had thought was in love with Sarah, now made advances to her. First he praised her beauty and then her knowledge and intelligence when made some suggestions how good computer programmes could help their efforts to find better places and transport energy more efficiently. “Surely you’ll soon work for a government, too”, he said. “I’ve never known anybody with so much knowledge – and then you’re so beautiful. You’d just waste your time with a guy like Bob”.

Sarah and Markus were clearly attracted by her, too, although Sarah was for a reason Lisa did not understand ashamed of her feelings.

Lisa did not move her hands or show in any way whom of her admirers she preferred.

“Why are you that shy? Don’t make me cry, please!” Simon whined.

‘Shy? You don’t know how much it costs me to remain quiet, Earthling!’ Lisa thought. She was already feeling and seeing hot (because of the desire having become active in her, too) and cold (because of her fear) waves move around her. Luckily they remained undetectable to Terrestrial senses.

This was a part of the absolute elite of Earth and would become it more from day to day and most of them, including Sarah, Simon, Robert and Markus, were good-looking, too. Crazy thing to act like this in front of attractive guys and some girls who were obviously attracted by her, too! On Sverkcheloy, if she ever had been the centre of such a scene, the only problem would have been which one to take to her room first – but she could not take the risk to kill one of them. Secretly she cursed her being super.

She went out saying she would go to the restroom when the urge was getting too much for her.

Only two or three minutes after she had left Robert followed and called her name. She made herself invisible and floated away from him, listening the conversation through the wall.

She noted that Simon and Markus were calling each other names and that the reason was her. Afraid a fight could start she entered again and hypnotized both of them to forget they were after her, only to notice she could not erase their desire for her from their heads, even when she turned her back at them, drinking another glass and acting as if she could neither see nor hear nor feel their attempts.

Finally she asked for the bill. The waiter told her she would not have to pay a pence if she came with him.

“Don’t tell stupid stories!” she commanded. “I’ve had three glasses of Single Malt Whisky, I want to pay now, I’ll do it and I won’t go anywhere with you until the hell freezes over.”

The poor man started crying but gave her the paper.

She paid and went out. Then she looked through the door and listened from outside. At last they were slowly coming down with her supposedly in her bed.

When Sarah said she would go upstairs, too, Lisa floated away to her room. She did not want to be seen by any of them.

In her bed she could sleep less than before: She was, in her own opinion, not more beautiful than some girls she had seen in the discotheque and at least not that more than Sarah. She had not used any perfume, either and hold back in a way almost impossible for a Sverkcheloian girl. Was there anything in her that attracted Earthlings more than they did each other?

She sat at her computer surfing without certain aim, reading Siberia belonged to a country called Russia which was the biggest country of Earth with a capital called Moscow which was worth watching. She also found out she needed another language and currency to get around in Russia.

Searching for Russian television programmes she made the console analyse the Russian language and when after that neither the restaurant had opened for breakfast nor she could sleep she started to learn Russian herself – although she had wanted before to rely on her language programme when in an Non-English-Speaking country.

Having been able to sleep at last one and a half hours she was one of the first people to have breakfast, this time dressed in a black trouser suit, a cream-coloured top and with a two-rowed pearl necklace round her neck.

After breakfast she did not lose any time, made herself invisible and flew at high speed, though not her maximum, to Siberia. After slightly more than a minute she arrived above the tundra, slowed down and looked carefully for a place without any humans nearby, at a lake with ice-floes swimming on it. Here she would be able to test if she managed to melt the ice or freeze down the water.

She landed, still invisible and started working at once: She tried to remember Sonia as strong as she could, feeling warmth of love but at first not being able to lead all the hot rays pointedly in one direction. Parts of the ice, however, started to melt.

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